My Love From Another Star – Episode 35


Preview: After DMJ is kicked out of the house, CSY became inconsolable and went through a range of emotions.  SM and BJ questioning unwittingly revealed to SY just how much she’s been kept in the dark.  When YJ tried to pacify SY by revealing the truth, his intention backfired and made the situation worse.  Even the insightful and wise input of Lawyer Jang failed to dissuade her stand on the matter.  In her state of grief, SY seek out HK for a friendly ear and as HK stood firm on SY’s side, it inadvertently caused a rift between him and Ahnya.  Once SY finally meet MJ face to face, will she be able to make the decision that’s best for all their sake?

Scene 2: SY Gets Clarification From SM, BJ, and YJ

MJ stood on the balcony of their honeymoon lodge looking down at the city below.  It’s almost 1am but he didn’t want to sleep.  If he close his eyes, SHE will come and that’s the last thing he need right now.  He just want his life back the way it was…with his wife by his side.  Perhaps if he gave her some time and space…MJ thought about it then disappear.

He reappears in their bedroom.  SY is laying on her side sleeping with a long pillow between her legs to support her round belly.  He came closer to the bed then stop short.  There was a note beside her, he picked it up. “What part of I don’t want to see you do you not understand?  Even when I’m unconscious I don’t want anything to do with you. So leave right now!” He threw the note on the floor and climb on the bed beside her and hug her from behind, lightly rubbing her belly.

MJ: (speak in his head least he woke SY up) daddy really messed things up big time Jin Sunhee, what are we going to do?…how could I not worry? Your mother kick me out and she’s not speaking to me…and you could be born any moment.  What? You’re not?…well, either way I hope this gets resolved before your birth.

SY: (got up in the morning and saw the note on the floor) DAMN YOU ALIEN!

–later that day–

SM and BJ rush over to see SY, saw her in the kitchen table, both looking at each other hesitant at the door not knowing how her mood was.

SY sat at the table staring into space as she ate the ice cream from the carton, mixing the Kimchi in with it.

SM: we just heard about what happen, Song Yi…are you ok?

SY: what do you think? Of course I’m not! (she scoop up a spoonful of ice cream with kimchi and stuff it in her mouth, tears streaming down her face.  She wave the spoon in the air) how could he cheat on me like that? Scumbag cockroach that he is (she pound her fist on the table) I want to crush him until all his guts comes out and then throw him in a pit of fire until he incinerated.

BJ: thank god I’m not your husband!

SY glare at her then wail and put her head on the table sobbing (the icecream on the spoon got all over her hair).  SM raises her fist to BJ and made a gritting face.  She stroke SY’s hair in sympathy.

SM: tell us what happen…when did this happen?

SY: (looks up pathetically at SM) I don’t know…

BJ: ok but you gotta know who the bitch is right? Let’s deal with MJ later, for now we can think up sweet revenge to dish out on that home breaker….that skank who does she think she is!

SM: that’s right, just tell us who that Gumiho is and we’ll take care of it. You won’t even have to lift a finger, Bokja is going to break her face in and I’ll be next to her cheering her on.

BJ: hey! Why me?…or we could hire someone…make it like an accident….

SM look thoughtful about that and seem to agree…then both look at SY expectantly.

SY: (in a low whisper) I don’t know (dump the remaining kimchi jar into the ice cream carton)

BJ: ya! This girl….do you know anything!?!??

SM: (made a sick face) can you…not eat that right now, I feel nauseating just looking at you.

SY: I’m pregnant! I can eat whatever I want….(scoop another spoonful) and that’s exactly why I’m so angry.  I don’t know anything! I’ve been kept in the dark for all this time.  He lied to me all this time! (she cried again, her face smeared with ice cream and mouth full of food)

BJ: so you didn’t talk to him at all about this?
SY: how could I? I’m so angry I could spit fire and how do I even trust what he said from now on?

SM: (looks conflicted) Song Yi-ah, you don’t need to trust or believe in him right away but don’t you think you should sit down and have a talk with him, just to hear what he have to say? And maybe find out more about the situation? (BJ look at SY and shook her head)

BJ: so how did you found out about it?

SY: by accident…I found the letters she wrote to him…

Both SM &BJ: can we see it?

SY: NO! Absolutely NOT!

[scene pan out and pan back in] SM and BJ is reading the letters scattered on the kitchen table while SY grab more food out from the fridge, one hand watermelon the other ramen noodles.  She sat back down on the table.

BJ: wait should we be reading the private thoughts of another woman?

All three pause and look at the side in thoughts then continue what they were doing.

SM: wah Song Yi you have real competition here, it seems she really love him.

BJ: (look off in the distant) this girl is so romantic.

SY: yah! This is the second time ah? First was Ahnya, now her…one more strike and I’m going to get new friends!

BJ: I doubt it.  You have a twisted love for me and my honesty and you’ll always come back for more, just admit it.

SY: (smile briefly and punch BJ playfully on the arm.  Then her face turn serious) I really don’t know what to do next, I feel so lost.

SM: let’s just take it one day at a time. (SM hand came out to hold SY’s as BJ hand join theirs.  All three looking down thoughtfully and solemnly)

YJ: so this is where you guys are conspiring (all three jumps in surprise)

SY: Jesus! Are you trying to scare the baby out of me?

BJ: my my, haven’t seen you lately, you’re growing up nicely for noona (she winked at him but he just give her a sarcastic smile then look over at SM.  She look away from him and shifted in her chair)

YJ: wait…is that Song Yi’s letters you guys are reading?

SM: no, these are letters from the woman Min Joon…the one he’s been seeing.

YJ: yep. That’s Song Yi’s letters…that’s what I’m here to talk to you about, Song Yi.

SY: I’m not in the mood for your non-sense Yoon Jai.

YJ: I’m being serious.  You didn’t stick around to hear Min Joon’s explanation but he told me about it so that I can relay it back to you since you’re refusing to see him right now.

SM: (grab BJ arms who still smiling at YJ) should we leave and give them some privacy? (BJ slap SM’s hand away still smiling dreamily at YJ)

SY: it’s ok just talk, whatever Min Joon had done I don’t intend to keep it a secret, they know everything about my life anyways.

YJ: (shrug) suit yourself (he pulled out a chair next to SM and sat down, purposely brushing his shoulder up against hers. She scoot her chair further away from him) when he left you that time over three years ago to go back to his home planet, he didn’t exactly land there but instead got sucked into another world, well a parallel world to this where you and everyone else is in it, except without the knowledge about him. (He stare at SY to gauge her reaction but she just fiercely look at him without saying a word) You were there of course and he saved you, again, that’s how you met, except this time you are not…you.  You were already  married.


SM: you can’t be serious? Is this a fantasy we’re living in?

YJ: (kept looking at his sister which worrying him more with her silent serious face) and since you were already married to Hwi Kyung…


YJ: will you let me finish my story? (SM & BJ gave him apologetic looks and glance curiously over at SY, who’s eyes are darting back and forth in silent thoughts) so he kept away from you for most of the three years but watch over you silently to make sure you didn’t come to any harm. But I guess the pull between your relationship must be strong because SY decided to get a divorce and through some events MJ ended up spending time with you the last 3 weeks or so before he left.  Those letters are written by you….in another time and place.

BJ: wahh…this is better than any manga books I’ve read. (look over at SY) who would have guess you can be so old fashion romantic like this (she lift up one of the letter)

SM: (still looking shock with her mouth slightly open) how is this even possible? It doesn’t make sense at all, why would there be two of her? Of everyone?

YJ: it makes sense though when you think about it, according to DMJ, Ahnya and his people deducted that the universe had split itself out since MJ staying on this earth for too long and had alter the lives and destiny of everyone here that it’s like nature way of rejecting MJ and forming a purer world without him in it to right itself back to its original path.

SM: (look at YJ utterly confused) you lost me at the universe splitting itself. I’m so confused that my head hurts.

BJ: so sexy when you talk like that…

SY: (quietly) it’s not me (all three turn to look at her) that person, whoever she is, she’s not me. (SY push the food aside and stood up in a slow haze and walked off to her bedroom. YJ got up to follow her)

YJ: you aren’t seriously still have issue with this are you? This was before you guys were married! He never cheated on you.  Beside he was with you, not another woman! (SY ignore him and continue walking slowly to her bedroom. Desperate, he shouted the last thing he could think of) He choose you! He came back to you!

SY: (turn around to face YJ at the front of her door) I need some time to process all this.  But one thing I know for certain is that Do Min Joon had cheated on Cheon Song Yi, and he had lied by keeping this secret hidden for so long….now I have to find out from my own brother all the things that’s been going on with my own husband when I should have heard this from him from the very beginning. Do you not see what’s wrong with this?  As my brother can you not see my world is caving in right now? It’s crumbling by the seconds….my marriage was base on a lie Yoon Jai.

YJ: (hugs her tightly) I’m sorry.  I’m really sorry.  I’m young and stupid for not considering your feelings.  If you want it’s not too late for me to go punch his face in.

SM: (gave him a halfhearted smile and shook her head) It’s not like you can anyways.  I actually would have prefer it if he had cheated on me with some no name bimbo, I would do my ranting and raving, get angry and smash things…but there’s still a remote chance we could work it out. Now? Now I can’t see how things could work out….this woman, this me, she’s someone not in this world, who’s me or like me but is NOT me…how do I deal with that?  How do I compete to that?  Do I live for the rest of my life feeling inferior and insecure always wondering who’s he’s actually with? When he looks at me, do I know who he’s looking at?  Faith, trust, love…everything had become a blur and I don’t even know who I married anymore.  Is he Min Joon or is he Kisohn?

YJ: aren’t you being a bit harsh on yourself and on him…can’t he be both?

SY: no, he can’t….just like I can’t be both Song Yi (with that she opens the door, walked in, and close the door without another word).

YJ: (walk back dejectedly into the kitchen) aishhh! Did I just make the situation worse? I don’t get it? Shouldn’t she be happy that MJ only love her? That it wasn’t another woman he fell for? (He slum back to the chair as BJ grab a beer from the fridge and hand it to him) thanks.

SM: tsk, do you not know anything about women?

YJ: why? Are you willing to teach me?

BJ: just let me know when you’re ready hmm? (BJ winked at him but he rolled his eyes and turn to SM.  SM gave him a disgruntle look and turn away gathering all the letters together to put back in the box)

SM: I know you like Min Joon but your sister is going through a tough time right now so stop saying stupid things to upset her.

YJ: (mumble to himself) I was just trying to help.

BJ: (change the subject to relieve the tension) so tell me, how’s our relation on the other side of the world.

YJ: (he turn back to BJ, look at her sweetly and smiled) none. You weren’t in the picture. Apparently, Song Yi is quite close with Se Mi so there was no chance for you guys to develop further friendship (he shrug)

BJ: that bitch…! Ugh!  She grabs her belonging and stomp out the house indignantly.

SM: you could have been more tactful about it you know.

YJ: don’t want to.  Trying to get rid of her on purpose.

SM: (look at him suspiciously) why?

YJ: (lean in closer to her) aren’t you curious at all how your life is in the other world? (they stare at each other intensely, her with a dreadful sense of morbid curiosity and him smiling at her with knowing amusement as the camera pans out)

Scene 7: SY Having an Insightful Conversation With Lawyer Jang

SY woke up the next morning seeing her note to MJ on the floor again.  She put her hand over her eyes which was swollen from lack of sleep and late night crying.  There was an insistent knock on her door.

SY: (went to open up the door) Yoon Jae I’m not in the mood to talk with you.

YJ: not me! Do Min Joon’s father…er…Lawyer Jang is here to see you.  He seems perplex and really want to talk to you.

SY: (sigh) alright just tell him wait a bit let me get dressed.

SY came down and greet Lawyer Jang in the living room.

LJ: I heard about the situation and came as soon as I can.

SY: Min Joon talk to you?

LJ: no, your mother called.

SY: oh, she was worried about me.

LJ: she called yelling at me.

SY: oh. I’m sorry.

LJ: (shook his head) don’t worry about that.  How else would I know about this.  Where is Min Joon anyways how come he hasn’t contact me?

SY: I don’t know.  I didn’t want to see or talk to him right now.

LJ: (nod his head) given the circumstances I understand.  How much of it do you know?

SY: I think just about everything.  My brother told me, apparently Min Joon relay the message back to him to forward to me.  (pause, looking awkward) Look…if you’re here to defend his action…

LJ: of course I’m not, I want to… But that’s not why I’m here.  I want to see how you are dealing with everything, I’m concerned about your health and the health of the baby.  Sunbaenim would have want me to look after you if he wasn’t around.

SY: Thank you for your concern.  But did you know about this?

LJ: (nod his head) just recently though.  I did want him to talk to you but…he was very afraid of your reaction and with your condition…

SY: he should have said something before we got married.

LJ: I agree with you.  But neither of us is MJ and neither of us really understand what he went through or what goes on in his head.  (Sigh heavily and look away to the side) Seeing you now I feel better, though you look like you could use more rest.  (Looking at her but hesitating) But since I’m here do you mind listening to a few words of advice from this old man? (SY slowly nod her head) marriage…marriage is a promise you make intending to keep for life, but life…life is a long road to walk together.  Many things can happen…anything can happen.  In this world there is no marriage that is perfect until the very end.  Sooner or later one of you is going to slip up and make mistakes.  That’s how we learn as human.  God knows mine wasn’t.  I’ve made a lot of mistakes and so does my wife.  We are still together because we love each other, we forgive, and we learn from each other’s mistakes.

SY: but there are things you should not break in a relationship…in a marriage.  The basic of it is trust, honesty, and love.  These are the bond that holds us together…without it what do we have left?

LJ: they are important…but so is faith and forgiveness.  Sometimes the one you love the most will be the one that hurt and disappoint you the most.  You need to know when to have that faith and forgiveness and who’s deserving of it.  A marriage is just formality but being together…being “married” to each other requires you to actively upkeep and sustain it.  The good times is a given, but it’s essential during the turbulence time. (He grabs her hands) during this time you need to fight even harder….please…don’t give up.  Not on yourself, not on MJ who we all know love you dearly, not on your marriage and love.  You both went through so much together already, can’t you think of this as another test to surpass? (She didn’t answer him but look blankly at a point, her eyes watery).  I’m done here…you look exhausted you should get more rest.

LJ stood up to leave then grab his chest in pain.  SY stood up to try and steady him.

SY: are you ok? Did I disappoint you that much?

LJ: (gave a little laugh) I have more faith in you then you know. (clutch his chest again and hunch over) it will pass…my heart’s conditions been weak lately that’s all. (He straighten up) don’t worry…starting to feel better already.

SY: are you sure you can drive? Wait here for Yoon Jai to be home, he’ll take you back.

LJ: don’t worry.  I’m really fine now.  (He started walking out and passing the fridge, he suddenly pauses then turns back to SY).  Sorry I tire you out,  our talk must be exhausting…would you like me to get you some water?

SY: don’t worry I’ll…

LJ: just stay put…I’ll get it. (he then came back to SY and hand her a glass of ice)

SY: there’s no water in it.

LJ: (he look at it in confusion) you are right, it’s not water, it’s ice.  But if you let it sit a while that ice will melt and turn into water. (She glance up at him surprisingly) what I’m saying is, don’t get too bog down with being so finite.  Everything on this earth and outside of this earth changes form.  It might look different and have different purpose…you might even call it by a different name, but its essence will never disappear.  It just changes form infinitely.  This ice will melt to water and you can freeze this water back into ice….still the same thing even if it feels different…and is different (she looks at him still perplex. He pat her hand) you’re like the ice and she, the water (he hand her the glass of ice then turn around and left)

SY stare down at the glass.  The ice move and clink in the glass as its melting. Water starts to accumulate at the bottom.  She walked over to the sink, dump the ice out and put the glass back on the table.

SY: so is Min Joon the glass then? (she stare at the glass a second longer in thought then walk back to her room.)

Scene 10: SY Request to YJ and a Call to HK

SY woke up, stare at her note on the floor, walked to the bathroom in a daze, brush her teeth…pause and stare hard at her reflection as her eyes teared up.

–next day–

SY woke up, stare at her note on the floor, shuffle to the bathroom, brush her teeth, look in the mirror and feel the anger boiling in her.  She threw the brush down and walked out.  She pause as she saw herself in the vanity mirror, then looked over around her room at the full mirrors by her closet and shoe area.

YJ walked in the living area as he heard a shattering sound in SY’s room and race there, knocking down her door.  He saw her shaking on one end and his eyes move over to the shatter glass by her vanity on the other end.  He rushes over to her, holding her hands looking her up and down, checking for injuries.

YJ: are you ok? (she nods her head so he drops her hands) you know how dangerous that was! Aishhh! What happen? You threw that shoe at the mirror? (She nods her head again) What am I going to so with you?

SY: Yoon Jai, can you help me take out all the mirrors in this room? (he look back at her incredulous) as a matter of face take all the mirrors away in the whole house.

YJ: do you know how ridiculous you sound right now? What’s next after that? Every mirror in Korea? Do you plan to not ever look at yourself again?


YJ: the ones in your room, fine.  But you need to face Min Joon hyung already.  Maybe even beat him up if you want but you need to face him, ask him what you need to ask and get your answers because the longer you mope around in misery you’re only hurting yourself with crazy thoughts in your head.  You’re still married to him, so work it out together, that means including him in it! (he left her to go clean up the mess)

–later that night–

SY: (lay on the swing outside her house at night, the phone to her ear) hi…am I bothering you?

HK: no, why would you say that?

SY: I know you’re on a business trip and won’t be back for another 4 days.  I just….I really miss your friendship right now.  I could really use a friend.

HK: what happen what’s going on? Why do you sound so sad?  Where’s Min Joon?

SY: it’s about Min Joon but I don’t want to talk in detail until you get back….Hwi Kyung-ah…can I ask you a question?

HK: umhum

SY: why do you like me?  What is so good about me any ways?

HK: (caught off guard) now you’re really worrying me.

SY: never mind, sorry I shouldn’t have asked that.  I’m sorry I called. Enjoy the remainder if your trip ok? (She hung up. He look at his phone, troubled)

SY look up at the night sky.  The moon is big tonight.  As big as the moon on their wedding day.  She remember a time when she was as close to that moon as she was close to Min Joon.  Now both of that memories seem so distant and far away.


HK pack his belongings in a hurry.  Something is definitely really wrong here.  In all the years he’d liked her she never ask him why he liked her, she never even like to approach that subject or bother too much with it.  He went into the bathroom to get his remainder belonging when a pair of arms envelope him from behind.

HK: Jesus!  You scared me.  Why do you keep popping in and out like that? ….and why always in the bathroom? (she hugs him closer)

Ahnya: I missed you too. (he turned around and pulled her away)

HK: I’m in a bit of hurry, I gotta pack and get back home. (her smile disappear)

Ahnya: why? What’s wrong?

HK: I don’t know, something is not right with Song Yi, I have to get back.

Ahnya: But we still have a few days’re just going to leave just like that?  Because of Song Yi?

HK: you don’t understand.  I know her too well and something had happened between her and Min Joon.  She really needs me right now.

Ahnya: and I guess she’s more important than me.

HK: I….I don’t mean that.  You’re twisting everything around.

Ahnya: have you any idea what I risk to be with you? (shook her head) I should have known better…some things will never change (she disappear)

HK: AHNYA!  AHNYA! DAMN IT! (he threw the clothes into the suitcase and plop down on the bed rubbing his forehead in vexation)

Scene 15: MJ Faces SY and Her Decision

MJ appeared in their bedroom as like every night for the last week or so but today when he emerges, he took a few steps back.  It’s 2am but she wasn’t sleeping.  As a matter of fact, she’s sitting in bed staring straight at him with her arms crossed.

MJ: (quietly and cautiously) Hi.

SY: I’m ready to talk so come in and let’s talk. (he pulled out the vanity chair and sat on it facing her.)

MJ: what happen to the mirror on your vanity wall?

SY: there’s no mirrors in this room…do you want to know why? (he look down knowingly) yes…because I can’t even stand looking at myself, now when I do all I could think of is “her”.  I don’t even feel comfortable in my own skin anymore.

MJ: Song Yi-ah…for what it’s worth I’m really very sorry I put you through this.  It’s not my intention to hurt you…I never wanted to hurt you.

SY: then why? Just tell me why Min Joon?

MJ: why what?  Why did I choose to go to that other Earth?…I didn’t have a choice, I didn’t even know it existed.  I was pulled there weather by the force of that world or by Song Yi’s need of me…I don’t know and I can’t tell you but I swear I have no control over that.

SY: fine…then why did you…why did you…(her voice broke) with her….did you love her? More than me?

MJ: how could you ask me that?  Did I not come back to you?  I’m HERE aren’t I?

SY: that’s NOT the point!  You’re here but is your heart here?

MJ: WHY? WHY would you think my heart is not here?  Because I love you in another place?

SY: BECAUSE YOU LOVE ANOTHER ME! She’s different, I’m different…we are not the same!

MJ: Song Yi…please, I don’t want to fight with you.  I can’t possibly make you understand what I went through or what it feels like for three years without you and yet with you.  I…I did try very hard.  But how?  How do I stay away from you?  I missed you so damn much and I love you so damn much it feels like my insides have been ripped out and all that’s left is an empty hole.  But you…in that world…made it bearable for me to live, to have hope, to continue fighting my way back to you.

SY: then how do you think I feel?  Three years Min Joon!  Three years do you see me falling into another man’s arms!  I waited for you! I waited for you every second of everyday (her tears are pouring down and she furiously wipe them away) like a fool, I sat and waited and cried…and every morning that you didn’t showed up I felt like I just died all over again.  When all this time you have HER!

MJ: (covering his face in his palms, his shoulder shaking from crying.  Finally he looked up at her) you’re all I had in that world.  I didn’t have support from a family, or friends, colleagues, or anyone else…you’re all I had…I was all alone and I didn’t want to let you go, I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry.

SY: (look up at the ceiling) fine.  Let’s just say that I could forgive you that.  (she look back at him) What about afterward?  You didn’t tell me when you got back.  You let me live a lie for all this time when I had thought that we were living a dream, a paradise.  You made a fool out of me…out of our love.  God! Our marriage was base on a lie!  How could I forgive you that?

MJ: how is our marriage base on a lie?  I love you and everything I said in that church holding your hands, I meant all of it!

SY: you left out the most crucial important information of all!  You just came back from another woman’s arms and married me!  You cannot even possibly imagine what it feels like knowing that!  Do you know what you look like Min Joon?

MJ: what? What do I look like?  A man too in love with the same woman in two different worlds?  Why? Would you have loved me any less? Would you not have married me?

SY: I don’t know! Maybe yes, maybe no but at least I would have had a choice in it! (he look sadly at her)

MJ: so that’s just how far your love for me extends to? A fifty fifty chance? (he looked down) I was again afraid.  I had left her, left all those memories behind to be with you, to create a new life with you.  Three years we were apart and me fighting my way back to you.  I just wanted to hold you in my arms.  The last thing I wanted was something else to come in between us…a past that no longer matters to become a present problem.  I’m sorry you felt betrayed and cheated out of a decision because of my own insecurity and love for you.  You can be mad, angry at me for as long as you want but I will be here and I will make it up to you any way I possibly can…just tell me what I can do to make things right again…please…I…(he went to reach for her hand)

SY: (she pulled away) I think we should get a…

MJ: DON’T!….DON’T EVEN SAY WHAT I THINK YOU’RE ABOUT TO SAY! Don’t say anything you’re going to regret later!

SY: then at the very least we need some time apart…a…separation (she choke) for now to sort out our feelings.  I don’t know if I could…

MJ: (a pool of tears gather in his eyes as he slowly got up and then got down on both knees)  I never kneel down like this in front of anyone.  And I’ve never begged for anything in all the 435 years that I’ve lived.  But I’m begging you now.  Please…don’t do this to us.  Don’t break our family like this.  I promise you anything…just don’t walk away from me.  I can’t live without you…I will die…I…

SY: (she breathe in deeply, her heart felt like it might explode any moment but she steel herself not to break in, not this time) No you won’t…you won’t die from heartache.  I’m still here aren’t I?…I’m still alive.  Min Joon…I’m not saying this and doing this to take revenge on you.  I honestly have no confidence and faith in myself right now…nor in you.  I can’t see you and not think about what happen, I can’t even look at myself in the mirror.  I don’t know how many times a day would I question your every word, your every look…who is it for?  Is it me he’s thinking of or her? Is it me he’s loving? Or is it me in the other world?  Love…love can be rebuild and rekindled…but trust, once trust is broken…it’s like a scar that will never heal.  If you have any love for me at all you would respect my wishes for now.  Please don’t come here at night anymore.  I need room…and space…and time…without you in it.

MJ: but Jin Sunhee…

SY: I will call you when the time comes, you’re still her father and I’m not that cruel to keep you away from her.  I’m tired now, can you please leave?

MJ: Song Yi…please, I beg you don’t…

SY: PLEASE GO! LEAVE NOW! (he disappeared without another word. She laid back down on the bed and weep openly as the weather turn suddenly turbulence. Harsh rain and wind slam into the window as the thunder and lightning continuously rage outside.  SY didn’t notice.)

MJ reappeared back to the lodge and without a moment’s hesitation he screamed his frustration, anger, and hurt in a loud roar as everything that can be broken broke in the house as it flew in all direction.  It’s as if a hurricane had taken resident inside his honeymoon lodge.  The light flicker on and off as MJ sat dejectedly in a corner, looking lost and alone.  MJ look up and suddenly saw SY floating closer towards him.  She’s not pregnant.

MJ: don’t come any closer (she halted).

SY: Kisohn…please…(her hand is holding up one side of her torn dress, the other reaching out to him as blood drop down her forehead but MJ is too angry to see anything or acknowledge any of that)

MJ: did you not know what you have cost me?  Please leave me alone!  I want to live my life here.  I want my wife, I don’t want you!

SY: (she cried out again) please….help me Kisohn…I need you.

MJ: WHAT I NEED IS MY WIFE! I’M NOT LEAVING HER AND OUR CHILD…I’M NOT! (he closed his eyes and block his ears with both his hands) GO AWAY (he screamed and sobbed) PLEASE GO AWAY! (she gasp and cried in pain as the flame envelope her and disappear.  After a while there was only dead silence so he open his eyes, he no longer see or hear her.  MJ let out a sigh of relief when the loud knocking made him jump.  He walked to the door and yank it open not really knowing whom to expect as he’s too exhausted to use his powers)

The rain and wind came charging through the door as a girl about 15 or 16 years old stood there in a pristine white dress smiling up at him.  She seemed untouched by the elements as the rain seems to move around her.  MJ shook his head and rubbed his tired eyes in case he’s still in some dream like state.  When she’s still there he looked at her closer willing to remember if he might know her from somewhere.  She seems familiar and yet not.

MJ: I’m sorry who are you? Do I know you?

Girl: (without breaking her smile she answered him in his head) hello father.

MJ: …..Jin Sunhee? (her smile became a blindingly winsome, wide grin…and through all the dark turmoil of the thunderous storm, her face shine almost as bright as the afternoon sun).

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        How will this be solved. Unnie how could you stop when Jin Sunhee came?!!! I want the next episode now T.T!!

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        Poor BJ her two friends will steal “her men” and she is “the one who matched them both” lmao.

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          Yeah I don’t think he understand that yet but he soon will. Yes, lol they were on secret trip 🙂 too bad I didn’t have enough room to expand on it 😦 maybe I’ll try later but there’s too much to write about. lol glad he redeem himself but he’s about to undo that so hold on to your thoughts for now 😉

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    • well it takes longer than 40 minutes to write it, lol it’s just the gist of the story comes to me within that time frame 🙂 pretty amazing I guess…but the details come when I actually write it….writing each epi takes a couple of days and only when I’m free or have time

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    I am crying right now…. Song Yi’s decision was so heartbreaking, but i could not blame her for feeling insecure with her alternate self, she is so unsure if when together, is MJ really seeing her or the Alt SY, its really hard when you know your competition is no other than yourself… Trust is really essential in a relationship, and once its lost, relationship can really be over…
    but I also felt pity for MJ, because we all know how her really felt about SY, he will really need to work hard to gain SY trust again…
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    • Here’s some tissues….yeah I know it’s late but you might need it for next episode. Yeah SY emotion is very shaky right now, let’s see if MJ can do anything about it.

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    For MJ, i also feel so sad.. what he should do to make up with her wife again??..OMG, ottoke..ottoke.. this time, uri SY’s heart seem more hard to be soft again and she is too determine to be separated with her beloved husband.. Unnie-ya, how many days possible that SY can stay away from him actually??..not seeing him, is hurting herself and also their baby.. :'(..
    Both of them will be miserable. missing each other but can’t do anything..arghhhh..

    Hope that, Jin Sunhee can help them be together again.. both of them will die not seeing each other.. please SY-ah, do not take much time to be back with him again..please..><

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    • Oh wow long comment from you 🙂 yah!! Awww, I am so happy to hear you say that and I will try to do something with writing afterward all because of you guys who stood by me and give me such great inspiration, thank you.

      Oh wow, thanks for mentioning ice and water 🙂 it also just came to me while I was writing and I thought it’s a pretty good way of explaining it as well haha I try to be deep in as short a time as possible. Oh lol so this episode did you in huh…well prepared for a few more times like this.

      Yeah, SY is a little stubborn lets just see if she can bend a little bit. I have a feeling it’s too much for her to handle, maybe she will give in but…if MJ is not around then it’ll be tough isn’t it?

      Jin Sunhee is there to help her parents from the very beginning but it’s not in the conventional way you guys may think 😉

      Hahahaha I don’t know what ice cream and kimchee taste like but it’s define something a prego lady would eat.

      Love and hugs!

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        Hope you can insert a scene that shows how miserable SY’s life when separating with her husband..also MJ’s life..
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        Waiting eagerly for, what and how Jin Sunhee will do for helping her parent..OMG..thinking of this already rises my curiosity.

        p/s : sorry for my English..I know there a lots of grammar errors..hahaha..

        Fighting Faye-Unnie..Take care of your health.. ^^

        • that scenes won’t happen for a while…now things are rolling down the mountain in a break out speed so get ready for lots of action and happening. HAHAHHA….i’m telling you, you guys would never dream of it 😀 hahah dmjcsy stop with the English thing don’t worry about it, I’m horrible at it all the time ok? I don’t want to hear you apologize for bad English in next comment 😉

          • That why i said that you are an amazing writer.. what you had created never cross my mine even for once..hehe..probability for us to predict the next episode is so small..huhu.. that why we always waiting for your update.. ^^

            About the English thing, sorry Unnie-ya..haha..i just feel bad for my english..and promise, from now onward, i will not apologize..i will try to be confident in my though, its not..kekeke

            • yes CONFIDENT is key in this world my dear, hehe even I’m still working on it in real life but at least on the net I can portray more of what I lack. lol aww, you guys are just bias because you love the show, but it’s ok I don’t mind benefiting from the sideline 😉 now if I start writing something totally new and you still thing it’s amazing…..kikikiki then that would really be something.

  11. OMG, what an episode! Thanks so much for always putting in so much effort into each episode…
    I love the insights you have on marriage and how you included them in the story. Can’t wait to see how MJ & SY will get through this together, how the two worlds will come together and how Jin Sunhee will help her parents…..
    I’m still trying to understand why altSY is always appearing to be covered in flames. The alt.JAe Kyung hasn’t appeared in a while. Why do I have a feeling that he is up to no good……oh no….!!!

    • thanks mwh 🙂 yes, it’s unfolding very quickly now and you’ll see all that soon enough. HAHA you still remember JK huh? he’s coming right up in the next episode 😉

  12. Hi! It’s me again 😀 Finally commenting on this most wonderful and most satisfying episode ever! It was funny, insightful and deeply touching. Once again, I’ll go scene by scene and comment. I’ll try to make shorter comments, but I’m not making any promises.

    Scene 2: SY Gets Clarification From SM, BJ, and YJ

    I guess MJ at this point isn’t really seeing things from SY’s perspective, or better yet, he’s not seeing the gravity of the whole situation. Even though she made it clear that he is not welcome at the moment, he keeps pushing it. I know he misses her.. but come on.. you’re making it worse MJ.
    LOL at the part when SY, BJ and SM are in the kitchen! SY eating ice-cream with kimchi and crying (more like gross sobbing) made me laugh so much even though she is hurting. I kept picturing her like this:

    Poor SY she is such a mess, but at least she has two great friends that are even willing to hire someone to take care of the “home-wrecker’s” health. Oh JK… where are you when we need you to spin your ring ahahahah xD I like her choice of comfort food. I like to make weird combinations of food when I’m depressed too. I personally love to eat sweet and salty things at the same time. Like ice-cream and fries or chips. Bread and grapes. Yogurt and salty crackers. I must try ice-cream and kimchi one day ahahahah 😀
    LOL at the part when they are reading the letters ahahaha poor SY, her other self knows how to write some darn good love letters. I’m surprised SY didn’t burn them, the way she was spitting fire xD
    The love triangle between BJ, SM and YJ his just hilarious. BJ trying to get YJ’s attention. YJ trying to get close to SM and SM trying to stay clear of him. Poor BJ, first MJ and now YJ – both her “destined men” taken away from under her nose xD
    I guess YJ did end up revealing the truth about AltSY instead of MJ… This is one of those occasions where I would shoot the messenger, but what to do.. it isn’t YJ’s fault. I swear, this whole scene was so funny, I was laughing all the way through even though SY is hurting and even more so after knowing the full story about who the other woman is. YJ did his best to try to explain and convince his sister, and he did have some points, but I can’t help but side with SY. She is correct on every point she makes. Like you said before, YJ is on the outside looking in and he is also practical. In the end he is more interested in the possibilities and the science of it all, while SY can’t help but feel cheated and lied to. She didn’t even care that her other self was married to HK or care to ask how the other SY was like, while YJ wanted to know about himself and SM. I don’t know what MJ and YJ were expecting but there was no way SY would understand and forgive.

    Scene 7: SY Having an Insightful Conversation With Lawyer Jang

    The conversation between SY and LJ was so touching and heartfelt. I guess LJ was the person I missed. He is starting to feel the effects of both worlds aligning. There is no LJ in the alternative world, so I guess that things are not looking good for him… oh no ;_;
    LJ words actually made the most sense to me. Two people aren’t just married and that’s it. Marriage (or any relationship) is something that you have to nourish and cherish. There are many things that can upset a marriage. Sometimes romance fades, trust is broken or communication is scarce. In this case it wasn’t exactly lack of romance or love, but actually something worse. If MJ felt like he couldn’t tell her the truth then he was already subconsciously breaking that bond of trust between them. From the drama we can see how withdrawn MJ can be, especially toward SY. He has so many insecurities and he probably believed he could compensate them with love, but that unfortunately is not a substitute for trust. But I guess what made more sense to me in what LJ said is that SY shouldn’t be quick to throw it all away. Everyone makes mistakes in life, but that doesn’t mean they have to pay for them for the rest of their life. Sometimes good people make bad choices, even aliens with super powers 😀 If both of them want it, the relationship can still be fixed, but I think it’s too soon for that forgiveness LJ is talking about.
    I did love the analogy LJ made with the iced and liquid water. Wow that was brilliant! No matter how different they may seem. Ice water and liquid water is still water. BUT, we can also say that the glass can only hold that water in one state at a time. That water is either frozen or liquid. It can’t be in the frozen and liquid state at the same time. You can’t have your cake and eat it. You can’t have the best of both worlds (or can you?) What I’m saying is, MJ didn’t want to lose SY or AltSY, but he may well end up with none.

    Scene 10: SY Request to YJ and a Call to HK

    SY is dealing with the information about the other SY almost exactly as I predicted in Episode 28. Who is MJ seeing when he looks at her? Is she better than me? Who does he love. Me or her? While AltSY embraced and accepted another version of herself, perhaps because she knew she couldn’t keep MJ, SY had the opposite reaction. She saw her other self as a rival, competing for MJ’s affections. The fact that she can’t even face her own reflection in the mirror shows how heartbroken and betrayed she feels. SY doesn’t even know details about AltSY’s life and personality. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Maybe she would become even more insecure. But I guess she will find out sooner or later when the side effects of both worlds coming together will become more apparent.
    Ah, the scene between HK and Ahnya was cute ehehe. Even though I can understand Ahnya’s anger, I still think it was over the top. That jealousy outburst was a little too much on her part. They just started seeing each other… can she really be that demanding? Their relationship is new and HK knows SY for a very long time. He knew that something wasn’t right. When you’ve been friends with someone for that long, you know something is going on just by the tone of their voices. On the other hand, they were there together on a trip. SY was not in any life threatening situation. He could just as well have continued with his trip and then check on her. I’m looking forward to more HK and Ahnya drama. We have a lovely pentagon forming here, but I’ll get back to that.

    Scene 15: MJ Faces SY and Her Decision

    Oh my, this last scene was so heartbreaking. I’ve read it so many times already. This whole conversation was just awesome. Everything was so well put. For what is worth, DMJ really made some valid points and I did pity him a bit, but SY stood her ground and was not swayed by his tears. I didn’t think SY would go as far as ask for a divorce right away, but I think some time apart will be good for both of them. I can see MJ’s pain but I also think he should suffer the consequences. At this point SY can’t believe a word he says. All his promises, apologies and love will just sound like empty words in her ears. I guess at this point MJ knows that no amount of begging will solve their problems. The reality of things has finally hit him. On top of that he is tormented every night with visions of AltSY. But now is a little too late to be pushing her away. Shutting your eyes and covering your ears won’t solve the problem. I do think he shouldn’t disappoint SY any further, but I also think he should take responsibility for the mess he created. Truth be told AltSY isn’t without blame, and maybe we would all prefer she would quietly disappear from everyone’s mind, but MJ didn’t cheat by himself and she at least deserves some consideration.
    As far as why she is all bloody in MJ’s vision, it may have something to do with JK. I think just about two years went by since MJ left the alternate world and AltSY. We have no idea what went on during that time. Since she decided to get a divorce, JK might try and make his move on her… but I’m almost sure it is going to backfire. Let’s wait and see.

    And another amazing cliffhanger. OMG my poor heart!!! I can’t wait for their conversation. I have a feeling she will tell him to go and save AltSY. If that is the case, I’m not sure how MJ will react to that, but if he goes to the other world to save her and worse, if he brings her back…. omg…. all kinds of delicious drama will ensue!! If he does bring her back, in a way I’m glad SY didn’t take him back, or he would be breaking his promises once again. How easily he got down on his knees just to go and bring AltSY back into his life.
    And that brings me to the love pentagon we have going on here.

    I didn’t really have room to make all the intersections between the characters but I think uri writer-nim knows them better than I do. I am looking forward to see the much drama around our love pentagon. I wanna see MJ dealing with two SY’s. I wanna see jealous MJ and irate Ahnya. Conflicted HK and angry SY. – plots – From what I can tell, things should get even worse from this point on. I personally can’t wait. It should be epic!


    • Misai!! sorry I’m late in replying haha it’s just such a long comment deserve to get my time to write back so I finally decide today is the day 🙂 first let me say I love your little pentagonal chart! hahaha so cute. Wow, just reading the first sentence and I’m happy 😀 actually I was very worried about how you would think of it, lol, you’ve become like my critic that I must impress hahaha. So I’m ecstatic to know you love it! Alot of people think this is such a sad episode but I did try to insert in comedic moment and insightful moments which I’m so glad you picked up!

      -MJ continue being with his wife even though she doesn’t want to, I think that’s important as most time women will say what they say but feel differently and I’m glad MJ didn’t listen to what she said actually…for me it would be worse if he had left her completely.
      -SY kitchen talk with her friends, lol, I imagine it in my head and you’re not the only one…I was laughing my head off too and being grossed out at the same time like SM grossed out by her choice of food hahah. WOW, lol you do have funny food combo! so yes! you should try out Kimchi and ice cream and tell us all about it 😉
      -BJ is indeed unlucky in infatuation, lol, always picking the wrong men to go after…hmmm….what will she be like when she found out her most recent man had eyes for her other friend…..HAHHAHA I should make her do something outrageously funny!
      -YJ is young and a boy, lol, what do you expect? his interest is more invested in himself and his SM…of course he cared about his sister but I think to him the situation wasn’t as bad as he imagined…but then again, his feelings is not the one being hurt and stomped on. so yeah, I make him out to be a bit more comedic to ease the tension a bit.
      -LJ…yes you are right, there is no LJ in the other world (or rather he died early) so….part of the drama will lay in his hand so to speak 😉 and you’re the only one to mention it but yes he’s definitely feeling the effect of it. Really love your paragraph on LJ & SY convo…I do personally think SY is taking a bit far so I’m gonna try to rope her in a bit in the next episode…..only I will release it back again 😉 hahahhaha…….I’m glad some of you guys like that analogy of ice and water, I think it’s simple but to the point and effective….you’ll hear more version of it in the next episode with convo between her and HK 😉
      -I’m glad I thought of the mirror thing to write in because it does give a lot of insight to how SY feels and I’m sure we all can empathize why she couldn’t face herself in the mirror knowing now what she knows. As for HK and Ahnya, lol….I think it’s not really about jealously as about Ahnya’s insecurity on HK’s part. There is still a major part about Ahnya I haven’t revealed yet and when I do you might have a more understanding of why Ahnya act the way she does in regards to HK & SY ….so wait for it 😉
      -As for MJ & SY convo, I’m glad you like 😀 I tried to be neutral in writing it, with both perspective in mind…and actually it’s the first time I realize that MJ WAS indeed alone in the other world while SY have all her friends and family for support. For some reason I didn’t realize that before or didn’t hit me, so I feel for MJ even more. Though SY being so hurt is understandable but I think it should be short lived at that because if you look at the big picture I still believe he didn’t do anything so bad as to deserve severe consequences. If anything I think he deserve a little bit more understanding from her if she really love him as much as we think she does. That’s just my opinion 😀
      -cliffhanger will bring another cliffhanger 🙂 and you are very close in thinking what will happen, let’s wait and see what JSH said to DMJ and how he will handle it. Drama will ensue, lol but maybe not in the way you think it would be 😉 and it will get worse from this point on until close to the end.

      Wow, and there you have it 😀

  13. I wanted to post an image in my comment for scene 2 but I totally failed xD So here it goes:

    LOL at the part when SY, BJ and SM are in the kitchen! SY eating ice-cream with kimchi and crying (more like gross sobbing) made me laugh so much even though she is hurting. I kept picturing her like this:

    • yeah sorry, retarded comment area won’t let you post pics/videos so I did it for you 🙂 I love it! That’s exactly how SY would look, except maybe messier, haha

  14. take a breath… take a breath… fiuhh. When SY face to face with MJ i can feel the pressure of them, my heartbeat stopped a few seconds. WOW!! your’e cool safiresea, your story so real, bow to you. Read last scene you success to get me curious & curious more…. When eps 36 out? hahaha, sorry for my greedy coz feel too short read this eps ( i already read it 3 times ). this eps full anger & tears, MJ dont cry, poor MJ hiks hiks.

    ps: may i ask how many eps for mlfas S2? 50? 100? or never end?LoL

    • awww, now I’m cool 😀 thank you dear I love it! kiki. Next episode will be out in a few days after the preview. Wow three times! DAEBAK! 😉 I know poor MJ, he’s in such a tough place.
      hahahaha….100? forever? lol you’re funny…it’s gonna be around the same as the first season…around 21 episodes so far we have how many? 14 episodes right? so you have about 6 or so more.

  15. wow. just wow. all this reading made my heart hurt and the tension has been building in my chest since the alternatesongyi plot started. but this chapter really made me cry so much.. wow, just powerful.i really felt for song yi simply because we have the same issue with the whole min joon falling for a song yi who’s not quite her in the first place. who does he really see when he married her? when he kissed her at the premiere(knowing he just came back from the arms of another woman)? if he didnt meet her first, who would he really choose. i mean, theyre the same person but at the end it’s really hard to compete with yourself when you know the person you love would love only you(in different forms). im sure i would want the same things clarified too if i were song yi. but at the same time, this chap made me see a hint of how min joon really loves song yi better than all the other song yi’s. so im slightly appeased. im hoping the best for the next chapter and thanks for writing this one. 🙂

    • ummmm….I’m sorry but the tension is going to get worse and worse as it moves along towards the end 🙂 I hope you can take it, just be prepared. Yes, it’s a tough tough issue and I think a lot of you might not know how I would solve it yet….I just hope that when I do, it’ll be to everyone’s or at least most everyone’s satisfaction 😀

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