MLFAS – Wedding of The Century MV

Are you ready to witness their wedding?  DMJ and CSY cordially invite you to join in on the sweetest day of their life…their Wedding Day.  Please come and join them as we walk back to the deeply moving moments that they shared with one another, leading up to this very day.  Don’t forget to watch till the very end…where you get more than just the wedding but the honeymoon bedroom, the prego stage and the little someone they created together.  HAHAHA….at least, it’s nice to think about it and this MV is a great imagination booster for us all, LOVE IT!  And I hope you enjoy it as well.  I seriously love the beginning with the photos on the tree, sooooo creative! A clap and shout out to the maker 😉


31 responses to “MLFAS – Wedding of The Century MV

  1. thanks for the video yes unnie,, I really quite like it,, very, very romantic. honeymoon scene as truly alive. hahaha I like the honeymoon is over the counter ckckckc .. gomawo unnie ..

  2. Unni,, its too romantic… love it,, not only in the begining… but every scene and part of naration until end its really match, so sweat.. and also with the photo on tree, great maker..

    • yeah it is huh…lol I replayed it to death a long with my other MV collections…makes me want to go rewatch it again! haha I’m hopeless…we’re hopeless.

  3. Awww this MV is beautifully made especially the wedding part. It reminds me of your script on their special ed. But to be honest yours is even way better. I think I need to go back and reread that chapter again and stop moping around Zam n Yen’ house hehehe

    • hahaha I swear every comment you made Zam & Yen is in it somehow, just two more episodes and you’ll have them. Is it funny that I myself have not re-read any of my stories once it’s publish…I almost forgot what I wrote, haha maybe it’s time for me to revisit as well.

  4. Hello authornim~ it’s been a really long time since i come here. Well i really doing a lot of things, like national exam, graduate, and registration for my university, but my parents still want me to take test for civil servant high school so i am in the process to take a test for it now. So please forgive me ne~ i really miss u and this blog authornim T_T the latest time i come here when byuntae take 2 and mlfas ep 29. I must be missing a lot T________T

    • WOW, it has been a while hasn’t it? I hope you’re doing great on your exams and studying! That’s always more important, just stop by when you have the time or need to pass the time 🙂 *HUGS* but you did miss a lot, lol we are now in byuntae take 3 and mlfas episode 35 about to be 36. But I’m sure when you have free time, it’ll take you but a day or two to get updated.

    • yeah I know I seen it a couple of times before but never really saved it, just did it recently, nicely done. There was a few on Youtube that was nice but it keep getting flagged and taken down 😦

  5. Gosh, i adore the little girl! And i really hope they’d make a sequel, soon or later, remembering how much people love them to death. Thanks for the vid dear 😉

    • she’s cute right? ahhh we can only dream of the next season, it’s gonna take a while to gather all the resources and put things together….we’ll wait.

  6. hi, i am new here! and it is my first time to comment, i already read about episode 22 to 35, and it is so beautiful.. is there a episode 36? and when? are you all here korean? sorry because i have too many question,..

    • yes dear, it takes about a week to two weeks per episode depending on how my life is…so just keep an eye out for episode 36 in a few days. When it ends all of you will know 🙂 as for us being Korean nothing could be more farther from the truth. Most of us are NOT Korean, I don’t even know if I have one Korean here, lol. There’s Chinese, Vietnamese, Philippians, Malaysian, European, US, Russia, and so forth.

  7. Dear safiresea, this is the great MV, I like it…by the way yesterday and this day i send email to you want to password for byeontae, but you not yet replying my email maybe your very busy, i hope you dont forget me, my email is (deleted for your protection)

    Thankyou very much

  8. I wish this mv could come true ;'(
    Soo hopeless and desperate yet soo touched
    Btw thank you unnie for sharing us such a lovely mv and worth to watch
    spread a bunch of happiness for us the hard shipper army whehehehe
    i love you unnie

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