Love Letters to Kim Soo Hyun From Your Supportive Fans MV


Good morning Chingus…I usually don’t post an MV back to back but this is a special exception 🙂  Below is a “hot off the press” video that is just release by my friend Verona.   She (and maybe others) was in charge of doing a compilation of Kim Soo Hyun’s fan’s love and encouragement from what had happen recently.  I didn’t put any of that news here because I don’t like spreading “bad” news, I only like spreading the love 🙂 …but for those who don’t know what’s been happening the simple gist of it is this:  KSH & JJH took up a CF gig from China for a water bottle company.  Just as they finish with the CF and ads, the rumor starts to spread that the source of the water was named by Chinese name but in fact in Korea there’s another name for it (even though China has almost half the mountain themselves).  In my opinion, it’s a another stupid “your land vs my land” political crap that they got caught up in.  So Korea’s Netizen online hasn’t been very nice in their bashing of KSH & JJH saying some pretty mean stuff that’s stupidity at its max.  So this is what we come back with….sending our love to Kim Soo Hyun (hopefully someone will have the time to do one for our goddess JJH as well).

To Kim Soo Hyun, you have our love and support so chin up and continue being awesome.  Haters will always hate and seize the smallest incident to crudely voice their hateful opinions, making a mountain out of a molehill…but we have just as strong a voice.  We love you for your humble, friendly self and all your phenomenal works. To the moon and back…continue Fighting! We LOVE YOU!

Please feel free to spread the love and hopefully KSH might be able to see it 🙂



6 responses to “Love Letters to Kim Soo Hyun From Your Supportive Fans MV

  1. I had already seen this video earlier today on tumblr. KSH fans are the best ^_^ This whole controversy about a name was really over the top. knetizens can really get crazy with their insults and demands. Obviously if the product is chinese and sold in China, it won’t have a korean name. A mountain does not belong to anyone. That mountain was there before and it will still be there long after we’re all gone… and besides that the mountain is not even in SK territory. I could go on, but this story reaches absurdity level really fast. I’m tired of it. This video so great and the messages are so touching. I hope it reaches KSH somehow 🙂

    • lol I so agree with you, why would Chinese use a Korean name? Just like American would use the word Banana and Korean would use a Korean word equivalent of Banana. yeah it’s a NK mountain and we didn’t even hear NK said anything…ah well people will be people anywhere around the globe. I hope so too because I’m sure he would be so happy 🙂 I send it out everywhere haha.

  2. Unnie im done reading epi 35. . My heart is crying. . Im so excited for the next epi to released. . I love the story so much. . When to released the epi 36?. .hehehe. excited. .

    • wow, thanks Connie 😉 I’m glad you’re excited…the release of epi 36 will probably be in a few days time if nothing gets in the way 😉

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