Fun Little Mini Scripts #2: If Hands Could Talk

The back story about this short script: A chingu in Soompi ask me during the times of Baeksang when Hyun2 is sitting next to each other if I could do a story about their hands.  She provided the gif below (as you can see KSH hand’s fidgeting next to JJH) and the rest I left it up to my imagination, haha.


KSH Left Hand: OK, let’s just go for it, grab her hand…just do it!  I’ve done it a million times, it’s like brushing your teeth in the morning….how could I not?

KSH Right Hand: What? hey dummy are you nut? There’s a bazillion of people here and it’s a camera’s playground, you want to get caught with your hand in the cookie jar?

JJH Hands: *whistle, whisle* hmhmhmhm…waiting, waiting…

KSH Left Hand: I don’t want a cookie jar, I just want JJH’s Noona hands in mine…you know how much I miss holding her hands?  I know the feel and touch of those long fingers and soft palm as if it were my own….I want it, I want it, I want it!

KSH Right Hand: What? A cookie jar is just a metaph…aiissshhhhh….you fool at least wait until the lights get dimmer….oh wait I think this is it! here it comes….HERE IT COMES!

*lights turn off completely pitch black at just the right intense moment because Baeksang is cool like that and knows a few seconds of privacy is needed* (reference: there’s about 10 second of complete darkness during Lynn’s performance of My Destiny)

KSH Right Hand: OK! GO! GO you fool, GO!

KSH Left Hand: What? me? OH! Thank you!  THERE IS A GOD!

KSH left hand reach over and entwine his hand in hers, they squeeze each other’s hands hard, missing it so much as he rubs his thumb lightly over her soft skin.  When the light gradually turn on they jerk their hands away from each other…pretending as if nothing out of the ordinary just happen.


9 responses to “Fun Little Mini Scripts #2: If Hands Could Talk

  1. hahaha it’s always so refreshing to check out on your blog every day because of your new and imaginative thoughts about KSH AND JJH. more power unnie! 👍😍😘

  2. I love this line….
    JJH Hands: *whistle, whisle* hmhmhmhm…waiting, waiting…

    lol hahaha…daebak Unnie faye

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