Cheon Song Yi Fashion Forward – Episode 1

Welcome to Cheon Song Yi fashion!  JJH playing the character of CSY had put fashion to the forefront.  It’s daring, it’s new, it’s quirky, it’s fun.  I love my girl but I have to say not everything she wear is a hit for me.  As a matter of fact some things she wore I have to wonder where was the fashion police?  But then again, lol, I’m the least fashionable person out there.  I can’t even remember the last time I bought clothes, haha! (no joke) Anyhow, here’s some information about CSY’s clothes from each episode.  You can rate if it’s a HIT or MISS as I will tell you in my own fashionable opinion which category it falls in for me.



#1. Cloe Coffee Selfie: from Cloe 2013 fashion…even though CSY is sitting down so you don’t get to fully absorb the feel of her clothing it still manage to somehow leave a strong impact on me.  The elegant, white clean cut Cloe jacket blazer over black clothing and Jimmy Joo black dotted boots got me hooked from the start.  It’s a HIT for me!

 #2. Balmain Elevator First Meeting: This is not the typical ensemble that you’ll see…nothing says “strong” more then full fledge leather.  The fashion starts with a Balmain Glossy Quilted Motorcycle Leather Jacket costing £1,818.00, 21 Defaye Medallion Tank 7 Clutch, and Jimmy Choo Drift Woven Suede Cage Boots, $696.50…and brown leather skirt currently unknown brand.  This is indeed an almost alien outfit that say’s loud and clear…”I’m fierce!”  Somehow it works great on her, I love it…it’s a HIT for me!


#3. Givenchy Home Net Stalking: SY is sitting down here stalking her fans and anti-fans…all we can see is this sweater she is wearing which is a Givenchy Printed Sweatshirt with Sequin Sleeves, $2395.00…holy mole this ugly thing cost that much? haha and a Black Muse Leather Headband, 20,000 Won.  I like the cute headband and the design on the shirt but…I’m not sure I like that 70′ glittery burgundy sleeves.  I think I’ll pass on this, it’s a MISS for me.


#4. Mickey Mouse Bathroom Singing: This simple yet cute home ensemble include this adorable Comme Des Garcons Mickey Mouse Shirt @$321.61 and pink Uggs Coquette Slippers, $120.00, while SY is singing away her sorrow with a cute unknown mini short.  Although the shirt does not make any sense, lol it works somehow and looks cute especially with the short. It’s like a really cute PJ I wouldn’t mind wearing around the house err…except for the price of it, so I like it it’s a HIT for me.


#5. Sandro News Watching:  Again, SY is looking cool as a cucumber in this brown unknown hat, Sandro Combo Moto Jacket and high Manas boots.  The pants and shirt she’s wearing is unknown but I have to say, I really really like that white lacy blouse and want to see more of it…the pattern looks really interesting. It also gives her a hint of feminine in her otherwise biker chic ensemble.  It works I’d say HIT.


#6. Celine Back To School: With her cool shade, SY step out of the car to go back on school campus in this diva outfit.  Though is it a bit overdone? From the Celine Red and Black Giant Jacquard Check Coat to her Celine 2013 Giant Metal Bucket Belt, her outlandish Celine Trapeze multicolor stitching suede calfskin bag ending with Celine 2013 Thigh High Boot Ride in Calfskin Taupe.  Inside white shirt and skirt unknown.  I think the boots are nice and so is the bag…but not too sure about everything else.  At certain angle it looks cool on her but mostly it just look too baggy and kinda swallow her up…the material looks cheap too even though I know it isn’t.  So overall I think I would have to say it’s a MISS for me.


Credit: all pictures as tagged.  Sources from different fashion sites but mainly from Korea Celebrity and Korean Drama Fashion.


14 responses to “Cheon Song Yi Fashion Forward – Episode 1

  1. I see during the filming of this drama JJH always use well-known clothing brands, styles and style her in this drama are always up to date

    • yes, it’s advertisement endorsement from the brand…almost everything she wore is sold out…great way to advertise without advertising 😉

  2. YEHAY!!! this is the post I’ve been waiting for. Cheon Song Yi’s fashion style! Thanks so much!!! 😘😍💛💙💜💚❤️💗💖💋

  3. Yay finally, I get to know the brands of her fashion clothings she had on the show, Thumps up for this post unnie! Pls keep it coming keke

    • LOL now we getting to the fun fashionable part…it just take so long to prep ugh, lol…I never thought I’d be writing about fashion, can’t remember the last time I bought clothes much less brand name cloths! let me laugh some more HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….the thing this show made me do

      P.S. I started watching HGD last night.

      • I just had my phone fixed today ánd certaintly i lost everything booo. Been busy lately so ill try to be back on track soon.

        Finally you have time to watch HGD 🙂 i hope you will like that show although it may not reach your happy ending expectation

      • I also rewatch HGD and i found in ep 3 there is a underwater kissing scene, it reminds me so much of your story, the kiss between altSY and MJ ahaha.

        • when I saw this comment I was exactly on episode 3 hahaha….and here I thought I was so original with the underwater kiss….lol however it’s been use in two shows that I know of already….a reader, I think it’s Mila point out another one, Empress Ki of an underwater save kiss as well. haha I guess there’s no original ideas left.
          I’m watching it but surprisingly it hasn’t really hook me as much as I hoped 😦 I’ll continue though and see it through the end and will do my own assessment of it later.

          • Of course, your kissing scene is authentic and the best of all because there was so much emotion in it. It’s the best so far 🙂

            About HGD, that’s why I need you to watch the show and dissect your point of view for me cuz I know either something wrong with me or that’s show is extremely great. I’m watching it again for almost to the 10th times, no skipping between scenes ever and still love it a lot. It makes me forget about MLFAS for awhile hahaha. It’s ok if it hasn’t hooked you yet, cuz different people have different taste. Or maybe I’m just that obsessed hahaha

            I need to marathon MLFAS again to compare my 2 favorite shows. So far I like HGD a bit more for its depth.

  4. I wouldn’t wear some of the clothes she used on the show, because its simply not my style, but I do have to admit, that anything she puts on, looks better on her than on the models. What a goddess 😀

    • yeah, that’s true most of what she puts on it looks so good on her probably because her body, height, and her looks might have something to do with it 😉 goddess rock! haha

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