I would have put this up sooner but I was waiting and waiting for JJH’s CF but it doesn’t seem to want to make an appearance so now I’ll just do this post and update this if and whenever her CF comes out.  So as most of you know this is the 2nd time KSH & JJH signed up to be joined ambassadors for another company…China’s Hengda Water.  The first was Samsung and it’s disappointing Photoshop, separate CFs, and separate appearance at Samsung’s event.  Looks like this 2nd time around it’s not any better either as once again we look upon their Photoshop pictures and separate CF’s…though I’m not even sure if JJH had a CF.  That still remains to be seen.  Now, they are signed up for the third time as joined ambassadors for another company Coffeebene, let’s hope that third times a charm.

In the video of KSH CF’s below, it’s a compilation of 4 different takes, I like the 4th one the most because it combines the rice eating with the tea drinking…he’s so cute when he eats 😉 …and that swagger to the large water storage closet, lol well he knows how to bring sexy back if you know what I mean kakaka.  But overall, not the best CF nor the most creative, it was just alright.



  1. PTS level like this is rather be disappointing and embarrassing to show on an advitising panel. *howl* why paying a lot to get the most desired couple to play separately and hurting your fingers to do PTS?? Not very smart company erh ;(

      • I know right. Tsk tsk dummy companies ehh they just don’t know the use of hiring both KSH n JJH on their products. Too bad they didn’t take advantage of that… Or maybe there were terms and conditions involved from KSH or JJH’s party. I don’t know about KSHs side but if JJH did do cf together with many male costars then why is it so restricted when it comes to pulicize her image together with KSH?

        • yeah well it starting to look like it’s on the agency side and not the company, I mean I really don’t think they are that dud in the head to not utilize them correctly. It’s strange in deed because shooting a CF usually only take a day of their time so it doesn’t make sense how come they can’t come together for it…we’ll just have to wait and see.

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