A Call To All Fans: Come Out And Vote for Seoul International Drama Awards!

WHAT: Soompi will be hosting the voting for the 2014 Seoul International Drama Awards.  There are three categories: Best Korean Drama, Best Actor, and Best Actress.

WHEN: It is officially open from today!  From July 14-August 3 you can vote once a day for each category.

WHEREVote here for the Drama, Vote here for the Actor, and Vote here for the Actress

HOW: To vote, you must logged into Soompi ONLY USING FACEBOOK and “Like” the Soompi’s Facebook page, by clicking the link above you will be given information to the link to log on.  The winning is base on 50% vote base and 50% expert evaluation base.  Seems pretty fair right?

WHY: Must you even ask? Because we love our drama and does not want The Heirs to win as it doesn’t deserve it (no matter how much I love LMH).  Because KSH is attending this award and if the results are good there might be a chance JJH will come out and join him…don’t we all want to see what we saw at Baeksang awards?  So let’s vote everyday and hope our dream come true and that they will reunite once again in September 4, 2014 for this award.  I’ve heard someone mention this before, not sure how true this is…it is said that the venue where this award will be at is the SAME exact place where DMJ & CSY re-unite after 3 years and had that glorious Red Carpet kiss…can you imagine the irony if that was true, hahaha.  Reel vs Real.


23 responses to “A Call To All Fans: Come Out And Vote for Seoul International Drama Awards!

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  2. The voting process is so confusing 😦 I voted but have no idea if it went thru or not. I logged in to my FB and like the soompi page, then for the drama when I click on the picture there was a pop up saying that: “You must be logged into Soompi using Facebook in order to vote! Click “OK” to go to the login page.” I clicked ok then the page direct me to my account setting page. I have no idea…
    So my question is: am I done there or there is more steps that I need to do?

    • NO! it’s because you have to log out from your current login to login as FB account. When you click the FB login it will log you in automatically if you’re already log in to FB if not you might have to use your login from your FB account. When you’re done and click on the picture of which you want to vote for there will be a pop up that ask you to vote for it. When you click on it then it would confirm it and moved on automatically to the next one until you voted for all three. You didn’t actually vote if you didn’t see the vote button and have confirmation! When you’re done there’s a pop up that will say you just voted for the day and wait 24 hours for the next vote. It’s more confusing for Soompiers because I think most have our own account and not from FB, that’s why.

      • Thank you for your explanation unnie! Let’s me try again! Kanaka I’m a sucker for those kinds of stuff *cries*

  3. I just voted. Successfully keke
    For those who still have trouble voting, I will simplify this for you.

    In order words, for voting we need to use computer and on soompi site we have to log in using FB account (not your soompi acc) in order to vote. Very simple yet caused me a lot of trouble keke. Hope it helps 🙂

    • WOW! wow!! you are awesomeness, haha, I have 1 well 2 I just recently made one up for a nefarious reasons, lol…so I’m gonna use that now to vote as well.

  4. OH NO!!! Why MLFAS is still at 56%?!! I vote for them everday and yet there are still no changes and LMH votes is fast increasing…ottoke?

  5. I will convince all my relatives to vote. More power to MLFAS! Will vote again tom. 💓💓 Thanks Unnie for the reminder!


    I think I need to make more accounts of FB.

    • down even more…KEEP VOTING GUYS….the Heirs seems to jump over night…strategic voting? or cheating? lol either way just keep us voting kay?

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