My Love From Another Star – Episode 37


Preview: As MJ is not present, Ahnya took his place as the moral supporter in SY’s pregnancy.  In the latest trip to the doctor checkup, SY encounter another unexpected friendship that surprised her.  HK decide to have a heart to heart talk with Ahnya and made a life changing decision.  SY continue playing the waiting game with the absent MJ but as the due date pass with no MJ in sight, SY is forced to make the final decision alone.  The start of JSH’s birth brings forth a world wide anomaly as the two planets collide and the fates of five individuals began to shift dramatically.

Scene 1: SY Trip To The Doctor

SY got home and went straight to the kitchen.  She pulled out every vegetables she could find, grab a large knife and started cutting everything with a vengeance.  When that was done, she pulled out whatever’s that’s left in the fridge; cheese, margarine, even eggs.  In short time the whole kitchen was a mess.

YJ stood and watch SY, conflicted. Should he try to stop her, try to talk to her, try to reason with her…in the end he just opt to silently stood there just making sure she’s ok.  It’s better that she vent out anyways.  The sister that he know is ten times more dangerous if she didn’t vent.

SY was breathing laboriously now but she’s not done.  She pulled out the freezer and took a bunch of frozen meats.  These were harder to cut through as she struggle and scream in frustration.  Then she let out an angry gasp as she cut through her left palm.

YJ: (ran over and took her hand putting it under running water then drag her to sit down, away from the kitchen) stay put I’m going to get some bandages. (As YJ same back and bandage her hand Ahnya appeared)

SY: do you ever just use the door like normal people?

Ahnya: why? What’s the use of having powers if you’re not going to use it?  What happen here? Why are you injured?

YJ: we just got back from the drive to see MJ.

Ahnya: you saw MJ?

YJ: …you could say that. (He looks at the fuming SY) we came to see him but saw him with another girl instead…

Ahnya: another girl…(looks thoughtful) what does she look like?

YJ: we didn’t get a good look as we were a bit far away but she seems young.

Ahnya: she was at the house before me? This is not like Kisohn at all.  Is that why… (Ahnya stop talking as SY look at her suspiciously)

SY: Yoon Jai, call and cancel the appointment with the doctor. I’m not going.

YJ: YA?! You have to go! You’re nearing the end of your term and maybe the doctor want to check up on you.

SY: why? Are you going to come with me?

YJ: me?! Stop kidding around, that’s no place for me to be hanging out at (pulls Ahnya over in front if SY) she’ll go with you.

Ahnya: (gave him panic look) ME?


YJ: yeah, Song Yi need someone to drive her there and be her moral support and you want to know more about our kind right? Here’s the perfect chance for you to learn more about the miracle of life on earth (he shudder, contradicting his words then promptly ran out and left the room)

SY: moral support my butt (she grunted at Ahnya as they both look at each other in disbelieve)

–in the car–

SY: turn left…LEFT!  Stop! Stop! (The car screech close to the back of another car) where did you learn how to drive and who in their right mind pass you anyway?!

Ahnya: listen, this is my first time driving anyone.  I usually just teleport…if you could just be quiet I would have had better concentration.

SY: it seems you’re more concentrated on killing us all before we even get there.  Isn’t it a good time now to use that power of yours to teleport us safely to the doctor?

Ahnya: it is not safe to teleport you while you’re pregnant.  I told you already, I don’t know what adverse reaction it would have on the baby and how we are going to land on the other side, it’s too risky.

SY: and you don’t think your driving is risky? (mutter under her breath) Min Joon, I will wring your neck when you come back…why am I stuck with her? (letting out a huff)

Ahnya: I can hear you! (They glare at each other until someone behind them honk the horn as they both look back up.  Ahnya drove off in an unsteady skid)

SY lay on the doctor’s bed as Ahnya played awkwardly with the plastic uterus and small fetus, almost dropping it when the doctor came in.

Doctor: knees up please, leg against this bar here, and spread open.

Ahnya: whoooo, I don’t think I need to be here for that do I?

Doctor: who are you? Where’s the husband?

Song Yi: he’s not here (to Ahnya) you can leave.

Ahnya looked relieved and left closing the door.  A moment later the doctor pull out her glove.

Doctor: everything seems good.  You’re schedule to due in about two weeks.  Do you have any questions?

SY: no…wait, what’s the chances of me having a C-section?

Doctor: well as of right now she hasn’t turned yet…but there’s still time left, we won’t know until nearing the date. (SY nod her head) look, this is none of my business…but as your doctor I’m a little concern.  You’re about due any time soon…is your husband going to be at the delivery?  It’s important that he is.

SY: yes (falter) yes, of course he’ll be there.

Doctor: good, I’m going to send in the nurse to do some final blood and measurements then you’re good to go.

SY: thank you doctor.

Not long after the doctor left a girl in white uniform walk in.

Young nurse: I’m going to take some measurements and draw some blood, standard stuff ok?

SY: (looks at her suspiciously) I’m sorry but may I know how old you are…you just seem too young to be a nurse.

Young Nurse: (laughs) I get that a lot it’s not a big deal…I’ll turn 17 soon.  Oh don’t panic, I’m sort of a genius in my class. I’m actually interning right now and studying for my PHD.

SY: wow…your family must be really proud of you. (She rubs her belly) I hope my little girl will be just as smart as you.

Young nurse: I’m sure she will be (taking SY’s belly measurement).

SY: I’m sorry…but have I seen you somewhere? You look so familiar to me but I can’t seem to place you.

Young nurse: (laughs again) I get that a lot too.  Apparently I look like some young singer.  You must have seen her on tv.

SY: oh…that must be it then (she tighten SY’s arm to take her blood)

Young nurse: so where’s the daddy?

SY: long story…he’s just unable to make it right now.

Young nurse: well, don’t look so down about it.  I’m sure he have good reasons.

SY: whatever his reasons I don’t care as long as he’s here at the birth of our daughter.  I don’t think I would ever forgive him if he’s not here.

Young nurse: (finish drawing one tube of blood) I’m sure he’ll try his best to be by your side…but if he couldn’t make it, you shouldn’t be so hard on him.  He’s probably going to be harder on himself for not making it and you being unforgiving would make the situation worst.

SY: you’re young and you don’t understand yet that adult relationship can be pretty complicated.  Some things are just unforgivable.

Young nurse: do you read the bible?

SY: no…why? Are you a Christian?

Young nurse: that’s just a name we like to give label to.  I study all religions, I find it fascinating.  There is a verse I remember from it that suit the situation very much I think.  Would you like me to recite it for you?

SY: (hesitate) I suppose, if you want.

Young nurse: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.” That’s one of my most favorite phrase from the whole book that’s why I remember it by heart.

SY: it’s beautiful (her eyes got teary) thank you for sharing. I must be lacking a lot.

Young nurse: (she dab a tissue at the corner of SY’s eyes) no, you’re beautiful…inside and out.  That’s why your husband choose you to be his wife and the mother of his child. (SY smile at her and she smiled back in turn) to be honest, my father missed my birth as well.

SY: oh no! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to remind you of that sad moment.

Young nurse: oh, don’t worry.  I’m not sad or angry at all.  He had much more important matter to attend to.

SY: but what could be more important than your birth?…The birth of your own child?

Young nurse: it was either watch me came into this world or save the life of someone very important to him.  Missing a moment in my life in order to save another life…that moment is no longer a sad memory but a grateful one for me.  If my first breathe in this world caused another’s death I would not feel good about that.  So I’m glad he did what he had to do.

SY: oh…I see. Not only are you smart but much more mature than your age let on.  He sounds amazing and must be a really wonderful father.

Young nurse: he is (she gave SY a brilliant smile).  Ok looks like we’re done here.

SY: wow, your smile is beautiful.   That smile reminds me of a little girl I know. You get that charming smile from your father too?

Young nurse: I like to think it’s a combination of both my father and mother.

SY: well it’s wonderful to have met you nurse…?

Young nurse: you can call me Jinny.  My father called me that.

SY: what a coincident! We’re going to name our baby Jin Sunhee.  Jin meaning precious…you must be very precious to your father. (The nurse nod her head)

Nurse Jinny: (squeeze SY’s hand) take care of yourself…I’ll see you again soon.

SY: will you be there when I deliver? I hope so.  I know it sound strange but I feel very comfortable with you and I trust you completely even though we just met.

Nurse Jinny: yes…I will be there.  We will see each other again. The doctor will come and pick up the chart you’re free to leave when you’re ready (she gave SY a last smile and left the room)

SY felt relieved and glad to know Jinny will be there when she give birth.  She walks out the door and pass a nurse.

Nurse: where are you going? I need to take your blood and some checkup.

SY: oh, no need the other nurse, nurse Jinny, already did it.  Everything is in the room.

The nurse walk in the room and took SY’s blood sample and chart.  She looks at her own unfinished chart.

Nurse: (said to herself) what’s this? who’s nurse Jinny?

Ahnya: is everything ok? What took you so long I was about to come in and check on you.

SY: what’s this? Are you worried about me?

Ahnya: (give non-committal shrug) think what you like.  Common, let’s go.

SY: wait!  You should call me a cab (Ahnya gave her an incredulous look)

SY: finally! Safe back home. (She glance over at Ahnya who’s already there before her) good, you’re here.  Can you go and give Min Joon a message for me?  Tell him I want to talk about who’s that girl we saw him with this morning.

Ahnya: that… (she shift uncomfortable)

SY: what is it now?

Ahnya: (in a quiet voice) he’s not here.

SY: I know he’s not here that’s why… (then it dawn on her) ohhh…(she turned away from Ahnya) so he left to go to her? (She couldn’t hide the quake in her voice)

Ahnya: I’m sorry Song Yi…I’m sure he have a good reason to go, he ask me to look after you while he’s gone and that he’ll be back before we know it.

SY: I’m tired, I’m going to bed. (Ahnya look at her go with concern in her expression)

Scene 7: Ahnya Meeting With HK

Ahnya walked into the fancy restaurant looking around wondering where is HK.

Hostess: miss Ahnya? right this way please.

Ahnya walked with her through the large silent dining room.  There were flowers and candles arrange at every table.  She looks around curiously.

Ahnya: I’m sorry but may I ask why there’s no patron here?

Hostess: this place is booked for a special occasion.

Ahnya: ohhh… (They got to the table around the cozy corner overlooking the large glass window with the city view…and to the man standing waiting for her with a bouquet of golden flowers in his hand). What’s going on Hwi Kyung?

HK: (he came over to hug her then hand her the flowers as he pulled out the chair and help her into it, then he sat down) you look beautiful as always.

Ahnya: I look too casual next to you (looking at his suite) and this fancy place.

HK: (shook his head) you look stunning even if you wear a potato sack.

Ahnya: let’s cut to the chase, what’s this about?

HK: (his smile falter a bit) well, I want to apologize for leaving early the last time we…

Ahnya: let’s not talk about what’s already in the past.

HK: good! Then you have forgiven me! I was so worried.

Ahnya: (she put the flowers on the table) what is there to forgive?

HK: weren’t you…mad at me? Angry?

Ahnya: no.  I’ve come to terms with how things ought to be.  I shouldn’t have thought it possible.  I don’t know what I was thinking but obviously it wasn’t clear.

HK: you’re not making any sense, what are you saying?

Ahnya: (she looks at him in the eye) how long has it been since you got back?

HK: a few days?

Ahnya: 6 days, 10 hours (she look at her watch) and 24 minutes (he look astonish) is everything good with you and Song Yi? Are you appeased about her safety? (He slowly nod his head, suddenly afraid of saying the wrong answer) good. I’m glad.  Should we eat first?

HK: I don’t think I can. I’m not sure what’s going on.  Why are you acting so cold towards me?

Ahnya: am I? I’m just acting myself…this is how I am…how I was.  I’m glad you call me out, I would have called you if you didn’t.  I’m going to leave for home when Song Yi gives birth so we might as well say our goodbye now.

HK: (his heartbeat suddenly accelerated) you can’t! (She lift her eyebrow at him) what about us?

Ahnya: what about us? There was no us to begin with.

HK: WHAT? But we…I…(her face got flush red)…you can’t just leave.

Ahnya: I can and I will. I thought I can overlook it, I thought…I don’t know what I thought…but I didn’t think it would be like this….it would feel like this.  I…(she looks down to compose herself, blinking her eyes rapidly and look back up) you wanted to know the reason why I was here before right?

HK: that was back then before I know you…it was a stupid thing I’m helping Song Yi with.  Wait are you still hurt about that?

Ahnya: you never found out my weakness or why I’m actually here.

HK: you were here for Min Joon, you wanted to take him home.

Ahnya: I was here for you. (He sat back in utter shock and then laugh)

HK: what none sense is this? You don’t even know me.

Ahnya: I was here for you (she repeated again) and my weakness is you (he stare at her speechless. She pulls out a pen and push it towards him)

HK: this…how do did you have my pen?

Ahnya: this is not your pen.  It’s mine, it’s a replica of your brothers gift pen to you…but it’s mine, it looks like yours on the outside but it’s a lot more high tech, made from the best mechanical back home.  I use it to record my thoughts, mainly about you.  When we met it may be the first time you saw me but I’ve known you for much longer than you can comprehend.  I’m not here to explain all that though, the pen can do that for me.  I’m here to say goodbye.  I understand now that your heart is indeed beautiful…beautiful and unchangeable.  You loved SY for almost most of your life, whether I’m in it or not that is not going to change.  I see that clearly when you drop everything, including me, to check on her welfare.  She’s an old habit that you can’t quit no matter if she’s married or I’m here with you or not.  A part of me want to fight for you…but it’s so hard to do that when you see what I’ve seen and know what I known. (He still look at her speechless)

Ahnya: (looks around the room and smile through her teary eyes) I never thought one day I’d be lucky enough to be on the receiving end of all this (she looks back at him) so thank you for that and for all the great memories you’ve given me. (She wait for him to say something, when he didn’t she got up, walk past him to leave but he grab her arm).

HK: don’t leave, don’t leave me.

Ahnya: why? Give me a good reason why?

HK: because I…I…(he hesitated)

Ahnya: you can’t can you? (She brush his hand off her) it’s ok, I don’t blame you.  I’m not even angry at you.  In a way I even understand how you feel.  You can go back to the way things were when I leave. (She walks away and out the restaurant)

HK: (sat there staring at her pen in a confused dazed) but I don’t want to go back to the way things were.

Ahnya: (brush a tear off her cheek and look up at the sky as she took a step outside the restaurant) are you happy now?

Scene 9: A Package for SY

Everyone is gathered at the house.  SY’s father is pacing back and forth as SY’s mother look on in frustration.  LJ drank tea thoughtfully while rubbing his chest.  YJ sat whispering to SM as BJ look at him smiling foolishly.  HK sat on the couch tabbing his feet in agitation.

SY’s father: anyone have any idea what to do next? (No one answer) ok well, who’s turn is it?

YJ: father, we’ve each went at least twice already…I think it’s Bokja turn.

Bokja: (still looking at him and shaking her head) no, it’s Se Mi’s turn (YJ look at BJ disgruntledly as SM hesitantly stood up)

SM: yes, I guess it’s my…(Ahnya appeared out of nowhere causing some people to jump, HK stood up looking about to go to her)

Ahnya: (look over at HK briefly then look away towards everyone else). What’s this? A reunion I don’t know about?

SY’s father: (came and usher her closer into the group) ever since SY got a mail package this morning she’s been uncommonly quiet and depress.  Crying a lot too and won’t eat or talk to anyone.  We all tried everything, every way to coax her but nothing works…she just sat on that swing and hasn’t left.

Ahnya: why…that brat (she made her move to walk out to SY’s direction as SY’s mother hand her the bowl of food)

SY lay on her side in the cushion swing staring at the sky, at the moon, at all the stars as her mind recall earlier when the package came.

SY sat watching TV and eating mangoes and scrambled eggs for breakfast…or rather her third breakfast.  The actor in the TV just came back from somewhere to reunite with his love as the lady rush into his arms, welcoming him with kisses.

SY: (sneer at the screen) ya Min Joon, don’t you be expecting this kind of greeting from me when you come back.  (She made a swooping grab into a fist with her hand to emphasis) I’m going to break your legs, see if you can go anywhere next time!  (The doorbell rang.)

SY: Yoon Jai!! Open the door!

YJ: (walk back to her) a small package for you (he gave her the package, bite into the apple and walk away)

SY: (curiously open up the package, there was no name or return address.  Inside was a flat, folded origami paper star the size of her palm, on it is the word  “open me”) What is this? Some kind if joke? (She opens it up carefully.  Her hand came up to her mouth in surprise as she realizes it’s MJ’s handwriting)

My wife, my dearest beloved wife…I’m sorry to have left you like this.  You are shock right?  I’m a horrible person right?  To be honest I’d never thought one day I would leave you like this…during the times when you need me most.  For that I’m eternally sorry.

SY: yeah, and you’re going to pay for it dearly when you get back.

To be sure this is a life and death situation and requires my attention, I would never left you for anything less.  Please try to understand I’m trying to be the best husband that I can but alien or not, I have flaws and faults just like everyone else.  I know you won’t understand me for a long, long time but I hope…I hope one day you could, even just a little.  I will be happy wherever my soul resides.

SY: WHAT? What in the world are you talking about now Min Joon?

This was schedule to send out to you a week from the time I leave.  If you received this…if…this letter is now in your hand…I’m so sorry wife, it means I might no longer be alive…in this world or any world.  I should not have taken this long to come back home, not when I love you so much and anticipate your every smile, your every pout, even your every angry words thrown at me.  I long for you and Jin Sunhee so much but it grieved me that something had gone wrong along the way.  Now I’m forced to leave you both behind without me.

SY: no. No! NO! (her hand shook as she teared up) who said you could die? WHO?! You owe me MIN JOON! You bastard alien!  You owe me BIG TIME….don’t you dare take the easy road and tell me that you’re…you’re…(she shook herself and tried to read the last paragraph)

Now come to think of it I’m not sure if I had foreseen this or if I’m just overly prepared but since the day we married I had made preparation for what I should do…should one day I’m gone away from you.  All my instructions and will is located in the library desk, last drawer to the right.  I’m sending you my love today for this week, but don’t worry, next week I’ll revisit you again…and the week after, and the week after that….until the days should come when you no longer need the reassurance of my love.  Please don’t wait for me, I’m relieving you of our marriage vows.  Try to regain your own happiness, please don’t stop trying…I know you are strong enough to do it.  Think of our baby and raise her well.  You have always been my warrior princess….I love you never-ending.

Your husband always,
Min Joon

SY took out the star in her pocket, spinning it as she rock the swing with one of her foot.  The lights suddenly turned on and SY stare in the face of an angry looking Ahnya.

SY: what are you doing here?

Ahnya: what are you doing out here in the dark?  The mosquito is going to eat you up alive.

SY: it doesn’t matter

Ahnya: well it matters to all those people (she points at everyone by the window looking out at SY and Ahnya as they scatter back in place trying to look casual) you need to eat…

SY: I’m not hungry.

Ahnya: it’s not for you, it’s for the baby. (that got her attention and she took the bowl from Ahnya and stared eating the food a bit) I know you’re angry at Kisohn but this is no way to act….especially when you have your baby to think…(SY stop eating)

SY: he told me he’s dead. (She look at Ahnya accusingly with her redden eyes) how could that bastard lie to me like that!  You know where he is right? You know he’s alive right.

Ahnya: (grab SY’s shoulder) what are you saying Song Yi? Who told you that? (SY gave her the star and. Ahnya read it, even she couldn’t believe it)

SY: that bastard is lying to me again isn’t he?  I swear they lie to you once, they think it’s ok to do it again (her voice broke into sobs as Ahnya came in closer and hugged her tightly from the side)

Ahnya: I’m sure he’s wrong.  He lived for over 400 years he’s not going to die that simple, not now…I know he can’t be, he can’t, trust me (she smooth SY’s hair as SY cling to her, crying out all her worries and fears)

–in the alternate world–

YJ: I had stall the cops for some more time but eventually they are going to need your answers.  You’re making headlines again and this time their family is after you and even your…ex-husband is not lifting a finger in your defense.  They are going to sue you for manslaughter. Are you going to go consult with Se Mi’s brother on this?  Song Yi are you even listening to me?

SY: hush, you’re too loud, keep your voice down.

YJ: why? He’s been unconscious for almost a week now.  It’s not like my voice is going to wake him up. (She glare at him) why are you so stubborn? Why can’t you just drop him off at a hospital? What if the guy died here?

SY: he’s doing fine, he’s going to get better…he just need some time (YJ turn around looking frustrated)

YJ: don’t you think the hospital would take better care of him then you?

SY: no.  No hospital.  I promise him.

YJ: god! Why are you even my sister! He walks out and slam the door.

SY: don’t listen to him Kisohn, everything is fine…just take your time, get better please. (She laid her head on his chest feeling relieved to hear his heartbeat getting stronger by the day)

–back to regular world–

SY stood at the balcony waiting for the mailman.  HK stood next to her breathing in the morning air.

HK: have you seen Ahnya?

SY: no, not when you’re around, she miraculously disappears.  What happen between you two?

HK: (he shook his head and look down sadly) I think I’m in love with her.

Ahnya: does she know?

HK: I don’t know.  I couldn’t say it to her though…I don’t know why. (laughs and look at SY) maybe it’s a misplace loyalty to you, I’ve loved you for so long I’m not sure if I’m capable of reacting any differently.  It is really unfair for her.

SY: (smile at him) then you’re stupid.

HK: Song Yi-ahh!!!

SY: (look out at the sun climbing up the tree lines) do you know we were supposedly married in the other world?

HK: yes, I heard (he looks out at the scenery with her) even though I was fated to have you, I always loose out to Do Min Joon.  In a way, wouldn’t you say he’s a force greater than fate?

SY: (she reaches out to touch his hand) I don’t know, but for me I believe fate is only half the story, the other half is what you create with it.  It’s time you let me go, really let me go Hwi Kyung. (she moves in closer to touch his face) it’s time you give your heart, wholeheartedly to someone else, create a new path for yourself.  You deserve it…I’m sorry that I’m blinded to your love but Ahnya is not, she’s not like me.  She will treasure your love well.

HK: (took her hand and squeeze it) thank you Song Yi.. (He lean in to give her cheek a kiss goodbye but was met with a hard slap across his face instead). YA!! Song Yi-ah!! What was that for?? (He touch his smarting face now turning red)

SY: oh dear! What happen? I blacked out for a moment there…

HK: you just slap me that’s what happen!

SY: WHAT?!? Why would I do that? Come here let me see…oh…oh my, your cheeks are really red.  I’m so sorry (she leans in to hug him as he reluctantly hugs her back) I don’t know what made me do that.

HK: (rubs her back up and down) its ok, you’re probably just too stressed out with everyth…OUHHH! (he scoot away from her hobbling on one foot) WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT FOR?

SY: (looks blankly at him for a moment then snap out of it looking at his angry face) what did I do now? (she made a move to come closer for inspection but he put a hand up to ward her off.  Just then she heard the commotion and look down seeing the mail man walking towards the house). I gotta go! The mail is here! (she rush out in her pregnant fashion, waddling side to side)

HK: Be careful! take your time! (He slump back into the side wall of the balcony) thank god I didn’t marry her (he rubs his cheek again as he hobbled on one foot, walking in behind her)

SY open the star in haste as she sat on her bed.

[scene play out as MJ narrate letter]

Song Yi-ah, I still can’t believe we are married.  Am I still dreaming?  It doesn’t feel like that dream I had of us before.  This feels real.  Just now you yelled at me for not taking the garbage out on the right day but I don’t know why it makes me feel giddy inside.  Perhaps it’s just so real and IS real that makes me love every moment I am with you.  Then you come in and distract me while I’m cooking thinking that I was upset at you and I couldn’t contain my laughter as I chase you around our kitchen, making a mess.  We were so noisy and loud but why is my soul so at peace?  Please don’t ever stop loving me like this.

SY: I remember this Min Joon….it’s two weeks now, when are you coming home?  You have to come back I won’t accept anything else.  You don’t have my permission to die just yet. (A knock at the door, she grab a tissue and wipe her face and nose) yes?

YJ: (opens the door) the doctor called earlier.  They ask how you were since it’s your due time.

SY: I’m fine, no baby yet.  She’s waiting for her daddy.

YJ: they said that if in a few days you’re still not in labor you need to come in to get induce.  It’s not healthy to wait too long after the due date she said.

SY: we are waiting for Min Joon.

YJ: but…

SY: I heard you the first time! (YJ put both his palms up in surrender as he back out of her room and close the door)

–back at the alternate world–

MJ open up his eyes wearily and looked at SY sitting next to him, asleep.  He tried to get up but his body is still in pain. He made a small grunt.  That woke SY up.

SY: you’re up! How are you feeling?

MJ: I’m not dead. How?…

SY: I killed him (she said sadly and quietly)….You told me if you kill him you will die along with him.  I didn’t know what else to do.  The only thing I could think of was not let him die by your hands…there’s a chance that might save you.  So I killed him instead (she turn her head away from him)

MJ: (nod his head) thank you for saving me.  I’m sorry you had to do that.  But now I really need to get home, how long have I been out? A day? Two?  My wife will worry sick.

SY: Kisohn, your body was really hurt, you almost died and I couldn’t even take you to the hospital.  You’ve been unconscious for over a week.

MJ: (grab her hand) how long did you say I’m out?

SY: …well till today it would be almost two weeks.

MJ: oh no…I gotta go, I have to leave.  Song Yi is probably worried sick…Jin Sunhee…(He tried getting up but fell back again as some blood seep out from his back)

SY: stop it Kisohn, you just open your wound.  You’re not fully healed yet, you won’t be able to go anywhere.  Rest a little more….who’s Jin Sunhee?

MJ: my daughter, she’s about to be born soon…I have to find a way back.

SY: (her eyes turn misty) we have a daughter?

–back to regular world–

Ahnya: Song Yi, we have to go.  Now!

SY: I’m waiting for Min Joon, he’s going to come back.  He will.

Ahnya: of course he’s going to come back.  But he’s not going to be in time.  We need to go get you induce, you’re past one week overdue now!

SY: (shook her head as tears fell down) I’m not going without Min Joon here…Jin Sunhee doesn’t want to come out either, she wants to wait for her dad.

Ahnya: Song Yi, everyone is worried sick for you. You’re endangering yourself and Jin Sunhee the longer you wait.  (Song Yi look away from Ahnya but Ahnya pulled her face back to look into her eyes).  Pull yourself together Song Yi, be the strong woman that I know you are.  Whether Min Joon is dead or alive he would disapprove of what you are doing now.  He would never want you or Jin Sunhee to get hurt on his behalf.  So you have to go to the hospital with me right now do you hear me?

SY: (look at Ahnya, tears still falling down) you’re not driving us again are you?

Ahnya: (stood up with a relief sigh and a slight grin then look deadly serious) Yoon Jai can have that honor this time around.  I’m not interested.

Scene 11: Two Hours Before Birth

SY: when can I eat? I’m so hungry.

Nurse: I’m sorry you can’t have any food or drink once we induce you for labor.

SY: but it’s been 7 hours!!

Nurse: and you’re still not feeling any labor pain?

SY: I told you many times already, I don’t feel anything.

Nurse: well, you are dilating so that’s a good sign. But we will up the dose a little bit more.

SY: (looks mortified) I think I just peed on myself.

Nurse: (looks back down at her) no, your water broke…are you sure you’re not experiencing any labor pain?

SY: labor pain? What pain? I don’t feel any pain I kept telling you that!

Nurse: not even a little?

SY: yes, now that you mention it I do feel some pain (nurse looks relieved) ….you being a pain for keep asking me that every 20 minutes for the past 7 hours! How long is this going to take? I need to eat already…where is nurse Jinny?

Nurse: (sigh in exasperation) I’m going to call the doctor in shortly (she left looking confused)

–outside of the room–

SY mother: we are going to stay here you guys should leave. Go home get some rest, we will call you as soon as she’s ready.

SM, HK, and BJ look at each other and nod their heads in agreement and head out tiredly.

Lawyer Jang: I’m going to stay, I feel terrible that Min Joon is not here…(he glance apologetically to SY’s parents) So I’ll stay.

SY’s father: you should leave too, you don’t look too good.  All this long waiting is not good for your health.  Go home and get some rest.

LJ: but…

SY’s father: we know your good intention, don’t worry.  We will let you know as soon as she’s ready for delivery.

LJ nod his head and left reluctantly.

SY’s mother: you too Yoon Jai, go home get some rest.

YJ: mother! (she made gesture with her head for him to go) ok, ok! But you tell me as soon as she’s ready to deliver?  (she nods her head and he too reluctantly left)

Scenes 14-16: Time of birth – 8pm

–20 minutes before 8pm–

[screen split out to 6 screens, following 6 scenes at the same time:

1. YJ is lying in bed sleeping, tossing and turning and kicking the cover as the rain poured and pound on his window.

2. SY in the hospital as the nurse check on her dilation then call for the doctor and nurse in a panic to prepare for the birth immediately.  Ahnya appeared by her side.

3. Lawyer Jang sat watching the news with his wife.  He drank some tea and check his phone for any calls as he rub his chest in agitation.

4. HK sat inside a cafe waiting out the sudden harsh storm and looking out at the street.  He pulled out a box opening it and staring down thoughtfully at a diamond ring.

5. MJ in the bedroom trying to jump back but kept failing.  AltSY came over and gave him a hug seeing how frustrated he is.  Then encourage him to try again as the rain pound ominously on the window outside.

6. Se Mi got caught in the rain as she tried to cover herself. She ran up towards the door of a house rummaging around looking for a key.]

[the screen widen out to the scene of SY, Ahnya, doctor, and nurses]

SY: what’s happening? Am I giving birth? (No one answer her as they ran around preparing equipment, wheeling her into a different room)

Doctor to nurse: how could she not have any labor pain?

Nurse: I don’t know either but because of that we don’t know when her labor started until it was too late.

Doctor: let’s move quickly everyone! Move it! (Look at SY) where’s your husband? I thought you said he would be here?

SY: (close her eyes then open them again angrily) you have to remind me of that at this moment?

Ahnya: its ok, I’m here in his place.

Doctor: you feel any pain now?

SY: FOR GOD SAKE STOP ASKING ME THAT!!! I don’t feel anything except annoyed!

Doctor: (check on her as they wheel her in the room) move quickly! The baby’s head is breaching.

SY: what’s happening down there? Ahnya, what’s going on?

Ahnya: (came close to SY and whisper in her ears) I think you’re not feeling any labor pain because your daughter is trying not to give you any discomfort.  But she’s coming out right now.

SY: do I need to breathe like how they do it in the movie? (She tried to imitate but it came out like a wheezing monkey at a circuit show).

Ahnya: no, please don’t.

SY: yeah, ok.

Doctor:  push! I need you to push!

SY: what? Huh?  How do I push? Push what?

Doctor: the baby, push out your baby.

SY look at Ahnya for help but she just shrug.

Ahnya: push he said.

SY: ok (she try pushing) this is really hard as I can’t feel anything!

Doctor: ok good you’re doing it…keep going it.

[outside in the dark night sky there was a sudden, silent burst of white light.  As it cleared out, the sky starts moving in a dancing multitude of lights, looking similarly to the Northern Lights.  It attracts people out into the streets witnessing the phenomenon as white light starts falling down from the sky and dissipated once it touches objects and people]

Doctor: she’s almost out, here you hold this, let me just get the shoulder  to…(she pulled JSH out in a smooth grip)

Then there was total silence.  The baby turns her head and look at all the doctors and nurses present, smiling to herself.  The baby’s eyes conveying an intelligent that left them all a little bit speechless.

SY: what’s happening? Why can’t I hear any crying?

They finally snapped out of the trance and held up the baby to SY to confirm everything is good.

Doctor: congratulation mother, she’s out and looking healthy as ever.

The nurses took her to clean up.  Then Ahnya came over to pick up JSH and brought her over to Song Yi.  As the baby snuggle in SY’s arms, SY look at her with a waning smile.

SY: aren’t you a little pretty thing?  Don’t worry, you’ll see daddy soon.  Mommy is going to rest now for a little bit (her eyes start closing as her face turn pale)

Ahnya: wait, doctor what’s going on…she doesn’t look good.

Nurse: doctor come quickly! I think she’s hemorrhaging…it’s bad too.

Doctor: take the baby away.  (Looking at Ahnya) you need to leave.  (To one of the nurse) tell Dr. Wang to come here now! (She put on her glove and ran back over to Song Yi) her uterus might be the issue here we need to….(look at Ahnya) what are you still doing here? Go!

Ahnya: (stop time, close her eyes and press on her temple) common Qahnki where are you.  Answer my call damn you! (No one answered her as time resume again, she couldn’t do anything but turn and walk away…taking one last look at Song Yi’s pale face…Kisohn!!! Where are you? Come back now! Your wife needs you! –Ahnya screamed out the message in her head)

–rewind back 20 minutes before 8pm at a cafe–

HK sat and sip his coffee in silent as the storm continue to pound outside.  He pulled out a velvet box then open it to reveal a diamond ring. He stares at it.

HK: (he closes the box in a snap looking frustrated) what in the world am I thinking?  We’re not even the same kind!  Yeah..but she loves you, you don’t deserve her but she loves you and you feel…and I feel…aishhh!   Look at me! Now I’m talking to myself.  (His phone rang) yes? SY’s in labor now?  I’ll be right there!

Outside the rain suddenly stop as a blinding light flashes brightly then concave on itself.  HK put the box back into his pocket and along with everyone else, ran to the window to look at the sky as it dances with rainbow luminescent lights while sparks seems to fall down from the sky in successions.

Someone: oh my god! Is it raining lights?  What’s going on?  (Everyone saw it disappear once it touches objects and on the few people that’s already outside.  They look amazed and hypnotized by it.  Most started walking outside to witness it clearly, some opening up their phone to take pictures.  Seeing this, HK decide to walk out as well, looking up at the sky curiously while little sparks of white light fell all over him.  He put his hand out as a few landed on him and disappears.  He didn’t feel anything.  So strange. What is this?)

A little boy about 10 years old ran around chasing to catch the lights, laughing as it disappear in his palm.  He ran into the street as his mother, holding on to another toddler, yelled at him to come back.  HK looked over at the boy and up the street he saw a truck bearing down on the boy, the driver was too preoccupied with the phenomenon in the sky to realize the boy in the street.

HK instinctively act as he ran as fast he could, jump and push the boy away as he himself landed harshly on the concrete floor.  Half of his body is still in the street and in that split second HK looked up too late at the blinding headlight…and at the screeching wheels of the oncoming vehicle.  Too late.  There was nothing left to do but close his eyes and wait for the impending impact.  His last thought was how is he supposed to give Ahnya the ring now?

–rewind back 20 minutes before 8pm at SY’s house–

YJ: (toss and turn in bed then sat up immediately as the phone rang) yes? (Still groggy from sleep) WHAT? Now?  (he jump out of bed pacing back and forth in his room then grab a pen) ok go ahead what do you need me to get? Ok, I’ll be there shortly. (He hung up the phone and ran outside to the kitchen, grabbing some things his mom asks him to.  The front door suddenly opens and shut.  Curious, YJ wonder who it could be.  He peeked out, saw SM then walked towards her)

YJ: what are you doing here?

SM: OH MY GOD! you scared me, I didn’t think anyone was home.

YJ: (still looking at her curiously) how did you get in?

SM: Song Yi told me where you guys kept the spare key.  She called me earlier asking me to bring some personal items for her.  (She shivered and sneezed)

YJ: (looking at the wet hair clinging to her scalp and then at the clothes clinging even tighter to her curves.  He cleared his throat). You’re making a puddle on my floor and getting yourself sick.  Why don’t you go take a quick hot shower, get what you need, and then we’ll leave together.  I’ll wait for you.

SM: leave together?

YJ: yes, my sister’s in labor right now but we still have time, my mom says labor usually takes a few hours.

SM: I don’t have any clothes though. (YJ points to SY’s room as SM understand his drift and nodded her head)

SM walks into SY’s room, opening her drawer to find something fitting to wear, then grabs a towel and head towards the bathroom. In the bathroom she took off all her wet clothes and about to step into the tub when she saw a blinding light flashed outside the window.  Curios she warped the towel around her and walk out of the bathroom back into SY’s bedroom.  She walked over to the large French windows and doors leading out to the balcony.  SM saw the sky dance in a multitude of what seems like colored clouds or rather like the Northern Lights.  She had only seen the Northern lights once when she was traveling with her mother but this look so vastly unique.  On top of that, little sparks of lights are showering down on earth.  Fascinated she tried opening the French doors, then finally yanking it open and walking out onto the balcony.  Falling lights fell on her bare skin and disappear as she continues looking up at it.

YJ: what are you doing out here?

SM: (turns around quickly in shock to see YJ) what are YOU doing here? (panic she tried to cover her hands up at her chest, holding the towel tighter)

YJ: I heard the door banged open I wasn’t sure what was going on so I came to check on you.

SM: (she walks backward, clutching her chest even tighter) go away! I’m fine! Just…

YJ: stop walking woman! You’re going to hurt yourself, you’re going to…

Too late, SM kept walking backward then turned around to flee from him but hit into the wall instead.  He rush over to her as she rubs her head


YJ: (he lean in closer grinning at her) I was trying to tell you, but you weren’t listening.

SM then realizes her situation; his nearness, her near nakedness.  She instinctively looks down at her chest and his eyes follow hers as he saw…

SM immediately covers her whole chest with her hands as much as she could.

YJ: what was that? Is that the tattoo you got?

SM: no! You saw wrong.  (He step a few steps closer to her blocking her in between him and the wall.  Her face is turning red and her pulse is running wild.  He looked at her for a long moment keeping their eyes contact.  She blinked hers rapidly like a deer caught in the headlights not knowing how this could possible happen.  How could she end up here, like this, with YJ…and why does her leg felt like melted butter all of a sudden?

YJ: no, I definitely saw my name on your…(he leaned his face in closer to her, distracting her as she’s trying to control her breathing.  It was too late when she realize that his hand had moved her hands away from her chest.  He pulled the towel down slightly, revealing the tattoo on her upper chest.  He looked at it thoughtfully then rub his thumb across it as goose bumps broke out on her skin) “Yoon Jai’s lover”…with a little heart…looks like you branded yourself as mine for life.

SM: (shook her head vigorously) no, no…it’s an honest mistake!  Really!  Don’t worry, in another 2 months I can surgically remove it…I can…

YJ: (he pulled her towel down completely and took the last step forward closing the small gap between their body.  She look at his serious face flabbergasted and immobile with shock.  She’s naked, in front of YJ who’s almost 10 years her junior, her best friend’s little brother…oh my god what had the world come to?) …and what if I don’t want you to?

She still couldn’t believe what she just heard and was about to protest when his arms came out to wrap around her naked back and push her in closer towards him.  The last thing she was coherent of is the vision of his soft lips moving in towards her face.

–rewind back 20 minutes before 8pm at Lawyer Jang’s house–

LJ sat with his wife on the couch holding on to the phone and fidgeting.

LJ wife: will you stop that and just watch the news.  When she goes into labor they will call you.

LJ: I can’t sit still.  How could seonsaengnim disappear at a time like this?  How?  (He stood up and started pacing the floor) no, maybe I should call them and check again how she’s doing. (he was about to dial when his wife called out to him) what? What is it?

LJ wife: come over here and look at the TV news, just look!

News anchor: This is incredible, absolutely incredible.  We have a worldwide phenomenon happening right at this moment.  It happened so suddenly that most of us missed the first moment it all started.  Reports said there was a blinding white light that flashes briefly in the sky like an explosion but without sound.  We have some lucky folks that were able to record this.  Here’s a few clips sent to us.  Let’s play it right now [show home videos of flashes of light] and now what you see here is the sky dancing with colors of what appears to be the Northern lights…except this is happening across the sky all over the world.  You can’t see as well in areas that are day time right now but it is there nonetheless.  Oh…and now looks like…[the camera man and reporter runs around in the streets filming the sky and people’s reaction] looks like…there’s some sort of…of falling lights? Raining lights? coming down on us.  It’s some kind of sparkling dust particle? We are yet unsure of what it is but once it touches another surface it disappear completely.  This is…I’m without words…

LJ wife: (still looking at the TV) WOW! I don’t believe this let’s go outside and see for…Jang…(she turns around and found her husband on the floor his hand clutching his chest. (she ran to him) JANG! HONEY! HUSBAND!! (she shook him in a panic, then grab the phone out of his hand to call 911).

10 minutes later the ambulance burst through her door as LJ’s wife still on the floor holding her husband in her arms crying.  They took charge of him, put him on the stretcher with the resuscitator and rush on out to the car as his wife follow close behind.  She didn’t even notice the falling lights around her.

Paramedic 1: charge ready, go!

Paramedic 2 put the defibrillator on his chest and charge, his chest moved but his heart lines continue to lower to a thin flat line.

Paramedic1: try again…ready…set…go!

Paramedic 2 put the paddles down on his chest again and LJ’s body jump up in response.

[camera pans out to paramedic car as they rush and weave through the traffic while the sky continue to rain lights everywhere]

–rewind back 20 minutes before 8pm in the Alternate World–

MJ blacked out and landed back into the bedroom where he’s been staying for the past 3 weeks.  Again.  For how many times now he’d lost count.  He screamed in frustration, stood up and kick the dresser to the other side of the room as it crash into the wall.

SY: Min Joon, calm down you have to calm down.  This is not helping.

MJ: How can I calm down? How?  I can’t get back.  I can’t get back to my family!  They need me right now…I know it!  I can feel it. (he sat back down on the bed and started crying with desperation and hopelessness)

SY look at him torn at what to do. Then something caught her eyes and she looked out her window.  A blinding light spread out in the sky as she walk closer and closer to the window.  Then she started seeing lights floating upward…little lights that break out from…she rubs her eyes and try to focus at what she’s seeing.  A tear start to fall down her face as she stare at the scene in horror.  Things; house, trees, people, everything is starting to break out in specks of light and floating upward.  From far away she can clearly see where houses and building were before became empty spaces.  Black, empty spaces.  She took a few more steps back.

SY: Kisohn…Kisohn!

MJ finally heard the fear in her voice and looked up at her as she backed away from the window.  He stood up and walks towards the window to see what she saw.  So it’s true, JSH is being born at the moment and he’s missing that moment.  This world will cease to exist…will…he quickly look at SY and saw the deep panic and horror on her face.

SY: what’s going on, what’s happening?  I don’t understand…

MJ: (he rushes over to her and led her to sit on the bed with him.  He held her shoulder…there’s no sense to mince words) Song Yi…it’s Jin Sunhee, she’s being born at the moment.  Once she’s born this world will no longer exist, she’s a bridge that’s pulling your world into our existent…it will merge as one.

SY: then…then…I will…no longer exist? (her chin quiver as tears fell down in succession) then…all my life, everything I’ve done…all my memories with you, will it all be gone? (her hands grip the bed sheets until her knuckles turning white as she look up at him) then what will become of me? Of everyone here? Where will we go? Where will I be?

MJ: (quietly whisper) I don’t know…I don’t…(his voice became unsteady as he look at her, really look at her.  Her tear soaked face, puffy eyes, quivering lips.  The lights start breaking up parts of the house as she closed her eyes tightly and sobbed.

SY: please leave Kisohn! PLEASE! I don’t want you to see me like this.  I don’t want our last goodbye to be like this.  I don’t want to forget you, I don’t want to ever forget you.  Please god….save my memory! (she sobbed uncontrollably…then suddenly felt a soft touch on her head brushing down her hair.  She opens her eyes and look into Kisohn’s serene face.  He smile slightly and use both his hands to wipe her teary face)

MJ: stop crying, you will look bloated.  Come, lay down with me.

SY: but…

MJ: lay down with me.  (he pulled her next to him as they lay down in the bed. He hugs her tighter)

[camera pan slowly around the room as things starts breaking apart into particle of lights and float upward and in its place is replaced with black empty space]

MJ: Thank you for coming into my life.  Thank you for showing me that love not only can conquer time and space but dimensions as well.  No matter what happen from here on out, I will never regret meeting you.  I will never regret loving you.  I will never again forget about you.  Don’t be afraid love (his soothing voice and gentle touch start to calm her fears as he could hear her heartbeat slowly going back to normal).  I’m here with you Song Yi-ah.  If you can’t live here any longer then I will make you a home in my heart.  Promise me you’ll come and live there (he lift her chin up so her eyes can meet his).  Don’t ever leave me.

SY: (falter) but your wife…I know I’m not her…I know I can never be her…

MJ: (shook his head and smile at her tranquilly) you ARE my wife.  (parts of her feet starts breaking up into light particles and so is the bed they are laying on but neither notice)  If there are a thousand of you out there I will love you all the same.  I love you now and I will love you until the universe ends. (he trace a finger down her face) No matter where you go or what you become, I will always find you, that was my vow to you on our wedding…I will always keep that promise.  Cheon Song Yi, my Cheon Song Yi…I love you.  I love you (he lifted her lips up and kiss her softly, lovingly)

SY: (her lips parted in a contended smile and whisper in his mouth) I’m perfectly happy. (her whole body then breaks into light particles and floated upward)

Tears stream down MJ’s closed eyes, knowing that she’s no longer there.   He floats in the darkness.  Then the darkness vibrated and gradually fades into an empty alley way with MJ laying on the dirty, wet ground.  He opened his eyes to falling lights particle.  For a moment he looks at the sparks falling down upon him…all around him…surrounding him…and then he suddenly broke out in uncontrollable weeping.  A gripping pain burns steadily in his chest and he close his eyes back again.

Ahnya voice floated to his ears: Kisohn!!! Where are you? Come back now! Your wife needs you!

He opens up his eyes in panic and quickly disappears.  He reappears at the front hospital and rush inside, running over to the front desk.

MJ: I’m looking for my wife [camera pans out as he hastily gives information to the nurse, camera following him as he rushes in, running down the hallway towards the operating room.


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      I laughed with the humor you input in this chapter and it’s done nicely in between the sad and intense moments. Thumps up for trying! And you did it!

      I want to know what happen next!! I want ep 38 huhuhu wahhhh seriously this is the biggest cliff hanger ever, how can u just cut us off right there huh my dear writer nim?? *cries* Although you said this ep was the longest of all but I didn’t feel it was too long at all. I want more…!
      To be honest, as every episode passes I could feel the tension building up higher and higher. I know JSH birth will lead to something miracle happens and so I can see it today. Like JSH baby eyes when she still in the womb day by day her eyes open wider little by little. And therefore the big event started to unfold itself. And her birth is like the total eclipse! It’s a marvelously beautiful scene you describe her birth. It’s so grand, vivid, anh magical! The light rainbow raindrops changes the fate of those it touches, what a fantastic view, how can u do such a magnificent job like that? It sounds even better than any movie tricks, u could envision so clearly and vividly what happens in the story myself. This is so awesome!!! My heart was beating fast as the two worlds becoming one! I cannot even calm myself down now! I only read one time and the urge of reading it again is pushing me from my guts!!! (Sorry unnie for my exclamation marks but I can’t help it!! I’m too excited!!! I should have waited until I calm down but my hand keep on typing!!! I can’t believe that I have to wait for a long time to know what happens next!! Anyhow, again great/fantastic/ tremendous job that you’ve done there unnie!!! Your writing is truly one of a kind!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I will cherish this episode as the most beautiful mark of this 2nd season!!! Deabakkkk!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!

      • HAHHAA at first I was like ok, she will read only one paragraph a day that means I get comments on every paragraph? awesome I can deal with that….then next thing you know BAMB…you finished reading it all….omo, where’s my comments every paragraph? lol j/k I’m ok with this comment too….more than ok 😀 I’m so glad you can see me trying with the humor, it was a bit more unintentional but subconsciously I had hope things not get too dramatic and get some breather in between so I’m glad you see those little bits of humor and whatnot. HAHAHA….on the bright side, you have Yen & Zam to look forward to even though ep 38 will take a while so that should make you happy right? right? you only been asking after it ever since the first part of Yen & Zam finish 😀

        Awww, you….I’m really happy you enjoy the scenary of the happening on the birth, I debated long and hard on what to write there and I guess taking inspiration from Season 1 when DMJ dissipated, it help lots and it makes more sense. I can see it in my head too and it’s so beautiful I wanted them to do it for real on screen so I can see it, aishhh…now I have to double the effort to try and get them to work with my script! HAHAHHAHAHAH on a total delusional ride here but whatever, better to dream of something then nothing at all. I’m so glad you enjoy this episode that much…hahaha I sure hope that means other episode won’t measure up as much….ahhh but I still have some tricks up my sleeves 😉

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    • I was getting teary by reading his letter too unnie. But somehow, I have a feeling that he will definitely not die just yet so I was able to hold it in! It’s such a awesome episode huh unnie? I think I cannot sleep tonight since it have me too much caffeine hehe

      Sorry for acting a bit cray cray now but ottokke I can’t help myself muawahahah

    • OH GOSH! noooooo!!! really Mila?!?!? gosh I hope you didn’t get in trouble at work….hahahha FANFIC hazardous at work hours! BEWARE! hahahaha well come back and let me know how you get through it ok or what…

    • he’s runnninnnggg he’s flyyyinnggggg…….he’s…….too late? lol doctors took care of her already oh well next time MJ, next time.

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    • 😀 yahhh I’m glad to hear you guys are enjoying it as much as I enjoy writing it! hahahha *facepalm* on husband part is just too funny!! Yeah, let’s hope HK and LJ get saved someone cuz I hate to see anything permanently bad happen to them as well. awwww, thank you for the hugs love 😀 don’t worry I try to make it right for HK & Ahnya (I ship them too kikiki)

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    Thank you so much for another amazing episode! The scenes were just so touching. I cannot stop picturing the collision in my head, so beautiful and magical….

    • wowow….I’m so happy it touched you like that and like you I can imagine it in my head and oh how I wish I can see it, really see it on screen…it’ll be soo…sooo….amazingly grand *huhuhu

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    go and write a book will ya?
    thank you. i’m happy!! god bless you for making everyone’s life here more meaningful.

    p/s: nervous for what’ll happen ti LJ tho’

    • HENNY!!! 😉 awww I take that you enjoyed episode 37? lol thank you for your boost of confidence in me…and don’t worry too much bout LJ…instead maybe SY should need more worrying 😉 kekekee….throwing out some confusion tactics here, haha

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    • Hi Van! aww, I’m always glad to hear the viewpoint of a man, great that you enjoyed it…unfortunately it won’t be a while till next episode as I’m contractual with my fans to continue Zam & Yen, lol…after that then will be back to 38

      • Ahhh another zam-yen story?? Jjinjja? Jjinjja? Jjinjjaaa?? You know, I wont be far,, i’ll keep my eyes on this site.. I’ll always be around.. surely. *__*

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    P.S. Author-nim you got some serious talent. Start the press. Get ur work out their

    • awww it’s ok prettynoona, i understand…but that’s what conflicts all about 😉 omo, you really think so? i dunno why I always doubt myself hahhaha…I’ll try harder 😉

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    It is amazing how every unsolved mystery of actual drama was solved and how you had created such an awesome story of alternate world.
    More than reading it is like watching drama all over again, unni ^^
    I especially liked last episode with 6 scenes and how you connected both words. Pain and happiness all mixed up that you cry and smile at the same time.
    Oh how much I wish HK and LJ didn’t have to face such misfortunes. I really like SY of alternate world. MJ’s moments with her were so memorable and how they lay together in bed at the last words to describe how touched I was.
    That doesn’t mean I don’t like real SY 😀 Just like LJ said they are like ice and water 🙂
    Now on I am going to try my best to read when it is uploaded and if not take a whole day dedicated to it and enjoy with chips and tears 😀
    Thank you very much unni for your hard work!! Waiting eagerly for next episode and FIGHTING!!!

    • WOW….KSH it’s been a while not seeing you here…and when you finally came out it’s quite a nice refreshing comment you have for me!

      HAHAHA from 9am to 12pm? WHOOOAAA 15 hours of reading??? Awww, thanks love, it’s great you enjoy it like watching a movie…hahhaa tissue and chips how come that sounds so funny cuz I could imagine that, lol. don’t worry over much for HK & LJ, they both have someone who love them very much and hopefully will save them in time.
      You made my day when you said you like that bed scene at the end, it was very poignant for me as well 😉 Yes KSH, don’t go anywhere too far….oh we have byeontae Zam & Yen part 2 coming up sooo stay tuned. LOL yes, don’t wait too long I love hearing from you!

    • lol, well the Special Edition of Zam & Yen part 2 will be release first and then episode 38 will be written after that….so perhaps another 2 weeks or so dear.

  19. omo omo omo omo omo i really love this eps. I always excited about jinny.. She really really really resembles with Mj, beautiful, powerful, smart & genius girl, has charming smile from her appa. Of course Mj’s smile is unbeatable lol. No wonder jinny has more so much love for her father.. I hope much scenes of jinny to next eps ^^

    Sy & ahnya i hope they will be best friend. Little fight of them is so funny. I can feel ahnya really worry & take care with Sy.. Sy needs help from ahnya too. Well i think not enough to Sy has an alien husband only, but she has alien friend too. It’s looks perfect, right? Haha….

    For everyone i hope they get happy life include Lj, Hk &ahnya, Sm &Yj, Bokja&…? Oh, can you call qahnki safiresea?join with them, i think bokja fits with qahnki lol

    last, patiently i will waiting to this moment,@Sy: after Mj comes back, dont forget gives him your revenges: slap him, kick him, wring his neck, break his legs, push him on bed and give him so much passionately kisses bwahaha…. Don’t miss it!!
    ** my byeontae mind is back**** 🙂

    • *HUGS* awww, thank you luluk! I’m so happy you enjoy it! and glad you’re interested in JSH/Jinny/Sunny 😉 she’s an awesome kid. Yes in the next episode you’ll get to peak more into her world from her perspective and the mission she had to carry out….whuahahhaha.

      kikiki, you know it! that’s why I’m starting to write SY & Ahnya scenes, they are like the bickering friends that seems tough on the outside but mushy mush on the inside….I’m loving their chemistry as well 😉

      HAHAHA….luluk you’re looking for happy ending for everyone huh? lol well I’ll try to make it happy but not too mushy, I don’t like too perfect and mushy… for Qahnki, I have plans for him and you’ll see very soon where he fit in all this.

      MUAHAHHAH….beyontae mind indeed!!!! wait for Zam & Yen to come out, lol…..though unfortunately I don’t see SY revenge for MJ in the near future, lol, there’s too much going on for thoughts of vengeance……let’s get them to save each other first, lol.

      • yeah!!! im so excited to zam & yen too. zampano you are stealing my heart ;). until this time i still can’t to move on from all about KSH. im so addicted about KSH. UNBELIEVABLE……

        • lol KSH is a hunk all around what ever role he’s in….as Zampano in my fan fic he gets to be a sex machine! hahahahahah whohoo! hoot hoot horray!

  20. No, I am really disapointed with DMJ, of course I also admire for his try, he had never stoped to trying to come back with SY. But If i was SY (in normal world), I would forget that he had loved another woman before came back to me. Of couse, he has good reason. alt SY may be a little hope making him find anyway to the earth. whether how does SY feel when always think that during 3 years, she had never made her heart be touched by no one, but DMJ??? He really love another similar woman to her but not her and he undertands this. I am so sad to hear that he cound not answer who he loves more. Thanks for your writing

    • wow! Il Mare great name for a JJH’s movie! ….I take you mean you “would not forget” lol don’t worry over it much DMJ’s heart is just being DMJ’s heart….if there was a future DMJ or past DMJ appearing to CSY in that three years I’m pretty sure she would fall for him as well, so don’t be too hard on DMJ 😉 They are falling for each other, not anyone else.

  21. OMG my tears just keep falling while reading this episode unni huhuhu
    I don’t know why but I can feel the pain of this episode 😦

    and ohhhh will Lawyer Jang be alright? how about HK?

    • awwwwww….poor you 😦 ….had I known I’d give you some tissues…vitual tissues of course 😉 in a word yes they will be alright but it will cause more complication for DMJ & CSY though…

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