Exclusive Interview #1: Super Fan Thao Huynh

So I’m trying out something else new and fun.  I know there’s a lot of great fans of the show out there and I think it would be a fun read to hear what’s other experiences has been like while, during, and after watching MLFAS.  I’m starting off with people I know of course 🙂 but if you think you qualify or know someone who would be great to interview please let me know where to contact you or them.  This is also a good time to freely advertise your blog, twit, fb, groupies, etc 😀

Our first SUPER FAN  that is being interviewed here is Thao, a lot of you that avidly read this site knows who she is and how close she is to me, please give a warm welcome to our “artist-extraordinaire”…if you have further questions or comments to Thao, please do so at below comment and she will get back with you 🙂  Here’s a quick recap picture of why shes’s a SUPER FAN!



Safiresea: Fan, what’s your real name and where are you from?  What’s your nationality?

“My name is Thao Huynh. I live in the Golden State, California US.”  (my comment: she’s Vietnamese)

Safiresea: If you’re in Soompi, what’s your handle name there?

“It’s  Thaoweo if anyone can spot me :)”

Safiresea: Can you send a picture of yourself so we can associate with you?


Safiresea: When did you watch MLFAS?

“After ep. 4 was broadcasted”

Safiresea: How many times have you watch it since?

“at least 5 times that I marathon the whole drama and countless times I raped the replay button for my OTP’s moments.”  (my comment: wowser, 5 times full marathon, daebak! where did you find the time?)

Safiresea: How would you rank MLFAS in comparison to other K-drama?

“Number one for never making me bored from watching over and over again.” (my comment: smart move girl…lol I better not hear HGD taking this spot! haha)

Safiresea: Name the crazy things you’ve done in the name of this show or associated with this show?

“Making an ongoing eggy army of DMJ (KSH) and CSY (JJH). What I do is I make a couple of eggy of DMJ and CSY according to a scene that I want them to play in. The scenes could be taken from the drama or just from my own imagination. So far I have done the lake kissing scene, the balcony scene, the beach scene, the campfire scene, the Beaksang scene, and the proposal scene. More eggies will be coming soon and if you are interested you can check it out at ===> https://mlfas.wordpress.com/2014/04/07/paparazzi-news-dmj-csy-sunday-dating-scenes/ ” (my comment: the best and cutest eggies on the internet!)

Safiresea: If there’s one thing you can change about the show, what would that be?

“More episode and more screen time of KSH and JJH moments regardless how boring their activities were. Lol”

Safiresea: What element of the show did you like most and explain why, here’s some samples: the love story, the scifi/fantasy, the suspense/thriller, the fashion, the comedy, the casts, etc.

“The great story line, the tremendous chemistry, the acting, the music, the comedy. Lastly, the special connection between the actors that I believe to be called as ‘destiny’.”  (my comment: I think you just named everything…lol almost)

Safiresea: Have you recruit anyone else to watch the show? If so how many and whom?

“Most people I know watched that show. I personally recommended my very best friend, my cousin, my little sister to watch it. And they ended up adoring the MLFAS a lot and hoping for 2nd season.”  (my comment: I wish I had more luck *huhu*)

Safiresea: Have you watch other shows since and how do they compare to MLFAS?

“I lost my interest in other Kdrama after watching MLFAS since it rose the expectation bar up so high. Then after hearing the 2nd cooperation between Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae (great couple with awesome chemistry in My Girl), I try to watch their drama, Hotel King for 2 eps then gave up for not able to digest the story. Other shows after MLFAS cannot be compared I couldn’t watch any ones post MLFAS but refer going back to watch my old favorite drama like Hong Gil Dong which I enjoy watching as much as MLFAS.”

Safiresea: Do you have any sites you created or a part of in association to MLFAS where people can follow you? (samples: facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, etc)

“No, I don’t have any site I created for the show probably will make one to display my eggies but for now they have an honorable corner at mlfas.wordpress.com. I’m perfectly happy and cozy in that little place that I’m so proud to call home.” (my comment: thank you dear for calling this place home 🙂 I would still encourage you to do your own site though, you know you have fans right? lol give them a proper home to hunt you down)

Safiresea: Do you support for a Season 2 of MLFAS?

“Absolutely yes for season 2 but under 2 conditions. 1st, I only watch it if KSH and JJH in it and 2nd, the script must be Faye Linh unnie’s.”  (my comment: oh my word, hahha, Thao’s trying to butter me up! lol dear I don’t have anything to give in return…how bout hugs and kisses for being such a hard core fan and friend? xoxoxo luv you!)

18 responses to “Exclusive Interview #1: Super Fan Thao Huynh

  1. Hehe First seat! (and I’m seating like a boss kakaka. Thank you unnie for making first by the way)
    Wow, what to say… well, I think it’s not me who is trying to butter you up, but you unnie ah <3. I think I love your fansite which encouraged me to break out from my shell and be a participant and allow me be creative again. Uhm… what's else… yes your love, and your work to the show inspired my art… yeah, without your fanfic, there is no DMJ-CSY eggies, and my love for MLFAS could have had a short life. What I'm saying right now suppose to go to the extra comment section but *shrug* I just want to say it now before I forget it all haha (bad memory is me). Yea, I think I'm repeating myself but your work completes this story and elevates the love of DMJ and CSY to a way higher level, it's my believe because regardless how much I want to move on from the drama, your fanfic hold me back for its awesomeness. I'm hoping, fingers and toes crossing, for the opportunity that your fanfic will reach the right people, and so your dream will fly high 🙂
    Keep on writing my dearest, your imagination is one of a kind!

    • You’re adorable Thao ^_^ I would like to thank you on my part for being so creative. I’m really happy to be receiving your eggies as prize ^^ I feel just like you, this drama and this fic bring out the best in me. I can’t move away from DMJ and CSY, and even if I slowly get back to watching other dramas, I will always compare them to MLFAS. And if one day they think about making a season 2 of MLFAS I will always compare it to this fanfic 😀

      • I saw your finished eggies Misai and they will be feature shortly….I’m really so jealouse huhuhu they actually fit better in Florida then the ones I have with full fur coat ….but…..well mine is still original and at a memorable scene so what can I say……………………….but dang I STILL LOVE YOURS!!

      • Aww thank you Misai unnie. I think now you more deserve to own the title of queen commentator (I no longer fit that honorable title no more hehe) and I’m sure my eggies will be so proud to become yours. I hope you will love them as much as do when you receive them 😊

        Alright, on the journey we have gone through this fanfic there are so much beautiful memories. So much ups and downs, and regardless how the time changes I hope we remain as family, loving each other, and treasuring the time we have here.

        • ok, so Misai can be Queen Commentator and you can be Princess Commentator? lol….I’ll spread the love around. awwww, so true Thao, won’t you guys miss this when it’s over? huhuhu I know I will. *HUGS*

    • awww, I’m so glad I helped inspired you because you have such great and wonderful talent….as well as many many other talents. And I’m always thankful for the love of this show that encourage me to write this fan fic and meet wonderful friends and fans such as yourself. Everyone has inspired me lots but you especially love 😀 Even if my scripts never become live I will always treasure the great times it brought me to be closer to those otherwise would have been just another stranger out there in the universe 🙂 🙂 *MUAH*

    • aww, thanks Misai, lol…though maybe I should expand to other dramas eventually cuz to have just one drama, ahahhaha can only have so much viewership! But I love that you love it here 🙂 cuz you’re one of my coolest regulars 😉

  2. Aigoo i envy your relationship from the begining! :p thao n faye, you both rock! faye unnie with greatest imagination n thao with greatest loyalty n kindhearted. cool.
    For thao: mehehehe,, we have absolutely same feeling,, i lost my interest in other kdrama after mlfas too! still cant move on til now! and you really a hardcore for marathoning 5 times for mlfas!! daebak!! :O
    i enjoy this interview so much cz it can represent my feeling n the others too i hope. keep make me envying you both then ^.^

    • awww….hyun2, come here I still got hugs for you 🙂 even though you should have just named your daughter Jinny kikiki. I’m glad you enjoy the interview 🙂 I will bring in more “celebrity fan” on the site for questioning! hahahaha *HUGS* xoxoxox

      • hmm,, maybe Jinny can ben her call i guess kikiki 😀 oh! i have a question, will there an eggy for JSH or not?? me start to get worse at waiting your site updates dear,, ohmy,, hhahaha! *BEARHUGS*

        • Hello new mom hyun2shipper.
          First of all, let m3 congratulate you on your new born baby. Being a new mom surely you are overwhelmed with happiness and baby duties right? I kinda know how it goes goes I’m an on duty aunt too ;). My nephew Eric was born last November he’s very cute and well behave at such a young age. I believe your child is a good one too keke :D.

          Hihi I’m blushing too much from hearing your words ☺️. Well, I guess I will keep up with the work and don’t disappoint anyone of you then. Aww you envy us? No way hehehe yes, I’m glad MLFAS brought me not only its great things from the show itself but also open my eyes to a new world of friendship. I love everyone!!

          Last but not least, yes! You read my mind dear. I have been planning to surprise Faye unnie with special edition of MJ-SY-altSY-JSH eggy collection dedicated to her fanfic. Yeah, it will me the next after my upcoming project. I hope you also looking forward to it! Cheers!

          • thank you dear thao.. :)) yes! i’m still dealing with the baby n sleepless nights n stuffs.. talking with people like you ’bout the same pleasure help me make up my minds n make me free from baby blues. gomawo 😀 Omo,, did i accidently reveal your next plan? kikiki.. mian mian.. cant wait for it! XD

  3. Wow. I. Salute. You. Thaoweo. 👍👍👏👏👏👊👊👊 5 marathons! Please me your time management routines! I totally agree on your last comment. JJH and KSH + Unnie Faye’s script = Nothin compares. For Unnie: you should be the next scriptwriter! Calling all fans let’s rally to the director! Haha. More power to the best-est fans: the best critic and best scripwriter. Lovelotsss.

    • ✌️💓😘 wow I salute you too my dear. Actually the secret of my time management is very simple @wildimagine25. I go to work and stay up late to rewatch the drama and since I’m not interested in any other Kdrama so my time is solely being contributed to MLFAS lol. Yes like u I hope Faye unnie script will become a wildfire and the director will hear about it=> he loves it so much => director invites Faye unnie to Korea=> SBS convince Faye to sign their contract of being the 2nd season writer=> Faye unnie agree=> we are all happy 🎆🎉🎊🎇

      ✌️that’s my plan it hope it come true soon 🙂

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