Fun Little Mini Scripts #3: Practice Makes Perfect

The back story about this short script: So we crazy Soompiers one day get to discussing about how KSH denied his kissing abilities and give props to the “camera angles” and through his fan meet, lol he had said that he’s joking and he did research and practice kissing…as in self practice?  Well, gee…kissing practice requires a partner KSH and not just rehearsing in your head or imaginary kissing or looking up kisses on the internet.  So, would it be too much of a stretch if say they practice their kiss behind the scene? I mean, they say practice makes perfect right? LOL, so hence this mini script was born


–2 hours before first 15 second kiss–

JJH: Soo Hyun-ah come here

KSH: yes noona?

JJH: so our fist kissing scene is coming up, what’s your thought on it? how are you planning on doing it…being that you’re an alien and all and it’s your first time.

KSH: umm…I don’t know noona, I just think we should just kiss and then see how it goes

JJH: no, no…it’s too uncomfortable to do so much NG’s in front of so many people.  Why don’t we practice first so there’s less chance of NG’s.

KSH: errr…now?

JJH: we only have 2 hours until the shoot

KSH: umm…ok, I guess……….should I go now?

JJH: yeah, what are you waiting for?

KSH leans in kiss her, barely touching her lips.

JJH: hmmm…ok that won’t do, it’s too…frozen and chaste

KSH: but noona (blush) I’m an alien and I haven’t kissed anyone…

JJH: well, you want to capture the audience hearts don’t you? ok let’s try again…..go!

KSH lean in this time capturing her lips and immediately opens his mouth sucking on her lips then angle his head and proceed to dominate her mouth with his tongue.

JJH: hmmm…*gasp* ahmmmm *moan* mmmmhhhhh *break kiss*

both breathing heavily….KSH face still close to her, his eyes half shut, his thumbs travel from the side of her face to touch her bottom lips

KSH: so….how….was….that?

JJH: good…good….but….um…..maybe too much Soo Hyun-ah….*breaths in heavily* maybe just tone down a little more.

KSH: oh ok (moves in again and this time gently place his lips to her mouth in a kiss with partially open mouth, and move his lips slightly, sensually, keeping his lips on hers for a while)

JJH: (break kiss, look down, curl and smack her lips together) ok….yeah I think that would do it.

KSH: (pulls her closer to him) no noona, I’m still not happy with the kiss…I think we need a little more practice (and his lips went back to kissing her…longer, sweeter and deeper in each interval)


6 responses to “Fun Little Mini Scripts #3: Practice Makes Perfect

  1. I want you to know that I was studying, I was being very good actually. Reading all of my material and then a friend sends me a couple files to read and BAM a new update from mlfas blog on my email too. Of course I had to read it…….and so much kissing and lips and tongues…and…and…and lots of practice. I was just happy thinking KSH practiced kissing on his hand ._. And now this will forever be what really happened o.o

    • whoopsie…hihihi….did I distract you too much? well, even studying needs a break sometimes no? kekekeke….with all that kissing don’t you think maybe just once, once somewhere that either one of them said….”let’s practice the kiss” *muahahaha

  2. Yah unnie!! (Sawrry 😝)
    After rereading this I want my Zam and Yen 2nd part right now huhu. You meanie pants..! You just torture me to the verge of my patience lol

    • well you don’t have THAT much longer to wait! hahaha kekekeke….how man I torturing? I thought its good to give you guys some candy to suck on while waiting? no?

  3. Emrys:( wide-eye…blink…read the script again…wipe the drool in her mouth…)

    OH MY GOD!!! How I wish it happened for real.LOL!
    Thank you writernim for these delightful treat.

    • hahahha lol….well TECHNICALLY IT COULD HAPPEN THAT WAY right? I think there’s at least a 25% chance of that happening….I’ll take those chances 😉

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