Hilarious MV To Celebrate KSH 7th Year Debut Anniversary

OK! I’m  not suppose to post on an MV yet but guess what today is? HAHHA…you got it, so smart! lol it’s KSH 7th Year Debut Anniversary of course!  So, in the spirit of celebration let’s put on a super duper cute and funny MV of all things KSH!!!  If you seen the first one I post up a long time ago about him, this is a followup done by the same maker.  The songs and clips are different but it is just as fun and hilarious.  I hope it makes you smile or laugh and give you an overall good mood…so ENJOY!

Update: I’m also adding in a video made by KSH fans at Soompi….just spotted this video today by the way.  So I’m posting it here for those of you who would like to watch it.  He had come a long way ma boy.  Can’t wait to continue seeing him maturing into a man…a force to be reckoned with 😉


4 responses to “Hilarious MV To Celebrate KSH 7th Year Debut Anniversary

  1. video 1
    Bwahaha…this mv make me laugh especially at 01:29 (replay button) what is he doing?hit a frog or bug? Or playing with that animal.. Lol. The way he did it so damn funny. And when he looks at back to crews behind him like he doesn’t want to be found out what’s just he did to that animal wkwkwk. Omg why you are so cute. Ksh looks sexy cute & handsome at same time. Oh that smile im melted

    • hahaha I wonder the same too, he looks like a little boy fascinated by something dead on the ground or something……yes, I concur that his smiles slay hearts in all continent 😉

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