Important: Please Vote For SDA Also in NATE Website!!


Hello Chingus, readers, and fans!

Thank you for following this site, if you did then I know you love all things MLFAS right? including our KSH & JJH right? LOL…well I haven’t post this previously because I didn’t think there was a need for it BUT now there’s a need for it.  Asking for all your help if you haven’t already been voting in NATE.  That’s right, beside voting in Soompi, there’s also Nate voting.  It’s a bit unclear but they are either combining Nate and Soompi votes or there will be two separate awards but either way we need your help as we are loosing ground fast, we already moved to second place in Nate website in just the last few days.  Rumors of foul play by “other” party I heard, but I sure hope not and that they play fair.  Anyhow, here’s the current info and INSTRUCTION on signing up for Nate if you didn’t yet. You can vote once a day in Nate just like Soompi…there’s 6 days left, make it count guys! FIGHTING! 🙂

Currently on NATE:

1. LMH – 16.5%
2. KSH – 16.2%

1. JJH – 10.7%
2. LBY – 10.7%

1. I’m Saying – 51.5%
2. My Destiny – 44.5%

Currently on SOOMPI:

YFAS: 51%
Heirs: 46%

KSH: 51%
LMH: 47% (only a 4% gap!!)

JJH: 33%
PSH: 23%

How to sign up to vote for NATE instruction per @xilikemangos:

1. Go to;

Follow screenshots (please click on it for bigger picture)


2. Go to your email (check Spam too if you don’t see it) and click RED button to confirm.  After done confirmation in your email, please go here:  and follow instruction below to vote


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