A Legend Was Born…A Cause For Celebration! 30 Minutes BTS MV

Hello Readers!

If you guys have been following the news, lately it has been voting times for MLFAS/KSH/JJH so things were a bit hectic and crazy…lol lots of tense people all around.  Thank god it’s coming to a close in a matter of a day and some minutes…we’re generally looking good…YAH for all those hard workers!!!

But what this post is about is a different kind of celebration.  If you don’t know what Soompi is about then don’t worry about what I wrote below just enjoy the gift 😉

So it looks like I’ve recently been promoted to LEGEND on Soompi.

WOW! that’s not an easy feat guys, lol all of my 900 + posts in the past 6 months there have been for MLFAS/KSH/JJH ….while other people jump into many different drama thread I have yet to move on. HAHAHAHA, I’m not sure should I be proud or embarrassed here, lol, admiting to not having a life here.  Anyways, since this is huge and cause for celebration I thought I should make you guys a special gift (this is actually more for folks in Shipper’s Paradise but you guys benefit too, sure kikiki).

This took me loads of time and energy (someone please get me a pack of redbull!!) but it’s finally done and I hope you guys enjoy it.  All BTS of DMJ/KSH & CSY/JJH in one place!!! whohooo!

(ERhhh….I can’t guarantee how long it would last in Youtube in case there’s any copy right infractions and whatnot and it might get taken down I suggest you view it as soon as possible, one never know about these things)

Turn on the music, put your party hat on!!!! WHOHOO!!


11 responses to “A Legend Was Born…A Cause For Celebration! 30 Minutes BTS MV

  1. I must guarantee my first seat first… Then I shall enjoy your hard working clip unnie 😘✌️. Thank u unnie for being such a devoted member on the 2Hyuns shipper thread and as well as being an incredible hardworking writer. Your work will be awesome as always unnie!
    Again, welcome a new legend was born!!
    *fire the firework*

    • thanks luv for setting up the fireworks!!! First seat always yours 😉 if ever I write a book, my first book sent out to fan with my signature will be for you! 😀

      ps. I heard somewhere that KSH going to US is only a rumor and is not true 😦 huhuhu I hope that’s not the case…

  2. Wow so much feel after watching that 30 mins something clip. This reminds me much of uri OTP especially the couch kiss n the grand red carpet kiss. Aww I’m melting for these 2 people again n again.
    Wow I can tell it’s a heavy work to compile all these great moments together. It took u a long time right? Wow hat off to u my dearest 🙂 appreciate the clip much!! Thank u 😘

    • yep, hours and hours and hours and days and days of shifting and capturing scenes after scenes, then matching music to the scenes that’s tough….lol but at least now I have it all in one place so if I miss them I can just go straight here instead of having to shift through endless of other boring clips hahahha.

  3. Chukae unnie,, happy to you! You deserve to be called as a legend. Mlfas legend. With all of these epicness about mlfas and our otp, your time and hardwork that had been dedicated to the mlfas continuum. Chukae chukae!! Unnie, I adore you so much for the very beginning, since i found this site, i keep amazed with all of your work n how you managed your time to do all these. Sometimes i feel so shame cz all i can do just keep support you through comment like this. Bhuhuhu.. sawry. 😦 keep the hardwork unnie, fighting! \^.^/

    • Oh darling…lol, don’t envy me I’m too crazy for spending so much time on my obsession, lol, it’s almost abnormal….hahhaa Should I ask for an intervention? Anyone? help me? lol……..Love and hugs to you dear and I’m thankful to have a wonderful reader as you. Listen to me, you don’t need to go crazy like me, stay sane and do other things more productive, lol…ahhhh I don’t have a life is all 😉 xoxoxo

  4. congratulation for be a LEGEND. this gift is so awesome. wait to see the next great masterpiece from you ^^

  5. Faye dont worry if you havent move on from mlfts coz we are the same though i watched other drama but i dont go to other threads and spazz ,im still jjh ksh dmj chs obsessed lol

    • *high five grace* I’m back to watching other drama full force, lol watching 4 now; Hong Gil Dong, It’s Ok That’s Love, Fated To Love You (Korean Version), Surplus Princess….while I like some, it’s pretty much the same way it was before MLFAS and after MLFAS…just watch, no need to spazz on thread and no need to watch raw 🙂 that’s privilege so far was only for MLFAS 😀

      • I watch many drama as well like Empress Ki, Surpluss Princess, and recently is It’s ok that’s love. But to be honest all of those shows fail to capture my heart…. Although at first I thought I kinda like the chemi between Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook there in EK, but like you said unnie. The chemi that HJW has with other actors was always tremendous and we might be fooled at first but deep down, yes I don’t feel the need to ship her with her co partner in real life… Not like our couple. 🙂

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