Fun Little Mini Scripts #4: A Waiting Gift

The back story about this short script: this event was a while back when KSH was finishing up his Asia tour in Japan; he sang “Nobody but you” “In A Black Skirt” “In Front of Your House” “Promise” and a few other songs…a few days later we get to see goddess JJH which is a rare occasion indeed…in a black dress 😉 he also got this as a gift, yes it’s CSY’s shoe for his “future woman”….I don’t know about you but I’m still wondering what he did with that pair of shoe, hehehe.  So this is just my wild imagination talking below, stitching all the events together 😀



JJH turns off the TV and sat in the dark of her hotel room.  Soo Hyun-ah, why do you always cry so heartbreakingly on all your tours?  She grabs a tissue and wipes her eyes then sigh.

She went back to look at her text from a few days ago…that she did not reply to.

KSH: (text) I’m going to sing “Promise”, our song, at the last fan meet as well as my other songs…sending my secret love to you in the comfort of those lyrics.  Noona…can you send me a little message as well?…..Miss you.

A message.  But what message?


–two days later–

Reporter: JJH is finally seen in public at long last.  Our CF Queen is sporting an elegant black dress.  What a timeless beauty!

KSH turns off the TV and smiled to himself, his lady in a black skirt.  He took out the shoe box and started wrapping it up.



JJH: (opens door) yes?

Man: Delivery, sign here please…um…can you also sign this for me too? (blush and handing her a picture of herself) thank you.

JJH opens the package and inside is a gift box, she took it out and put it on the table staring at it.  There was no tag, no name, no marking…but she has an idea of who it might be from.  Nervously she opens it.

It’s a shoe box.  But it’s so light!  She shook it and heard something inside move.  There is something inside.  JJH opens the shoe box.  There’s nothing inside.  Nothing, except for a few pictures:

She picks it up and rubs her thumb across his face then smile and turns each around.  In the back of the picture of his face is his messy handwriting.  She read it, laughs as her eyes blurred with emotion, and hugs the pictures to her chest.

“Come to me whenever you’re ready,

I’m always waiting…and so is this pair of Cinderella shoes…

waiting…waiting just for you.”


HAHAHA…I know….I’m so cheesy sometimes, lol.


12 responses to “Fun Little Mini Scripts #4: A Waiting Gift

  1. jinja??? that picture isn’t photoshop.. what’s event? i have to zoom it to realize that shoe same with csy’s shoe.. waaa ksh you got it… that shoe will always remembering you to jjh. its DESTINY again.^^

    • lol no it’s not photoshop…he really got the shoe 😉 that’s why I wonder what he’s doing with that shoe now….always be known as CSY shoe, hahah I forgot what event it was but it seems they are shipper too eh? Now I wonder what SIZE shoe did they give him….same size as JJH? hahahahhaha that would be really funny

  2. Kikikii.. what the name of the event, unnie? When KSH got that shoes? I must hv missed the news.. huhu. Hope this scenario will come true..! 😀

    • woops not sure how I missed you…umm…if you haven’t already, please make your request in the Feedback form, front page second or third post down

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