Exclusive Interview #2: Super Fan Prasidha

Tracking down the next Super Fan!  And here we have what most of you might know her around as Aidsincera.  Why is she a Super Duper fan?  If you have search MLFAS/KSH/JJH before, more than likely you’ve seen her memes popping up in various Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Soompi, and other social sites.  I’d say she’s probably one of the most if not the most POPULAR MEME maker of MLFAS/KSH/JJH out there!  Here’s a few of her work:



Safiresea: Fan, what’s your real name and where are you from?  

“Prasidha, Indonesia”

Safiresea: How old are you and what’s your nationality?

“32yo. Indonesia”

Safiresea: If you’re in Soompi, what’s your handle name there?


Safiresea: Can you send a picture of yourself so we can associate with you?

Safiresea: When did you watch MLFAS?

“December 2013”

Safiresea: How many times have you watch it since?

“Technically 4 times. And randomly more than 20 :)) “  (my comment: another person with time on their hand hahaha)

Safiresea: How would you rank MLFAS in comparison to other K-drama?

“Number one. The best drama 2013/2014 so far :)” (my comment: just 2013/2014? what about other years? lol)

Safiresea: Name the crazy things you’ve done in the name of this show or associated with this show?

“Being meme maker and shipper :))” (my comment: she’s so modest…more like CRAZY MEME MAKER! She churn out the best and funniest memes, haha)

Safiresea: If there’s one thing you can change about the show, what would that be?

“I want to see wedding scene & real bed scene!! :))” (my comment: you just said what everyone have on their mind, haha)

Safiresea: What element of the show did you like most and explain why, here’s some samples: the love story, the scifi/fantasy, the suspense/thriller, the fashion, the comedy, the casts, etc.

“The comedy and the cast. This drama cracks me out, yet the cast’s chemistry is no joke. They’re meant together in the drama and real life :)”  (my comment: I love the comedy too! and such out of this world chemistry, kekeke)

Safiresea: Have you recruit anyone else to watch the show? If so how many and whom?

“Yes, I have. About 5 persons. My friends :)”  (my comment: dang, everyone is successful except me, what is wrong with my people?)

Safiresea: Have you watch other shows since and how do they compare to MLFAS?

“It’s been long time didn’t watch any drama, and I’ve just watch It’s Okay It’s Love and Joseon Gunman about two weeks ago 🙂  No one of OTP from IOIL/JG can’t beat MLFAS cast 🙂

Safiresea: Do you have any sites you created or a part of in association to MLFAS where people can follow you? (samples: facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, etc)

“Only tumblr http://aidsincera.tumblr.com  (my comment: I wish she had put her work up on this site sooner…there was so many great ones for the show that’s not on here as she only newly made the account in tumblr)

Safiresea: Do you support for a Season 2 of MLFAS?

“I support season 2 as long as KSH and JJH are the main cast :D”


9 responses to “Exclusive Interview #2: Super Fan Prasidha

  1. Halloo Prasidha..!! I’m Indonesian too,, so nice to know you! Wow wow.. are you people here have time turner necklace (like hermione’s one) or something? Lol 😀 I’ll visit your site soon, prasidha unnie.. 🙂 and for writernim, i’ll still always be around, oh oh is there not any preview or else for zamyen part 2 unnie?? *waiting dyingly*

    • lol…no dear usually the special edition don’t have preview, it just comes out when it comes out 🙂 i’m finishing it up so…if everything goes smoothly should be sometime tonight or tomorrow 😉

      • Kikikii.. I know I know.. sawry.. but it never be easy to keep calm while waiting zam n yen.. lol. Hmm.. are you sure not need a freelance editor to edit zamyen2 before it be released? Not? Jinjja? Oh ok then… XD

  2. hello Prasidha! It is really nice to see the face behind the memes, hehehe. thanks for the tireless efforts in soompi and tumbler.

  3. YAH! For the awesomeness of prasidha unnie and her mem. She has a wonderful personality that never fails to cheer people up with her funny meme. Another fantastic fan finally shows herself after MLFAS kikikiki. I’m so glad to know you all 😘
    Oh man I was like Faye unnie but why MLFAS is only the best of 2013/14 to you huh Prasidha unnie? Hehehe

    • Hahaha… Thanks, dear…. 😉
      I’m about to say forever. But what if KSH and JJH have another drama… Or “real life” drama :)))

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