My Love From Another Star – Episode 38


When HK and LJ faces a twist in their fates, will the two person who loved them most be able to save them in time?  SM & YJ walk down their new path together with concerns centering on their families and how to bring their new development to light.  MJ visit his newly born daughter and SY but their reunion is short lived as he must make one last final journey elsewhere.  SY finally know who her mysterious nurse is and the unveiling of Jinny’s identity would change SY’s life forever.  When finally fulfilling her mission, JSH came face to face with her future husband as well as her most formidable foe.

Prologue: In The Near Future…

Camera following someone’s bare feet as they ran quickly and continuously.  Everything is a blur as the action is too quick to capture clearly.  Still, the camera pan slowly upward, capturing this blurry movement as the running body mingles with the wind.  The background of green trees flashed by.  Heavy, extraneous breathing is the only thing that can be heard.  Camera moves up to the neck as sweats drips downward.  Then following the neck to the nap and into the hair…long flowing hair whipping about in the wind.  Gradually the camera pans outward farther and farther to view a woman running so fast it’s as if her last breath depends on it.  Camera jump back to close up shot of her eyes…eyes full of determination, eyes full of hope, eyes full of tears, perhaps from the stinging wind or perhaps from the depth of desperation.  Camera shut to black screen.

Scene 2: Ahnya Saving HK

Ahnya walks outside the emergency door praying that DMJ would be back in time to see his wife.  She refuse to believe that he’s dead…it’s not possible.  The two worlds are colliding right now, where could he be? Ahnya stop pacing, suddenly realizing about the possible changes for the fates of those residing here as they had discussed before.  She closes her eyes and quickly scans the area in her head then disappears.

HK close his eyes at the moment of impact waiting on the impending collision.  After a few more seconds of not feeling anything, he opens his eyes…and looks into the beautiful face of Ahnya.  They are now in the shadow on the far end of the street. He kept staring at her in awe.

Ahnya: why are you looking at me like that (she shift her eyes away uncomfortably)

HK: you saved me.

Ahnya: no, all I did was save your leg, don’t make a big deal out of it.

HK: (shook his head and took her hand, guiding it to his chest) no…you save me.  (Still holding her hand against his heart, he took out the ring from his pocket and glides it onto her finger). More than my leg, more than my life, more than anything, you saved my heart. I know that now…(she tried to pull her hand away but he held on tight). I won’t let you leave me, not now…not ever. (they share a moment of tender glances when she suddenly look distracted)

Ahnya: we’ll talk later (and without any further words disappear from his grasp)

HK: (put both his hands in the air and sigh) of course, if she’s an alien and can teleport away there’s not much I can do is there? (He dusts himself and stood up on a limp) I don’t even know if this proposal is better or worse than the one with Song Yi. (He walks off still debating to himself which proposal outcome was worst, Ahnya or CSY)

Scene 4: MJ Deal With Qahnki

DMJ rush to the emergency door just as Ahnya appeared in front of him.  Without a moment’s hesitation she rush in and hug him.

Ahnya: where have you been?

MJ: no time for that now, how’s Song Yi? I got your message what happen to my wife?

Ahnya: she had internal hemorrhaging and the doctors are doing an emergency operation on her (MJ push her aside and about to head in the door when the doctors came out)

Doctor: (gave him a dirty look) you’re the husband that wasn’t here for the birth?

MJ: how’s my wife?  Is she ok?

Doctor: (turn and look at Ahnya and talk directly to her instead) the patient is now in stable condition.  She should be fine given some rest.  They are finishing her up and will take her to one of our recovery room in the West wing.  The nurse will give you the room number shortly. (Then walked off)

Ahnya: (MJ started walking towards the door but Ahnya stop him) wait Kisohn.  There’s something I have to tell you.

MJ: not right now Ahnya…I have to see my wife.

Ahnya: (stop him again) you need to hear this.  SY is not your worry right now you heard the doctor, she’s fine and need some rest…Kisohn, when the world merges, the life of inhabitants here will have a point of changes to reflect the merge.  I barely just saved Hwi Kyung’s leg…I think…I think…your friend Lawyer Jang’s life might be in danger if you don’t do anything to save him.

MJ: (realization suddenly dawn on him as he close his eyes to scan out where Lawyer Jang is and open his eyes) he’s here! not far…I have to go.  Tell my wife when she wakes up I’ll be right back (Ahnya nod her head as he disappear)

Doctors and nurses are busy trying to save LJ’s life when time suddenly  froze.  MJ came towards LJ and saw all his vitals nearing the brink of death.  What should he do? How would he even save his best friend?  Time started to resume but suddenly stopped again.  MJ look up at the face of his old time colleague Qahnki.

MJ: what are you doing here?

Qahnki: you want to save your friend don’t you?

MJ: (staring at him with suspicion) I do…but his heart…there’s nothing I can do.

Qahnki: on your own you won’t be able to but with this you will (he pulled out a blue vial)

MJ: what is that?

Qahnki: as long as we are still alive our blood can regenerate and revive our system.  Give him a drop of your blood, but just a drop and theoretically it’ll allow him a living chance…a chance for them to safe him as he will be a bit stronger than he is now.

MJ: we can’t mix blood, he can’t take my blood, he would die immediately.  Our genetic coding won’t allow it.

Qahnki: Nothing is impossible…you did have a child with an woman Earthling did you not?  That is why you need this (he shook the liquid in the vial) 10 years Kisohn.  It’s enough time for us to improve quite a bit in our science.  A drop of your blood in here and then let him drink this.  It acts as a sort of binder agent so your blood particles can latch on to his successfully and reproduce without harming the host.

MJ: why are you helping me?

Qahnki: I’m not.  It comes with a price of course.  This is yours only if you promise to come back home with me.

MJ: my life is here now…my wife is here I can’t do that…I won’t do that for any reason.

Qahnki: it is only temporary, as long as you can give a detail account of the alternate world to the Galactic Council and makes the appropriate appeal to surrender your citizen, then you can return back to your life here.

MJ: how do I know to even trust you?

Qahnki: you have been here for too long Kisohn…you forget that it is no longer in our nature to be deceitful and lie, that is why we are a superior species to these human, that is why we study them like they study animals.  (MJ gave him a hard stare so he switch tactic) You don’t…but how do I know I can trust your words as well?  We both just have to take each other’s words for it. (MJ contemplate and calculating the risk in his head) you don’t have much time left, he’s seconds away from death and my time freeze is about to resume.

MJ: (reach out and took the vial, took a sharp needle by the operating table and puncture his finger.  He let a drop of blood drip down into the vial.  It gives out a sizzle and some bubbling then the blue turned dark purple, almost black.  With a slight moment of hesitation, he open LJ’s mouth and pour the content down his throat).  I’ve changed Qahnki.  People here changed. Our entire species can also change too.  Just because we are a certain way for hundreds of years doesn’t mean we’re unable to change.  I will need a little bit of time to talk with my wife first.

Qahnki: our species is perfect the way it is, I don’t see the need to change.  I will make sure that the only thing that change and progress higher will be our science and knowledge, anything else is irrelevant.  Don’t take too long with your…wife…I’ll be waiting for you.  (Then he walked out the door with a smile on his face)

As time started to resume, MJ disappear.  The doctors resume their operation on LJ.

MJ reappeared in the baby’s room.  He walked through an isle of crying and sleeping babies to one in particular.  Camera pan in on the name Do Jin Sunhee.  He gazes down at the most beautiful creature lying serenely staring at the ceiling.  Then she turned to him and gave him the most dazzling smile.  “You’re here daddy” she sent the message to his mind.

MJ: I’m here.  I’m sorry I missed your birth.  (He picked her up gingerly and held her in the nook of his arms.  They didn’t say anything but look into each other’s eyes until his became teary). I have to leave again very soon but after this last trip I’ll be back for good.  But I have a concern about coming back…are you sure?  Ok…well take care of your mother while I’m gone….(her reply back to him confused him) what? What do you mean she will save me? (But he heard people coming so he carefully put her back down). I love you sweetheart; we’ll talk more when daddy gets back. (He kisses her on the forehead then disappears just as a group of nurses enter the room)

Scenes 7: Visitors In SY’s Room

SY tried to sat up on the bed but finding it difficult as she’s still hooked up to an IV and some machines.

Nurse: please take it easy miss.  Your family is outside, they are anxious to see you, are you ready for guests?

SY: yes, please let them in. (The nurse about to walk out the door when SY call out to her) excuse me, do you know when will I see nurse Jinny?  I thought she said she’d be here with me (she couldn’t hide the disappointment in her voice)

Nurse: who’s nurse Jinny?

SY: you know…the pretty, smart 16 year old that intern at my doctor’s office?

Nurse: I don’t know miss, I haven’t seen or known about any nurse under 21 around here.

SY: ohhhh.  Well don’t worry about it then.

The nurse walked out leaving the door open as she relay to SY’s family that she’s ready for visitors.  SY’s father and mother, along with BJ, HK, SM, and YJ enters the room.  The atmosphere became noisy and lively and all started talking at once.

BJ: Ya! See? I told you not to wait for so long, this is what happens you stubborn girl.  You almost give me a heart attack!

SY’s mother: I think I’ve lost count of the hospital scare you’ve given me.

SY’s father: how are you feeling honey?

HK: thank god I’m still alive to see you.

The only one not saying anything is SM and YJ which stood back from the group.  Her hands clasp together behind her back.  In the chaos of the moment when no one really took notice of them, YJ scoot closer to her.  Then his hand went behind to clasp her hands.  She look covertly over to him and looking downward shyly…blushing and smiling at the thought of what almost happened earlier if they weren’t timely interrupted by SY’s mother call to YJ on the balcony.  YJ also gave a secretive, promising smile of his own.

SY: ok stop. Can you guys not talk all at once? My head is still ringing. (Each of them then took their time to ask after SY. Then she suddenly turns her attention to SM and YJ). And what’s with you two? You haven’t said a word. (SM and YJ jump apart looking suspiciously guilty as all eyes are now on them.  They both mumble some lame excuses as both start to walk towards her) what are you two doing? Stuck to the hip or something? (YJ stop and wave a hand respectfully to SM to go forth.  SY and the other people still looking at them suspiciously).  Did you bring over the private stuff I ask of you?

SM: yes, yes of course it’s here.  (She showed SY the bag and put it on the floor by the bed. Then sat down on the edge of SY’s bed grabbing and holding her hand) I’m glad you sound like yourself again. You gave us quite a good scare.

SY: stop buttering me up.  You and my brother is up to something aren’t you?

SM: nothing! There’s nothing between us! (She said it a bit too vehemently loud that the rest in the room stop talking amongst each other and look in her direction again. She gave a weak, apologetic smile)

SY: ya Ya YA! Who said anything about something between you two? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, obviously not that.  But you guys better not plan a surprise welcome home party or anything like that.  You know how much I hate surprises.

SM: (smile but trying to look serious at the same time, she held up her fingers in the sign of a promise) aw, I promise, no surprise party.

SY: good.  (sigh) Can someone call the nurse? I want her to bring Jin Sunhee here.  I want to see my daughter.

SY’s mother: you’re in no shape to be taking care of a baby right now, just rest and get better first.  She’s fine, the nurses are watching over her and so are we.  You just rest for now ok?

SY: (reluctantly nod her head) so…where is Lawyer Jang?…and Ahnya, where did she go? she was right next to me  before the operation. (her parents eyes looked away from hers as everyone else look pensive) what’s going on?

SY’s mother: we got a phone call from Lawyer Chang’s wife recently…we don’t want to worry you but he’s in operation right now.  He had a major heart attack and in critical surgery. (SY’s face fell to a deep worry then her mother quickly try to reassure her) I’m sure he’s going to be fine, he’ll pull through this.

SY: God I hope so…Min Joon would be so…

Ahnya: (appeared suddenly in the room and rushed over to hug SY as everyone including SY look surprised) thank the stars you’re ok. (she turned and saw HK and quickly glance away)

SY: Speak of the devil…I don’t think I could ever get used to you popping out of nowhere.

BJ: wahhh, what is this shiny bling I’m seeing. (she walks over and grab Ahnya’s left hand staring in shock and amazement at the diamond ring. Everyone’s eyes are now on Ahnya as she gave HK a quick nervous glance then yank her hand out of BJ, putting her other palm over it to cover)

Ahnya: (mumble) it’s nothing all that…(clears throat)

MJ appeared in that moment and Ahnya gave a sigh of relieve but everyone else became tense and awkward.  The room suddenly became silent as all eyes now trained on SY and her reaction.

MJ: Song Yi-ah, can we talk privately for a moment. (she remain silent looking at him with accusation and hurt in her eyes as everyone start scampering out the door)

SY: do you know how long I waited for you?

MJ: (came closer to kneel down by her bed and took her hands in his, she tried to pull away but he held on tightly) my wife.  I know I’ve wrong you and the times that you endure our child’s birth alone…I cannot take that time back.  My punishment will be carrying this guilt and sorrow of this unfortunate event for the rest of my life.  I’m sorry truly.  I’m sorry for letting you down and Jinny down.  I know a few words won’t change our situation and it won’t heal your pain easily.  But I promise after I come back I will not leave you again unless it’s death.  You can punish me however you deem fitting and I will take it all with a smile. (he laid his head down next to their hands) all I ask is that I can remain by your side for as long as I can.

SY: what do you mean when you come back? You just got back! Where are you going now?! (Her voice became angry and aggravated)

MJ: (lift his head up and stare at her apologetically) I have one last trip to make…I have to go back home.

SY: HOME?!? As in back to your star? Why?  Is there another girlfriend of yours you need to save? (he flinch)

MJ: it’s not like that Song Yi-ah (he whisper softly)

SY: then tell me what is it like?  Has it been hard married to me that you had to find every reason to leave? (tears swell up in her eyes)

MJ: you know that’s not true.

SY: I know nothing of that sort! All I know is that when I needed my husband the most, he left me…and now about to leave again. (she choke on a sob and turned away from him. Then continue softly with resignation) deep down I know that the other person is also me and deep down I know it’s been hard for you as well…maybe even harder.  Sometimes I wonder myself what I would do, how I would act if there’s another you by my side in your absence.  I might do the same thing as you did or I might not…that we’ll never know.  But, what I do know is I’m completely and utterly selfish when it comes to you.  I don’t ever want to share you with anyone, even if that person is another me.  When you left me for her, even if it’s just or a while…it ripped my heart to pieces.  The thought of breaking it off with you crosses my mind every day.  I don’t know if I can trust you again…trust is everything to me in a relationship.  But Min Joon-ah, do you know how scared and afraid I was when I thought you might have died?  Realizing that I might never see you again, hear your voice again, be angry at you again…it wasn’t just my heart that shattered but as if my whole world had collapse and I might as well died along with you. (She turned back around and grab his shirt and shook him) how could you now tell me you’re leaving for home? HUH? What if something happen to you? How am I going to survive that Do Min Joon? HOW? (he pulled her in closer to his chest as she cried)

MJ: (he stroke her hair) Nothing will happen to me…not when I have you and Jinny to come back to.  I’m only going because I need to save Lawyer Jang’s life…that and to ensure that my people will never bother us again.  I want to finally live peacefully with you…here.

SY: (picking an invisible lint on her gown) don’t think you get away that easy though.  When you get back I’m going to make your life miserable…you just wait and see.

MJ: I wouldn’t expect any less from you wife. (He smile at her) I look forward to it…for the rest of my life.

SY: (made a sarcastic laughing face) whaaa, you really are a perverted alien. (Became serious again) Wait! What about time?  Didn’t you mention before that time works differently at your place then here? Wouldn’t I be really old by the time you come back? (Panic again) if that’s the case then you can’t go! I won’t let you.

MJ: yes, I was worried about that too…luckily we have an amazing daughter.

SY: what does our daughter have to do with anything?

MJ: she’s the answer to everything.  I haven’t told you this because I didn’t want you to panic…but our daughter can bend time, she can move forward and backward as well as manipulate them in layers.

SY: what? I don’t even fully understand that.  And how did you know about this? Wait! The young girl that hug you by our honeymoon lodge…was that her?

MJ: how did you know about that? You were there?

SY: (look away distractedly) don’t worry about it…so it was her?  Our daughter that grown I can’t believe it!  I can’t imagine…(look back with concern at DMJ) are you sure this is gonna work?

MJ: (he smiled and nods his head even though he’s not sure himself) I’ve ask her already, don’t worry. (he lean in towards her lips)

SY: (she push him away) what are you doing?

MJ: a kiss goodbye?

SY: a kiss? A KISS? If I wasn’t just out of an operation why I’d…no! no kiss!..if you want your kiss then ensure you come back and get it.  I’m tired now…you may leave. (she turn to the other side with her back facing him as a small smile curve up her lips.  MJ thought for a bit then climb on the bed and hug her from behind)

MJ: wait for me one last time (he gave her a tight squeeze then disappear)

Scene 10: Qahnki Met Up With Ahnya

Ahnya walked around the corner going to get some drinks for everyone when she saw someone she thought was impossible to see.  She shook her head still couldn’t believe her eyes as Qahnki saunter over to her side.

Qahnki: you are surprised I’m here.

Ahnya: yes.  I didn’t think anyone else would come down much less you.

Qahnki: (shrug) I want things done correctly this time, no sure way to achieve that then coming here myself. (he looked at her pointedly) Besides, it looks like both Kisohn and you are seduced by this world.  I wanted to see for myself what exactly is the draw here.  So far I’m not impressed.

Ahnya: this place is not for everyone…it’s an acquired taste.

Qahnki: then I must lack such acquired taste. (they stop talking as a group of nurses walked by then resume talking)

Ahnya: what are you doing here exactly?

Qahnki: don’t worry, I’m not here for you, I’m here to make a deal with Kisohn.  By the way, we are leaving in a bit, that’s why I’m seeking you out.  You’re mission is over you’re going home with us.

Ahnya: Us?

Qahnki: hmm…me and Kisohn.

Ahnya: you’re lying…Kisohn would never agree to that!

Qahnki: (he walked up closer to her) do I look like I’m lying?…does our people lie easily? (Ahnya look panic and touch her ring unconsciously. Qahnki follow his eyes to her hand) you should have known better then to get involved with a human.  Was Kisohn not a prime enough example for you?  Why do you make your life so difficult? (he touched her hand and pulled it up as both of them look at the ring between them).  Men of this earth can change mate as often and as easily as shedding clothes…is he really worth it?

Ahnya: (spoke softly) but I love him.

Qahnki: (cover his other hand over her ring finger and squeeze as a tear slid down her cheek) but does he love you enough when his heart was just recently belong to someone else? Say your farewell…we leave for home shortly. (they both stare at each other seeming to have a private conversation in their head…he emphasize something with his eyes and she answer with a surprised agreement of her own)

Scene 14: JSH Final Mission & An Unexpected Face-off

SY toss and turn trying to sleep when MJ left.  She’s regretted not giving him that farewell kiss.  What if he never returns…what if…No, that’s not going to happen.  She’ll just have to wait for that kiss when he comes back.  She heard the door open and turn around, her eyes round with shock.

SY: I’ve been wondering where you were.

Nurse Jinny: Sorry, I was detained from a previous engagement so I couldn’t attend the birth.  I heard there was a complication but you have overcome it.  How are you feeling?

SY: (smile brightly at her) I’m happy to see you.  I’ve also somewhat reconcile with my husband.  Your words had somehow really helped me overcome my grief and anger towards him, I really have you to thank for it.

Nurse Jinny: I’m glad to hear that (she walked over towards the IV machine and inserts a needle with some sort of liquid substance into the IV)

SY: (look at it nervously) what is that?  Did I need an extra dose of something else?  The nurse earlier seems to think I’m recovering nicely.

Nurse Jinny: (came and sat on SY’s bed when she’s done, she smooth her hands down SY’s hair and touch SY’s face with the back of her hand which somehow made SY feel uncomfortable yet familiar at the same time) don’t worry about anything else just lay down and relax.

SY: (stare hard at the nurse, her eyes, her nose, her lips, her smile…her face…SY eyes light up with recognition as the world starts to spin and her sights starts to blur in and out) Nurse Jinny…

Nurse Jinny: yes?

SY: my husband called my daughter Jinny…are you…are you my daughter from the future?…(she felt her pulse slowing down considerably and everything felt heavy as the room seems to shift and tilt, her head spins around even though she’s laying still, her whole body feels numb and she couldn’t feel anything)  why am I feeling like this?

Nurse Jinny: I’m sorry mother (she held SY’s hand up to her face and rub it on her cheek) it had to be done. (at this point SY could barely hear coherently as Jinny’s words become a distorted low tone, her own heart beat slow down considerably and she felt a heavy sleep taking over her…as if this would be her last sleep on earth)

SY: Do Min Joon…Min Joon…Min Joo….(she uttered his name like a last prayer just before she drift off)

JSH: (looking over at SY’s heart monitor as it continues lowering until reaching an almost flat line, the emergency light and siren sound off to alert the doctors and nurses) have a safe trip mother. (JSH made sure the heart monitor became flat line then disappear.  The nurses and doctors rush in trying in vain to attempt to save SY but it was too late.  Her heart had stopped beating completely)

JSH head out closer to the exit of the hospital, people are walking all around her but as she continue walking towards the door someone walked passed her that made her stop in her track.

Qahnki felt the hair on the back of his neck stood up and an uneasy feeling overtook him.  He turned around looking at people walking around him.  He look to the left then to the right though he’s not sure exactly what he’s looking for.  Qahnki close his eyes and stop time.  Everything froze so he can easily look around. Then he saw a movement at the corner of his eyes and follows that movement.  A girl’s face appears partially, no more than maybe 16 years old.  She smiled at him but it wasn’t exactly a warm smile.  She walked pass the frozen people still staring at him as he walked parallel to her both staring at each other until they reach a clearing when they both can face one another without anyone blocking their view.  She was a very beautiful girl, more beautiful than any of his female counterpart at home but she looked at him so coldly he almost shivered.

Qahnki: who are you?

Still smiling at him, JSH answer him telepathically without saying a word.

Qahnki: my wife? I don’t know what species you are but I had a partner and I had done my duty to produce 5 offspring.  I do not have a wife…there is no wife in my world. (even saying those words, he felt compelled to want to touch her just to make sure if she’s real but just as he moved closer to her she disappeared and time resume…not his doing but hers. He swirls around looking for her but he only heard an echo of her voice in his head: I did not expect to see you here husband, but our time will come when we will face each other again.  When that time comes I will be ready for you.  I will bring this fight to your home planet and I will win.

He wasn’t sure if that was a warning or a threat or both but suddenly he’s apprehensive about the events in the near future.

Epilogue: JSH Consulting With Her Teacher

The monk sat at the top of the mountain alone watching the fog at early dawn float about him.  He inhale and closed his eyes.  Without opening them he reaches over and moves the chess piece.

Monk: your turn.

In a split moment a flash of light appear and the sixteen year old girl stood next to him

Monk: you’re still perplex?

JSH: teacher, I don’t understand.

Monk: you don’t understand why all the power you possess and you still could not change the fate of your family.

JSH: yes.  I have tried many times, many ways but nothing is working. (she move the chess piece) this is my 8th try and it’s not looking promising already.

Monk: child, great power does not equate to greatness…it is in the way you wield it.  A sensitive balance had to be maintained or you will disrupt the flow of events.

JSH: I understand and I have tried diligently in my approach to maintain this balance.  But I have yet to solve the problem.  I know I’m created for a purpose, a purpose of saving my family but how do I go about that is becoming more and more unclear to me as the days passes.

Monk: (grins at her showing some of his missing teeth) what are days to you when you can move linearly backward and forward?

JSH: (her peals of laughter floated down and echo throughout the mountain) yes, of course you are right.

Monk: …everyone starts out with infinite wisdom bestow from the universe at birth.  It’s the rules of the physical world that grounds you down and will eventually take away this gift in exchange to be a part of the finite entity.  Here, we call it Earth, elsewhere it’ll be a different name. Each day that we live is a cleansing in itself…it strips our knowledge away bit by bit until the day we die.

JSH: (nod her head in understanding) then death is a good thing, in a sense it will be like the times of enlightenment, going back to our roots.

Monk: (nod his head slowly) the process of being born and being alive is what I called the process of death in itself.  Here, they call it life (chuckle softly) the irony of perspective.

JSH: (thought for a moment) but is that not a useless thing then? Why bestow so much power on such a small, powerless creature if we can’t use it and will eventually just going to lose it anyway?

Monk: yes, you can say that…or you can say that it’s the way to test our strength.  Greatness is not made in one lifetime but a gradual process.  You are an exception.  But the prodigies of this world have went through many lives and have learned to retain a small fraction of their gift.  You will do well to surround yourself with them.  Your powers might be great but you are still newly made in comparison.

JSH: yes teacher, I’ll remember that. But does that mean all hope is gone now that I have lost my original insight and memory?

Monk: (smile serenely at her and move his chest piece) do what you are meant to do.  Use the power you have to regain your memory…no one is more capable of that then you.

JSH: (look confused) but my powers does not extend to that. How do I use my power to regain…(then smile brightly as the sun break through the fog. She confidently move the chest piece to checkmate) thank you teacher, I know what I must do now.

–replaying scene at hospital in JSH perspective–

JSH: (stop time, she appeared as everyone is frozen in place. She walks up to the closed door, opens it and shut it behind her smiling at her mother)  I’m going to take some measurements and draw some blood, standard stuff ok? (as SY look at her suspiciously she knows exactly what her mother is thinking about and reply back what she knew SY wanted to hear and laugh it off.  JSH touched her mother’s belly getting ready to measure it as she spoke to her fetus self, asking for the question she needed to know…she needs to die, the time frame is limited during the merge of the two world…)

SY: I’m sorry…but have I seen you somewhere? You look so familiar to me but I can’t seem to place you.

JSH: (trying to control her shock at the answer to her own question and laugh) I get that a lot too.  Apparently I look like some young singer.  You must have seen her on tv.  (she brush the subject aside).

When she’s done with her mother she walked out and disappear then reappear back at the mountain but her teacher was nowhere in sight.  She breathes out a heavy sigh looking off into the distant as the clouds creep over the neighboring mountaintop.  For the first time she had doubts if she could carry out this mission after all.

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  1. Noooo!!! i always anticipated this eps will be coming soon . the last journey, back to his star. i dont want it happen.. i want to skip this eps, how? but i cant.. why? i still curious 😉
    And yes much jsh’scenes, but husband?who’s that man?like what is he? *hard thinking*

    • oh hoho…lol you don’t want to miss this episode as it’s the highest moment, peak of the climax…the most important part of JSH mission and what it’s been leading up to 😉 you do have some point correct though, congrats! 😉 back to his star, lol

  2. It seems like this episode will reveal some secrets and new fate will lead many lives to another path. What will happen to them all I want to know. I guess MJ’s last journey is his decision to fix the universe… And I anticipate to see SY’s reaction when she learns about the truth. Can’t wait for this episode. Writer fighting!!! 😁

    • lol haha, you’re one the last few still awaiting the episodes…I guess it’s kinda dying down now since people are moving on to new shows…good thing there’s only a few more episodes to write 🙂 lol it’s not going to go how you think it will…this episode will be the highest shocker moments for everyone that’s been following 😉 so strap in.

      • Wow it’s not going to the way I think it will? Well to be honest, while reading your fanfic I never try to predict what would happen next. I always wait to see how things turn out in your story. (Besides, I’m a horrible guesser so I don’t dare to make any false prediction muawahahah). Shocking moment to the climax? Deabakkkk!!’ I’m so waiting for it XD but just take your time unnie, no rush. I can wait 🙂
        I still follow Chi’s sweet home and the writer only publishes 1 book per year haha I’m still crazy waiting. You see how patient as a reader I am 🙂

        • lol yeah…it’s gonna have to be because I have major cleaning around the house to do because my sister’s friend mom is coming to stay for 2 weeks hahaha, so have to insert major time into that…also I’m now sick 😦 baby daddy gave it to Ayden and in turn Ayden gave it to me…I hope I get some time today to finish up 38

      • what!!!!..Ending????..i live for these epis😭😭😭😭 how will i live knowing there r jus a few left 😢 i cant deal💔What to do????😭😭😭😭😭😭

        • awwww, lol shy mugga hahaha I didn’t even know there’s still people highly anticipating as I figure most have moved on to watching other dramas by now…but yes, all good things must come to an end huh…..hahahaha but I’ll end it in a way where a new storyline can be picked up in case and if I ever choose to go that route 😉

    • type in the search (right above the blog stat counter) 36 and you should see it….but if you go in category MLFAS Drama FanFic, all should be listed there

      • thanks i found it, but how do iget the password for those that are password protected such as the wedding episode?

  3. Just finished reading this,can’t wait for eps 38!! Love your plot,everything was so detail oriented,Fightingg!!! I’ll be here waiting 😀

  4. If it comes from you faye the flow of the story is really good very good..i love this.the story may end in a few more episodes but i can sense that it will have an open ending type.i mean end story for csy dmj a happy one then a new story for jinny and quanki i am intersted on their story…thank you faye

    • yes grace, that’s my intention…in case someone wants to pick it up or if I want to pick it up in the future 🙂 hahah even I have her whole story in my head but alas, too tired to continue writing, lol…for now.

  5. Hi Faye, I read all your eps and I RARELY write comments but this time I decided to do write one just to let you know that you still have some, if not many, silent readers for this fanfic of yours 🙂 so don’t let yourself down thinking that no one waits for your eps I do watch other kdramas but I still read this fanfic.
    The part where JSH “killed” her mother is the best twist ever! I think only great, I mean GREAT, writers could come up with such twist. But whyyyy??? The hints for the answer is in the epilogue right, but I don’t really get it. But I think it would be unveiled as the next eps come, would’t it?
    And the part where JSH is Qankhi’s future wife and their “war” OMG even I could imagine the existence of a whole new fanfic about it.
    Anyway I can’t wait for the next ep, I dying to know why JSH do everything! And will MJ age like earthlings when he has evoked his citizenship in his star? Bcos SY is so concerned with her aging and MJ not that my heart breaks hahah.
    Ok too long already, that’s why I don’t want to start writing comment cos once I started, I couldn’t seem to stop.
    So take care dear, and fighting!!

    • I mentioned the wrong name OMG hahaha I mean Safirasea 😉 if you could please erase this post cos I’ve re-posted it >.< thank youuu

      • lol, awww thanks for the long writing…it’s been a while to read such long comment I don’t mind it at all 🙂 and btw you did not mention the wrong name, lol Faye is me and so is Safiresea 🙂 and so is Linh…whichever is your preference.
        yes, the part about what JSH does or doing is going to unveil in the next episode and the next episode…so just wait for it.
        hmmm….as for the aging issue, I thought about it before and might left it the way it is, it’s a hard problem to overcome…unless I can come up with something that makes a slight lick of sense, hahahaha….so we’ll see 😉

  6. hi, just finished reading episode 38, cant wait for the next installment..pls don’t think no one is interested anymore, you still got me hooked..MLFAS was the my first kdrama, still can’t move on..hihihi

    • omo jin! if this is your first drama, the rest will be tough to follow! IMO this is one of the best drama out there, sucks for you because the usual drama that’s usually enjoyable and good might end up become lacking when you compare to MLFAS I wish you luck! And thanks for still anticipating 🙂

  7. My dear Faye, I read the episode immediately as soon as you posted it. And even earlier, I wanted to write to you that you recovered and that your baby was also healthy and not sick. But my life is so eventful and a lot of things that when I sit down at the computer, I go to sleep, have time to see only news about Hyun Bin)))
    I loved the development of the plot in episode 38, and I read it several times. 2 more pairs of lovers and so many mysteries !! Why take MJ to his homeland? What Makes a unique daughter to save his mother? How could love another negative sentiment alien – and if Qahnkii will be JSH husband, it means that they, too, will live on earth ?? Only MJ often leaves – comes, I know that he will save the world, but let the others are doing it – Ahnya with HK or SM with YJ even let Amazing JSH saves the world. And our pair of MJ and let SY will already be together.
    You write very interesting and talented – and as long as you have the opportunity and desire – to keep the magic write for you and for us. Ahead! Fighting! Soon there will be 200,000 views !!!! With love !!!<3 ❤ ❤

    • Mila so sorry I sent such late reply been so occupied with so much stuff 😦 and you’re still counting the views! lol so sweet of you Mila! yeah a lot of things seems to be going on but it really is getting down to wrapping up. I hope I could do it sufficiently like how I had imagined it in my head…even though the passion had fizzed out a bit, I’m still making sure I will end this satisfactory for my fans an friends. Thank you for still being here Mila xoxox hugs and kisses to you and family!

  8. Damn!!! Many questions in my head
    -whats happen with SY, she’s dead?i dont think so. And Then what’s it?
    for what jinny do that to her mom?
    – what happen with Sy & Mj in the past because jinny has to save her family until 8 times. I think it related to qahnki and mj’s planet. but What is it? Qahnki lies?
    – how jinny be Qahnki’s wife?i want to know behind story of them. Enemy and then lover
    -When jinny vs qahnki, it will be powers fight? So excited!!
    – didn’t mj be mad when knows his sweetheart daughter married with qahnki?well, mj and Q are friend. They are in same age.. And now Q &Mj are son & father in law. Its little awkward.. lol

    May i get answer now safiresea? Ottoke… ottoke..Im going crazy now* scratching my head*
    By the way , i love this lines:
    ‘you really are a perverted alien’ (similar line on mlfas eps 15, hilarious scene at hospital 🙂 )
    ‘no! no kiss!..if you want your kiss then ensure you come back and get it’ (i’ll be back soon ..LoL)

    • -yeah, she’s dead…no round ways about it and yup JSH did it, she have her reasons.
      -as to what happen to SY & MJ that she have to continue trying to save her parent I won’t go much into but more for your imagination…let’s just say it always end up badly and them apart because JSH didn’t do it the “right” way and now she finally did.
      -awww, lol don’t get too excited as I won’t go much at all into Qahnki and JSH, that’s a whole other story but there’s gonna be enough hints about JSH love life for you guys to be interested hehe
      -hahaha neither MJ or Qahnki is happy about it (JSH isn’t either) and you’ll see why.

      omo sorry my dear for replying late been busy with lots of things so, so sorry 😦

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