Cheon Song Yi Fashion Forward – Episode 3

Welcome to Cheon Song Yi fashion!  JJH playing the character of CSY had put fashion to the forefront.  It’s daring, it’s new, it’s quirky, it’s fun.  I love my girl but I have to say not everything she wear is a hit for me.  As a matter of fact some things she wore I have to wonder where was the fashion police?  But then again, lol, I’m the least fashionable person out there.  I can’t even remember the last time I bought clothes, haha! (no joke) Anyhow, here’s some information about CSY’s clothes from each episode.  You can rate if it’s a HIT or MISS as I will tell you in my own fashionable opinion which category it falls in for me.



#1. Gucci Defender: Normally I like green, green is my favorite color but here it just seems all wrong.  From the cut of the dress, the the busy annoying pattern to the puke green color.  I’m just not digging this whole Gucci ensemble that must of cost a small fortune.  Well, it kinda did considering the Gucci nude canvas double breasted trench coat is about $2200 and the Gucci sailboat print crossover front dress is about $2,900.  Over $5,000 for this mess? no thanks.  It’s not one of my favorite choice of coat either and it makes the green dress looks even worse.  Puke, puke, puke…it’s a MISS for me.

 #2. Gucci Stomach Pain: Aigo, I get that this is a sleepwear and it’s meant to be comfortable but…it’s Gucci and I’m just not feeling it.  This busy heartbeat print top and beachball print bottom that cost around $1,700?  Oh please…give it to me for free and I can’t even guarantee that I would wear it.  I really hate patterns and while the stripes on the shirt help break it up a little…I still hate it…MISS MISS MISS.


#3. Givenchy Hospital Run: If only she wasn’t hunched over the entire time then I can properly assess if I like this or not.  Looking at it from the model, the clothes seems alienish and bulky…doesn’t look that great really.  It’s too vibrantly “flamey” for me. But from the view of JJH wearing it, I seem to have a cool impression of it…but again, there’s no clear shot of her in this as she’s hunch over from agonizing pain.  I like the Givenchy paisley fishtail skirt for sure but I’m not certain about the Givenchy  jacket  top.  We’ll never know the absolute verdict on this but I guess to be on the safe side I’ll go ahead a put a stamp of approval on it 😉 so HIT for now.  On a side note, her Prada glasses looks cool!  But the Givenchy purse looks kinda plane though.


#4. Unkown Hospital Gown: Ok, call me crazy but I actually like her hospital gown much better than a lot of her expensive name brand sleep wear.  It looks so nice and calming even though it has patterns on it, it still manage to seem soothing somehow.  Weird taste in fashion, lol, I know.  It’s a “sleeper” HIT for me! 😀


#5. DKNY Incognito Cross-Examination:  Here we have a mix of many different brands coming together.  The blue coat is from Donna Karan New York (DKNY), her black pants from Siwy, her black and white wolf shirt is from Maje, her two shade sunglasses from Gentle Monster, Dior black purse, and Suart Weitzman high black boots.  Everything works nicely here…even the black scarf that covers her face, lol.  Hit for sure.  By the way, is she trying to make a statement to DMJ wearing that wolf shirt? haha, I think so.



#6. Chanel Salon Prep: Wow!  I can’t believe they have her wear this gorgeousness just to go to a salon to prep herself for the wedding reception on the boat!  This is a dress for like tea parties in the afternoon.  Some of you might not like all the frillyness but it’s classy as heck and she rocked it like no other.  The color (a peachy-white-pinkish color?) also fit so nicely with the style of this clothes.  This Chanel Cruise 2013/14 Collection full ensemble was made for her. HIT all the way, love it lots!!!  Sometimes I can be such a girly girl, lol.


Credit: all pictures as tagged.  Sources from different fashion sites but mainly from Korea Celebrity and Korean Drama Fashion.


As of now, per the results of your votes, this is the Grading posted for the previous Episode 2 Fashion:



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