Fun Little Mini Scripts #5: KSH Court Hearing

The back story about this short script: well…umm…I was just bored one day a while back and decide to put KSH on the stand in regards to his feelings about JJH.  And this is what my imaginary lawyer and judge had to say about it. (for those who’ve seen it, there’s some changes and a small extra bonus at the end so don’t miss that, hehe.


JUDGE: Do you or do you not love Jun Ji Hyun…people and the court would like to know.


KSH: Ummm…Jun Ji Hyun-Sunbaenim is a married woman


JUDGE: That’s not what I ask son, just answer the question.


KSH: (oh sh*t) Can I plea the 5th? No? ok well then…no, no I don’t.


LAWYER: Ok, well…let’s look at the evidence now your Honor…

May I present to you Exhibit A where the defendant states on a radio show a few years back saying, and I loosely quote ” JJH, I love you”…did you or did you not said these words?


KSH: yes…but…


LAWYER: Your Honor, as the defendant state that he did indeed said it…now let us move on to Exhibit B where in, at a separate interview again, the defendant utter the same phrase “JJH I love you” is that correct?



KSH: It was a slip of the tongue!


LAWYER: But you did said it, yes?


KSH: (looks defeated) Ugghhhhh….yes…yes I did.


LAWYER: And lastly, Exhibit C, the most recent incident at Baeksang award where you attend with my said client, JJH, and announce to the whole world “CSY I love you” is that correct?


KSH: YES! Yes I did but see, see I said CSY!! NOT JJH!


LAWYER: That’s true your Honor, the defendant did said CSY’s name and not JJH’s name…HOWEVER!  In many of your interviews did you not often refer CSY as JJH and vice versa saying how similar they are?  Did you also earlier in the show when ask who is your preference between the two ladies sitting next to you…instead of JJH’s name, did you not refer to her as CSY?


KSH: I…what?  REALLY? I said that?

LAWYER: Yes you did!  We have a clip of it too if it pleases the court to view it.


JUDGE: Son, I’m sorry to say this but….all the evidence is stacked up against you.


KSH:….Aigo…I guess you are right!….I do LOVE JJH noona!!……..I CAN’T LIE to myself and the world anymore!


LAWYER: Your Honor, I rest my case.  But my client would like to have a few words with the defendant.


JJH: Soo Hyun-ah can we stop ignoring each other and be together already?  I miss you so much…


KSH: I miss you more Noona…I wish you weren’t married.


JUDGE: KSH, because you lied to the court under oath, you are punished with a sentence to life in love with this woman!  Now kiss already!  Case DISMISSED!






…and the JURORS go wild!!!


12 responses to “Fun Little Mini Scripts #5: KSH Court Hearing

  1. The one & only ‘the judgement of love’ that i want to see.. When it really happens in real life this world will be shake. And i can say: Oh Jesus, thank you so much, you grant our make it happen… And now we can sleep with big smile.* happy ending*. Lets party together guys LoL

  2. Every time I read this it always gives me a good heartwarming laugh 🙂 such a nice script I wish it was real hahaha
    KSH just admit it, u r guilty haha

    • yes, thao…he’s so guilty….no one ask him straight on if he loves her…wonder what he would really said if someone really ask him that on an interview….”ughhh…ughhh…do I have to answer that?” lol probably would be his answer.

      • In a future FM of KSH a question was raise by a not so common fan, Ms Faye Linh: Tell us the truth whether or not u love JJH?

        KSH: ughhh…ughhh…do I have to answer that?

        Ms YL: of course u have to answer us truthfully 🙂

        KSH: yes …. I do love her a whole lot..

        Ms: alright it’s good that u admit it. Now we will help u spread the news kekeke

        👏👏👏✌️haha sorry for rambling story

  3. it’s so fuun!! you are really amazing!i hope there are more of these they are easy and happy to read,in a short time it made me laugh soooooo muchh!i hope there will really be something like that in reality for these two,
    Again thanks for this mini script you are the best!!!

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