Fan Art from Soc Nau and KFC CF For JJH :)

Lately there are two things that makes me happy so I just want to make a post to share it with you guys.  While waiting for the SUPER DUPER GOOD NEWS that JJH would attend the SIDA Awards, I’ll be happy over this instead 🙂 🙂 😀

Lately one of my long time fan & friend Soc Nau created a new art piece.  Her art here is a scene inspired from my Special Edition Take 2 DMJ & CSY Wedding Honeymoon.  If you read it and if you look at the picture below you’ll know what scene it’s from.  And it is one of my personal favorite scene as well.  She also took out a quote from the Fan-Fic to go with the picture as well.  It makes me really happy to see it…the second best gift next to Thao’s Eggies DMJ & CSY hehe.  So my friend, Soc Nau, thank you for this loveliness…hugs and kisses! xoxoxox

P.S. you can see more of her art work here:


And then of course the next thing that makes me happy is the newly release KFC CF of JJH.  Have you guys seen it?  It’s really wonderful for those who want to reminisce on MLFAS.  Can you believe it? Here’s a company that does not have KSH contracted but somehow manage to convey DMJ’s presence and love in the CF….really DAEBAK! (Samsung, Hangda water, and Coffeebene should be ashamed tsk tsk)  I will go out and hunt down the elusive KFC in my hometown and buy lots of chicken to eat for this hahahaha.

Thanks to Seblina in Soompi to give us better understanding of this CF…here’s a quote from her statement:

“…and the subtitles: I miss him who lives far away from me and I believe he can feel my heart.

this sentence applies to the reality as well as the drama, right?

Well, let me illustrate the main idea of the CF:
After DO MIN JOON went back to his planet, CHEON SONG YI misses him from day and night. One day,there is a huge spark in the sky, CSY comes out to her balcony to find a plate of fried chicken, and she knows this is the gift from DMJ, so she raises her head to look at the sparking star in the sky, and say thank you.
it touches me very much, cos i think this is another ending of MLFTS: although DMJ leaves CSY far away, he does’t forget to give her surprise.”



12 responses to “Fan Art from Soc Nau and KFC CF For JJH :)

    • sorry for the late reply, ususally you request it in feedback form but since i’m so late in replying I’ll just grab the email address you enter here and will send to you shortly 🙂

  1. Very interesting KFC ad, playing of of CSY’s obsession with chicken and beer. Do they actually sell beer at Korean KFCs? They can’t here in the States.

  2. Finally! Finally we have someone give 2Hyuns shippers as well as DMJ-CSY justice. See samsung? See Hengda group? See Cafe Bene? Why hurting your wallet and fingers to do PTS but cannot creating a thoughtfully beautiful CF like this. All those years I support KFC isnt a waste, feeling so proud of them. The Cf itself is masterpiece above all CFs that JJH ever plays. With what being said by Faye Linh unnie, I cannot agree more. A gift from DMJ to CSY, her favorite chimek n beer… Wow with this CF alone can fill the emptiness in my heart while waiting for uri OTP for a very long time. Well done KFC, I will continue feeding my stomach with your fried chicken and smashed potato, you are our hero 👏👏👏

    Sóc Nâu art is so awesome and cute. I hope she will solidify her work and become a true/ real artist in the future.

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