My KSH Campaign To Win Over JJH For SIDA

UPDATED: 8/31/14

So I started this silly project about a week back out of the blue and been contemplating should I post them here.  Thought about it, then thought about it some more.  Meh, why not?  LOL I put time in everyday to make them, mind as well keep them all in one area for memory sake…or something of that sort.  So what’s this project about?  Well, if you follow me on Soompi or Facebook MLFAS group then you know what it’s about.  If you don’t, this is a short description of it:

I have self-appointed myself to be KSH advertising campaign manager and representative to appeal to JJH so that it might sway her decision to come to SIDA.  Ok, so I’m not that delusional to think it would really work or anything like that…lol, it is just  for fun mainly ok? (but hey, you never know, JJH might be looking at one of them right now hehe).  It’s still ongoing, I haven’t yet decide when to stop…we’ll see.




















5 responses to “My KSH Campaign To Win Over JJH For SIDA

  1. Really hope JJH will show up at SIDA this time. It will make many hearts happy especially uri Sôhyun. So I’m praying for her appearance as well 🙏

  2. I was laughing at the 8/31 campaign. Sorry about that. But it’s so apt. It’s getting desperate and the need to beg/grovel oh gosh where do get so many ideas flowing out from ? Anyway, thanks. Always make me smile to see your posts. Have a good week ahead.

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