My Love From Another Star – Episode 39


As time approach for the departure, Ahnya said her last goodbye to HK and leaving behind a riddle he must solve.  News of SY’s death devastated everyone close to her.  But when MJ got wind of his wife’s demise he refuse to leave Earth and instead was taken against his will.  Unbeknownst to him, the woman he thought he’d lost forever returned back to Earth, a transformed person.  SY’s miraculous resurrection left everyone speechless and cause a media frenzy in Korea.  But as the days went on, those closest to her quickly realize that there is something not quite right with SY.  Meanwhile YJ and SM faces strong oppositions from their families and friends.  When months pass by with no words from DMJ, SY had to make the difficult decision of abandoning her marriage vows when the chance arises.


Scene 4: Ahnya Farewell to HK

Ahnya: can we take a walk? I need to talk to you.

SY: go ahead Hwi Kyung, I could use some sleep. (HK nod his head.  He walks out behind Ahnya when he suddenly bump into a nurse)

HK: isn’t she too young to be a nurse? And why is she going to Song Yi’s room? (He looked around but no one was paying any attention to him nor the nurse so he just let it drop and concentrate on Ahnya instead)

They are outside the hospital now and walking towards a small park.  There were a few people here and there but they are mainly by themselves.  Ahnya stop and stood under a big oak tree.  HK looked around, seeing that they were pretty much alone, he went behind her and hugged her from behind.  For a moment she squeezes his arms tightly before turning around and away from his touch.

Ahnya: I’m here to say my last goodbye to you.

HK: ya…stop kidding around.  You have accepted my ring (he smile) so I’m not going to hear these kind of words even if you’re just joking. (She look at him seriously) you’re not joking.

Ahnya: no, I’m not. (she pulled out the ring on her finger) I wish I could wear this.  I wish I was just a normal girl who could be by your side.  But I’m not.

HK: but you are! To me you’re not Ahnya from another world…you’re just my girl.  I know that I’m not particularly special but can’t you stay by my side? (She’s about to say something but he cut her off in panic) I know! I will always put you ahead of Song Yi, I promise you.

Ahnya: it’s not that Hwi Kyung. (Sigh)  I don’t know how to put this to you.  We are of different species, I can’t be with you…we’re not allowed, it’s against nature, against…

HK: BULLSHIT! (He held her shoulders) you don’t believe that or else you wouldn’t come down here for me!

Ahnya: it doesn’t matter what I believe.

HK: it absolutely does matter! It matters to me.  Besides, look at Min Joon and Song Yi.  If they can be together why can’t we?

Ahnya: that’s different.  Kisohn was stranded here, he had no choice and he had assimilated…but me, I should have known better…and yet, and yet…

HK: …and yet, you love me. (He pulled her in and hugged her tight…she hesitated for a moment then hugged him tightly)…and I love you.  Please don’t leave me.

Ahnya: (she let out a choking sob, then tried to hold in her emotion, her face contorting with pain) I don’t want to leave you, I don’t. (She hugs him even tighter) you have to believe me.

HK: (he rubs his hands down her hair) I believe you…I believe you.  (HK slowly pulled her out to look in her eyes) what can I do? How can we be together? There has to be a way.

Ahnya: I don’t know.  Even Kisohn…he’d have to come back and answer for his stay here.  It creates an imbalance for earth that cause a lot of headache for the council body.  But now that imbalance is miraculously healed with the bridging birth of Jin Sunhee.  If we…if we were to be together, that imbalance will happen again, they won’t allow it.

HK: I see (he didn’t really see or understand but he didn’t want to worry Ahnya further) then we make our own baby to bridge the imbalance.

Ahnya: (blush and pushed away from him, turning the other way) it’s…it’s not that simple.  A child created by different species is extremely hard to make if not nearly impossible.

HK: (he walk around to face her directly) nearly impossible but not completely, hopelessly impossible.

Ahnya: (shook her head) no, it’s not completely impossible but we ran out of time Hwi Kyung-ah.  I have to leave now…you’ll forget me in no time at all.  You’ll make a family with a normal woman and you’ll be happy and I will be happy for you wherever I am.  I…I can’t take this I’m sorry. (She hand him back the ring)

HK: (stare at the ring) you know Song Yi refuse my rings numerous times in the past, you’d think I’d be use to this by now.  And yet…none of those days feels like today.  Because right now I feel as if I’m permanently broken somehow…(he look back up to Ahnya’s eyes, his own filling up with tears) don’t do this to us…can’t we fought for us like Min Joon and Song Yi did for each other?

Ahnya: (look at him intensely) I don’t know…can we?

HK: you are questioning how much I love you…if it’s equal to the way Song Yi love Min Joon? (Ahnya slowly nod her head.  His eyes move around in thoughts) if…if you can’t stay here because of the imbalance then…then I could come to you.  I will leave everything behind and will live with you on your planet.  If they’ll have me, I will do that.  There’s nothing here I would miss more than I would miss you.

Ahnya: (look a bit shock) you’d do that for me?  What about your family?

HK: of course! This is the twenty first century, a woman doesn’t have to follow the man.  A man can follow the woman back to her home town.  My family had me for thirty something years already.  So, can we do that?

Ahnya: (laugh and cried at the same time.  She touches his face lovingly) no, we can’t.  You won’t last longer than 2 years as the rate of time for you is different than for us.  That’s why Kisohn does not age when he’s here.  His internal clock works differently.  If you’re in my home planet, your intermal clock would remain the same so you would be aging at a much faster rate.  I can’t let that happen to you. (HK looks crestfallen. Ahnya stare up at the sky) I have to go now.

HK: WHAT? Right now? So soon? (Ahnya nod her head) wait! (He pulled out his pen) here take this…it’s not yours, this is mine but I have record over it.  Take it with you and don’t forget about me.

Ahnya: (nod her head and took the pen) I’ll try and think of something, some way to come back…you trust me?

HK: (nod his head) I will do the same, will you be able to hear me when I call for you? (Ahnya nod her head) I’ll call for you when I find the answer. (He leaned in and kiss her sweetly and softly on the lips) thank you for coming here and loving me (his forehead touched hers as he rubs the tears on her cheeks away while tears fall down his own eyes.  She turns away about to teleport when he pulls her waist in towards his body and kiss her passionately, with all the love he have left) this is not goodbye, this is not farewell…this kiss is to remind you to wait for me. (She smile back sadly at him and disappear)

Scene 6: SY Realization

SY felt a hard yank as she float in midair but can’t seem to place her limbs.  She looks down and saw her own body, lying lifeless on the bed.  Does this mean…she’s dead?  NO!  How can that be?  How could JSH have done this to her?  It makes no sense! She saw the doctor walk outside dejectedly and followed him.  He came out to talk to her family, giving them the news of her death. Her mother sobbed uncontrollable as her father held her mother close with his own grief.  YJ shouted angrily at the doctor then kick the trash bin and hit the wall, sliding down hiding his teary face in his hands.  SM sat down in front of YJ, took his hands in hers, laid her head on his chest as she tried to calm him down, both crying.  BJ look at YJ and SM knowingly, then up at the ceiling as tears stream down her face, mumbling SY’s name over and over.  From across the room a door slam open as a HK stumble in but seeing everyone in despair, he fell down on his knees crying by himself, never even reaching the long hallway to SY’s family.

SY doesn’t understand what’s going on.  She tried to reach out to her family but the more she tried the further she’s being pushed away until she couldn’t see anyone or anything.  She was sucked into a void so quickly she couldn’t see anything around her.  Then, everything suddenly froze in a tranquil quietness that settles in through a vast starlit darkness.

Suddenly bright light engulf her.  So blinding it felt slightly unpleasant until colors rushed towards her and she could see herself sitting in some sort of box.  She remembered the petrified feeling of fear until the door open and she look into the smiling face of DMJ.  He looked younger and innocent, extending his hands out to her.  The feelings of fascination and gratitude overwhelmed her.  Everything came back in a floodgate of memories.  Him shielding her, her joyfully painting the scene of his arrival on earth, him gifting her the hairpin…that same hairpin that was at the museum, they going to her parent’s home.  The images are as clear as yesterday and the feelings it brought along are as fresh as spring water on a summer’s day.  Then she suddenly felt the pain searing her back and through her. She remembered the words as she uttered it…that she won’t forget him in any life there after…she also remember his heartbreaking reaction too as she left that body and that earth.  It broke her heart.  The chance to confess her love for him…now gone forever in that lifetime.  YH vowed to herself she would come back to him no matter what it takes.

Apparently, it took more lives than she anticipated.  Memories of those lives also rush back to her but she discarded them away.  They were sad and pointless without DMJ in it…always searching for something she didn’t even know she’s missing until her death and her memories came back.  Only at which time she remembers again her true purpose and had to redo the whole tiring process again but without her prior life’s knowledge.

So this is what death is like…swimming in a sea of your own memories and experiences.  Suddenly she felt pulled or sucked into a different direction and a different kind of memories invade her conscience.  She’s now walking in a serene forest waiting on…her husband?  Without realizing it, she stepped near a hidden cliff and fell down.  At the last moment she held on tight to part of a tree root and scream for help.  That’s when she saw HIM again…her savior.  She knew him but she didn’t know him.  Her Do Min Joon…so this…this is the other her.  Every memory, every emotion came hurdling back rapidly.  The pains of being in love with Kisohn, the ecstasy in his kisses, the injuries at the hand of oppa Jae Kyung.  Every details even till the very end at the gripping fear of the unknown and pending doom when everything she know is floating away to nothingness….how Kisohn, her Min Joon, had stayed with her, had held her closely until the last of her disappear into emptiness.

Her love and gratitude now felt larger than life and many more times infinite then the vast expand of space.  She felt such an intense and deep love for Kisohn…that it almost felt like dying all over again.  But what now? There’s nothing that she could see or know where to go from here.  She felt lost in this dark, starlit sea. Kisohn…what I’d give to see you again my Min Joon.

Scene 8: The Fatal News

DMJ stepped out of the small spaceship onto the camouflage mothership that hovers above Earth along with Qahnki and Ahnya.  They were hailed to the control center and all beamed there.  MJ looked around as his people turn about in their work station to stare at him.  A man walked up to Qahnki, whispering animatedly in Qahnki’s ears.  He looked shocked and glance at MJ.

MJ: what is it? (Qahnki hesitated)

Ahnya: what’s going on? Is there a problem?

Qahnki: I don’t know what to say…or how to say this to you Kisohn…but

MJ: but what?

Qahnki: your wife, she’s dead. (MJ gave a sarcastic laugh)

MJ: what trick are you up to now? She was fine, I just saw her not too long ago.  Is this your plan to keep me? (Qahnki whisper a few words to the other man. The other man nods his head and walk back to his control post.  MJ follow him with his eyes, looking at the multitude of hundreds of hologram screens recording Earth’s event. Then suddenly one screen widens out and took up most of the space.  There was some interference static as everyone look anticipatedly at the screen, especially MJ.  Finally the static cleared out to SY lying in bed with the emergency light on as the nurses and doctors rush in.  They tried to revive her but her heart couldn’t be jumped back to life.  The doctor then came out to give the news to her grieving family. MJ didn’t once blink while staring at the recorded hologram).  No I don’t believe it, rewind it! (The man looks at Qahnki as MJ rush over and press the button marked in his language “re-viewing”…he looked at it again as tears swelled up in his eyes.  He presses the button again, his eyes scanning every detail.  He press rewind again) this is not true…it’s just not possible.  My wife would never leave me, she wouldn’t. (His voice became raspy and angry.  Without notice he slams his fist down on all the buttons.  MJ tried lifting up the control table but realize he had no powers here when he’s no longer on Earth’s atmosphere).

Qahnki: the hologram doesn’t lie, it records what happens on earth, it’s unfortunate about your wife but it is the truth.

MJ: (turn to the frozen Ahnya who’s too shock to react) we need to get back. (Turn to Qahnki) the deal is off for now; I need to get back to my wife.

Qahnki: there is no need for that, your wife is gone.

MJ: I WON’T BELIEVE IT UNTIL I SEE IT WITH MY OWN EYES…FEEL HER WITH MY OWN HANDS (he screams out at Qahnki as he took up the nearest chair and slam it into the hologram control center). THIS THING! THIS THING IS A LIE! YOU’RE ALL LYING TO ME!

Qahnki: restrain him (he made gestures to a few surrounding men who went in to detain MJ but MJ got loose, took that same chair and bear down on the machine again and again as the men tried to restrain him.  They got him pinned down on the floor when Qahnki slowly
walk over and inject MJ with a tranquilizer on the neck, he quickly passes out).

Ahnya: (quietly, her voice quivering) is this true or are you manipulating him? (Qahnki turn to Ahnya looking slightly offended)

Qahnki: this is not something that can be easily faked; you of all people should know that.

Ahnya: but how could this happen (a tear fell down) how could…

Qahnki: I don’t know and frankly I don’t care, it’s not our business.  I will have to take Kisohn home right away as the longer we are here the riskier it will be that he will escape down to earth.  With his enhanced ability and state of mind it won’t be any good for anyone down there.  He’ll destroy the place like he did here. (Ahnya reluctantly nod her head, still in a daze) if you want, you can remain here for a little longer to sort things out.  It looks like our hologram won’t be of much use until it’s fixed.  You can also supervise the restructure as well, you help made it after all.  Also, I understand you have your own personal issue to muck through but I expect you to be done with it all and be back home soon, yes?

Ahnya: (nod her head slowly) how long do I have?

Qahnki: two days should be plenty enough. Set your clock when I leave with Kisohn.

Ahnya: so roughly a little over two months? That’s all?

Qahnki: (gave her a stern look) that’s all you should need.

Scene 10: 3rd Day Post-Mortem

Man: today is the last viewing mother.  Have you made up your mind on what you want to do? Cremation? Burial?

YJ: can you leave us be? Let us get through today.  We’ll give you an answer by the end of the day. (The man nods his head apologetically and left. YJ turn to his mother) I don’t feel right about this mother.  Song Yi…look at her.  Doesn’t she look alive to you, like she’s just sleeping? (his tired, red eyes tear up again).  I can’t imagine burning her or putting her so far down, covered in dirt.  Song Yi…my sister Song Yi wouldn’t like that, she would make a fuss. (He made everyone burst into tears again, him included)

Ahnya; (walk through the door as HK rush over to her and hugged her tight…she pat him and pulled out of his arms, walking over to SY’s mom) I’m sorry to hear about your daughter (SY’s mom nod her head)

SY’s mom: and Min Joon?

Ahnya: (shook her head) he wants to come but we can’t allow that, he’s very emotional and we’re afraid he might hurt himself or someone.  They took him home now.  I did not see this coming…(she step up to look down at Song Yi laying peacefully and prettily in the casket) she still look so beautiful. (Ahnya touch SY’s face and hands, squeezing it) I will miss our quarrel. (She wipes her eyes quickly and step back down, standing next to HK to make room for new guest viewings)

HK: (whisper in her ears) thank you for coming…I didn’t think I’d see you again. (Ahnya nod her head to acknowledge his words)

As the viewing come to an end, SM walks up to the casket with a Phoenix stuffed animal in her right hand.  She tearfully places it by SY’s hand and press the belly.  MJ voice started singing “BoBoBo” as it resonates throughout the silent, somber room.

SY float aimlessly in darkness when she suddenly heard MJ’s voice.  She heard him singing faintly somewhere and started following the sound as it gets louder and louder until she floated into her own mourning gathering.  She saw her body laying still and tried to merge back in but couldn’t as she kept getting yanked back.  She couldn’t get close to her own body no matter how hard she tried.

Suddenly SY felt something or someone behind her and before she could turn around to see, a force pushes her downward.  There was so much pressure she’d thought for sure someone’s pounding her flat.  Only…to sat up gasping for air.  After inhailing sufficient air in her lungs she turned around and face at least 30 flabbergasted, shock-faces.  No one made a move except to gawk at her, their eyes so big, she’d thought it might popped out of their heads.

SY: well, I’m glad to see you too.

Some guests start scampering and running away, trying to find the nearest exit.  A few took some pictures.  Her family and friends stood still, looking horrifically at her.

HK: (slowly approach her) who are you?…WHAT are you? …exactly.

SY: what do you mean? I’m me and you’re my husb…no, no I take that back here you’re not my husband, Min Joon is, Kisohn that is.  (Looking down at where she’s sitting) I need to get out of here…Yoon Jae a little help here? (YJ just continue looking at his sister with his mouth wide open, but not making any move towards her). Mother? Father?  (She looked at them but her mother fainted as her father caught her mother’s fall.  She looks around again and back at HK) Hwi Kyung-ah, are you going to help me out of here or what.

HK: I…(he walk closer to her but grab a metal stick from one of the flower arrangement, waving it in front of him like a shield) don’t make any sudden movement.

SY: (roll her eyes) oh for the love of god!

Ahnya: (came up in front of HK) you can go back I’ll deal with this. (She walk up slowly to SY but with purpose and confident and when she got close enough, extend her hands out to touch SY’s face) you feel real…and alive.

SY: of course I’m real and alive. What’s wrong with everyone? Shouldn’t you be glad that I’m not dead yet? Help me out here Ahnya. (Ahnya carefully help her out of the coffin as SY clutch to the stuff animal tightly) let’s go home…I want to see my daughter.

Scene 13: SY’s Explanation

There was about over a hundred press journalists camping outside of SY’s house.  There were even people traveling in from other bordering countries.  Not only were the press present but religious zealous groups with signs raised over their heads; one proclaiming SY as the devil reborn and the other a miraculous angel…and yet another asking what heaven was like.  Then there’s doctors and scientists who wanted a chance to see her and possibly do a “few” experiments.  They are all making a ruckus outside of her house for the last 3 days and nights.  The crowd just seems to multiply day by day rather than die down like her mother had predicted.

SY: (put her baby down into the tiny crib and about to head upstairs) I’ve had it with these people.

SY’s mother: where are you going? What are you planning on doing now?

SY: mother, it’s been over three days and these buffoons haven’t left our lawn yet!  I can’t hide in here any longer.  They want a statement I’ll come out and give them a statement!

SY’s mother: But you’re not well yet! You know…from just giving birth and (her voice became lower and lower) waking up from a death sleep and what not.

SY: mother! Can’t you see? I’m perfectly fine! I’ve been fine since I woke up. (SY’s mother just wave her hand at her and SY stomp off to her room)

SY’s mother: (turns around to walk back to her granddaughter whispering to herself) and she didn’t see anything abnormal about that?  I was still in pain for weeks after birthing her. (she shook her head)

SY walked into her room and close the laptop she’s been researching on.  She changes her clothes then briefly pauses in front of the mirror, looking at herself.  It was the first thing she had done when she got home, ordered to be reinstatement of her mirrors.  SY put on a demure housewife dress matched with pearl earrings and necklace.  It’s not her usual style…but…it’s not bad, not for this situation anyways.  She picked up her phone and dialed the hospital number.

SY stepped outside holding a wireless microphone as cameras started clicking away and people started hoarding towards her.

SY: if you guys want me to talk you stay 10 feet away from me or else I’m going back in and calling the police again for the fifth times. (They all started scooting backward). Ok, I’m going to say a few things to straighten out this situation and THEN I will answer 3 questions (camera switch over to her agency viewing her live on TV, he shook his head and slap his hand on his forehead pacing around with worry. Camera back to SY)

Crowd: at least 10 questions please!

SY: fine…4 questions…

Crowd: 8! 8 then!

SY: what are we? In the fish market? 5! That’s the final offer, take it or leave it!

Crowd: ok, ok…5 is good!

SY: Wei! What kind of journalism are you guys anyhow? You do realize I’m married to an alien right? AN ALIEN! From out of this world? I don’t see you making a big deal out of that.  I just only woke up from a…slightly long…sleep and you’re camping out at my doorstep.  Ya…I find that really disturbing.

Crowd: Do Min Joon? He seems like a normal chap.

Crowd: …kinda dull and boring too.

Crowd: nothing interesting about him.

SY: (laugh sarcastically) are you saying I’m more abnormal then an alien? (crowd look at each other, lost for words) never mind, never mind. Let’s just continue.  (breath in) Ok, everyone! Listen up please! I’m not a demon! I’m not an angel either.  I’m just me…Cheon Song Yi, the actress that you all know and love (she gave them a beaming smile and bats her lashes).  I’m sure you were all just worried about me but I’m here to tell you that I’m back and everything is normal.  No, I’m not a vampire or an alien or you know (she extends both her arms out and made a contorted face as the crowd scoot back further from her) not like the walking dead zombie thing either.  I don’t bite (she laughs and the crowd laughs nervously with her) well…that is not until I started working again. (Everyone stares at her) it’s a joke…a joke? Yeahhhhh….ok…well just so everyone understand, the situation I’m in where I woke up from the “dead” quote on quote is actually a rare phenomenon of misdiagnose that had happened before all over the world.  As you all can see I’m NOT dead…really I’m not that special.  Hmm…let’s see from what I read of, there’s a man in Africa named Emanuel Tuwa…Tuwagirairmana who was dead for 7 days and came back to life, a Russian man dead frozen solid for 22 days, alive again!  Or George Rodonaia who was like me, pronounce dead for 3 days but came back to life.  Oh, and not too far from us in China, there was a 95 year old woman named Li Xiufeng who was proclaimed dead for 6 days climb out of her own coffin…kind of…like myself I guess.  Well, there’s more cases all around the world…I’m afraid I’m not such an exception.  A day from now the hospital staff will make a press statement that this is all just a case of mistaken death diagnoses.  I was just near dead but not quite dead dead.  (gave a laugh-smile) Questions?

The crowd look crestfallen but the hands rose up nevertheless.

SY: yes, you?

Crowd: is this by chance have anything to do with your alien husband? Did he give you some medication that might have revived you?

SY: no, no…there’s no miraculous medicine that I took from Min Joon.  As a matter of fact, he’d left for his home planet before I was proclaimed dead…if you hear from him please pass the message along that he better get his ass back home. (People laughed) whoops am I allowed to say “ass”?…edit that out please.  Next…

Crowd: do you have any plan to sue the hospital for the wrong diagnoses?

SY: at this time I don’t have any of such intention.  I’m sure it’s all just a terrible mistake.

(Camera show her on the tv screen again, this time it’s Lawyer Jang viewing it in his hospital bed)

LJ: (turn and look at his wife) when did she get so smart and diplomatic? (Laughs and look back at the screen again, eating his tangerine).

SY step back inside the house and look out the window, letting out a relief sigh as the people started packing up and leaving her property.

YJ: (clap his hands) wow, really…my sister is so awesome out there! You don’t know how relieved I am that we deliberated on what to do with you.  We could have really killed you!  (He shivered) gives me the creeps just thinking about it.

SY: (walks by him and slap him on the chest) I wouldn’t blame you…I was really already dead. (She looks at his dumbfounded face) if I didn’t lie to them they’d never leave our lawn. (She walks leisurely to the fridge to grab a drink as if she just announces nothing in particularly important.  She walk back out with her drink, walking pass YJ, still in his frozen shock state, pass the living room and into her own bedroom.

-4 Days Later-

SY father walks into the library and saw his daughter wielding a paint brush.  He tried to hide his suspicion that something is not quite right.  His daughter had never had any interest in art, even when she was a little girl.  He got closer to the desk and saw pictures and drawings of Jin Sunhee in the crib, Min Joon in hanbok, and some other sceneries.

SY’s father: what are you doing?

SY: I’m rediscovering my old passion.

SY’s father: drawing and painting?

SY: (she continue concentrating on her work but give him a flippant answer) aw…uhhuh….(he nods his head slowly and look at his daughter in a confused sideward glance as he walk out the door, still perplex.  The camera pan in on the painting hanging on the wall of the UFO flying over trees that was given to DMJ over 400 years ago.

-10 Days Later-

Jin Sunhee is playing in her crib beside SY who’s sitting on the piano bench composing a song, a pencil in her hair.  She jots down a note and looks at Jin Sunhee.

SY: what do you think about putting that note there honey? Your mama is not bad right? A little rusty but we’ll get back into the swing of things.  Hmhmhmhm (she started humming the notes and trying it out on the piano.  Jin Sunhee just giggled as she float her milk bottle and teddy bear above her, twirling them in a circle, faster and faster, laughing harder and harder with the sound of the music)

YJ and SY’s mother peek in from the doorway shaking their heads.

SY’s mother: I’m starting to feel like I’m living in an alternate world.  Why couldn’t I just have a normal family? Why? (She looks upward, then sigh). You! (She look at YJ) your sister’s life is giving me a heartache enough, don’t follow her footstep!

YJ: (his eyes darted back and forth) by that you mean…

SY’s mother: by that I mean don’t fall in love with an alien or die and resurrect again, giving me a near heart attack.  Anything else I would be fine with.

YJ: really? You really mean that?

SY’s mother: (she thought a bit then nods her head) nothing can be worst then what your sister’s putting me through right now. (YJ grinned widely and hugs his mother)

Scene 14: The Opposing Families

SY’s mother & SM’s mother: (both stood up from the table) ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Both side of the family look at each other nervously.  SM looks at her mother and tried to pull her back down to her seat.

SM: mother please! Can you hear us out first?

SM’s mother: are you out of your mind? I raise you better than this!

SY’s mother: what?! Better than my Yoon Jae? You should have kept your daughter from seducing my innocent boy!

YJ: ma! Ma! It’s not like that! I love Se Mi, I’m the one who seduce her ok?

SM’s mother: you hear that?! Keep your boy away from corrupting my daughter!

SY’s mother: corrupting? Who’s corrupting who? My innocent Yoon Jae is just saying that to cover up for your daughter.  She’s almost 10 years his junior and should know better!

SM’s mother: your son is obviously not innocent!  Just look at your crazy family!  There’s no way in hell am I letting my daughter step foot in that house again!

SY’s mother: who wants her to anyways! My son can do much better! You both are not dating…EVER!  Let’s go Yoon Jae!

SM’s mother: (look affronted) GOOD! You heard that Se Mi? Let’s get out of here…don’t associate yourself any longer with these crazy people!

SM: mother! (Bow her head to SY’s mother) I’m sorry, we’ll be going for now until she cools down. (She stole a glance at YJ, perplex and shrug) as the rest of her family stood up, bow apologetically to YJ’s family, then left.

YJ: Se Mi! Se Mi! (when all of SM’s family was gone YJ look back at his mother) YA!  You just single handedly ruin my life!

SY’s mother: (look slightly guilty) don’t be ridiculous! How could I even…did you see how her mother was? She wouldn’t approve of it even if I did.  Which I’m NOT!  What were you doing with an old maid like her anyways?  You can’t just date girls your age? Why her of all people?

YJ: because I love her that’s why!  Why are you my mother of all people?! (He retorted back and walked out in a huff)

SY’s mother looks affronted and breathes heavily as her husband pats her back to calm her down.  She looks at SY, who’s enjoying the food and ignoring all of their bickering.  She’s cooing and laughing with Jin Sunhee, lying comfortably in her baby chair.

SY’s mother: don’t you have anything to say to this? You’re his sister and that…that girl was your best friend.  How could you be fine with what’s going on?

SY: she still IS my best friend mother and Yoon Jae is grown now, he can make his own decision. (She never lift her eyes from JSH, still playing and laughing while eating)

SY’s mother: ya, ya, Ya! Did you know about this and let it continue to happen?

SY: (stop eating and looked over at her mother seriously) you can’t stop something that’s inevitable, mother. Besides they were already engage at one point.

SY’s mother: ENGAGE?! When? With who’s permission? Omo! Oh, oh…my head, my head! (She sat down holding her head in her hands as SY shrug and continue eating and cooing at JSH)

Scene 16: How To Say Goodbye

SY stood out in her balcony looking up at the night sky.  The clouds unveil the full moon and she sigh.  She took out her phone and replay the clip again as she does every night.  The big bright moon in the background as MJ and her float in the air, he kissed her so lovingly. Tears fall down her face as it always does.

SY: Kisohn, where are you?  You promised to come back for me…it’s been almost a month Min Joon, don’t make me wait for another three years, please…come back, Jin Sunhee is waiting to meet you. (she press the phone to her chest and cried.  A knock at her door pulled her back to the present) yes?

BJ: it’s me! Bokja…can I come in?

SY: (wipe her tears away quickly) yeah give me a second.  (She came and open the door) what’s going on, why are you here so late?

BJ: I’m here to say goodbye.

SY: what? What do you mean goodbye?

BJ: I’m taking some time off the shop and taking a trip through Europe.  I plan to stay a while in Paris.  You know…I always wanted.

SY: (stammer) but…how…when…are you leaving?

BJ: I’m leaving tomorrow morning.  Don’t take me to the airport though, you know I hate those sort of things.

SY: so fast? I’m not prepared!

BJ: (laughs) what’s there to prepare for?

SY: …to let you go…I’m not prepare for that yet (she hugs BJ) well, when will you be back?

BJ: I’m not certain yet…maybe in a few months, maybe never.

SY: does this have anything to do with Yoon Jae and Se Mi? Because if that’s the case…

BJ: (laugh again) maybe a little…but again, when you think about it, they are kinda cute together huh?  It’s just…what happen to you…it made me rethink more about my life.  I’ve never done anything out of my comfort zone.  If I die tomorrow, there’s nothing interesting anyone could say about me.  I’ll just be known as the ajumma that owns the manga shop.  I want more out of life then just that.

SY: (smiled at BJ) come here (she hugs BJ again, tighter this time) to me, you’re the greatest friend anyone could ask for…isn’t that better then any accomplishment? (laughs) joking…(her face turn serious again) thank you for being my friends all these years, you know I’ll miss you and I’ll be right here when you get back.  I’ll support you in whatever you want to do (she sniffle in the brimming tears) Don’t take too long though, as you’re Jin Sunhee’s godmother after all.  You have to own up to your responsibility you hear?

BJ: you’ve changed a lot Song Yi, but you’re still the selfish bitch that I know (she punch SY playfully on the arm and they both grin at one another.  A few pieces of popcorn suddenly flew over, hitting BJ’s face and some landed on her hair.  They both turn around and stare at Jin Sunhee laying in the crib on her belly, her head propped up to stare at SY and BJ…a bowl of popcorn a few feet away, sitting on the table.

SY: (smile and pat BJ’s shoulder) your godmother and I are just playing…just playing honey. (The baby lay back down and continue sucking on her rattle).

SY: (lean over to whisper to BJ) her father is not here so she’s extra protective of me.

BJ: (still looking at the crib as she took the popcorn from her hair and plop it into her mouth, chewing loudly) I can see that.

A few nights later SY couldn’t sleep, though everyone else is asleep…even Jin Sunhee, who never cries and rarely ever sleeps.  SY listlessly walks out to the swing in her back yard and sat down, then rubs her bare arm from the sudden chill.  Ahnya appeared next to her on the swing but SY didn’t bat an eye.

SY: what brings you here?

Ahnya: you no longer jump when I appeared.

SY: (smile slightly) don’t get your hopes up so high…but I think I’m getting used to you being around.

Ahnya: (smiled as well) still…it saddens me a bit that I can no longer ruffled you up. (She open up a small blanket and drape it around SY, covering her bare arms) the weather is getting cooler, dress warmer so you don’t get a cold…MJ wouldn’t want that (she sniffles and looks away)…and don’t get your hopes up, I might not be around for much longer.

SY: (gaze inquiringly at Ahnya) why does it sound like you’re saying goodbye to me?

Ahnya: that’s because I am. (They both became silent for a while). When I thought you had died…I really…(clears her throat) that is I was really sad for Kisohn.

SY: …I would have missed you too…(they both turn around and look at each other, both their eyes turning red with tears…SY look away first) what is with this stinging wind…really stung my eyes (she sniffle)

Ahnya: (turn away to wipe her nose real quick) I’m leaving for home tomorrow.  Our hologram is fixed and I still can’t come up with a solution for my life with Hwi Kyung.  There’s nothing left to do now but to go back home.

SY: I’m sorry about you and Hwi Kyung, are you sure there’s no other way? (Ahnya shook her head sadly and SY nod her head) will you tell my husband that I’m waiting for him?  That I miss him…no! Scratch that!  Tell him if he doesn’t come home soon I’m going to run away and marry another man! Yes, tell him that! (Ahnya smile and nod her head) you should come by the house tomorrow morning and have breakfast with us before you leave, before to beam up to your ship that is.  It’s best to leave on a full stomach.

Ahnya: (laughs) it doesn’t work like that, I don’t have the power to beam myself all the way out of Earth’s atmosphere and into our ship.

SY: (look at her with wide eyes) then how do you do it?

Ahnya: like how you guys do it…by taking a plane.

SY: you mean…like getting on a smaller spaceship and…(she made a swish upward with her hand) fly up out of here? Like how MJ arrived over 400 years ago?

Ahnya: yeah…how did you know about that? (SY just shrug noncommittally)

SY: (quickly change the subject) so where is this “plane” going to pick you up?

(The camera pan out and muted their conversation as they both chatted together for a bit longer)

Scene 17: SY’s Final Decision

SY sat on the couch the next morning feeling miserable.  Partly because she stayed up too late missing Min Joon and partly because it seems everyone is leaving her.  She started cleaning around the entertainment center just for some distraction, sorting through old DVD’s when she saw it…the DVD of her wedding with MJ.  She stare at it for a bit longer, the turn it on to re-watch.  She remembered the occasion but somehow a part of her felt fresh and new, like seeing it for the very first time.

She laughs watching her friends and her preparing for the wedding, them making jokes, etc.  She fast forwards to when her father was holder her hand walking her down the aisle.  SY put down the remote, her eyes glued to the screen.  She began to tear up watching herself step closer and closer towards Min Joon as they start exchanging vows.  SY began crying so hard she couldn’t hear the vows any more so she took the remote and press the volume to its max.

MJ: …I promise you that I will be the best husband that I could possibly can be.  Although I can’t promise you that I’ll always be there for you, because there are things I don’t have control over, but know that wherever I am…no matter how far we are apart…I will always find my way back to you…you’re my home…you’re my heart…a person can’t live without a home and a heart for very long…not even this alien (he laughs, the crowds laughs with him and cry with SY).  I hope you’re ready to become my wife because I’m greedy and selfish when it comes to you…I can’t say till death do us part…even in death I will never let you go (he lean in and kisses away the tears trailing down her face).  Honor me by becoming my wife…forever.

SY: …forever (she repeats after him her voice breaking as she wipe away the torrent of tears running down her face) I told myself not to cry but look at me right now I’m such a mess…(MJ smiled softly and shook his head at her.  She inhaled her sniffle trying to compose herself) ….funny you should mention forever…what does that word means?  I used to not have any concept or worry or care about such a simple word…such a childish word.  But since I’ve meet you, known you, fell in love with you…all I could think about is that word “forever”…dissect it, analyze it, dream it, wonder about it, wish for it.  In such a short time you have become my world and my universe…I can’t ever imagine my life without you in it.  In this life, there’s no one before you…and there will never be anyone after you.  Should there comes a day when you leave my side, it doesn’t matter for whatever reason, I will wait for your return until the day you come back no matter how long it takes…if I wasted this whole lifetime, then I will continue waiting for you in the next and the next until you come for me.  This is the promise I’ll make to you as your wife…for all time.

SY was sobbing so loudly along with the loud volume of the TV that her whole family came to the living room looking at her pitifully from behind.  SY’s mother is holding JSH as the baby’s face puckered up and fat tears rolled down her chubby cheeks.  They all stare at JSH and then at each other…then back at SY…it was the first time they’ve seen JSH cried.

SY suddenly stood up and turn around.  She stop short as she look to her family.  Then she walked over to her baby.

SY: my poor Sunny…don’t cry.  Mommy is going to go get your daddy back.  (She look at her mom and dad then at YJ) take care of her for me, I have something important to do that can’t wait.  (She took one last look at JSH, then at the clock and rush out of the door)

SY’s mother: where are you going? At least change your clothes! You’re still in your nightgown for god sake! …your shoes! Shoes!!

SY got in her car, in her bare feet and peel off.  She look at the clock, half an hour…she could make it…she could make it if there’s no traffic.  She drove as fast as she could but hit a snag in traffic.  She look out the window, seems like an accident had stall all the lanes.  SY honk her cars in frustration but no one seems to move.  She slams her fist on the steering wheel in frustration and looks at the clock again, 24 minutes.  SY glance back at the traffic once more, got out of her car and slam the door…she started running to the side road as everyone gawk after her.

Her nightgown whipping in the wind and her bare feet felt raw on the pavement but she didn’t care.  Her stomach hurt painfully as she gasps for air.  She ignored everything…only the thought of getting to her destination.  This is it.  This is her only chance…her last chance.  Camera close up on her running feet, traveling up to her sweating neck and flowing hair.  Then close up to her determined, watery eyes as SY narrates in the background:

I’m sorry Min Joon.  I can’t keep my promise and vows to you.  Not after everything that happened between us.  I’m not going to sit and wait for you, not anymore…not in this lifetime.  You just sit tight and wait for me this time around…I’m coming for you Kisohn…I’m coming for you.

The screen blacked out and all can be heard is her harsh breathing for about 3 seconds…then the episode fades out.


20 responses to “My Love From Another Star – Episode 39

  1. Omo. In the last ep I thought Sunhee tried to pull out a trick that made SY become temporary dead… But she actually died and resurrect again, but suffering personality change? Don’t tell me she can be both altSY as well as regular SY now haha finally things become more interesting again. Really looking forward to ep. 39.

    • wahahahah, a number of near death that I have to make one a real death! I’m so evil….but yeah I’ll revive her so all is well again with the world…sort of 😉 ahhh…if only I can stop getting sidetracked by other projects and finish 39 already *sigh*

  2. Ya know, I get the sneaky suspicion that SY is really altSY. I’ll have to wait for the release to confirm…

  3. what happen with SY now? amnesia or else? * confused

    congratulation safiresea, Happy birthday “saengil chukhahaeyo” i hope the best for you ^^. i want to send you birthday cake but i cant post it so check your email.^^

  4. Before i start my comment..Happy Birthday Faye…..belated always off line now a days that is why..anyway Song Yi is the girl from 400 years ago..MJ and SY i destined for each matter in what world they lived in they are partners forever i hope i wish i pray this is in reality i am afraid it will still remain a dream for all of us hard core shippers of MLFTS lead stars..huhuhuhu..but faye as usual thank you for this episode it somehow ease my missing JJH AND KSH ..

    • awww, I’m glad it eases some longing for them….I understand, things been a little slow and quiet, what can we do? lol natural process of life I guess. Well, I hope you enjoy the last remaining few episodes and I will try hard to keep the quality until the end 😀 Now I kind of understand why most K-dramas start to dwindle towards the end…if they are doing this semi real time, it gets exhausting by the end! It really does! HAHAH

  5. Great eps!! i cry i laugh at same time… There is new Sy… 3 characters in 1 person (Yh, sy, altsy)..firstly i afraid with sy., why she acts like has differents personality . But i realize this is the reborn of Sy , she is Cheon Song Yi still, but this Sy is wiser & smart person after her
    I guess sy will go with ahnya… Go!!Go Sy!!pick up mj soon …
    Where is jinny?.. I hope she always beside Sy when Sy on mj’s planet. I hope not something bad happen..

    Ohooo… and i dont want to miss it:
    *Hk to ahnya: then we make our own baby to bridge the imbalance ( pali pali pali… lol)
    *Crowd: Do Min Joon? He seems like a
    normal chap (what?he is the most wanted man by all girls. Every girl always screams whenever & wherever see him )
    Crowd: …kinda dull and boring too.( WTH, how u dare said like that huh? He’s very smart & funny, sometimes looks childish boy but its cute, our baby soo-man has multi talents: act,sing, dance,and dont forget he’s a good kisser too..haha)
    Crowd: nothing interesting about him (are you blind? Cant you look his charms, handsome face, his bright eyes, his body & sexy abs, especially his lip, you want to suck more and more like suck sweet lollipop. You cant resist it all…lol )
    Crowd: oh im sorry i dont know before, i regret of my words, now i can understand after your explanation… Yess!!!he’s absolutely hot alien.. Then the crowd become a fans of Dmj (or ksh… Kyaaaa!!!)

    @safiresea: next episode XD

    • hahha, funny girl you! to be had, DMJ in the show is not KSH the actor kekekeke….but we all still love DMJ right? aish, what do those people know anyways.
      And don’t worry about SY, she can hold her own….it’s her turn now in a different environment, who’s to say oh if she doesn’t have her own “super-powers”? 😀

  6. Hi Faye, as promise on my email to you, here’s my comments for eps 22-39, it’s a long review… Sorry…

    I like your writing style, the script format allows MLFAS fans like myself to imagine we’re watching a continuation of the show, it’s easy to follow and quickly draws us into the story… Most the characters closely mimic the original ones in both body language and speech that it’s easy to forget that they’re not written by Park-nim… The addition of new characters were a nice touch, to have Alt-characters living in a parallel world to this world’s counterparts, whilst their external influences differ their core being stays the same and, when push comes to shove the Alt-people, like their internally-mirroring selves of this world act as their nature intended them to, whether it’s a good thing or bad, that depends. For me, it’s a good thing, I agree that the core self is a constant, whilst external stuff are variables that fluctuates in reaction to it’s surrounding… As to the rest of the new characters kudos to selecting great casts for Anhya, Qahnki and JSH…

    The JSH character is DAEBAK! I was teary whilst SY watched her wedding vows, but JSH-baby’s following actions tipped me over the edge… otoke, Omma, Appa 😦 BTW, how “slowly” will JSH age?

    SJK /Qahnki, at first I thought he’s too old for 16 year old KYJ/JSH, but I reckon the adult JSH will be played by an older actress so it’s fine to ship Qahnki-JSH. Plus we can’t forget that her parents are also over 400 years apart. So here’s to a Season 3, The Qahnki-JSH Story? 😀

    As for SY, she still feels the same as in MLFAS, maybe improved after the rebirth/resurrection, DAEBAK! (*Side-note: Well done on incorporating religion seamlessly and without bias or offense, the info is also accurate: Buddhism – enlightenment – reincarnation – memories and wisdom belonging to souls are forgotten once they’re reborn and life takes over… Christianity: “Love is patient, Love is kind…” JSH quoting the Bible, which I also love… But for now, let us all worship the Mighty Kisohn…LOL)

    MJ character is a little under-written in certain aspects, but grew in other ways… there’s minimal intellectual dialogues in comparison to MLFAS where his professor, lawyer, doctor and historically cultivated lines emphasized his age and experience. Those lines were long but had good balance of wit and humor… In saying this, it’s still understandable that you didn’t include these scenes as it would take a long time to research each profession for new material and “need time to marinate”(quoting Faye)… without those parts the richness in wisdom of MJ’s character is reduced… Albeit, his growth into a more opened feeling person, i.e. MJ becoming exuberantly romantic, was pleasant to see… Overall, it’s great as is for fan-fiction (I too wish for an edited version of your script with Park-writer-nim’s collaboration… praying that she sees your work).

    Thank you again for filling in most of the plot-holes from MLFAS. Very skilfully done. You created a few new plot holes but they don’t affect the story as a whole… and a little bit of mystery is needed to keep the viewers intrigued, it also leaves an opening for possibilities of a third season…

    My queries aside, you did say somewhere that you’ll only write the things that is important to the main plot and not the finer details, though I kind of wish this was a novel, as it’d be nice to read in depth details of MJ’s life…

    – There’s no scenes or mention of MJ at work in this world… Did he not get a new job upon his return? Or he decide to live off his riches as a jobless Chaebol?

    – i.e. How does “Kisohn” get a curator job and an apartment within the “first year” in the Alt-world? No one can get a curator job without paperwork i.e. credentials… This is 2014 Alt-world with nothing but the clothes on his back, perhaps a phone and wallet (ID’s under DMJ, and phone not registered in Alt-world), will super powers and intelligence be enough to get that curator job and an apartment?… I guess there’s no need to question his level of awesomeness 🙂

    – Alt-SY requests 2 things of MJ that contradicts each other; she asks MJ to take the box to remember her by, then why bother ask him to erase her memory and forget her? Is Alt-SY just confused and fickle minded? Though, I do love the scenes with MJ and letters…

    – How come SY have no recognition of her own hand writing?

    – Teleporting with pregnant SY; Anhya couldn’t risk doing it but MJ did it twice before, and JSH herself, WTH? Is it because it was later in the trimester?

    – JSH said that only MJ can pass through the wormhole, that no one is connected between the two worlds but him… MJ never divulged about Alt-world / Alt-SY… JSH knows due to her time-traveling… In retrospect, JSH speech feels shoehorned in as it contradicts with the past and future scenes…. How did the aliens monitor him in the wormhole if they can’t pass through? Is his DNA-tracking device used to see through his eyes too/ hologram?… If he is the only one “connected…” where does that leave JSH? Isn’t she the “bridge” between both worlds where her birth corrects everything? He later told Alt-SY that JSH is the bridge…I reckon that JSH’s speech should be reworded somehow…

    – SM naked scene…*winner* But no good-boy would pull off a lady’s towel…or would he? Well, you did say he was trying to shake off that nerd image, right? MLFAS put MJ in a towel whist showering… it ruined the illusion of nakedness…

    – We’re told it’s because MJ is boring that nobody cares that he’s an alien which is great for comic relief but it’s not believable… NASA? Korean Intelligence Agency… where are you?… Hmm, your humor here is better than logic/realism… you win!

    On MLFAS, they traveled with the comet as disguise and because it’s orbital path coincides with Earth’s every 400 years. The flying saucers were witnessed by some people. It seems that they needed to “come and go” with the comet… Ahnya and Qahnki arrived with the comet… So, is this camouflaged mother-ship a new technology of “their” last 10 years too? So, no more need for the comet as they now come and go anytime? Are the planes camouflaged? Why the need for hiding if the Earthlings are aware and doesn’t care? *sigh, over analyzing*

    Sorry it’s a looong read, I actually had to cut down a lot, mostly were opinionated suggestions. Anyway, I can’t wait for Ep 40 as I reckon it’ll be another great read 🙂 Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing it… Hwaiting!

    • WOWOW…Bobo, that is a looong one 🙂 thank you so much for taking the time out to write to me 🙂 I’m glad to hear some great pointers that you pointed out. Let me see if I can answer any of them now.

      – lol on DMJ being jobless Chaibo! It’s true I didn’t touch up on his profession, I’m assuming he’s taking back up his professor role…so to appease you I’d say he’s back to being his professor self 🙂

      – hahaha I’m assuming here that with his power and smarts it shouldn’t be a problem for him to get a job as curator especially knowing all his knowledge of history. Besides “hacking” into system isn’t all that hard…where there’s a will there’s a way. There’s a true story about a thief “catch my if you can” is the movie with Leonardo Decaprio? who impersonated so many different person at such a young age and using fake money, etc. HAHAHA he’s a normal human being so I don’t doubt it’s nothing for DMJ

      -Alt SY request is a paradox of each other…it’s a perfect description of a female mind 😉 say one thing but mean another? of course she wanted him to forget her so that he have an easier life and not feel guilt ridden, she ask that of him FOR HIM…but giving him the box of memories, she ask that for HER even though in the back her mind I’m sure she knows or hope that he won’t open it, as she did mention in her speech that even if he never opens it she’s fine with it as long as he just take it with him where ever he goes. As a woman, I would think the sentiment is that she want a part of herself to be with him even if that self is in “recession” or in the furthest recess of his mind. Make sense?

      -SY don’t have recognition of her own handwriting…haha that I deffinately didn’t think of 🙂 although I must add that people change their handwriting and the style of the way they write all the time so imagine growing up “differently” or separately of each other. They say handwriting tells a bit about the person’s personality…if both have different personality I would imagine they both have different way of expressing and writing. Maybe SY handwriting would be childish and bold and alt SY handwriting would be more feminine and refine…she’s an educated pianist after all not a self-centered, spoiled actress who didn’t finish school.

      – ok you had me on this one…when did DMJ teleport with SY while she’s pregnant? and when did JSH teleport with her mother? did I miss something? lol I do have bad memories though…can you point out where or which chapter that was on cuz I was pretty sure pregnant SY never teleported WITH anyone.

      – which of JSH speech are you referring to my dear? To say that JSH is the bridge does not necessitate that she have access to both world just that her birth grounds MJ to this earth vs the alt earth and “forces” in a sense the death of the other world or merge if you will. That’s good that you pointed out how they might monitor him in the other world, I haven’t thought much of that but I imagine its the same way they are monitoring Ahnya through her to this earth. Like you said, if this was a novel I might have to think deeper into that but since it’s centering on the drama aspect and not sci-fi that’s why I didn’t go into detail on that. But that got me thinking, so thanks for pointing that out 🙂

      -SM naked scene, haha, I’m so glad to hear someone voice out about that. Even when I was writing it I knew it was out of character for YJ to do that but I did it anyways because I wanted to emphasis his “change” when the world merges while that point where you know the earth was “eating” up the other “earth” and it’s essence as it was raining sparks. In the alt-world, I imagine SM and YJ relationship had progress passed that point, he is engage with her and they are very lovey dovey in love so I want to insert the most dynamic changes at the pivotal point…you could say his alt self was more dominate at that time.

      – hahaha yeah it’s true it’s for coming relief…but also, it’s base on what’s the first show has depicted because indeed it did seem like no one gives a hoot who and what he is. And look at all the fans watching this show? have you seen the comments?!?! “If there’s an alien like that I want myself an alien” “where can I find an alien like that” “I want to work for NASA if that’s what aliens look like” ….indeed we humans have this shield of “glossing” over what we deem as too normal. If the aliens look like a giant talking octopus then I’m sure everyone would be talking about it and NASA government and everyone else would be scared, tried to kill it, or looks for ways to dispose it, or give it their utmost attention. But look how “NORMAL” DMJ looks and talks and behaves. People probably have more interests in gossip then such an “uninteresting” alien who’s so normal he’s practically like any other person. I know if a green, big headed, ugly species came to my house I’d probably panic and do all kinds of things from calling police to trying to kill it, etc. But if a man similar to DMJ were to come to my door and announce sweetly he’s an alien, I’d invite him in for tea and possibly see how I can seduce him! HAHAHAHHA….such is human behavior, it’s strange but we adapt easier to things we deemed the same as us and outcast those we find odd or strange to our standards.

      – Actually, Ahnya and Qahnki didn’t come with the comet, 3 years ago they came with the comet but not 3 years later…during the 10 years plus 3 years, I’m sure they had made plenty progress…in alien years…that’s like over 500 years or so our time. ahahha it’s ok to analyze but yes, any analyzing you might do I can have an explanation…it’s because it’s not necessary in the script but our heads can make up stuff as we go base on where we want it to go. As far as I know earling or only a selected group of earlings know of DMJ alien existant, and he’s just one guy. I’m sure no one would leave be and wave their hands or brush things off if you see a whole ship with other aliens coming down to earth. That would scream something else entirely (like possibly a hostile take over?) but if there’s just one….what’s the harm in that? At least that’s what I would think. If ships start appearing in the middle of the day in Korea, there would be mass panic and widespread coverage for sure 🙂 hence the camouflage still in effect. Although, can I give you a spoiler? ok maybe not a spoiler really because I don’t have an intent to carry on…but supposedly the fight to unite Earth and MJ’s planet will be carry on by JSH…and her love/hate fight with Qahnki….that’s where I image you’d see more conflict in both worlds.

      As per your question on how fast/slow JSH age, I decided she will age the same as Earling as her mother but her powers came from her father 🙂 so a balance of both. HAHAHA…Qahnki & JSH, you won’t have a problem to ship them cause the person play Qahnki, at least in my casting, is quite young looking 😉 and doesn’t seem to age either Joon Ki…as for JSH she’d be 16ish playing an 18 year old girl…not too far off? cuz that’s when she’s marrying Qahnki…whoops I’m giving away all kinds of spoiler ahahha…but….are you sure it’s going to be Qahnki and JSH? lol there might be someone else you haven’t known yet…if Qahnki is the equivalent of her father’s side then who’s to say there isn’t an Earthling somewhere on her mother’s side that vie for her love or that she loves? 😉

      ahhh…lol you noticed too that I didn’t concentrate on DMJ? it’s true I didn’t. As I think season one was about him a lot at least his personality and thinking etc. I want this to be more about SY & alt SY & JSH and perhaps some love lines for side characters as the first season was centralizing on only DMJ/CSY…not a bad thing but i just wanted it to be different and have a different outlook then the first season without it deviating too far from it…make sense? I want the struggles to be more in SY’s arena and her “overcoming” of it and her “realization”

      Thank you for discussing these topics with me it surely made my drive for the story to be revived 🙂 now I must go and see if I can start and finish episode 40 for you guys 😀

      • Hi Faye, OMG… you are impressive as a person and as a writer… Hmm, no right word to describe you… You’re…”SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS”, yes, that’s it!… Thank you for answering all my questions even going above and beyond… you practically wrote me/us a supplementary guide… what an awesome morning gift, this is better than coffee and a croissant or pancakes *kikikik*… Gamsahabnida (90 degree bow).

        As I mentioned earlier, none of the things I pointed out affects the story as a whole… I simply asked those questions because I wanted to get your take on them… and I’m glad to hear that your answers follow my train of thought… I considered those possibilities too in regards to:

        – DMJ going back to being a professor… *deep breath out of relief **phew…*

        – As for DMJ in Alt-world and his curator job you’re 100% right about his power and smarts, he’s way better than Leo’s character *he he he*, love the reference on “Catch Me If You Can” fantastic movie I must say… In my head I also came up with a scenario where he teleports into a bank vault etc., then I quickly erased it from my mind as it ruins MJ’s image… ROFL 😀

        – Alt SY paradox… I agree, I’m the same as her in that respect… Oh my fickle female mind and my poor hubby every time I’m upset with him and tell him to leave me alone…poor guy doesn’t know if he has to leave the room or the house, but he always chooses to stay nearby, I’d tell him to leave for his sake and wish he’d stay for mine…LOL… I forgot to mention that you write couple scenes of fighting, play and love, in an extremely realistic manner that only through experience can one express it in that way… You must have been through a lot in life or just one hell of an observant person or both…

        – SY and her handwriting… even mine varies somewhat according to my mood, so you’re right again 🙂 …with both SY’s living in a different existence after the truck accident it definitely would be altered somewhat, but I still reckon that they have certain habits in writing that they can’t break from a young age that’s not easily noticeable to an untrained eye, so yeah… SY would not even notice unless it’s pointed out to her… sorry over analyzing again 😦

        – Pregnant SY teleport? I’m glad I reread the story in it’s entirety and took notes on this in order to back up my queries (as a your fan it is my duty to help point out questionable parts because I only want your future success) …I didn’t see anything wrong with SY being teleported but don’t get why Ahnya counldn’t risk it. SY teleports in:

        – Ep 26: MJ teleports them from BJ’s house into the closet then to the lodge.
        – Ep 27: SY, with help of JSH teleports to get ice cream and to play in the sand.
        – Ep 32: MJ b’day surprise, seems like he teleported them from the picnic outside into their bed.

        – JSH speech in Ep 36 – “JSH: (shook her head) no father. There is no one that’s connected between the two worlds but you. No one can go there and no one there can come here, not even myself. You’re the only one capable of it. She needs you…”… I get that JSH can’t access both worlds that part makes sense, even more that you explained it further, maybe if it was written in short that the aliens can’t access but is monitoring him like they do Ahnya…

        [It’s more plausible for me, just me, if they’re not able to see MJ through the barrier, here’s my scenario: they’re aware of the wormhole’s existence and it’s purpose through research but, can only gather info from the outside, hence why the Galactic Council really wants MJ’s first hand account.. every time he jumps back and forth his DNA tracker alerts them, they see on hologram screen and notice his outfits keeps changing etc… his jumps are too short for them to catch up with him for questioning… upon his final trip, for the first time ever, they witness he’s carrying an item, a box… Ahnya, the researcher in charge of MJ, observes… since he never opens the box she can’t see it’s content… incognito, Ahnya teleports to MJ’s library and uses her powers like he does to retrieve it…checks out contents, +30 letters…puts it back in place…reports to HQ about Alt-world… before, all their data was based on speculation and deduction but now they have confirmation… then Ahnya uses this knowledge about Alt-SY against MJ…] (I guess it’s too complicated of a story for a fan-fic script, your simplified explanation that he’s monitored like Ahyna works so that’s okay too.)

        – SM naked – YJ naughty boy, I totally agree… I forgot about the merging of worlds affecting their current personality… thanks for pointing that out 🙂

        – Exposed MJ – I PREFER your comic relief version don’t get me wrong… *sigh* you went with MLFAS’s reasoning (a plot hole to begin with, at least you stayed true to MLFAS) of people being too shallow to see past his looks and lifestyle, regardless he’s still an ALIEN “worthy of being explored (face turns red :D) and exploited”… If I remember correctly, in the show only a few people knew and the rest of the world thought it was a Hallyu stunt or magic trick, but in your version SY and the crowd are talking openly about him, to imply every human finds him boring enough to ignore is an understatement… It’s true we humans do “gloss” over things as you put it but we are also individuals no one person reacts the same to any shared event, not everyone have the same tastes either and at least one person will not be fooled – netizens in general may not care but professionals of the paranormal think pragmatically, why do animal testing on cute bunnies etc. but not our cute DMJ? This part of the story makes humans sound like sheep worthy of being dominated by a superior species, Qahnki is right to be unimpressed by Earth/Earthlings 😦 …I’d invite MJ over for tea too, possibly kick hubby out of house 🙂 Yup, we would panic if we saw the mother-ship :)… *Hands on face, eyes popped out of socket, heart skips a beat* SPOILER? You tease!!! Noooo… me want Season 3 *crying inside*(please)… LOL, a fight between planets where they can’t kill each other but may manipulate their enemies to kill it’s own race instead *kikikiki*…

        – Yep definitely not necessary for script, just queries. Ahnya didn’t come with the comet in 2014? I assumed she did because of her earliest recording in 2014… Ah, so they arrived with the “DMJ comet 2017” that YJ discovered, right? COOL!

        – (BTW, I love Joong Ki, Running Man and a fan of Yoo Jung) Not a spoiler, you already mentioned that they’ll marry in the future… noooo, Qahnki for JSH all the way, he starts off as mysterious/seemingly bad, marries her for whatever political purpose – alliance…then falls hard for her… but has to get past DMJ too… Qahnki helps her in secret whilst openly fighting against her…she may think she’s in love with some human and fights to end her marriage, maybe realize too late that she loves Qahnki too? Oh, my poor shippers heart… Writer-nim, you bad lady for giving me so much to fantasize over 😦 (just kidding).

        – Yeah, a new outlook from the 1st season is okay, I just missed that part of MJ that’s all, glad you put it back into the honeymoon special – LOL studies in Harvard…

        THANK YOU for replying and making this a very intellectual discussion, you’ve surpassed my expectations when it comes to creativity and imagination… I think this will be my last long post, I will patiently await for Ep 40, take your time and I hope you get plenty of rest. Hwaiting!
        From Bobo

  7. Hi Faye, I just posted a long review, hope it goes though to you as I don’t see it on the board as yet… *worry, worry*

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