Exclusive Interview #3: Super Fan Emelyn Grace

It’s been a while since I did another of this fan interview…I’m very glad that I found another totally die hard fan, Emelyn Grace.  You may not know her because she’s not on Soompi nor had she been on this site before, so how did I find her?  Because she’s also an admin of a FB site that I’m also an admin of.  One day I stumble across a comment she made about how her daily life was….every morning she woke up she turns on MLFAS and watch it before starting the day.  I thought that was pretty hard core hahaha (and kinda thought she was joking too, turns out she wasn’t kidding) and so now I’ve decided to recruit her as my next Super Fan.  Interestingly enough, I picked the right moment because tomorrow or rather today (we have different time zone) would be her birthday (both her and I are Virgos as my birthday is just one day after hers, what a coincident!) so I hope you also wish her a Happy Birthday.  It seems Emelyn is a HUGE fan of JYJ and TVXQ but she had made a special exception for MLFAS to put in her collection along with her normal collection.  Here’s some pictures of her MLFAS collection:

interview1 interview2 interview3 interview4

Safiresea: Fan, what’s your real name and where are you from?  

“Emelyn Grace T, De Jesus from Philippines”

Safiresea: How old are you and what’s your nationality?

“I’m 29, turning 30 in a couple of days…Philippines”  (my comment: wow we have almost the same B-day!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMELYN!!)

Safiresea: If you’re in Soompi, what’s your handle name there?

“Nope I don’t have dear.. but if I get to connect using fb, it would be aoki azumi reyes”

Safiresea: Can you send a picture of yourself so we can associate with you?



Safiresea: When did you watch MLFAS?

“I watch it as it airs in Korea around December..”

Safiresea: How many times have you watch it since?

“me.. how many times??? hmm after the end in the middle of march, I always watch it everyday.  Yep.. everyday. I can’t sleep without watching it. until now.  I even have a copy of it in my phone, if I will count, it would at least more than 50 times, 50 times full watching all the 21 episodes.. yes, I have watch the full 21 episodes almost 50 times .. more than that I think.. “  (my comment: WOW speechless, she took it to a whole new level!!…I don’t think anyone can beat her in this, I give her first prize award for hardcore fan!!!)

Safiresea: How would you rank MLFAS in comparison to other K-drama?

“in terms of ranking, in romance category I will give it a 100% it actually includes all the stages of love, beginning, infatuation, obsession, love, desire, romance and death. It lingers on the best mixture of love, TIMING .. perfectly timed love story” 

Safiresea: Name the crazy things you’ve done in the name of this show or associated with this show?

“crazy?? hmm when I fly over to Korea and went to Dongdaemun design plaza and see for myself the setting for MLFAS.. spent two days spazzing all over the place and I am planning to again this coming November with my family..” (my comment: wow, that is sooo neat, I wish I could go too)

Safiresea: If there’s one thing you can change about the show, what would that be?

“to change, nothing, it is perfect as it is. If I will change anything , it will be predictable for me, and as I have been watching seen 1999 dramas, may it be Korean, Japanese or Taiwanese, that element of surprise is what i crave for each drama.” (my comment: wow, she watched so many dramas already I bet!)

Safiresea: What element of the show did you like most and explain why, here’s some samples: the love story, the scifi/fantasy, the suspense/thriller, the fashion, the comedy, the casts, etc.

“the element of unpredictable reactions from all the casts, the unprecedented storyline, and the craftsmanship how they start and end the drama, even the end part of each episode is unique. I love it”  (my comment: yeah I love that it was unpredictable as well so very surprising in a fresh way)

Safiresea: Have you recruit anyone else to watch the show? If so how many and whom?

“yes, almost all my co employees, all my friends, and even my high school friends”  (my comment: I must really suck at persuasion, you guys are daebak!)

Safiresea: Have you watch other shows since and how do they compare to MLFAS?

“hmmm, I compare based on different genres, but as for me, the element of surprise is what captivates me to put MLFAS in an elevated level.  Romantic comedy as it is categorized, but the different levels of genre are tasted in the drama.  And that makes it outstanding; action, suspense, drama, fiction and romance. Even historical and futuristic genre is included. See how dynamic and complex MLFAS drama is? Not to mention the ultimate core of its success. The undoubted chemistry between the main actors. It captivates you not to love the lead guy only or lead lady , but to love them together.  A rare find on any drama for an avid K-Drama viewer like me.

Safiresea: Do you have any sites you created or a part of in association to MLFAS where people can follow you? (samples: facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, etc)

“I actually made a petition for MLFAS Season 2 in change.org, and made a playlist of my video taken inside the built museum of the set in my youtube account which is aokilovesxiah…and because of my collection and my visit in the museum, a group composed of almost 30k members, i was promoted as an admin by the maker of the group. “  (my comment: and this is where I found her, hehe…link to the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/591331817605720/)

Safiresea: Do you support for a Season 2 of MLFAS?

“yes I support for the season, as long as the actors are the same, and I hope that includes the reason for Jae Kyung being evil, he is actually my fave character too. I fell for his evil look. I knew that somewhere in the depths of his heart he has this kindness. “


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