My Love From Another Star – Episode 40


SY ask permission to be taken aboard and travel to MJ’s home planet.  Ahnya initially refuse because of the risk to SY’s life amongst other issues but  she eventually relented because of the added extra help from JSH.  While Ahnya reminisce her love with HK and HK pines after Ahnya, SY tried her best to adjust being the “alien” on a different planet with her own set of unruly powers.  In order to have her husband, Kisohn, back she would have to face, challenge, threaten, and negotiate with the Galactic Council for his release.  Gaining confidence from SY’s boldness, Ahnya dared to ask the Council on a plan that could resolve her own issue with HK.  And for the first time Qahnki came face to face with a new and unsuspecting twist in his life that he’s completely unprepared and unwilling to take on.

**This chapter is dedicated to my new friend/fan Bobobo 🙂 thank you for reviving my love of the story and inspiring me to finish this chapter.

Scene 2: SY Plea To Ahnya

SY bent down and pant heavily, trying to catch her breath. She scan the open empty field surrounded by trees.  Where is the ship? Is she in the right spot?

She took a few steps closer to the center and look around again in desperation.

SY: am I too late? (She look at her watch.  No, she still have a minute to spare.  Did they left early then?). No! Ahnya!  NO!  Come back! Come bacckkkkk!!! (She ran to the clearing center and suddenly hit something hard which knock her flat on her back and onto the ground.  She could feel her head vibrating as she stare up at the fuzzy blue sky.  Suddenly a familiar face came into view and blocked out the sky).

Ahnya: Song Yi? What are you doing here? We’re about to leave. If you’re too close to the ship you could get hurt.

SY: (sat up rubbing her head) I’m already hurt.  Where’s your ship? (She looks around again) I don’t see it.

Ahnya: of course you don’t but it’s right there…you just smack yourself into it a few minutes ago.

SY: you have it camouflage? For god sake why? I could have killed myself.

Ahnya: (grin amusingly and pulled SY up to her feet) well the concept of dying is not new to you so that shouldn’t be a problem.  It’s camouflage because we don’t want to cause any unnecessary misunderstanding.  It’s so people don’t see us and thought we’re here to raid and conquer…that sort of thing.

SY: there’s not even a soul here.

Ahnya: you’re here.  (She raise her eyebrows for emphasis) And by the way WHY are you here?  I told you where I was leaving but I didn’t expect you to actually be here.

SY: trust me, I didn’t either.  I’m here because I want you to take me to your home planet.  Min Joon wanted me to wait for him, I did that once I’m not doing it again.

Ahnya: (look at SY incredulously) you’re joking right? You can’t possibly be serious.

SY: I’m here aren’t I? (SY feels annoyed when Ahnya looks at her sympathetically) what’s wrong with that? Min Joon and you are here in my home planet why can’t I go to yours?  The way I see it our makeup can’t be that much different if you can adapt fine to our atmosphere then I will do the same on yours.

Ahnya: ohhh….(sigh) well, for one…no earthling had ever been to our planet so I have no idea what’s the affect would be like.

SY: (brush it aside) that’s why you never say never.  There’s a first time for everything.  Min Joon is worth the risk.

Ahnya: let’s just say you would adapt fine in our environment but there’s one thing I know is going to be a major problem: it’s your aging process and how your internal clock works.  You will age very rapidly and might possibly die if your body can’t handle the rapid pace.  I can’t guarantee that you’ll able to resurrect this time around.  So the answer is no.  Just go home and wait for Min Joon.  I’m very sure he’ll be back with you in no time.

SY: (raise her voice in panic) HOW? How do you know that he will come for me?!  Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for him? Three years? Three years is nothing…try a few lifetimes! (SY grab Ahnya’s shoulder) don’t you get it? I don’t want to wait anymore.  All I’ve ever done in each different lives is just sit and wait.  The not knowing is killing me and this is my only chance, once you leave there may never be…what if you were wrong and he never come back?  I can’t risk it, I’m through with that.  I will do whatever…whatever it takes to get Kisohn…my husband back.  You will help me won’t you?

Ahnya: (close her eyes in vexation) even if I wanted to help you, your aging can’t be helped.  And what about Jin Sunhee? Are you going to leave her here? What happen if something goes wrong and both you and Kisohn can’t come back home? What would happen to her?

SY: (thought for a moment) you’re right.  I didn’t even think that I wouldn’t come back for her.  It looks like this is going to have to be a family effort then.  We’re taking Sunhee with us.

Ahnya: WHAT? That’s crazy!

SY: no, no…it makes perfect sense.  Min Joon told me he ask Sunhee before if she could reverse time when he gets back and she said she could.  So technically she can manipulate time. If I take her along then I should be fine right?

Ahnya: (look incredulous) Min Joon said that? (SY nod her head) the baby Jin Sunhee and not the time traveling teenager Jin Sunhee? (SY nod her head again) it seems he can communicate with her then. Hmm…that’s not a bad idea if she can do what you’re suggesting she can do.

SY: wouldn’t hurt to try.  Common we’re wasting time let’s go back and get her.

Scene 5: The Journey and Arrival

Ahnya look back at SY with JSH in her arms, she still looks uncomfortable and nervous.  Anhya felt the same.

Ahnya: are you ready? I sure hope this works.

SY: Well, work or not we’ll know soon enough.

Ahnya: I was actually talking to Jin Sunhee.

SY: ohh… (Look down at the baby) and what did she said?

Ahnya: she said for you to relax, your grip is a bit tense.

SY: ah, sorry sweetheart. (Look back at Ahnya) you don’t think they’ll be too hard on me for coming to your home planet right?

Ahnya: No, I’ll probably be the one in more trouble then you.

SY: I’m sorry to put such burden on you.  I’ll make it up to you somehow.

Ahnya: don’t worry about it (turn around to head towards the ship and muttered to herself) would this be big enough for me to be kicked out? Lets hope so.

SY: (still talking following behind Ahnya) I could make you a really delicious dinner! Just tell me what you like to eat…

Ahnya: (turns around to look at SY) is that you being sincerely grateful or are you still trying to kill me?

SY: what? My cooking?! YA! You know how many people would line up to taste my cooking? (Ahnya smiled briefly then turn away again and continue walking off as SY follow close behind still reprimanding Ahnya that she didn’t realize when she had enter the ship or when the door close)

SY: (stop talking and looking around her surrounding) this is definitely not a plane. (She glance around but there was no seats in rows like how she knows the plane to be.  There were chairs and what appears to be control centers and benches in the center room.  More than 20 or so people turns around and starting at them.  She didn’t hear them talking but it seems they are having a conversation with Ahnya.

Alien 3: what is she doing here?

Ahnya: she’s coming with us and the baby too.

Alien 7: why?

Alien 12: this can’t happen.

Alien 2: an Earthling on our planet?

Alien 16: Commander, this is against protocol.

Alien 4: it’s not too late to return her.

Ahnya: for the time being this ship is under my command and I will take full responsibility for her.  There’s no need for you to interfere or worry.  Just go on about your business.

They all look at Ahnya, conflicted.

Alien 15: you know this won’t go down well with the superior.

Ahnya: I fully understand.

They nod their heads and turn away, going back to working on whatever they were doing before SY and Ahnya came in.

SY: (whisper to Ahnya) is everything ok? (Ahnya curtly nod her head) do umm…where do we sit?

Ahnya: just have a seat on the couch there if you like for now.

SY: but…don’t we need seatbelts and safety (made hand gestures to mask) stuff you know?

Ahnya: ah, that’s for when we are ready to travel.  See those pods lining around the walls? We will all be going in there when we are ready to jump.

SY: jump? How come I prefer the term flying instead? The word jump makes me nervous.  (Her eyes move to the dark black pods lining around the wall of the ship) and we are standing? That looks uncomfortable.

Ahnya: don’t be nervous. It’s ten times safer than your own mode of transportation.  And yes we’ll be standing but it would feel more like lying down.  You’ll see what I mean when you use it.  Besides, light traveling won’t take too long.  We’ll be there before you know it.  Ok you sit over there for now.  I have to go direct the crew.

SY nod her head and sat in a nearby couch with her baby.  She stare at Ahnya as she carry out commands and instruction.  She’d never seen this side of Ahnya before it’s rather quite attractive.  Ahnya just elevate a few more notches in SY’s eyes.

SY: Sunhee-ah did you see your aunty Ahnya? She’s very impressive right?  (She stood JSH up on her knees facing Ahnya and the crews) You should be like her one day ok? (Baby JSH laugh and giggle as she watched the scenes in front of her)

The shield flip up and a vacuum-like device on the side suck up the gel that wraps around her for safety.  SY step out with JSH snuggle in her arms.  Her eyes meet Ahnya.

SY: that was the most pleasant flight experience I’ve ever had.

Ahnya: I’m glad you enjoyed it.  But we are here.  Your battle begins now.  I should give you a debriefing on some protocols.  As we don’t have much time I’ll just go over some of the most important one.  First try not to touch anyone, that includes handshakes, hugging and so forth.  That’s a sign of disrespect.

SY: Wei? Why are your kind so backward?

Ahnya: just…listen ok? Don’t ask why I don’t have time to go into details.

SY: ok ok continue.

Ahnya: second, I think you might come into some powers.  We’ll have to monitor you to see how your body is reacting to our atmosphere.

SY: you mean…I get to have super powers like you and Min Joon?

Ahnya: well, they are not really super powers per say.  They are just your body reaction to a different environment.  We react differently to your environment so I suspect you will too but probably different then myself and Kisohn.

SY: wait, so does that mean you and Min Joon don’t have powers in your home planet since you are no longer on Earth?

Ahnya: that’s right. Out of earth, we don’t have what you would call powers.  The only thing that we have is higher technology and a learned way of telepathy communication.  Anyways, when we settle in at my home I will get an appointed meeting for you with the Galactic Council.  The sooner we get this over with the better.  Your stay here will leave a lot of my people uneasy so we have to move fast.  Speaking of the Galactic Council, you won’t be able to see them just their eyes so don’t get scared.  That’s normal, no one on our planet have seen them either.

SY: that sounds creepy.

Ahnya: (shrug) the Galactic Council body is protected as they have to make many decisions not just for our world but the surrounding worlds as well.  Their identity cannot be known.  Are you ready? Let’s go.

SY: (falters) Ahnya…are you sure they won’t…kill me for coming?

Ahnya: don’t worry, I told you before we can’t kill a different species from another planet.  Not without harming ourselves.

SY: but then what about you (a long stretch of silence) don’t worry Ahnya…whatever power I have I will use it to keep them from harming you.

Ahnya: (smile warmly) I know how to handle them.  Just start thinking on how you can get your family out of here. (She press a button and the door slide up) welcome to my home.

[camera pans out to a vast space as they are somewhere up on high ground.  Floating vehicles zoom by in lower levels and on the far ground below are walking pedestrians.  SY look around in awe of the fascinating buildings and high rises with what looks like a bridge line spiraling up the buildings.

SY: wow! This is so amazing! The architecture of these buildings…how did you guys even think of how to make these? They look incredibly hard to build.  And the air feels wonderful…so much so that I feel as if I’m floating on air.

Ahnya: (look down at SY’s feet) that’s because you are.

SY: (follow Ahnya’s gaze) oh my…what’s this? (She tried to push herself down to the ground without any luck) I can’t touch the ground even though it seems only a few inches away.

Ahnya: it’s ok, that’s probably one of the effects.  You’ll just have to “float” along then.  How are you feeling?

SY: beside the floating? I’m fine.

Ahnya: good.  Looks like Jin Sunhee is casting that time web on to you.  It seems to be working good.  At least we have one less thing to worry about.

They walk and float side by side towards the entrance of the building.  SY saw an interesting plant life just outside of the buildings and reach out to touch the awkward looking flowers.

SY: these flowers look like little pearls, how cute. (She reach out to pluck up a branch)

Ahnya: don’t touch those! They are poisonous and dangerous if the juice get on your skin! (Too late as SY hand picked up a branch but before neither one could do or say anything the whole tree had turned into a roasting brown and the flower branch in SY’s hand flamed up, incinerated within seconds)

SY: what just happened?

Ahnya: you tell me. (She reach out to touch SY’s hand but wince and pulled her fingers back immediately.  The part of her fingers that touch SY has seared itself from molten heat) let’s go to my house quickly.  I need medical care for my wounds and you need..and well, I need to protect everything else here from you.

SY: but…I don’t know what just happen.  Is this normal?

Ahnya: like I told you before we are expecting you to develop some unusual abilities. So far floating is one of them and now this…well you practically toast the tree just by touching it.  That’s probably another of your powers.  I’m going to have to garner up some kind of heat proof glove for you right away before you toast everything with your touch.

SY: (continue following Ahnya). This is nowhere nearly as useful and cool like the powers that you and Min Joon has.  (She look at her hand) what am I supposed to do with this?  Wait!

Ahnya: what is it?

SY: hold Sunhee for a minute (carefully hand JSH over to Ahnya being prudent not to touch her skin)

Ahnya: why? What are you doing?

SY: I’m going to try to teleport

Ahnya: what? Why?! Wait! (Before she could say anything further SY had disappear) Song Yi-ah! Where did you go? you don’t even know this place!  How am I supposed to find you?

SY: don’t get all worked up I’m right here (she reappeared again) I was just going to try and teleport to the other side door, I wasn’t going to go anywhere far.  That didn’t really work.

Ahnya: what do you mean? You disappear.  Where did you go then?

SY: (gave her an annoyed look) I didn’t go anywhere, I was right in front of you.

Ahnya: but I didn’t see you…I…wait…if I can’t see you but you were still here…that means…

SY: I just render myself invisible that’s it, I couldn’t go anywhere.  Seriously, what kind of power is that?

Ahnya: (hand the baby back to SY) I think it’s not bad…for a human.

SY: I’m exhausted, where’s your house? Let’s go home and eat something delicious.

Scene 8: Ahnya and HK Reminisce

SY: you call this a house? (She look around at the almost empty, white room). This place is practically baren! Where’s the fridge? Couches? Bathroom? Bed? Kitchen?  I don’t get it.  You have nothing here!

Ahnya: looks can be deceiving; I have everything I need here.

SY: this?! (She twirl around in the center of the room) is not a house, there’s nothing here except for a grand open balcony with an excellent view and a circular table in the center. Where is everything else?

Ahnya: why, what do you need?

SY: food for one.

Ahnya: would steak, eggs, and broccoli be ok?

SY: YES! Oh god yes I’m starving!

Ahnya: (went towards a wall and press on a few cubes.  It came out of the wall like a hidden drawer. Then Ahnya turn towards SY with a small plate and three different color pills on it).  Here you go.

SY: no thank you , I don’t need medicine I want food.

Ahnya: this is your food. (SY made a face) this is not a joke.  We are more efficient so therefore our home does not need so much stuff in it.

SY: hmm…I suddenly lost my appetite.

Ahnya: (shrug) suit yourself. (She down the three pills)

SY: so where’s the bedroom for sleeping?

Ahnya: (went to another section of the round wall and press a button, it slide out a cushion bed with a hollow space on top, SY shudder thinking how it would close up like an enclosed coffin) it’s not as bad as you think.  You actually get a better sleep like this.

SY: so it’s only for one person? No husband? No marriage activity?

Ahnya: (blush) it’s not built for that, we…we (stammer) we don’t have that kind of thing here.

SY: (nodding her head) I’m starting to believe that now.  So I take it the bathrooms and everything else is in different parts of the walls? (Ahnya nod her head). I see.

Ahnya: (pulled out a chair from the wall and place it by the circular table) here sit here while I go take care of a few things. (SY sat down looking dejectedly around the sparse room as Ahnya put medicine on her fingers.  Then she scour the wall for something, smiled when she found it and turn to SY) here it is, this should be good for now.

SY: what is it?

Ahnya: They are heat containing gloves, that way you won’t transfer your heat over to anything here when you accidentally touch it.  We have to go get you a special heat retaining dress as well.  We can do that later. (Suddenly she got distracted) I have a call coming in will you be ok here? (SY nod her head and look down at JSH, who seem to be pretty contended). Good, I’ll be back shortly (she walk out to the wide open balcony)

SY look around the empty room again feeling bored, then she saw a remote control-looking device on the table. Curious, SY picked it up and press the big red button.  Suddenly a multitudes of screens as thin as paper came down from the ceiling.  Feeling even more curious, she press some random unknown buttons and most of the screens turned on to what looks like tv stations.  At least she can occupied herself with some television while waiting on Ahnya.

Ahnya: (inhale deeply before she took the call from Qahnki) yes Qahnki?

Qahnki: have you completely lost all your form of reasoning?  Why did you take an Earthling here?  You have went beyond what is acceptable and I won’t be able to shield you from your punishment.

Ahnya: I’m not asking you to.  I have my reasons for taking her here.  But in her own perspective she have every right to go fetch back her husband.

Qahnki: there is no point.  She won’t be able to.  Kisohn had caused more trouble then you realize ever since he got back home.  The Galactic Council had put him in highest alert quarantine, you both just wasted your time and risk yourself needlessly.

Ahnya: I had somewhat expected that to be so.  That is why I brought her home.  I understand you don’t have any dealings with earthlings so therefore you have a limitless understanding concerning their strong will power and the force they have behind this so called love.  (Her voice lower softly) if you had ever experience this love you would understand its powers and what it can push a person to do…things, impossible things.

Qahnki: I have no desire for such useless nonsense.

Ahnya: (clears her throat) all I’m saying is don’t underestimate Song Yi.  Please schedule an emergency hearing for her with the Council and let them deal with her.

Qahnki: You don’t need to tell me I’m already on top of that.  She needs to leave as soon as possible.  I don’t want any Earthling influence to contaminate us and our way of life here.  As for you I will also make a hearing for your case.  Be ready to face the Council yourself.

Ahnya: understood. (She disconnect her communication and gave out a big sigh. She pulled out the pen and listen to HK’s voice)

HK: while I’m not with you, please take care of your health…I will find a solution for us to be together so don’t lose any sleep.  Don’t work too hard…(fast forward)…do you still have the couple key chain? I’m looking at mine and missing you and will continue to do so…(fast forward)…I miss the fireflies, do you miss them like I do?  Do you think they would remember us if we return to that place…the place of our first kiss?…(stop recorder)

Ahnya clutch the pen to her chest as the tears silently run down her cheeks, her eyes burn with determination.  She wipe her eyes dry before walking back into the room.

Ahnya: what are you doing?

SY: what do you think? Keeping myself entertain while you’re busy.  You have so many programming on here no wonder why you need more than one TV. To be honest though, their acting is not the best.  (Ahnya came over and took the remote away clicking each tv to close)

Ahnya: this is not a television.

SY: yes it is, I’ve been watching it for half an hour.

Ahnya: it’s not.  We don’t have such programs here.  Normal people do not have access to this.  This is for academic reasons only.  It’s a tracking devices or beacon on exploratory planets.  We study the habitants in their natural surroundings.

SY: (gave her incredulous look) in other words you guys spy. Tsk tsk tsk…

Ahnya: (look at SY unfazed)  how is it any different then you making sport out of it…what do you call it? Reality TV is it?  This is for purely academic purposes.

SY: Aishh, I don’t want to watch it any more anyways, how boring.  Common Sunhee let’s go get a nap. (She waited for Ahnya to open up a bed, suspiciously climb in with JSH,  about to say something more but Ahnya quickly close the compartment and cut her off)

Ahnya sigh with relief then thought for a moment.  She look at the control then press a sequence of numbers and the monitor shows up with the picture of HK sitting in the dark under the tree close by to where they first kiss, a few fireflies surrounds him.  [camera pans from the TV screen to the real screen of HK at the outdoor tree as he look upward to the sky.

HK pulled out the pen Ahnya gave him, press the auto button and let it go as it float in midair giving out a hologram projection in 360 degrees of Ahnya as she sat and talk to herself in the office.

Ahnya: Earthling are strange creatures indeed, perhaps that is why they are the most fascinating species I have studied to date.  They carry a bundle of unrefined emotions that drove their very existent.  Take the case of this one Earthling I’m currently studying, Hwi Kyung.  How dense must he be to keep following that spoiled brat of a woman around like a lost puppy? [camera pan to HK laughing face and muted scenes then back to a scene of Ahnya again, now she’s on her balcony] that human has been occupying my mind a lot lately, his every action irks me more and more and my balance center doesn’t seem so balance any more.  Every time I see him with that woman who not only had somehow turned my life parter, Kisohn, into a puddle of unbalance emotion, that Hwi Kyung keeps on clinging to her.  Why? Why does that bothers me more than the fact that she’s claiming my Kisohn as her own? [camera pans out and around HK emotional face and back to Ahnya again] that human is crying…he’s hurting right now, what are these wetness that dampen my face? Am I crying with him?…for him? Why do I care so much? [camera pans out as the night surrounding HK gradually turn to early dawn, Ahnya at her home] this is my chance…my chance to come to earth and seek out this human with the pretense of fetching back Kisohn.  For once I will figure out what is this emotion that’s been plaguing me.  This feeling of being on an edge of a cliff…is this what earth people called being nervous?  [again camera pan to HK sad face as the hologram notified him that this is the last entry] Hwi Kyung-ah…I love you.  I know I’m not well verse in saying such things and maybe I don’t show it as well as those on your planet.  Forgive me…but I assure you I don’t love you any less. I’ve been studying you for a long time, longer then you can imagine but somewhere along that time, I had wanted more.  I wanted to touch you, to feel you, to be next to you.  When I finally did all that, I wanted more.  I wanted to love you, to be with you always…be there when something makes you laugh so I can laugh with you and when you cry I want to be there and hold your hands.  I feel greedy when it comes to you, I wanted it all even though I know your heart belongs elsewhere. How happy I am when you finally decide to give that heart to me, but now it feels like the end of the road for us.  I had failed to look farther beyond this point because I couldn’t allow myself to fathom that you could be mine one day.  And so the days arrived where I have no plans to back us up.  But don’t worry I will think of a way for us to be together.  You trust me right? You’ll wait for me right? (The recording drop to the ground as the sun climbs up higher on the lines of trees)

HK: (wipe his eyes and stood up, walk over to the pen and pick it up. He then look towards the sky) what kind of stupid question is that? I’ll wait forever if you wanted me to. (He put the pen back into his jacket) I’m not going to sit around like an idiot…I’ll think of something too, I think of something (he continue mumbling to himself as he walk back towards his car)

[camara pan back to recording of HK walking towards his car in the flat screen at Ahnya’s house, she turned off the monitor with a slight smile on her face]

Scene 12: Meeting With The Galactic Council

Ahnya: are you nervous? You must be nervous.

SY: not any more nervous than acting in front of a camera. (she closed her eyes and inhale deeply) ok I’m ready. (She consciously smooth her dress)

Ahnya: you look good.  Don’t let them intimidate you.

Indeed SY does look magnificent, they both had ensure that she would look stunning on her first meeting.  The dress is a simple white dress but it fit her so elegantly.  The fabric Ahnya had chosen for SY was imported from a nearby planet where the material gloss and shine in different color through her slightest movements.  It’s even more eerily beautiful because SY float it along instead of taking small steps.  The contrasting glove rising to her elbow made her look formidable.

SY: let’s do this.  I’m ready to get my husband back.

SY held JSH in her arms as all three enter a hovering vehicle which took them to one of the highest building in the surrounding area.  They then walk and float through a massively huge yet empty hallway.  SY look up, thinking the ceilings have to be at least 50 feet high.  The intricate carvings covering the walls and ceiling made it even more grandeur.  SY looked over at Ahnya who’s now holding JSH in her arms.  She steel her back straighter and float in with determined confident.

They were led towards a megalithic steel door.  As it slowly open Qahnki appeared by their side and escort them in.  She walked into an empty rounded room.  SY was about to ask where everyone was when she felt the presence of eyes boring into her.  She looked around and then upward.  There, staring down at her were 8 pairs of eyes.  Just as Ahnya had stated earlier, they were all cloak in darkness and all that can be seen are their eyes.

Council: you are the earthling we’ve been hearing so much about.

SY: you speak my language?

Council: we make it a point to download the dialect of those who came to seek our advice for best communication.

SY: oh I see. (SY didn’t know who she was talking to as the voice, while changing direction, has the same tone and pitch.  It seems as if that is another disguise given amongst them).  Then you might be aware the reason why I am here? I want to know where is my husband right now.

Council: the reason why you are here is because of one rebellious Commander (they look to Ahnya and SY follow their gaze to the woman holding her daughter) As for your husband, here he’s simply known as Kisohn, one of our lost explorer unit that has to be retrieved and now back to where he belongs.

SY: To you he might be a lost explorer unit but to me he’s my husband and I’m here to claim him back.  May I please see him?  Where is he now?

Council: you don’t trust his wellbeing in our hands. (It wasn’t a question but a statement, SY remain silent instead of correcting them because it is true, she didn’t trust them unless she saw with her own eyes that DMJ is fine) for now you can continue your pleas without him.  Rest assure he is well rested and safe.

SY: with all due respect Councils, I’m not here to plea my case.  I’m here to take my husband back home…by whatever means necessary.

Council: (a few chuckle sounds) are you threatening us? (Ahnya and Qahnki shift uncomfortable but SY just float a bit further up, her chin lifted higher in a defying manner)

SY: think what you will but that is the truth.  I will stop at nothing until I have Do Min Joon by my side.  Perhaps you don’t know me but on earth they called me Cheon Song Yi. Cheon Song Yi (she said again for emphasis) Ever since I was little there is nothing that I can’t get if I set my mind to it. I survive when the whole world is against me and I’ve even cheated death to be here in front if you.  You will not phase me until I get what I want.

Council: (Their voice continue calmly unfazed) yes, we are well aware of who you are even from the moment of your birth (SY momentarily taken aback) let us hear your reason as to why you think we should hand over a member of our species to your kind.

SY: what more of a reason do you need then the fact that he is my husband?

Council: but you are of two different race and species.  That is not something ever to have happened before.  Did you know the two of you had cause chaos to our Universe at large?  The consequences of your pairing could be detrimental to all of us.

SY: I believe that is your own fear talking.  Fear of the unknown.  I may not know how large or vast the Universe is but one thing I think I know for sure is that in the scheme of things, we are just a droplet in a vast ocean.  To say that this one droplet can affect the whole ocean…aren’t you giving us too much credit?  But as you can see the Universe have a way of dealing with us and as it stands right now with the birth of our baby Jin Sunhee, it had found a way to righted itself. (The Council look briefly towards their baby). I understand here you don’t have emotion such as love, family, and things like marriage.  But to us it is everything that is worthy of living.  I ask you how you could deem such a beautiful thing as something harmful when it only brigs out happiness?

Council: (look at one another then back to her) still, Earth is not a small planet by any standard, why can’t you find your own kind to love?  We have witness many so called love and marriages on Earth and other planets that have died out eventually.  We are sure that in time you will forget Kisohn and with that, live a normal life with your own Earth man. Why must you cause trouble to yourself and to others?

SY: (look down thoughtfully for a moment then lift up her head) pardon me, but have any of you Council ever been in love or experience such emotion firsthand? (The Council look to one another without saying anything).  I take that as a no.  Look, I can’t vouch or defend other people’s love or marriages and I agree with you that sometimes love disappoint and love dies…a lot of the time love hurts like hell too but it’s also the one thing that keep us fighting, that makes our life worth living.  Yes, it’s possible that one day our love might die, yes it’s possible that our marriage might crumble…(she pause) but it sure as hell not going to be today! (she nearly shouted with emotion) Today I fight with every ounce in my being for the one I love. Today, whatever it takes I WILL have my husband back.  I have gone through a lot with this Alien of mine and I’m sure as heck aren’t going to let a group of unemotional aliens who never loved a day in their life dictates whom I should and shouldn’t be with!

There was complete dead silence.  SY still seething with emotions, Ahnya and Qahnki completely in shock, and the Councils in disbelieve that a mere Earthling with not much of an intelligence had argued her way through every obstacle they put in front of her.

JSH choose that moment to start giggling and laughing in Ahnya’s arms, if she could clap her hands at that moment she probably would too.  Her echoing laughter breaks up the tension a bit.

SY: (waited on the Council reply but no one said anything which started to make her nervous so she smile pleasantly and tried a cajoling tactic).    Look, I’m sure you have a lot more important things to deal with then me.  You’re worried about your own people right? Well don’t worry, just hand Kisohn over, I promise you he will be in good hands. (she look around and laugh nervously) hmm think of this in smaller scale.  Hundreds of years before we even know about other continents, people had always marry their own race.  But as you can see, with exploration we now have many interracial marriages on our planet.  Now if you expand that concept, isn’t this the same thing? Me and Kisohn being together is like…like…on Earth terms a Chinese married to a French!  Why just last year a friend of mine went oversea to study in America and now she’s marrying a white man there.  Can’t you just see this as an extension of that? Hmm? (no respond) No?  (SY scratch her head and thought a bit more, perhaps she should appeal to their legal rights as they seem to be a stiff bunch of aliens) Ya! I don’t know what your legal system is like here but on our planet, Do Min Joon, your Kisohn, is now legally belong to me.  He’s my husband and we have a written contract too if you like to see it.  He made a promise to me and unless both he and I agree to annulled that contract, he is to remain by my side indefinitely.  You do understand my legal rights right? (they still didn’t answer her so SY turn to Ahnya) you guys do understand legal rights right? Tell me you have a legal system too. (Ahnya look to Qahnki and then the Council and lastly back to SY, she nod her head)

SY turn around expectantly at the Council and smile triumphantly.  But her smile soon falter as the pairs of eyes continue to pierce through her without any forward reply.  SY could feel her blood boiling up and anger started to take over.  Before anyone realize what happen, SY had float herself upward to the same level as the Council. SY could hear Ahnya’s gasp as the Council lean back slightly.  She was too angry to care.

SY: how much longer do I have to stand here and ramble on until you give me your answer?  On Earth I might not have any powers but here I do and I’m warning you now, I have no qualm whatsoever in using it.

Council: (sat up straighter) you can’t hurt us here, there is a universal rule against that…not without hurting yourself.

SY: oh I’m well aware of that. (She took off one of her gloves, flew to the railings where the Council sat, touch it as it quickly incinerated). But what will stop me from destroying everything you have here? Your plants, your buildings.  I will make sure to visit every structure you have here.  The longer you take to make up your mind, the longer I will stay here and give you whatever grief I’m capable of.  Your choice. (Just to demonstrate to them another of her power, she made herself disappear which has the desired effect as they look around in shock.  She invisibly  float down to Ahnya’s side and reappear again with her glove back on). So what is it going to be?

Council: (look at each other, then a voice reply to her) child, don’t think you can intimidate us into anything.  You should be aware that if we choose to we have the capability to do much more damage to your Earth then you could ever do to our own planet here.

Sy: (whisper to Ahnya) is that true?

Ahnya: (nod her head and whisper back) why did you let your temper loose for?! You were doing so well!

SY: (whisper back) too late for that now.  (Clears her throat and spoke louder to the Council) Let me propose a truce then.  I’m willing to negotiate, name me your price!

Council: what are you willing to give in exchange for Kisohn?

SY: anything within my power, just name it.

The Council seems to be telepathically talking amongst each other.  They nod their heads and seem to come to a conclusive decision.  Another door on the far end of the room suddenly opens up and MJ rush out to hug his wife.

MJ: I thought you were dead, why did you come here?  I’m so glad to see you!  I heard everything you said…I’m never leaving you again!

SY: (smile at the rapid succession of words pouring out of his mouth.  Whatever happen, she knew then that it was the right decision to come for him and hugged him tighter) I’m sorry I go against my promise to wait for you…but I love you too much for that. (She pulled out, holding his face in her hand, wiping his tears of relief as her own trail down her cheeks)

Council: We will give you Kisohn but he will live with you on Earth from now on.  He will be exile from this planet and won’t ever be allow to come back. (SY and MJ look at each other and nod their heads in agreement)

SY: will you be ok with that? Leaving your home planet behind?

MJ: (smile softly at her) I already have the moment I married you.

Council: before you can leave, he will have to go through a DNA exchange process.

SY: wait…what process?

Ahnya: but…that hasn’t been proven safe or that it even works.

Council: there’s a first time for everything.  It had to be done.  We cannot release him to Earth with knowledge that he carry powers there which can potentially be of harm to it’s inhabitants.

SY: Min Joon would never do anything to hurt any body!

MJ: it’s ok, I’m ok with that.

SY: but that means you would loose your powers…

Ahnya: and will be aging at a somewhat regular earthling pace as well.

SY: that I don’t mind so much.

Ahnya: but the process hasn’t been proven to work yet.

Council: Kisohn had successfully apply it to save Lawyer Jang’s life so we can assume a reversal would not kill him if administering in small dosage.

SY: what is this process like?

Ahnya: (turn to SY) they would take a small amount if your blood mix it with a chemical made here on our planet that act as a stabilizer.  Then inject it into Kisohn.  Each time his body adapt to that small portion they would inject a bit more, increasing the dosage steadily.  The theory is that your genetic makeup will start to take over like a virus and bind his original DNA makeup and keeping it in remission of sort.  So his body will act more like yours.

SY: (turn over to MJ) I know you love me but are you sure you want to do that? That is like wiping out a part of your identity.  I don’t feel right asking this of you.

MJ: then don’t ask it of me.  I’m doing this on my own free will.  You and Jinny is where I belong.  I would give up much more than that if need be. (They smile at each other)

Council: then we are in agreement?

SY: (still looking at her husband) yes we are.

Council: there is one last thing we need. (Both SY and MJ turn around to look at the Council) your Jin Sunhee will come to us in exchange for Kisohn.


SY: does that make any sense that you want to take away a mere baby from his parents?  No! Absolutely not! I cannot agree to that!

Council: there is no need to panic.  We do not mean for you to leave her here now.  She will grow up in the shelter of her parents as most creature should.  However, on her 18th birthday, she will come back to this planet as a bride to one of our own.

SY: what? Why?

Council: was it not a long standing culture of yours to use marriage as a bridge connection? A truce between two tribe or nation? In this case, it will be between two planets.  She is a special child born from two different species.  There will be much we can learn from her and her abilities.

SY: that’s my child you’re talking about not some experiments to be observed and learned from!  She’s a human being! Not a bartering tool!

Council: you forget she’s also one of us.  Only half her blood is human.  Why would we mistreat her?  She is as special to us as she is to you.  Since you are taking away one of our resident, don’t you think it’s fare to give one back in return?

SY: but you don’t believe in marriage here!

Ahnya: (seeing her chance to chime in she quickly put in her suggestion) yes! Of course it make sense…there is a man on earth that would be glad to come here if he could get the same reversal treatment like Kisohn…

Council: we will make an exception for this unique case (referring to their rules of marriage then glance over at Ahnya) as for you, Commander Ahnya, we have no interest in your Hwi Kyung being here.  We will deal with you separately later. (Ahnya have more to say but she knew now was not the time nor place so she kept her silence)

SY: if I don’t agree to your request?

Council: then our deal is off.  Kisohn stay here with us and you leave with your child back to Earth as it should be.  If you think of creating any sort of trouble then we will have no choice but to retaliate in return.

SY and MJ look silently at each other both saying with their eyes what the other knows to be true.  18 years together as a family is better then forever apart.

MJ: if we agree, then who would be her husband?

Council: we don’t have to look far.  There’s no one as high a qualifying candidate as our Chief Top Commander Qahnki.

For the first time Qahnki eyes spark up to life as he step forth in utter disbelieve.

Qahnki and Kisohn said unanimously: I object!

Kisohn: (look over at his old class mate whom he grew up along side with.  Qahnki was a no none sense, uptight, law abiding, old fashion, stubborn individual.  He can’t see his daughter ever having any remote chance of being happy with him) why Qahnki? There are many here that can take his place.  The younger generation…someone that would be around her age?

Council: you forget that when you get back to Earth, it would take 18 years for her to reach maturity but to us it would be mere months.  The younger brood will not be capable to handle a special child such as herself.  No, we are more comfortable that it would be our most trusted Commander with experience and proper education.

Qahnki: Councils, if I may…I believe this is asking too much of me beyond the call of duty.  I have done my required duties with my life partner and have helped created the next set of generation, I have no need of women nor children by my side.  I only hope to serve you best as the Chief Exploration Commander on any future project.  But this…(he look over at the baby as she steadily hold his gaze.  Qahnki felt an unnerving touch of a foreign feeling creeping up the back of his neck)

Council: I think both party here is over reacting.  (They look over at MJ and SY) if you are concerning about age, don’t be.  Are you not hundreds of years older than your wife?  (They turn over to Qahnki) as for you, what is there for you to worry about? You are not required to love her or create anything binding.  Just be yourself and think of her as another one of your pupil.  This is a contract to keep peace on both end, that is all there is to it.  You will teach her the ways of our world when the time comes and hopefully she will become our most treasured asset in the near future.

Qahnki remain perplexingly silent not knowing how else to refute the offer or rather assignment.  All his head could think of is the round face, wide eyes beautiful creature calling him husband in a sarcastic manner at the hospital that he encounter while on Earth.  She had more power than he could have ever imagined.  He glances over at the baby in Ahnya’s arms again.  So that was his future wife he had met.  His head started spinning, realizing his fate has been sealed in a most unexpected, unusual ways.  He knew that if the future Sunhee had called him husband, there was no other way to get out of this situation.

Council: if there are no further input and objections then this meeting will call to an end.  Ahnya and Qahnki please escort Kisohn to the lab and proceed with the DNA exchange process.  Once complete and if all goes smoothly you may promptly take them back home.  (With the last words said they disappear behind the darkness and was gone)

SY: (swirl over to look at Qahnki) if you so much as mistreat my daughter in any way, I will personally come back and pin your head against that wall and no Council body will be able to save you! (She turn and grab JSH from Ahnya’s arms and float out in a huff, still angry at the outcome that she had very little control over.

MJ: (look over at Qahnki) I know this is not what you had wanted either but I hope with our shared childhood that you would take good care of my daughter when the time comes.

Qahnki: (not knowing what else to say or do, he just nod his head) come with me, we’ll start your process immediately.  Ahnya will look after your wife. (MJ follow Qahnki out without another word)

Scene 15: The Return To Earth

They came back to an Earth many years advanced into the future.  MJ turned to Jinny, asking her to reverse back the time.  She promptly did so while creating a current bubble protecting the three of them in their current time, everything around them start a rapid age reversal to the time just when SY was about to leave Earth with Ahnya, and no one else seem the wiser on SY’s disappearance.

SY: (turn around and look at her husband) now we have to explain your presence.

MJ: (hug her shoulder as the three walk back into their house) just tell them that I finally came back home.  This time for good.

That night as MJ tuck a wide awake JSH in her crib, he sang her the “Boobooboo” song.  He seems to have a conversation with her in his head but no words can be heard.

He opens his adjoining bedroom door to where SY is.  At first he thought she was sleeping already but as he came closer, he could see the shaking in her shoulder.  He pulled her over to face him and realize she’s crying silently into the pillow.

MJ: my love, what is ailing you? Are you not happy we are together now as one family?

SY: of course I’m happy.  I’m so happy I kept wanting to pinch myself to make sure that I’m awake and this is not just a dream…but…

MJ: …but?

SY: oh…!!! I’m still so upset!  About the fate of our daughter!  I…I feel miserable as a mother!  I can’t protect her!  I feel as if I had betrayed her…no, sold her so that we can have this moment.  Are we too cruel?  (Her red brimmed eyes look up inquiringly at him)

MJ: don’t beat yourself up about that.  You have done your best, you have. (He hugged her tightly). Let me tell you a secret. (She look up at him expectantly) Jinny had already expected such an outcome.  It’s already a written path, even she herself could not change it.  She will have her own ways to deal with Qahnki don’t you worry…she is your daughter after all.  Strong, capable, (he cup her face up to his) loveable (he kissed her softly, then gradually turn possessive and passionate.  He break the kiss) if anything I’m more worried about Qahnki, the poor chap, he’s going to have a handful (she smiled at his words) now don’t worry about that anymore.  We bought some time, 18 years to be exact, during this time we’ll think of something ok love?  Now how long had it been since you made love with your husband?  (SY playfully look upward in a pouty deep concentration)

MJ: see? It’s been way too long. (Before he even finish his own sentence he had already pounce on her.  She blush prettily and that gave him pause for a few seconds.  He hadn’t seen her blush like that since their honeymoon.  Brushing the thought aside he started making love to her anyways.  His hands finding the familiar hills and valleys that he missed ever so much).

As he made love to her a strange feeling of newness yet déjà vu, invade his mind.  She innocently clutch his back as she screamed out his name.

SY: Kisohn! (pant) Kisohn!  I love you so much!

MJ: (he look down at her in a bit of shock as they stare at each other longer) Song Yi? (The question deepen the crease on his forehead but before he can voice another word she flipped him over. In his surprise, he didn’t give any resistance.

SY: Min Joon-ah, it has been too long.  (She proceed to love his body with lips so familiar, he sigh with pent up desire.  Before long he didn’t give much thought to the interchangeable use of his names or the possibilities of which SY might be under or over him.  He gave up thinking and lost himself in the arms of the one woman he loved most.

Epilogue: The Beginning Of A Nightmare

Qahnki sat at the empty dining table trying to swallow the steak he just cooked.  He glance up at the clock ticking away at the time. Ticking, ticking, ticking…like the sound of his own trembling heartbeat.  He heard the door open and drop his utensil down.  Then with a second thought, he drown down the glass of wine next to him.  She glide pass the dining room and pause seeing him there.

JSH: what are you doing still up?

Qahnki: I had some work to finish.

JSH: (She nod her head at his expected answer) enjoy the rest of your dinner. (Qahnki pour more wine to his glass)

Qahnki: did you went out with him?

JSH: (pause) that is none of your business.

Qahnki: need I remind you that I am your husband? So I have every right in your business…in your affairs…if I choose to.

JSH: then need I remind you that our marriage is nothing but a contract? You made that abundantly clear the days, weeks, and months since our marriage. (She whirled around ready I take leave but he stood up and teleported to her side, pushing her up against the wall)

Qahnki: that does not mean you should make a mockery out of it.  While we are together please refrain yourself from falling into another man’s arms.  It’s a disgusting habit plaguing your kind but I expect better from you.

JSH: (she quietly whisper in a lower tone) perhaps you shouldn’t put too high an expectation on me then.  That man you so callously speak of is my brother and I love him as he loves me.  What do you know about love?

Qahnki: brother? (His tone become deeply sarcastic) I didn’t know picking up a random stranger in the street and bringing him home to raise by your side automatically elevated him to brother status.  I wonder sometimes how pure are your love.

JSH: you disgusts me with your contemptuous coldness.  Go do your duty and leave me alone!

Qahnki: (he push his body further into her) do NOT provoke me wife!

JSH: or what? What are you going to do to me?

Qahnki: (he got even closer to her face, their frustrated breathing mingling with one another) don’t do it.

JSH: I’m not scared of you (she lift her chin up)

Qahnki: (his eyes bore down on hers) you should be…

Without much thought JSH brought her lips, which are mere inches way from him, up to his own lips.  It was the first time they ever been this close much less kiss.  But to JSH it wasn’t meant to be a kiss.  She knew it was the one thing that can get him to back off.  Any form of closeness he regard it as like the plague so it was much to her surprise that he didn’t make a move, their lips still softly lay upon each other. After what seems like infinite amount of seconds that ticked by.  Her face started to grow hot as it escalates down to her body and reached the tip of her toes.

Just when she was about to pull her lips back, she felt his lips slowly, tentatively open up as he gather her lips, inch by inch, into his moist mouth, clasping her tightly…wantonly…possessively.  In that moment her body exploded into cinder of flames.  Which was a good thing that seconds later he pushed her and himself away from each other.  He wipes his mouth vehemently.

Qahnki: don’t you EVER do that again!

JSH: (gather all her nerves together and straighten up, dusting some unseen dust particle on her sleeve acting as if nothing was out of the ordinary even though her inside is shaken to the core) then you shouldn’t have provoke me with your  useless drivels. (With those last words she teleported out of the room).

As soon as she left Qahnki crumple onto the floor, clutching his heart tightly as it race off seemingly at the speed of light.  He sat leaning against the wall, hitting his head against it hoping to regain some sense of who he was…all the while cursing himself for slowing down time the moment their lips touched.

Qahnki hit his head on the enclosed ceiling trying to get up.  In a panic he search for the release button and as the pod slide out he jump out of bed inhaling and exhaling deeply.  His body is soaked in sweat and his heart is racing as fast as it was in the dream.  The dream.  He touch his lips with shaken fingers, unbelieving that he had dreamt.  On top of that a dream so disturbing.  The pod was made to filters out their dream sequence so it would not affect their emotional being.  But how could this dream slid past the radar?  How did it reach his mind?  Even now he clearly still remembers the strange taste of meat that he had never before eaten and wine he had never before tasted.  More disturbing to him is his exacting recall of the smell of her nearness, the softness of her body pressed against his, the way her plump, pliable lips burn hotly in his mouth…he cringe at the memory of wanting her so badly, his whole body aches with pain.  He needs to get himself together.  Qahnki put his hands over his eyes using the calming technique he learned during his training.  This is just a dream, it will never be reality, he kept repeating to himself.  Never, Never, NEVER.  He would not allow it to happen…it’s all just a bad dream.  His people indeed did a great thing trying to eradicate dream sequence.  It serve only to disturb the mind which is wholly unnecessary.  Still, his mind continue to wander back to the taste of her lips…

Qahnki: Damn it! (It was the first time he have use of the curse word he’d learned during the short visit on Earth)


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      • lol sorry van working on it…I haven’t the last week because I had to plan a huge party for my kid, but now that it’s done I’m back to writing and hopefully finishing it soon for you guys keke sorry

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        • Hi jaime, thanks for coming by. Yes I browse through it and the story is completely different. I’m not upset but I am a little taken a back. Though I don’t really think it’s that much of a pure coincident that 2 characters and their name resemblance match so well. Especially Jin Sunhee which is really not that common of a name. That’s picking a combination of three different names in the same order that it sits, again not common and on top of that using the same actress & actor? But whatever I’m not gonna make a big deal out of it as it’s a minor character any ways and the story have no resemblance.

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              Again, thank you so much BoBoBo *HUGS*

  6. I’m not going to let them go easily until they give me a back story to how the name and cast combo came about… How is it they can pay homage to existing dramas that they borrowed from etc… but not to a fellow fan fiction writer?… Where’s the respect?

    • lol aww, thanks bobo lol keep me posted on it….I mean in a crazy world it’s possible we have the same brain wave thinking right? lol like sisters from different mother & father? hahahaha it can happen right? anyways *hugs* thanks for everything.

  7. LOL, there’s no bigger fan of Faye than you Thao… Nice to meet you and you’re welcome 🙂 I just say it as I see it… Can be a bad thing too 😦 you can follow the conversations on the link..

    I’m not going to say that their work is trash coz I’ve read and have respect for Fangurl’s blogs… It’s just their Aurora story that I have issue with.

  8. Hello Safiresea, I’m kfangurl, the owner of the site where Lady G’s story Aurora is posted. With all the comments that have been posted here as well as on my site, I can see that people are becoming upset, which is why I thought it would be a good thing to come here directly to speak with you, rather than through a 3rd party.

    I’d like to assure you that neither Lady G nor I were aware of your fanfic writings here (not to say that your writing is not good; clearly your writing is engaging, since it has such a large following. It’s just that neither of us have the habit of following drama-related fanfics). So first of all, congrats on doing a great job with the writing 🙂

    I’d also like to post here my explanation / response to Bobo’s comment on my site, as this is honestly my best and sincere reply:

    “Hello Bobo, it’s a positive thing, that you are looking out for bloggers / writers, and want to protect them from any infringement of their work. At the same time, I ask that you give us the benefit of the doubt.

    I can personally vouch for Lady G that she is telling the truth, in that she does not read other people’s fanfics. It’s not that they are not good. She is a busy person in real life, and I can attest to the fact that she puts so much time into writing her dream dramas for this blog, that she doesn’t have the time to follow other fanfics. Before your comment, neither of us were aware that there is a blogger by the name Safiresea who writes fanfic for YFAS.

    The seed for the dream drama Aurora was first sown in December 2013, during a brainstorming session on this blog, which you can find here. If you follow the comment threads, you will be able to see us helping to pick out casts for the various characters in the story, including the casting of Yoo Seung Ho and Kim Yoo Jung. Song Joong Ki’s character was added later in the creative process, which is, unfortunately, not documented on the blog itself.

    Since that time, Lady G worked on fleshing out her characters and the story, putting in a lot of research and thought. Now, I understand that you are perplexed by the fact that Kim Yoo Jung’s character shares the name Jin Sun Hee with Safiresea’s character, who is also played by Kim Yoo Jung. Since neither Lady G nor I had come across Safiresea’s writing before your comment, we can only put it down to coincidence. Is it a big coincidence? Yes. To the point of kdrama absurdity, even. But is it a coincidence that could plausibly happen? Yes. I am ethnically Chinese, and like Korean names, Chinese names have many possible permutations, depending on the combination of characters. My own Chinese name is considered unusual. Growing up, I even felt self-conscious of my name, coz it was so different from all my friends’ names. Theoretically, it should be pretty difficult for me to meet someone with the same name as mine, right? But in my teens I actually met a friend who shares the same name, and now we are very close friends. Huge coincidence? Yes. Coincidental to the point of kdrama absurdity? Yes. But still, it’s the truth, and our parents (who have never met) certainly didn’t confer before they named us.

    I don’t have an explanation for why Lady G and Safiresea were both inspired to name Kim Yoo Jung’s character with the exact same name, but I can only say with every bit of clear conscience, that it is not copied from Safiresea’s story. As for the name Kang Woo, it is a very common Korean name. Personally, I don’t find a similarity between the name Kang Woo and Qahnki, which is why I have not said anything on this point.

    And that is my very roundabout way of saying, thank you for your concern, Bobo. Safiresea is blessed to have a passionate reader like you who is always looking out for her. At the same time, this really is not a case of copying / plagiarizing. I hope you can relay the same to Safiresea, to set her mind at ease. It must have been upsetting for her to receive your notification about her work being copied. Let’s all agree that wow, sometimes coincidences in life can be mind-blowing & almost unbelievable. Sometimes, the truth can be stranger than fiction.

    When you’ve had some time to clear your mind & heart over this misunderstanding, I do hope that you will enjoy Lady G’s story. I love it a lot, and would love for you to enjoy it too. :)”

    I hope that you can have peace of mind, Safiresea, that we did not copy your ideas for our story. If anything, this is perhaps an unexpected meeting of similar minds. How in the world could 2 writers who’d never met or read each other’s works, have cast the same actress and given her character the same name, in 2 completely different stories? Life can be so mysterious sometimes. It’s one of those things that we’ll always wonder about. 🙂

    • hi kfangurl 🙂 no hard feelings…I did follow the comments and already read yours as well as Lady G. Really appreciate your long, thought out replies and explanation. lol don’t worry you’re not hurting my feelings by saying you didn’t read my work so no need to give reason for that. Yes, it’s possible that such a strange coincident could have happen…sometimes real life is stranger then fiction. Please excuse my fan/friend Bobo as she’s only looking out for my interest and one really can’t fault her action so much as the resemblance in characters name/casting was so exacting. But since we clear this up a a case of pure coincident let’s just let it be. I’m sure she’ll still read the story and continue being a fan of your site 🙂

      • It’s great to know that you accept and understand our explanations, Safiresea 🙂 I’m so glad that we could clear this up without any hard feelings. Wishing you all the best with your continued writings & stories! Fighting! 🙂

  9. Hi Faye, SORRY I caused you trouble.. no need to apologize for me… I feel like a bad child now… I have let it go and have apologized to Lady G for parts that I’m sorry for. It’s posted after her response in their site…

    • No bo, you didnt cause any trouble 🙂 in fact im very glad that you caught something so small and yet so significant. It was definately a very interesting case 🙂 so I’m bery thankful to you. Please continue to look out for me I honestly really do appreaciate your defend very much 🙂

    • Hi Bobo. No need to feel apologetic for the good deed that you do for safiresea unni. I think you did it very well and in a civil manner while being the third party/ messenger of this conflict. I found out about this later than you so as things have been settled down I don’t want to stir up the peaceful atmosphere that MLFAS fanfic has been ever since its established.
      In fact, in a good way now that the other party has now awared about us and know who Safiresea is so hopefully they will do more better research for the next coming projects in the future so not only us but also other writer won’t have case like this happen again… Final word, Im glad that Unni has gained a new loyal fan like you, please keep on commenting I really love reading your posts, no bias feeling and very objective 🙂 fighting!!

  10. My friends and family always firmly believed that I should have been a lawyer… though, I never thought it as a compliment 😦 As to this case, if I was to further pursue it, I had plenty more to dispute to every point they made, but their long explanations was very heartfelt, respectful and diplomatic, so to a small degree they have convinced me and now I don’t doubt them 100% which is good enough to let go for everyone’s sakes.

  11. Oh, em, gee! What a way to wrap up this story. Having DMJ go through that process so he could return to Earth and bargaining JSH to be with Qahnki, I would just love to see how that would actually come to fruition.

  12. OMO…the feels of this scene Unni… 😀

    “Another door on the far end of the room suddenly opens up and MJ rush out to hug his wife.”

    It’s like my insides were shouting & giggling for this scene hahaha

  13. Hello Faye im happy youre back on writing …hope youll continue with jsh and quanki even f dmj and csy storyends on 41…i like their love story too please

  14. Oh, WOW! Thank you for dedicating this to me, I am truly honored and touched. I’m happily jumping for joy *whee, whee, whee*.

    Hmm… as to my thoughts on the story… As a whole, I loved it and wanted more…

    This episode has a good balance of both drama and science… I reckon this is the first and only episode to talk about the sci-fi-mumble-jumble where I’m left satisfied and not wanting more answers afterwards… New rules where added to the equation and the sci-fi elements naturally flowed with the story… Through your previous episodes many of MLFAS’s plot holes were filled i.e. wormhole, law of the universe of why MJ couldn’t kill humans etc. The new additions in this episode don’t seem to create any new plot holes… Nothing was overly elaborated to ruin the mystery, by not giving scientific-nerds too many complexities to pick apart and find fault, yet providing just enough information so that we as readers don’t have to pause to try and make sense of it all… This episode reminds me of all my favorite sci-fi shows that uses similar elements, shows like Stargate SG-1, Dr Who etc. I reckon the story here stands up well against the stories that those shows tell.

    I laughed when SY ran into the ship, “SY: you have it camouflage? For god sake why? I could have killed myself.” Funny start to the episode and we got to learn a little more about their form of transportation. *YAY 😀 *

    As to Ahnya, I didn’t discuss her before, I think her character is quite valuable, she enhances the story as much as JSH does, she’s not just a one dimensional secondary character. She is the female equivalent of MJ. They resemble in their child like curiosity to all things human… MJ upon his first arrival to Earth due to his curiosity wanders off to observe and interacted with humans instead of focusing on collecting data and samples. He was drawn to humans in the same way Ahnya was to HK… The only difference is Ahnya has prior knowledge about alien and human interaction, having MJ as a role-model for her as of what not to do. Whereas MJ had to learn it all on his own and discovered the darker side of emotions through many failed human interactions over centuries causing him shut it out , revert back to the emotionally suppressed alien, hence becoming a cynical old man, until he met SY. So Ahnya’s yet to experience the same to become as cynical as MJ once was. I hope all her prior knowledge and with MJ-SY story as example will be enough to help her in her battle for love…

    SY, JSH and Ahnya have taken over the role that MJ would normally portray which is apt for this part of the story to work. SY, JSH and Ahnya are now the heroes in his stead… SY in battle, gave a heartfelt yet powerful plea that was very realistic and rang true to the hearts of anyone that is married or have loved ones to protect. *Girl Power, Hwaiting!*

    The crying scenes in this episode lacks the strong tear jerking sensation that was felt in the previous ones. The reunion scene evoked the feeling of joyfulness and relief. Whilst SY crying over JSH’s future started out sad it was countered by MJ with his comforting ways that soothed us as well as SY 😉

    Most the scenes were:
    – Funny: the opening scene, superpower moments, court scenes, MJ and Qahnki’s “I object!”…
    – Happy: MJ released, family reunion…
    – Insightful: all things sci-fi and DNA exchange, hinting of Ahnya’s untold story of court battle for HK, tidbits to JSH-Qahnki’s future story…
    – Endearing: SY’s heartfelt pleas for MJ, JSH cheerfulness, MJ’s actions upon seeing SY again, MJ soothing SY of a mother’s pain…
    – Steamy: you know what I mean *wink, wink*.

    The story of SY going to KMT184.05 to save MJ is a fabulous notion and the telling of it was great, though it could’ve gone a step further to be epic… I hate to say this because when dramas do this it usually annoys me mainly because they overdo it… Certain scenes could be stretched out more. In particular the court scene. It started out well paced and ended well, but an integral part of it was rushed, the bit where the council nodded their heads, concluded their decision and presto, MJ walks in… This was a sweet turn of events that got me grinning from ear to ear, though I wished it had more edge, a thrill and an intensity to it… There wasn’t enough time to build suspense to fully engage in that one crucial moment… I preferred there to be a waiting period or intermission before they made the final ruling.
    How about an extension of the court scene? Here’s a summation of what I pictured could happen in between:
    – As SY, JSH and Ahnya is making their way towards the courtroom…
    – We see a glimpse of the imprisoned MJ, maybe slumped in a corner of the cell? Feeling hopeless and frustrated…
    – Back to SY, JSH and Ahnya entering the courtroom…
    – MJ in the cell, having flashbacks of him with the Council, him making a scene, all alone with nobody to vouch for him, and now confined, given the harshest penalty for betraying his people and planet, for fighting against fulfilling his duties with Ahnya… He and Ahnya, upon her return, was to give their DNA… now knowing the feeling of fathering a child and wanting more children etc, he no longer believe any progeny of his should be created without his involvement in their upbringing or without love, he refused and argued that in a sense he did fulfill his duty to procreate resulting in JSH, shouldn’t that be enough to prove that the universe is at least on his side?… Even though he’s only been imprisoned for two days it felt much longer than his 400 year wait or his 3 years in the Alt-world. Thoughts started to plagued him, he hated that he ultimately failed, he’s to be sentenced long past JSH’s life-time, would she know to go many hundred years into the future to find him if or when he returns? Or fail and die of old age? What will happen to SY?… Suddenly the guards enter without saying a word and cuffed him, why are they taking him to another location? This was not a part of his punishment, he’s not meant to set foot outside of his cell for a long time to come, what’s happening?…
    – After the part where SY made her pleas and threats, the seemingly unfazed Council telepathically communicated amongst themselves then, declared a recess…
    – Whilst MJ silently sits alone in some room with tears brimming in his eyes…
    – Now we see the Council having an intense meeting, we to hear their thoughts, their fears, how most of them object to SY-MJ etc, scene fades out so we don’t hear the rest of their meeting…
    – SY impatiently pacing outside the courtroom, feeling the angst of waiting for final the verdict; JSH smiling knowingly to herself, etc…
    – Everyone now back in court to where the Council rules and everyone’s surprised of MJ’s entrance…
    – MJ hug SY, cry scene… when he explains he heard it all there’s a brief flashback to MJ where he was actually in the waiting room next door, quick screen shots in succession of him expressing emotions in reaction to the happenings in the courtroom, ranging from shock, to surprised, to happy tears, proudly saying “that’s my SY”, nervousness, face palming in discomfort, angst etc..
    – Back to the rest of the ruling and the story…

    What do you think? I think it needs your touch to be added to bring it to life.

    Thank you for taking us on this wondrous journey, you give us an extension of MLFAS and kept it alive. When this ends, we can extend your story further in our minds to also keep it alive, that way MLFAS is truly never-ending…
    The epilogue was an huge cliffhanger, very gripping indeed. It’s obvious that this new development won’t be resolved by the end of the season, but a teaser for a story that may never be told in full. *pout and cry from want of a season 3*

    Anyway, so if your writing 21 episodes, can I safely assume and look forward to episodes 41-42?

  15. After long time to waiting finally its out. I need to read a few times to satisfy me lol..
    The council meeting is so hilarious, sy very adorable. I expected a kiss after mj hugs sy. The council’s eyes will popped out get a shock haha
    Qahnki are you ready to have mother/father in law like sy & mj. Be careful*spin the ring.
    I feel sad sy will separated with jinny . I hope they have a doraemon’s door so they can meet each others… lol And after 18 years sy & mj have another daughters again. I think its enough times to born 6daugthers or more .. lol
    Overall this eps so great..i cant believe it going to over after 1eps again. I will missing it *tears & hugs

  16. Safiresea unnie,

    I hope you remember me, I’m from soompi new member. Finally I can post my comment here 🙂

    I don’t know how to thank you for creating such a beautiful story, I love your fanfic so much that I can totally relate it to the drama itself, well of course. It’s just so wonderful bcos you have it so detailed and I’m so amazed by your writing skills. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    This story is so heartbreaking yet make me feel so touched. You put so many nice words in it and I learn from it too, about love, about life, you are really a genius!
    I can feel SY’s inner struggle when she doesn’t even want to look at the mirror again, it breaks my heart. I hate MJ for making her like that, I hate you MJ! Hehe… kidding only.
    I cried when she said she wanted to have a divorce. But I feel sorry for MJ too. When I feel so mad at him I also can understand his action, he miss the real SY so much he can’t help it. Well, what’s important is that he only love SY, just from another dimension. But still, I am selfish I only want MJ’s love for SY only, ottoke??? I don’t want him to kiss AltSY, she is the same yet she is not.
    But I love the last episode as YH, AltSy and real SY become as one, haha, now MJ can have all of them, you lucky alien!

    Unnie, you really should consider writing more, if ever you write a novel please do let me know. I admire your talent, I really do 🙂
    Btw, I wanna ask, why do they adopt the 7 kids? Can’t they make more babies? Did I miss something here…

    Oya, you have one cool website, I’m still confused which one I should read first. I wonder is there anything you can’t do? Hahaha…
    Fighting unnie 🙂

  17. hey safiresea sis, im just a new fan but i fallen for this story so much. is really awesome. if i was the director of MLFAS i’ll make the sequel wiith this story 😛 Btw im waiting for ep 41… keep it up (y)

  18. Episode 41, please! Read this season 2 from episode 22 to 40 in just how many hours today. Can’t wait for the continuation. Thank you so much for this. God bless.

    • Ummmmmm….lol still working on it? Actually I haven’t just so busy with life though in hoping there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and I can go back to doing what I love to do without so much stress in my life

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