News: The Final Stretch

Hello everyone!  First off, Episode 40 is coming soon.  It’s been a while and I know everyone has been patiently waiting on it.  A lot of things has been happening and especially the last week I was very very busy with doing a party for my 3 year old.  Now that that is out of the way I can concentrate on finishing up Episode 40.  I think if everything is as planned the story will end at Episode 41, wow that’s exactly 21 episodes in the original series, lol.

Now, on to the next interesting news.  This is kind of a spoiler I guess, lol, but it can’t be helped.  Since some of you guys have been with me and a fan from the very beginning I wanted to take this time out and in a way give  a chance to thank some of my great and wonderful fans.  So, I thought about it and came up with this idea.  What better way to do that then have you guys be a part of the story?  In the final stretch of the story, there’s going to be 7-8 characters (children) of DMJ & CSY (not biological).  I’m opening this chance for you guys to give me your name, either real or made up, Korean or English or any other language names to be use, Vietnamese, Philippines, Chinese, whatever that name might be.  Top priority will go to my most hardcore fan of course.  Though I have one name already requested by a fan of mine through facebook, so one name has been reserved.  To be considered please made a comment on this post for the name you want me to use, thanks.  I can’t promise that all names will be use but I will choose wisely and hopefully make some of you guys happy 😀

Another news.  The reason why things have been a bit slow on this site is that I’m working on a few other projects.  One of which is a new Korean Movies/Drama review site.  The grand opening will be coming soon and I hope you guys will support me just as much as you did here.

Oh, and another thing.  I know, lots of news huh? lol…I’m also planning on doing a Trailer Teaser of MLFAS Season 2 as well.  Are you guys excited?  I mean I got the poster, I got the story…now I’m just missing the teaser trailer right?  It won’t be complete without it.  So keep a look out on that.  I will post here when it’s done.

Then one last thing before I’m done here.  I do have an intention of re-editing the story and putting it into a book format.  I will make it available to purchase if anyone is interested in it.  The cost will be for printing and material with a few chump change extra for time compilation.  Of course the bases of it is not to make money as you can read the free version if you like but it’s just better for momentum reason.  I will probably send copies to the Writer, the Director, KSH, and JJH as gift for inspiring this book just for kicks, lol.  You can also look forward to that as well.

I think that’s it for now.  Thank you everyone for your patience.


14 responses to “News: The Final Stretch

  1. Awesome!! Please book me down for preorder list unni 😀 I’m tired of keep copying and store every of your chapters in my laptop.. A hard copy is easier for me to read 🙂 please give me some discount as well to this faithful fan hehe ❤️

    • hahaha, for you I’ll buy you a copy 😉 and I’ll sign it too with love 😀 you know better then to ask for a discount…phhhfffff….as if I’d let you pay for it.

  2. Hi Faye, sad that it’s coming to an end 😦 …Oh, as for the name BoBoBo (even though my name really is Bobo or just Bo) dunno if anyone noticed but BoBoBo was me paying homage to the phoenix song that DMJ sang 😀 Plus I’m only a recent fan.

    What about the rest of their pets didn’t they agree to five dogs in MLFAS? Fate and Destiny needs more friends, maybe one named BoBo *ki ki ki*

    I also look forward to your review site… Trailer Teaser? Yay :D… Ooh, I’d buy a copy… I hope you’ll find a good translator for your book, you should send them a copy in both English and Korean.

    Before you sell it please find out about the legalities of copy righting your work and if you are legally allowed to sell it in your country or international. Especially as it’s based on MLFAS and it’s characters. I hope it works out for you… Faye Hwaiting

  3. i really hope everything will go well for you and i also am happy that jjh,kms and the others will read your story,i am happy for you, also if you can my name for one of the child is HOPE,since they have passed a lot of bad moments and pain to be together this will mean the hope for a good future for them and a new start, what do you think?

  4. it’s been awhile unnie Faye ….. i miss updates in this site…. wow.. congrats …….. i will look forward for your new project….. i definitely want a copy of your book but what’s the process of delivery hehehe…… i’m from ph and do you think it will cost a lot for the freight fee???? yeah it will be easy to read a book than reading it in laptop, can i grab a copy????? BTW your son just turned 3 or 4??? My son just turned 4 last oct. 8 hehehe, he is so silly now but i enjoy this little guy coz he’s kinda sweet…… Can i suggest the name Cali Sophia for one daughter of CSY&DMJ???? It’s my dream name for a daughter in the future…… lol…….. tc always…… uhm…. what’s your account in fb?? can i follow you their???? tnx……..

  5. aww I miss reading your posts here. and I’m having separation anxiety as your episodes are now coming to an end.. I hope you can use my name Gem Eleanor unnie Faye hihi.. *hoping* thank you so much for igniting our imagination and for keeping us updated on all thing KAH and JJH. ❤️😘

  6. Count me in faye for the hard copy of your book pls make it affordable for us here thats far from you hehehe…im thinking hard of a name and lol my mind keep telling me yeni and zam hahaha you know the byontae thingy…me no originality but i love their (jjh ksh) chara name so much..looking forward fornyour book fighting and God bkess you ..

  7. Hi im an avid fun of my love from star, because of this show i was captured by all korean dramas…until now i cant get over MLFTS…everynight watch the videos even the bloopers and bts in youtube…its a great story and great characters….so with this, i was reading your site… You said that you are finding a name for cheong song yi and do min joon kids…can i request my name Chris ferly its kind of an western name but im from the philippines…actually its a combination of my parents and siblings name… Thats why its very unique…hoping for my request…. Thanks…

  8. Faye!
    I have been MIA for quite a while. Here i thought i was gonna see piles and piles of new posts, includes the new chapters that is! What’s wrong? why aren’t there any recent activities?

  9. Faye, you remember me? (Oh of course you ill will remember) has been a while I have not opened this blog, because it is my responsibility as a mother, made me busy.But I really missed this blog, I still fans hyun2 couple you know! But Faye, my email that had been inactive, because I forgot passwordMakanya I change email, but I lost the the password for the special edition from you (byuntae), can I get back to my new email ,faye? Please help …. I hope you are willing.Thanks before Faye 😀

  10. Hi Faye, I’m a new fans here, finished watching mlfas just recently, very late i know 🙂 I noticed you havent update for almost a year now, hope everything is alright with you? I hope you can leave a reply to let us know if you’re just OK? I’m new but kind a worry to think something might happen to you…
    Regarding your story, is there any chance you’re going to finalize the final chapter? Yours really help elevate the feeling I felt after finished mlfas. Must say you’re a very talented writer. Oh, waiting for your re-editing book, please let me know if I can purchase a copy of it. I did email you few weeks ago asking for password of protected story but didn’t get a reply yet. Would you be so kind to share a password for me? Anyway, that’s allright if you cant share the password or not in the mood/condition to continue the story, just a reply that you’re OK will let me/us feel at ease. Thanks a lot and take care there. 🙂

    • Hi new fan!! I am alive yes 😉 glad you found this site and I hope you enjoyed yourself. Yeah I haven’t logged on this site for ages just get caught up in life craziness. I really do want to finish it and I’m also thinking of rewriting the whole beginning story, editing names ect so I can publish it under its own entity separate from MLFAS but still a inspired piece. So in that aspect it would have a 3 volume; the beginning, the continuation, and then the story of their daughter. Lol but I don’t know that is a bit ambitious for the state I’m currently in right now. I have a lot of people asking for the password haha I have to find time to comprise it all and send it out one of these days. Thank you so much for caring!

      • Hi Faye, glad to know you’re okay 🙂 By now I’ve completed mlfas twice and just about to go on round 3 😅. Ow that’s good idea to separate your stories in 3 volumes, but I guess that means you need to adjust some storylines or even create more stories of the daughter- since not so many stories of the daughter yet to create 1 full volume for it? Anyway, I’m a full supporter for your book’s launching. You can do it!
        But don’t feel burdened, Faye. Just try to put this aspiration in your bucket lists, for you to fulfill it someday, hopefully soon (It sounds like a burden, I guess? Sorry hehe…) All good luck and good wishes for you 💕

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