Cheon Song Yi Fashion Forward – Episode 2

Welcome to Cheon Song Yi fashion!  JJH playing the character of CSY had put fashion to the forefront.  It’s daring, it’s new, it’s quirky, it’s fun.  I love my girl but I have to say not everything she wear is a hit for me.  As a matter of fact some things she wore I have to wonder where was the fashion police?  But then again, lol, I’m the least fashionable person out there.  I can’t even remember the last time I bought clothes, haha! (no joke) Anyhow, here’s some information about CSY’s clothes from each episode.  You can rate if it’s a HIT or MISS as I will tell you in my own fashionable opinion which category it falls in for me.



#1. Sonia Angry Kick: This sleepwear that JJH showcase here only appear for like a split of a few seconds when she got home from a frustrating encounter with DMJ.  Don’t mistake the bottom part as it looks like a skirt, it’s not part of the wear.  She took it off (or rather kick it off) and you have full pants, can’t decipher if this piece of Sonia Rykiel is a one piece or two piece.  Moreover I was a little confuse with the hoodie, lol I can’t see a hoodie as a sleepwear somehow…but out of all her sleepwear this one is one of the least of a sore eye for me.  The dark blue makes the pattern not too crazy busy and bearable so even with the weird hood, I’ll give this a HIT.

 #2. Philipp Noormmal Competition: Again, I’m frustrated for the fashion here as we do not get to see the full effect of this outfit.  She’s wearing her infamous Jimmy Choo Abel Glitter Pointed Pumps with a black skirt of some sort, not sure about the top either but she’s wearing this ultra bad ass Philipp Plein Embellished Leather Jacket in 2013 Collection.  It doesn’t look so comfortable on the model as it looks on JJH, it somehow seems the material is more pliable on the one SY wears.  My favorites are the intricate designs on the side of jacket arms, which has this Spanish feel to it.  She somehow pull off a really feminine look of this otherwise rough and tough jacket.  I like it, HIT for me.


#3. Paul Smith Low-Key: This is SY’s version of being low key.  Shirt unknown with a pair of jeans under Paul Smith Cream Bouclé Double Breasted Cocoon Coat, Lanvin Leather Cap Toe Sneakers, and a cute blue scarf to top it all off.  I personally love that white/cream coat and I think it looks elegant on her even if it’s a little big.  There is a lot of scenes with this outfit; glaring with DMJ, interview with press, drunk at DMJ, special interview, etc. and in all of those scenes she looks regal amazing in it.  The scarf ties in nicely with her jeans too, this is a HIT for me.


#4. Isabel Natural Makeup: Another sitting outfit but you can see more clearly the dress she’s wearing here, which is Isabel Marant Etoile Precious Dress.  SY wants her make up to look all natural, lol, she actually looks pretty cute here.  I normally do not like busy pattern clothes but the dark color here really tone down the pattern and makes it look more interesting.  I like that the arm sleeves have different pattern then the actual dress for contrast.  It looks comfortable too…I give it a HIT.


#5. Unknown Escape To Mangaland:  When SY is in her low mood she likes to hang out at BJ manga shop in the VIP room.  Even though her clothes are unknown here as it’s just a simple jeans, beanie, and V neck sweater…she makes it look warm and cozy.  Her beanie hat is actually really cute, you can’t see it in the picture here but there’s a giant brown fuzzball at the end of her beanie hahah.  I like her simple fuzzy sweater too…now this, is truly low-key, I give this unknown fashion a HIT 🙂


#6. Lanvin Catfight: When I saw this clip I never thought that the dress she was wearing had butterflies on them, nicely mask pattern!  I would not be caught dead wearing this as it would just looks weird on me but this Lanvin White Butterfly Print Satin Dress works great on her.  Top this off with super awesome Jimmy Choo Abel Glitter Pointed Pumps with that clean cut jacket and this ensemble is a HIT for me.  SY wears a lot of jacket/coats throughout the show and this simple elegant clean-cut tan coat with black button highlights…I really, really like.


Credit: all pictures as tagged.  Sources from different fashion sites but mainly from Korea Celebrity and Korean Drama Fashion.


As of now, per the results of your votes, this is the Grading posted for the previous Episode 1 Fashion:


10 responses to “Cheon Song Yi Fashion Forward – Episode 2

        • lol yeah except I don’t think her clothing is her choice in this case, lol….the cloth branding probably gave it to the show to promote their clothes and in turn they “sponsor” them with mula 😉

    • WHAT?? lol how could you not own a coat/jacket? I live in hot FLORIDA and rarely if ever shop for clothes and even I have one, lol….where’s yours?

  1. Dunno if anyone noticed this but in every episode most of SY’s outfits matched MJ’s, this is also why they looked good together… I love MJ’s outfits, if I could afford it I’d dress my man from top to bottom in MJ’s style…

    • hahaha…do they? I only seen it 1.5 times so I can’t confirm or deny on their matching clothes but next time i do rewatch it I will look out for that 😀

      • Not only do MLFAS use lots of subliminal messages to advertise sponsored brands but the matching outfits sends a message to our subconsciousness that they are a match in every way, OTP… I swear, it’s in every episode there’s scenes where they match clothes either in color, style or accessories, too many to point out in one sitting, but here’s a few:

        – the picture you posted of them (Ep 2) MJ is wearing a purple-brown shirt and SY in purple-brown shirt, purple-blue toned scarf and shoe laces… later she enters his house drunk and he’s changed into a white sweater matching her white coat…

        – Ep 10, both balcony scenes… second balcony scene where she confesses was most obvious, he’s wearing a burgundy sweater with grey-double-stripes on his sleeves and SY is wearing a burgundy robe with a silver-double-banded headband 😀

        – Ep 11, SY follows MJ to the market, her scarf matches his outfit. The snow scene matching in style with fur on coats (MJ’s previous ice-fishing was with him in Bean Pole everything…)

        • …oh, just when I thought they weren’t trying to match in the museum scene Ep12, they were, she’s wearing a green outfit and he has on green patterned sneakers…

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