MLFAS – Hands Are Meant For Holding

So here’s my collection of CSY & DMJ hand holding moments…and there’s lots of them.  In fact, it’s not even a complete collection…I’m still missing a couple more scenes.  If you have them feel free to contribute by sending them to me 😉 ….Hmmm….what can I say about these except from my own distant memory, this is the only show I could recall with so many hand holding moments.  Was this the making of scripted material or just a natural inclination?  I tend to think it’s a blend of both, hehe 😀 they must of really like holding each other’s hands it seems so natural and often time unnecessary…and yet here it is…

hh10 hh9 hh8 hh7 hh6 hh5 hh4 hh3 hh2 hh1 hh11

hh12 hh13 hh14 hh15

hh16 hh17


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