Paparazzi News! DMJ & CSY Sunday Dating Scenes

–NEW UPDATE: 7/21/14–

Recently it’s been leaked out to the public that Do Min Joon had promised to take Cheon Song Yi out on a date every Sunday.  Since then, the Paparazzi has been on the look out on Sundays to spot what DMJ & CSY will be doing with their time together.  Please continue to follow every Sunday (possibly post Monday) to see what adventure will this hot-and-heavy-in-love couple will do next.

This Sunday, DMJ & CSY is feeling a little lazy so they skip the town and opt to stay indoor to catch up on some….uummm….much needed lovin 😉  You bet the paparazzi was having a tough time sneaking in these very intimate shots (we need a raise!)

*NOTE: on a more serious note, lol, this personally custom handmade couple by Thaoweo will be traveling soon to their new destination home in Portugal.  The new owner who won them for being an awesome commentor on here, CONGRATULATIONS MISAI!!! they look too adorable I’m so, so jelly huhuhu*


Yes, I know the Paparazzi has been skipping some Sundays, we’ve been busy with other jobs that’s been popping in and out (yes, we have other jobs too beside stalking DMJ & CSY to take their dating pictures).  Here is the most recent Sunday trip DMJ & CSY took together.  This time MJ decide to pop the question to SY…yet again.  Why? Because with their kind of love, one proposal is just not enough 🙂 …and they’re doing it free-falling style, what a daring couple!

finish balloon

It’s been a long month with no dating news from DMJ & CSY, the paparazzi was getting restless and wondered why.  It turns out, MJ & SY was preparing for a big night at the Baeksang Award ceremony…going as their alter ego Kim Soo Hyun & Jun Ji Hyun. Let’s congratulate them on their winnings and a night of being the King and Queen of love. (thank you as always to our talented Thao Weo for the extraordinary eggies!)


This Sunday is a camp fire date night. SY and MJ were caught in a romantic setting… MJ was serenading SY with the song “promise” and she seems to enjoy it very much… The couple spends their time together heartwarmingly and the paparazzi could feel love was in the air ❤️ (thanks Thao as always)


Because both paparazzi was overloaded with life unexpected problems last week and busy keeping up with the latest news of DVD BTS and CFs, the release of last week and this week dating scenes of DMJ & CSY has been delayed.  So today you get to see both of them 🙂 Last Sunday they were spotted tanning and frolicking on a deserted beach.  Min Joon cling tight to his towel as they enjoy some ice cream and melon in the hot, sweltering sun.


On this Sunday, Min Joon took Song Yi out on a drive in his new, red Jeep cruising down lover’s lane as the leaves fall around them.  Paparazzi noted that Song Yi looks very impressed and happy.


For Easter Sunday, CSY spend their third date on a romantic candlelight night with DMJ on their private balcony overlooking the city.  Sorry, the paparazzi was sick yesterday so was unable to update their outings in a timely manner. (again, thank you Thao for providing the juicy photos)

Night on Balcony

DMJ brought CSY to a small romantic cafe on their second date (special thanks to our beloved Queen Commentator, Thao Weo, for providing new “outfits” for our couple, making two new eggs and being the infamous paparazzi behind these pics…I only do the editing and compilation)


Below is their first date caught on camera.  DMJ enjoying the cool breeze with CSY under the shady Pachira tree.

MJ & SY 4/6/14


43 responses to “Paparazzi News! DMJ & CSY Sunday Dating Scenes

  1. Omona hot news ever!!! Now the paparazzi ponders which destination will they be spending their Sunday at keke😎📷

    • well, you never know where they’ll end up at or what they’ll end up doing…SY’s been known to be romantic and MJ’s been known to be adventurous….so we shall see. Stay tuned 😉

    • Hi Thao! I just want to pay my greetings and admiration as well! Your work is so cute and great that I found myself smiling so wide while browsing the pictures and reading the captions! I’m so inspired 😀 So yeah, if you don’t mind, can I ask your dA or tumblr account (or whichever you post these cute things!) I want to see more of your work! it will be much appreciated! Thanks 🙂

      • Wow am I that inspiring?? Wow did I just have a fan? Awesome 👍. Thank you so much for your kind words I surely will keep it coming 🙂

        Sorry love I don’t have any other account other than Instagram and fb. But nowadays I’m too busy to keep them up to date, so spider webs are all over the place now huhuhu. Most of my eggy pictures are solely dedicated to this website so pls keep on visiting here for more updates.

        Ps: if you actually want to follow, I can post up more of my crafts on Instagram, you can follow me there ok?

  2. I quickly scanned the post when I read the title and as soon as I saw “dating” followed by “secretly”, I clicked on the button thinking there was some hot updates on our OTP… Then I saw the pictures, and my joy disappeared. Unnie don’t put a hot title in the updates like this. You might give us a heart attack in the future hahaha.

    • Maddie….hahhaah….there’s no “secretly” on here at all and it’s DMJ & CSY, not KSH & JJH….I think someone’s been delulu too much, lol….PLEASE COME BACK TO US!!! Do not fall to the dark side!!!!!!!!!! AAHHHH–hahahhahaa!!!!!!

      • Hahaha unnie, I don’t know what I saw. I think I was expecting a new release then my brain somewhat linked it to KSH and JJH. This is how this drama is messing with me lol.

        But I just realized that I didn’t comment on the actual pics. Well done, it looks very cute but the little DMJ and CSJ are too covered for the seasons hehehe (are these eggshells?)

        • lol, it’s ok we understand the craziness here….sometimes we tend to see things that’s not there, hahahaha, lol and yeah I can’t unfortunately change their clothing as it’s been painted on them permanently for life!….now they live in FL so they’ll be sweating all their lives HAHAHHAHA….they have Thao to thank for that 😉 *wink wink*

    • hahah, you fooled me for a moment, I was like NEW MEAT!!! hahahha….but no, it’s just you 😉 kekeke….I’m glad they made you laugh….I’m dusting up and breaking out my Nikon D90 for them!

      • haha..sorry for dissapoint you..but its kinda funny coz i just sent it without remembring what my id..hahaha..

  3. Unnie, I have thought twice and I think I wanna collaborate with you on this project. I will make more copies of DMJ n CYS in different outfits keke. Let me know if you allow me to do it 🙏.

    Also I have 2 versions of byeontae DMJ n CSY in working process. If you like I can take them to the nearest studio for picture taking and send you some pictures that you can take for consideration whether making it a photo cover of your upcoming byeontae special edition of DMJ n CSY hehe.
    (Note: pls disregard this message if you already have in mind the cover picture)

    • OH WAY AWESOME! yah to more outfits! lol they can’t be dating in the same outfit all the time, what will the paparazzi think?!? lol
      and AGAIN, YES! send me pali pali…i was just about to put up the preview…and realize I don’t have a front pic for it yet 😦 I was just about to go look for one and then you magically appeared 😀

      • Yay~ I’m glad that you agree letting me join this project. Now I can make my sketches into real dolls hehe.
        2nd yay~ for my pic offer hasn’t come to late. But…
        Uh oh, I guess I wont have the byeontae DMJ n CSY ready by tomorrow night though anyhow making them will not take me too long but I need to wrap up my final idea. Let me email you my sketch to see if you like it or not first. Pls, check your email alright?

  4. Omo those two are so sweet! Their giving me cavities hahahaha….what’s the next location for their date unnie? I’ll be on the lookout for them 🙂

    • lol oh Jade, you’re so funny hahahhah cavities….lol hahahah…um….dunno yet, I didn’t get the insider guess we’ll have to wait for the paparazzi!

      • Haha Im glad i can make you laugh unnie…me happy too LOL

        Unnie! Unnie! I read that you will give us our most perver… ooopppss slip of the tongue… fervent wish I mean… I cant seem to sleep right now arrrrrggggghhhhh….IM SO EXCITED THAT THE SPECIAL EPISODE OF DMJ-CSY will be release soon..there… maybe I can sleep now. LOL 😉

        • yap! all thanks to you dear for requesting it 🙂 I was a little hesitant at first because…you know…that means ruining their innocent image….and then I was like, THEY ARE FRIGGIN ADULT….THIS IS WHAT ADULT IN LOVE DO!!! so, lol…yeah I’m fine with it now 😉

  5. Lovely couple is enjoying their afternoon date. How sweet!
    4/15/14: Rumor says some folks saw MJ n SY went out for shopping (clothing? Food? Appliances?).

    For their next activity please stay tuned with us, your Ultimate-Diehard-DMJ-CSY-fan/paparazzi/stalker. With our infamous Logan: Our-2Hyun-Ship-Will-Definitely-Be-Sailing-Tonight!!! ⛵️💨💨💨

    • hmmm…now you got my curiosity at it’s peak 😉 …..sail the ship away!!! hahaha….if not the real couple, then our own eggie couple!

      ps. don’t go too wild yet ok? I still need to use your other pics too, lol

  6. Myannae unnie, I got sidetracked and forgot to complement your eggies picture for last week, I hope you are not mad at me yet…But they look so cute in the car together, under that bright sun I feel kinda sorry for them with that heavy offseason coat 😦 I should have made you the bikini version if DMJ and CSY to fit FL weather Lol

    • hahahha, I know right? oh well…they are going to have to get use to FL weather…lol, I kinda like that hilarious oxymoron of the whole weather vs clothes going on 😀

  7. Our couple having a good time! Thanks Fayе, Thaoweo and paparazzi! 😉
    So rapidly increasing number of views that will soon be 100,000 🙂 Congratulations!!!

    • Thank you for your support Mila, I’ll try to make more memorable moments for uri MJ n SY in their eggy forms. We all Fighting!!

    • lol glad you enjoy their dating scenes as much fun as we are creating them 😉
      YES! lord, I’m still stuck in the 50,000 contests, and already we are in the 60,000 yikes! hahha, I think it had so much to do with all the DVD updates kikiki

  8. This is so cute!!! So glad I found your website. Coz I just recently watched the finale of MLFAS and the ending somehow made me depressed. thus I sought comfort from MLFAS fans like you. 🙂

    • lol, it’s very physically demanding being a paparazzi…are you well trained for that? you know like…crawling through the sand, climbing up a tree, hiding under water…that sort of thing.

  9. Omo! You made all of these??? Wow! Sooo cute ❤ ❤ ❤ ! Without an exaggeration, I found myself smiling like a fool looking at those pictures through out the time! Seriously I had this smile that reaches out my ear (okay, that's an exaggeration ^^'). Look how talented you are! Wow, I'm inspired to do something like this too, I used to make something like these that are made out of paper before, I drew them and make all the props myself though I stopped because it is so tedious. But maybe I'll resume soon! If ever, I'll share it to you 🙂 BTW, do you have a dA account? I want to follow you if you have, also twitter or tumbr if you don't mind 🙂 Thanks :* ❤ 😉

    • If you mean the making of the actual eggies, NO! hahah I did not make them it’s our talented ThaoWeo who did it. If you often read comments she’s on and around here a lot 🙂 she’s a good friend of mine and her eggies are done to be showcase here (the first one she did was a gift for me). All I did was compile them and edit the pics and post it up here kikiki. You should definitely chat up with her (just reply to one of her post and I’m sure she’ll write back to you)
      Actually, I don’t have any other accounts but maybe Thao does, you should ask her (although I’ve been thinking of doing a facebook for this but still thinking bout it)

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  11. Yaaaaaaah!! So adorbs! 😀 Daaaaaaaawwwwww! I can’t wait to have them here ^_^ So cute in PJ’s… being all cuddly and errrmm affectionate in the morning in bed… under the covers :3 ihihihihi

    • misai, I’m so jelly….so cute ah…..they would have suited better in Florida with the hotness here….but instead I got the two in sweaters hahahhha living in Florida! I feel bad for my eggies sometimes…

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