My Love From Another Star – Episode 36


Preview: In present day alternate world, altSY is adjusting to life without Kisohn but an unexpected visitor may disrupt the new found life she made for herself.  Grief stricken, MJ fought the  pull and call of altSY for help but his resolve will be shaken by new, shocking information coming from the future.  Meanwhile SY has a change of heart towards MJ after some thoughts and conversations with both HK and Ahnya.  But will MJ be there to patch things up with his wife or will he risk it all to save altSY once and for all. 

Scene 2: Present Time Alternate World, altSY’s Adjusted Life

[camera on a big photo hanging on the wall of MJ and SY in front of a piano smiling.  MJ suddenly teleport in front of it as a bullet hit him on the shoulder, landing him roughly on the floor]

SY: (rush over to him, her voice in a panic) Kisohn? Is it really you? Why are you back?!

MJ: I’m here to save you (he looks at his bloody shoulder) I’m not doing such a good job so far.

SY: why Kisohn? Did I not tell you to forget about me?! You’re not supposed to be here! (she hug his body to shield him and whisper desperately in his ears) leave NOW! Hurry!

MJ: (pull her back as he look at the sticky blood dripping from her head, down to the side of her face and her dress torn at the shoulder and side hem.  He was so livid he didn’t even feel the pain on his shoulder anymore as he gently pushes her aside to stand up) I’m not leaving without the guarantee of your safety.


–alternate world–

SY: (smile down at the old woman) grandma let me help you take that home.

Old lady: thank you child…my arthritis is acting up again (SY pack all the loads of groceries into her bicycle basket as she walk the bike alongside the old woman) if you weren’t married I would have send my grandson to ask for your hand.

SY: (laughs) your oldest grandson is twenty. (The old lady shrug)

Old lady: age is just a number (she nudge and wink at SY) when will we have the pleasure of meeting your husband? It’s been almost two years, aren’t you lonely without him?

SY: awh (she confirm with a smile), but I have him everywhere at home so it doesn’t feel too lonely.

Old lady: still, you’re at the peak of your years and shouldn’t remain alone like that, what about kids? A man’s career should be second to his wife and family.

SY: it’s ok I don’t mind (she change the subject) when are you going to make that delicious…(their conversation fade out)

SY: (preparing some food on the table, then look at the life size pillow doll sitting on the chair with a smiling picture of MJ) I know these are not your favorite dishes but we have special guests coming tonight…awww, don’t pout love, I’ll make it up to you later aw? aw? (She blew him a kiss when she heard the knocking)  I’m coming! (SY open up the door and threw herself in SM’s arms as the two hug each other tightly) I missed you!  It’s only been a few months not seeing each other but I missed you dearly.

SM: then you should move back home with us already.  Why keep hiding yourself here?  (She pull out and look at SY) these days there’s rarely any talk about you or Hwi Kyung anymore so please come home.

SY: (close the door and turn away) I told you already the reason why.  Where’s Yoon Jai? He’s not coming with you this time?

SM: no…he’s getting ready for his entrance exam…again.

SY: hmm, still want to be a professor huh?

SM: (laughs) you know how stubborn he is.

SY: yes…that’s why you love him (SM shrug and smile). Let’s have dinner, you must be hungry and exhausted.  Just wait until you see what I made for you!

–a while later–

SM ate as she shifts uncomfortably from side to side.  Her eyes dart back and forth from SY to the life size doll with Kisohn picture posted on the head, sitting directly across from her.

SY: you think I’m crazy.

SM: (put down her chopsticks and grab SY’s hand) no, no I don’t think that.  It’s just…I worry about you.  I mean just look at this place! Nothing has changed a bit.  Your walls are still filled with pictures of you and him together, you still have this doll at your dining table, and that giant piano is still taking all the space in your living room.  Song Yi-ah don’t you think you should start getting rid of some of the stuff and I don’t know, try and move on? It’s been almost 2 years.

SM: I know that.  I know he’s not coming back and I should move on with my life.  But I don’t want to, I don’t think I’m even capable of that. Without all this (she look around the house) I wouldn’t know how to cope.  To everyone else it might sound crazy that I talk to him every morning, every night, and at every meals but it’s what kept me sane.  I think…no, I know he probably married by now and thinking up of how we live our lives together, it makes me happy.

SM: But that’s his own life now, you still have yours to live.  I’m not saying I can fully understand or accept everything you told me but…if it’s true then he’s married now to another you, he had moved on.  It may be you there but it’s not the you here.  I don’t want my Song Yi to just survive…I want you to live this life as your own.  I feel so bad that you’re just…wasting it away on a few short memories when he’s happily married elsewhere.  It makes me really angry.

SY: As I told my mother and father countless times before…know you all care and worry about me but believe me, I’m much happier living like this then with anyone else or any other way.  This feels real to me. More real than when I was actually married to Hwi Kyung (she look down and continue eating as she finish her thoughts) sometimes, all it takes is a few short memories to last for a whole lifetime.  Some people can live their entire life and never experience such beautiful memories as I have…I’m very blessed (she sniffle and wipe her nose then continue eating)

SM didn’t know what else to say to that so she just smile sadly and continue eating.

Not long after SM left there was a knock at the door.

SY: (opens the door and took a step back in surprise) Oppa…how did you find me?

JK: I followed SeMi.  I’ve been debating for months and months if I should search you out or continue waiting for you to come back or call me.  But you never did…so here I am.

SY: I’m sorry I left so abruptly Oppa but since me and Hwi Kyung split up…I just didn’t think it was appropriate to keep seeing you. Hwi Kyung is your brother and I’m your friend…I know how hard it can be for you to be in the middle.  Please understand my decision.

JK: should we continue talking by the door or are you going to let me in? (SY hesitated and he walked in, then turns around angrily) what is this?

SY: that’s…why I didn’t want to invite you in.  (sigh) This is Kisohn (she point out to one of the picture) you remember the person I mention to you before right?  This is the man I love.  Look, I’m really sorry about your brother…

JK: where is he? (SY gave him a confused look) this Kisohn, where is he?

SY: not here (she softly whisper)

JK: I’ll wait.  I want to meet him face to face.

SY: I don’t think that’s possible.  He’s not here as in he’s never coming back (she didn’t think it was possible but JK looks even more livid)


SY: Oppa, this is not your problem to be concern about and you don’t know the whole story behind all of this.

JK: (push her roughly against the wall) then make me understand Song Yi!  Why do you choose my brother to marry? You should have listened to me! he wasn’t the one for you.  I told you that before.  And now…now this?  This…this guy was never in your life…I WAS THE ONE IN YOUR LIFE!  I was there right alongside with you watching you grew up!  WHY? Why is it NOT ME?? Why!??! (His grip on her shoulder tighten and SY flinch)

SY: (her voice shook as she tried to stay calm, this is a side of him she’d never witness before) Oppa…you’re hurting me.

JK: (doesn’t seem to hear her) I loved you, you know that?!  I loved you for almost half my life!

SY: (taken aback and shock) I’m sorry Oppa, I always thought of you as my own older brother but nothing more.  I didn’t know…and for that I’m sorry but I don’t…I can’t ever love you that way.

JK: (he shook her) DON’T SAY THAT! DON’T EVER SAY THAT! (he leaned his body in closer to her as he tried to kiss her lips but she moved her head, he angle after her head in the other direction but she just move the other way while trying to push him out.  He kept forcefully trying to kiss her and she finally gave one hard push, he stagger back a bit and was about to close in on her again when she slap him hard across the face.  It seem to have woken him from his anger as he stood rooted to the floor looking down).

SY: (still shaking from fury and fear as she ground out) our friendship and relation ends as of right now.  Please don’t ever come back here again.

JK: (panic) I’m sorry Song Yi, I didn’t mean that.  I promise it won’t happen again.

SY: I’m sorry Jae Kyung Oppa but it’s for your own good as well.  It will just get awkward between us.  Please, just leave.

There wasn’t anything else he could say so JK storm out the door and left.  SY close and lock the door.  Only then did her legs buckle and gave out as she slid down the door still in shock.

Scene 5: MJ Enlighten Conversation with JSH

MJ: (look at the girl up and down) You’re….you can’t be, my daughter’s not even born yet!

JSH: may I come in?

MJ: (looks conflicted but let her in, still continue looking at her in puzzlement) how is this even possible?

JSH: you don’t look too good father. And look at this place. (she blink her eyes and everything in the background rewinds back in time before MJ came back as both her and MJ stood unmoved from the present time looking on as the background righted itself into its place)

MJ: how?…

JSH: the same way you stop time father…just more advanced.  I can manipulate time in layers.

MJ: I need to sit down (he went backward and sat on the pristine couch) am I dreaming?

JSH: (laughs) no father (she came closer to him and touch both his hands) can you feel that? I’m real.  I told you not to worry too much even if mother kicked you out but you didn’t listen to me.

MJ: (gingerly touch her face) I don’t know what to say…I don’t know how to feel seeing you so…grown up when you’re not even born yet.  You’re so beautiful…just like your mother.

JSH: I’m sorry I had to make my appearance now, and it’s confusing for you but there was no other way.

MJ: wait..if you are from the future…then you can tell me, right?  Our family will be ok right? Your mother…she will forgive me right?

JSH: that is why I’m here.  All of it will depend on you and mother.  But right now you need to go save her.

MJ: save her? (He stood up abruptly) why? What happen I was just with her…

JSH: no…I’m not talking about mother here, I’m talking about the one in the other world.

MJ: (sat back down in frustration) Jin Sunhee-ah…she’s not your mother.  Your mother is here. Besides, I don’t belong there and I don’t want to ever come back.  It’s best if we just forget about it.  Is it not true that your birth will obliterate the other world? So it is pointless, I don’t want to leave your mother. That other world will take care of itself.

JSH: is that what you think?…what you believe father? Why do you think you see her at night and as the time is approaching closer she’s manifesting into your reality?  It is not her that’s haunting you.  It’s your own awareness and conscience and it’s getting stronger and stronger.  You know what you have to do.

MJ: no…it can’t be, the two world are moving closer that’s why she’s able to….to communicate with me.  You can go save her! But I can’t leave your mother at a time like this, I can’t!

JSH: (shook her head) no father.  There is no one that’s connected between the two worlds but you.  No one can go there and no one there can come here, not even myself.  You’re the only one capable of it.  She needs you.

MJ: I need you!  I need your mother! I need to be here when you’re born…to be the first person to look at your face.  There’s a chance that won’t happen if I leave…I can’t take that chance.

JSH: father (she held his hands gently and look up at him)…your love for us is vast and I love you very much for that but don’t hide behind your fear…your fear will destroy us.  I know you are afraid that mother would not forgive you if you leave now but if you don’t leave…do you think you can live in peace with us, knowing what you know about mother in the other world and what happen to her?  It will destroy you…slowly but surely. And that will destroy us all.

MJ eyes became teary as he look up at the ceiling trying to control his conflict.

JSH: I can’t help you further; the decision is all up to you.  I’m here to just remind you this: have more faith in mother. I will help you with all that I can but you need to let go of your fear and have faith in her love.  If you can’t do that then all will be lost.

Scene 9: SY Conversation with HK and Ahnya

SY woke up the next morning. She turns over and there was her note, untouched on MJ’s side of the bed.  She picked up the note, look at it for a few minutes then took it and pressed it to her chest, crying into her pillow.

After a bit longer SY decide to get up out of bed to go to the playground park, hoping she might see that little girl, Sunny, again.  She wants to see her smile…somehow seeing her smile seems to take all her worries away.

SY walk quietly around the corner then stop short as she heard voices in the living room, she went back behind the wall listening.

SY’s mother: …and you think this is my fault how? She gets that stubbornness from you!

SY’s father: yeah but she’s been living with you not me so that harsh unforgiving nature she learned it from you. (SY’s mother sneer at her husband)

HK: mother, father…(bow) please let’s not argue about this.  I think SY is right in how she react to MJ…I mean how could he do this to her? If only he wasn’t an alien I’d…(looks embarrass) well, I just know if it was me I would never betray SY’s trust like that.

SY’s mother: (pat HK hand) dear, that’s sweet to say but you’re not married yet.  Those who’s not married thinks that marriage is the end all…the happily ever after.  But actually it’s just the beginning if a very tough journey (she glance pointedly at her husband) There are much worse things that can happen then what Do Min Joon-shi did in the past. Not to say that he’s faultless and I would give him a beating if I see him.  Still, Song Yi is taking it a bit to the extreme here, especially now when she needs her husband by her side the most.

SY’s father: but can you fault her? She loves him too much.  They say the more you love the harder you fall…

SY: (walked out from her corner making sure they heard her) what are you guys doing here?

SY’s mother: ahhh you’re up.  Hwi Kyun’s been waiting for you for over an hour.

HK: (smile) it’s nothing…you seem to need the rest, I can wait.

SY: aren’t you supposed to still be on your trip? What are you doing here?

SY’s father: he’s worried about you…we all are sweetie.

SY’s mother: while he’s waiting we fill him in on what’s been happening.

SY: I see.

SY’s mother: (looks at her husband) well, we better get going to the market for some food.  I’ll be cooking for tonight, (turn to look at HK) stay for dinner ok? (He bow his head in answer.  Then she took her husband’s hand and walk them both out the door)

HK: so…how are you?

SY: surviving. Look, I didn’t mean to disrupt your trip, you shouldn’t come home early just for my sake.

HK: you may be married but you’re still my best friend.

SY: (smile at him) thanks.  You want a drink? I’m thirsty (she gets up but he stop her)

HK: let me, you need your rest.

SY: (pulled out of his hands) I’m not an invalid, just pregnant.  Besides, I’ve been lounging about in bed all day, I could use some exercise. (SY walked to the fridge with two glasses, then suddenly look thoughtful for a moment.  She came back to HK and placed the two glasses on the table.

HK: ya, Song Yi what’s the meaning of this? (He stares at the two glasses, one water and the other ice)

SY: what do you prefer more? water or ice?

HK: why are we talking about this? Don’t you want to discuss more important matters? Like what should be done about Min Joon and your marriage?  I really want to punch his face in, tell me…can I do that?  I will do it if you want me to.

SY: this is important…is ice better then water? Or water better? (she kept looking at it perplex)

HK: (felt impatience, took the glass of ice and pour it into the glass of water) why can’t it be both? (He hand her the glass) now it’s nice and cold.

SY: you can’t do that! You can’t just mix them together like that!

HK: why not? I just did.  And isn’t it better this way? You can have both. Are you going to drink it? (She just stare at it repulsively) no? (He shrug and drank the content)

SY: ughhh you men are all the same! Go home Hwi Kyung.

HK: but…we haven’t talk about your issue yet!

SY: we just did!

HK: we did?

Ahnya: (appeared out of the blue) yes Hwi Kyung I think it’s time you leave.

HK: Ahnya!…(he stood up in surprise and about to walk over to her but stop short) we need to talk…(SY sneer at him for switching side so fast)

Ahnya: I’m not here to talk to you Hwi Kyung.  I’m here to talk to Song Yi.

SY: (to Ahnya) where have you been? Hwi Kyung went on a trip and you suddenly disappear now he’s back and you’re back too…are you guys synchronizing with each other now? (Smile sarcastically then thought to herself then her eyes became round with shock and stare from one silent person to the other) you! (pointing at HK) you! (pointing at Ahnya) you guys…(pointing back and forth)

HK: wow, erhmmhem look at the time! I’ve been here longer then I thought.  Song Yi, looks like you’re not ready to discuss the issue yet.  Let me know when you’re ready, I have some important work matters I have to attend to, tell mother sorry for me I can’t stay for dinner. (He gave a look at Ahnya then took his jacket and bolted out the door)

SY: (turn over to Ahnya) well, that got rid of him pretty fast didn’t it?  Care to enlighten me about your relationship with him?

Ahnya: why? It’s my private matter. I’m here to discuss with you about Min Joon and what’s been going on.

SY: why? It’s my private matter. (She threw back at Ahnya)

Ahnya: is it? Private? As far as I know, every member of your family knows and so does all your friends.

SY: that’s right.  And you’re neither one of those so my affairs don’t concern you.

Ahnya: I’m not concern about your affairs, I’m concern about Kisohn’s.

SY: rightttt…how could I forget he’s your life partner isn’t it?….my husband’s your life partner and now my best friend…your what? Lover? You aliens really know how to two time really well.

Ahnya: careful with your words and actions Song Yi…you’re walking the fine line of becoming an embitter person.

SY: and who’s fault would that be?!

Ahnya: yours.

SY: ME?! did you even realize what just happen here? That Min Joon lied to me? Had an affair with someone else? Broke our trust and bond of marriage? (Her tears start falling again) broke my heart at this crucial moment when we were supposed to be happy and excited about the birth of our baby?  How do I not feel bitter and angry?  How is it MY fault?

Ahnya: you always have a choice in everything…even in how you feel.

SY: you’re telling me about feelings? You? The alien species that doesn’t believe in family and relationship?

Ahnya: what? You don’t think we can feel deeply like you do?  Then why did you marry Min Joon if that’s how you really feel?  We are not robots….yes, it’s true that we live in a society that doesn’t believe in deep feelings and emotions.  We do not live to create bonds but to be a student of the universe.  That doesn’t mean we are incapable of such emotions…if anything our feelings are magnified even more when we choose to open ourselves to it.  Min Joon loves you more than anything on this earth, more than anything in this universe…as his wife you should know that.

SY: so you’re here to defend him and his actions.

Ahnya: no, I’m here to enlighten you about his actions.  Did you once stop thinking about yourself and thought instead of Kisohn? About what he have to struggle with? (stare at SY’s silent face) I didn’t think so.  Did you once wonder what it was like for the other Song Yi?  What happen to her?  How she is when he left her? (SY remain silent) I didn’t think so either.  The people of this earth preach about love, that if you love someone fully, you give yourself to them unconditionally.  It’s not you that you first worried about, it’s them and their wellbeing.  Putting that person first before your own needs and wants, that’s the purity of love.  Your love is still steep in selfishness.

SY: so you’re saying I should just roll over and let Min Joon do whatever he pleases?  That’s not what I imagine a relationship is about.

Ahnya: no, that’s not what I’m saying.  I guess you have to figure that out for yourself (turn to walk away but stop and turn her head slightly to SY) this is a concept that the other Song Yi grasp very well, so I will continue my hope that you’re not completely hopeless (she disappear)

SY: Ahnya! Wait! You knew about the other Song Yi? You knew? (SY threw the couch pillow to the area where Ahnya was just standing at, then look to the side perplex, letting out a frustrated sigh as she rubs her temple)

Scene 11: The Departure of MJ

MJ teleported in front of his house, as he stood outside in the dark, silent night looking up to the window of his wife’s bedroom.  He stood there for a long time.

[camera pan in scenes of MJ looking up at the window in different angles as he narrates in his head: Song Yi-ah, I’m taking a leap of faith.  I’m still afraid of losing you, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever shake that feeling completely, but I will put it aside and do what I know is right in my heart.  I will go on believing that whatever may happen from now on, we will get through this together.  I love you…my wife (He turns away to leave but look back at her window) I will be back before you know it…wait for me]

–in the alternate world–

SY lay in the grass hugging the doll closer to her.  She looks up at the night sky.

SY: do you think maybe one day you can take me to your home? Awh, I want to meet your family.  What? why not? You don’t think they will accept me?….cha….Kisohn, you underestimate my charm.  I got you to acknowledge me didn’t I?  It only took three years but I did it right? (She hugs the doll tighter and point to an unknown star) let’s go there for our next anniversary.  It’s time you show me some of that alien power of yours. (she pouts at the pillow) keep that up and you’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight…at least humor me and say yes.

–in the normal world–

SY: yes!  I said yes! So stop nagging me Yoon Jai! (she close her bedroom door and sat on her bed rubbing the belly)  why did my doctor have to call at a time like this?  I just finish telling Min Joon I didn’t want to see him not more than 2 days ago.  Aishhhhh! This is so embarrassing.  Why can’t I go to my checkup without the father? Why? Why? (She held on to the phone, then threw it on the bed, then picking it back up) tsk, it can’t be helped. (dialing MJ’s number but no one picked up. She opens her door) Yoon Jai! You know where my husband is? Can you drive me there?

–on the drive to the honeymoon house–

YJ: so does this mean you’ll forgive Min Joon?

SY: we’re just simply going to the doctor together.  I said nothing about forgiving him (she plays with the hem on her skirt nervously) are we there yet?

–at the honeymoon house–

MJ: did you have a good sleep last night?

JSH: I don’t have a problem sleeping, how about you father?  You look much better this morning.

MJ: surprisingly, it’s the best night rest I had in a long while.  I’m glad you decided to stay for the night.  I’m not sure if it’s because you’re here with me or…that I made my peace with my decision.  (He walked out the door first and turn around to look at his daughter standing by the door frame as the morning light shine on her.  He reaches out to lightly pinch her cheeks) don’t grow up too fast darling, wait for me.

JSH: (shifted her eyes and look down at the slight slope below and saw SY and YJ in the car looking at them. She moved in closer to MJ and gave him a tight hug) I love you father and remember what I tell you…save her no matter what it takes.

MJ was so surprise he didn’t know whether to hug her back or not. Then settle for patting her back and rubbing her head.

SY: let’s go Yoon Jai

YJ: but we just got here…maybe, it’s not what you think…we should go and…

SY: I’m not in the mood to face another of his women.  Let’s go.

YJ: but…(SY gave him the death stare so he turns the car back around and drove off scratching his head and mumble under his breath) why Min Joon why at this crucial moment? Aishhh! (He hit the steering wheel in frustration).

As MJ walked back in the house JSH disappear and reappear below the slope where the car was just at moments ago.  She looks at the road and at the car driving further and further away, then disappear.

Scene 14: MJ Request A Favor From Ahnya

Ahnya: So this is where you’ve been.

MJ: why are you looking for me?

Ahnya: I want to see how you are doing, things doesn’t look too good for you at home.  Though I’m not expecting you to look half as good as you do now.  You don’t look very distress to me.

MJ: I was.  But I have since made peace with the situation.

Ahnya: (raise her eyebrow at him in disbelieve) is that so.

MJ: you actually came at the right moment; I have a favor to ask you. I’m leaving to the other world to save Song Yi….and I need you to promise me you’ll take care of my wife here until I come back.

Ahnya: you can’t be serious?  I just tried my best to help you out with your wife and if she was swayed just a little…all of that will be gone the moment you leave!  Do you want to go back to your wife or not?  She’ll never forgive you if you leave now, you have to know that! Or…are you not planning on telling her?

MJ: just keep close to her.  If and when she ask about me or to see me, if I’m not back yet you can tell her the truth.  I’m not going to lie to her any more.  I’ll take whatever consequences will come with it…but I will continue to have faith in her, in us.

Ahnya: I can’t let you do this Kisohn.  You’re risking your marriage, your family, your life even…for Song Yi in another world that…would disappear soon anyways!  Why would you do that?  Is your wife and baby less important than her?

MJ: I have to go…I don’t expect you or anyone to understand my decision.  But it’s because I love my wife and Jinny that I’m doing this. (he let his mind and body relax and follow the pull of the other world as everything black out and he disappear)

Ahnya: what? Kisohn! Kisohn! Who’s Jinny? Kisohn!! Min Joonnnnn! Come back!! (she kept yelling at the silent room with no answer back)

Scene 17: The Struggle Between JK, SY, and MJ

Song Yi is sleeping in her room when she heard a loud bang.  She immediately got up and came out of the room then stop short in complete horror.  Oppa Jae Kyung is standing by her busted front door with a gun in one hand and big container of gasoline on the other.

SY: oh my god what are you doing? (He put the bottle down and stumbles towards her, she baked away looking around for any weapons around in case she needs it but couldn’t find anything of use.  He stop within a few feet if her and sway to and fro, his voice slurred)

JK: I’m here to save you.  No need to thank me. (He turns to the side and shot a picture of MJ and her as it come crashing to the floor)

SY: oh my god…you’re mad!  Stop it!  Stop it! (She ran towards the broken pictures on the floor, she turns towards him and yelled) GET OUT OF MY HOU…(she stop mid-sentence as she realize he’s pouring gasoline on her piano and furniture.  She ran towards him) WHAT ARE YOU DOING? STOP IT!! Stop it please! (she cried) this is my home! (She yank at his arm but he push her roughly away as she fell, hitting her head on the side of the table. Her vision turn black and blurry, she shook her head  a few times and felt something sticky run down the side of her face. As the image start to sharpen she saw JK drunk face close to hers)

JK: are you ok? Did I hurt you?  You shouldn’t make me hurt you like that. (she tried to scoot away from him but he’s holding tight onto her shoulder. SY pulled away from him hard and ripped the shoulder of her nightgown dress.  She tripped and fell down as he pulled on the helm of her dress.  SY kicked his fingers with her other leg. He pulled her to him as she tried to pull away from the other direction. Her hem torn and a piece of the fabric are now in his hand. He threw it away and point the gun at another picture). WHY DID YOU MAKE ME ANGRY LIKE THIS! (He shot another frame of MJ as it fell down) I will destroy this place…then you will come home with me!

SY: I’m not going anywhere with you! (she screamed back at him)

JK aim his gun at another picture by the far end of the wall.  He shot it as a man appeared out of nowhere and fell down.

–present time in alternate world–

MJ: (gently push SY aside) I’m not leaving without the guarantee of your safety (he look at JK).  You again.  You’re trouble everywhere you live.

JK: (shook his head to clear his drunkenness and stagger a bit closer.  He squint his eyes)  So you’re the bastard! (He aim his gun again at MJ and shoot.  MJ froze time but he couldn’t do it completely, weakened from the loss of blood, as the bullet continue moving in slow motion towards them)

MJ quickly move SY out of harm’s way just as time resume again and the bullet hit the wall. JK look momentarily confused as MJ jump on him to wrestle the gun out of his hand.  It landed to the far corner.  JK regain his momentum, saw MJ’s injured shoulder and attack it with force, pressing his elbow into it.

MJ screamed in agony as he saw the chandelier above them.  He uses his last remaining power to break it as it fall down and land on JK’s back.  JK stopped what he was doing, his face in shock. MJ push him out and tried to stand up.  He stumbles over to SY.

MJ: are you ok?

SY: My head hurts a lot but I’ll be ok.  What about you? (she touch his face and look about him checking for injuries, he smiled at her and shook his head.  She hug him to her) thank god you’re ok, I was so worried…I…(her fingers felt something warm and sticky, she feel his back further and pull her hand out.  His blood is all over her shaking fingers.  She look down at his back, there was blood everywhere).  No! No! How could this happen? (MJ fell down slowly dragging her along with him)

MJ: (look over at JK) I didn’t mean to kill him (SY look over at JK as well and saw that the middle pointed crystal centerpiece of the chandelier had pierce through JK’s back)

SY: I don’t understand…how could you get the same injury as him when it didn’t even touch you?

MJ: if he (he breathe laboriously) die, I kill him…I die with him….same way.

SY: WHAT?! No!!! NO!! (she sob and panic) that can’t happen…that can’t!

MJ: it’s the rule of the universe…no one can break it, one specie…cannot kill…another, it’s….forbidden.

SY: don’t say this Kisohn, I don’t believe you…(but her streaming tears contradict her) you’re going to be fine. There’s no such stupid rule…there can’t be!  Tell me you’re lying!

MJ: if there is no such rule…the universe will be in chaos with wars.  The human world would have been long invaded and conquered. (He choke momentarily as the blood pour out his mouth then his eyes started to close)

SY: (screamed at him) DON’T YOU DARE!  KISOHN! DON’T YOU DARE DIE ON ME!  You have to get back to your wife! Please I beg you…she’s waiting for you…

MJ: (he grip her hand tightly) my wife, I’m sorry my wife…I’m sorry Jinny, I let you down (his eyes close as tears fall out from both end)

SY: (took her hand away from MJ, she look around thinking hard then ran over to JK) you can’t die…don’t die, please don’t die! (she ripped her bottom dress and stuff the fabric to his wound then she tried to pull the chandelier away from him)

JK: (in a raspy whisper) stop, don’t do it.  If you take it out I will die sooner.

SY: (stood up feeling helpless, standing between both men as their blood continue pouring out…she sobbed and screamed in agony) GOD, WHAT CAN I DO? WHAT CAN I DO?!! (She sat back down and huddle her knee to her face, crying as her whole body shook…suddenly she looked up, her teary eyes focus.  She glance at the far corner and spotted the gun. SY ran over and picked up the gun, came back and stood next to JK.  Her hand shook uncontrollably as she points the gun at his back.

JK: (hand came out and touch her foot) Song Yi…I love you…I’m so sorry…

SY: Oppa, I’m sorry too, please forgive me.  (she closed her eyes and pulled the trigger)

A moment later SY opens her eyes and look down at the dead JK. She drops the gun, gave a horrified sob then looks over at MJ and ran to him.  MJ’s eyes are shut and his body felt cold to her.  She hugged him tight and rubs him up and down his back.

SY: Kisohn, my love…please wake up…stop toying with me! (tears, blood, and snot smeared and mingle on her face, her voice crack badly) you didn’t kill him…you didn’t kill him, I did…I DID!  So wake up damn you!  You have to wake up! (she pulled out and shook him, then slap his face but there was no response.  Not knowing what else left to do she pressed her quivering lips to his, her voice low and hoarse) please don’t leave me…please don’t leave me…please don’t leave us (She held his lifeless body, rocking back and forth as the camera pan out further and further and finally fade out to black)


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  11. Another amazing episode…thanks so much!!!
    Loved the action in this one and I certainly did not expect the twist in altSY shooting JK. What a twist!
    So the two worlds can never be combined into one? What’s going to happen to MJ and how is he going to go back and reconcile with SY? Can’t wait for the next episode! 🙂

    • oh it is becoming one….but not in a sense where the people in one world could come to the other world….you’ll see that happening soon, as matter of fact in the next episode.

  12. Wow! Just wow! What an episode! How will I survive until episode 37? I’m so addicted to this fanfic, I even dream about it sometimes ._. I usually wait a few days before I comment because I like to read it a few more times and think about what I’m going to say. But lately I’m busy with other things, so I’ll comment on it right now, because I might not have a chance to do it for a while. Like always I will go scene by scene and comment on each event as they come up. 🙂

    Scene 2: Present Time Alternate World, altSY’s Adjusted Life

    This scene has an exciting start :3 MJ decided to save AltSY and even if I’m clearly siding with SY, I think AltSY deserves to be saved. The guilty would eat away at MJ. I’m glad he went back to rescue her, or at least try to.
    I like AltSY, I really like her character, she was always so strong, but the way she is acting in this scene is a little creepy. Is she getting insane? I’ve mentioned previously that she seemed to have little self respect, but what has she come to? What is this? Borderline delusion? I feel so sorry for her. She actually sees MJ as her husband, and not only that she talks to a doll like it was real… omg this whole situation reminded me of a movie called Lars and the real girl (It is a wonderful movie, btw) and I had to stop reading because seeing how pathetic AltSY is right now, made me so sad for her. I agree with SM. She is wasting away by doing what’s she’s doing. At the moment she may be able to tell the difference between what is real and what is illusion but imagine a few more years of this and AltSY would completely succumb to her own fantasy and will not be able to get out of it. Her memories may help her cope but everything else is just unhealthy. She can still keep her memories and live her life. She can take her memories in her heart and in her mind wherever she goes. But this… It’s like she wants to believe it, like she wants to embrace this insanity. 😦

    And then we have JK, who for the looks of it, really became insane. AltSY doesn’t have any interest in him, and the fact that she is hung up on some guy who is never going to return, really flipped his switch :s I guess he’s truly a bastard in both worlds :/ Just because JK gave her much support, it doesn’t mean she owes him anything. She is not obligated to reciprocate his love and a one sided love can still be meaningful… (just not fulfilling, in my view) but JK clearly could never understand that.

    Scene 5: MJ Enlighten Conversation with JSH

    The talk between father and daughter was really sweet. She really has some extraordinary powers doesn’t she? She looks so mysterious and adventurous leaping through time like that to help her family. I wonder if she is trying to change the future or if she just knew she had to come because she witnessed her older self talking to her mother while she was still in her womb. If she is trying to change the future, I’m wondering what happened in the future… She seems to know a lot more about what is happening in the other world. She evens refers AltSY as mother… that is so creepy and sweet at the same time :s I liked their conversation. MJ really needed some reassurance. Even though she didn’t reveal how things would turn out in the future, her words about how he should let go of his fears and trust SY’s love gave him more confidence.

    Scene 9: SY Conversation with HK and Ahnya

    Poor SY, deep down she wanted MJ to come and visit her at night awww. Well girl, you wanted him to give you space, that’s what he did. There is no point in crying now, is there?
    SY is really lucky, she has very loving friends and family. They are so worried about her. When I stop to think if maybe SY is over reacting about this whole thing, I try to imagine being 8 months pregnant coping with all the mood swings and strange eating habits, being suddenly presented with news of MJ’s other woman, that can certainly make anyone feel like their whole world is caving in. This moment in her pregnancy is when she should be busy preparing the room for her new baby, taking care of her clothes and making everything extra special. Like say: building a nest. But instead we have this mess. So yeah, she’s not overreacting. That being said, let’s look at her conversation with HK. We have the water analogy once more. HK is really practical too isn’t he. He solved the problem right away didn’t he? That was hilarious by the way. Ahahahaha por SY she was disgusted and rightly so. At the moment it is impossible for her to see AltSY as herself because nobody actually told her anything. Even though she knows that she is another version of her, she doesn’t feel connected to her in any way. Maybe when she starts feeling the side effects of the two worlds coming together, she can have a different perspective. And that brings us to the conversation she had with Ahnya.
    And wow. This whole conversation made me angry. Ahnya’s attitude made me want to punch her in the face. “Do what I say, Don’t do what I do” – That must be her motto. She gets all angry at HK because he put SY first, (which means she was being selfish herself) and now she has the nerve of telling SY that she’s the selfish one for not thinking how the other SY would feel? For not thinking how much MJ struggled in the other world? Both MJ and Ahnya kept their mouths shut about the whole thing, but now they want SY to understand? The whole time, during the drama and now here, SY was mostly kept in the dark. She was never granted the right of making an informed decision about anything and she’s the selfish one for not blindly accepting everything? While AltSY was told every detail and had a chance to decide for herself based on that, SY didn’t have that opportunity and she still hasn’t one now, because all that she knows are bits and pieces. How can she, if things just hit her so hard she barely knows how to cope. How can she decide and be fair, not knowing all the relevant facts? And then Ahnya has the nerve to say or make it look like SY does not put MJ ahead of her needs and wants. That is just not true. Not one bit. In the drama, when SY finally finds out the reason MJ had to leave, only then she was able to make an informed decision. She would rather be alone and think of him alive and well somewhere in the universe than dying by her side. And the fact that Ahnya implies that AltSY can grasp that concept but SY doesn’t, is mean and unfair and simply not true. I would be hurt. But then again, if she’s using reverse psychology on SY, it might work xD lol

    Scene 11: The Departure of MJ

    So MJ stood outside his house but he didn’t think it was a good idea to go and talk to SY about the visit from JSH and what he has to do? Seriously? I mean, I get it, he’s respecting her wishes and giving her time and space… but isn’t this too important? Is he afraid again? Afraid that he might not be able to go through with it if he talks to her?
    AltSY talking to MJ doll again. Oh my heart, that is really sad. 😦 Girl, you’re a real person and deserve a real love, not some imaginary by proxy love.
    Yes, why does SY need to go to the check up with MJ? Is there something wrong with the baby? Did they detect something unusual?
    And why would JSH do something like that to her own mother. She did it on purpose. In my view there was no reason for it except if she wanted to prevent their meeting. I’m thinking if they had met, MJ would probably go to the doctor with SY and miss his chance to save AltSY. The problem with that is that it created more unnecessary drama for MJ and SY. Was that really necessary? Why not have SY arrive late and find an empty house? Same effect, she would leave anyway without MJ.

    Scene 14: MJ Request A Favor From Ahnya

    I liked this scene. Ahnya reverse psychologing SY one minute and defending her the next. Ahahaha xD Ok MJ, you’re not making any sense. You stood outside her bedroom window and did not talk to her, but now you want Ahnya to talk to her in case you take too long to return, because you don’t want to LIE to her any more? What the fudge DMJ O_O’ That doesn’t make any sense. First you have YJ talk to SY and now Ahnya…. and Ahnya doesn’t know all the details. She doesn’t know that JSH came from the future to warn MJ and ask him to save AltSY. When Ahnya goes and tells SY about it… it will sound like this “Ah… MJ… ah, he went to the other world to save SY, for reasons unknown” Poor SY, nobody ever tells her anything fully. :/

    Scene 17: The Struggle Between JK, SY, and MJ

    Omg! This scene was so amazing! AltSY has the best scenes 😮 I was a little jealous for SY. I wanna SY doing something awesome like that too! I wish she didn’t look so lost in all of this. Take charge SY, be more proactive!
    I’m guessing this what MJ had been dreaming about all along. If he hadn’t been there to save her, she would have been burned alive by JK. JK was totally insane in the scene. I think you really captured his character essence in this one.
    MJ really did everything to save SY, even die to save her if he had to. I liked your explanation for what happened to him. When I was watching the drama, I thought that the reason he could not kill anyone with his powers was a major plot hole. Something that they hurriedly put in the script to explain why he hadn’t dealt with JK sooner. I wish they had introduced that detail at the beginning, like when MJ mentions that he couldn’t swap fluids with humans, he could have also said he couldn’t use his powers to kill or we would die. I loved, loved the explanation writer-nim came up with. It made a lot of sense and it fits the story. 😀
    And then we have AltSY saving the day. What she did must have worked, it has to work! o_o’ But come on girl… who do you think MJ is? Sleeping beauty? Kissing his lips like that won’t wake him up u.u stop taking advantage of an unconscious married man please! u.u But regardless, what will happen to her? She killed a man D: One might say that he tried to kill her and MJ, but he was already down, so why shoot him when he was defenceless. She won’t be able to explain it properly. Uh oh 😦

    How can I even sleep well, after reading all of this. One great episode after another. So much tension, so much action, so much drama! I loved it ❤ Is writer-nim going to write second part of Yen/Zam fic next or do we get another episode before that? I'm dying to know how will this get any worse. As if MJ (nearly) dying wasn't enough ;_;

    • My dear Misai, my thoughts are very similar to yours. I remain of the opinion that MJ did not have to kiss another SY never . Suppose he was there, comforting, talked, learned to play the piano, but no close relationship and kisses. I can not look at the kissing scene on the red carpet, I know that he just kissed another woman. 😦 😦

      • hahaha poor Mila, you’re funny….so he can love…but not love love? lol I know I know your poor heart. Sorry dearest….it’s just not practical when you love someone to abstinent from touching and doing all those close stuff that couples do, I mean he did for 3 years just not towards the end….without the skinship their feelings wouldn’t have been as strong and it wouldn’t drive the plot to where it needs to be, I’m sorry….just be glad he didn’t sleep with her, yes? 😉

    • wow, you had me at first paragraph 🙂 I’m ok with you giving a comment right away, hahaha it’s still nice and long and as entertaining as always.

      – haha, altSY does seems pretty pathetic right? hmm, to certain people I think…I actually don’t feel like that. I think the situation she’s in most if not almost all find it hard to relate to and she’s on her own island. I think she’s strong in knowing what she knows and no matter how loony it may seems to others she know what she wants her life to be…if it was SY I think she would do the same thing (if she wasn’t the one being “cheated” on that is)…to me it’s disturbingly funny and yet I’m kinda like “you go girl” do what you know is right for you even if it’s a bit unorthodox. I even find it quite romantic of her and not pathetic at all…I actually know people who had their loved one cremated and use as part of dirt to grow a tree and talk to the tree as if they are the “real” person. Doesn’t mean they stop all their life activity, it just mean they kept them close by because of how much they love them… this case it’s a little different as she knows MJ/Kisohn is not dead but living somewhere with her other self so it’s not even a matter of moving on. HAHHA…I agree with you that it is a sort of insanity….but isn’t total love a bit of an insanity :)~ this is the kind of love that’s no bar hold, it’s all in all the way.

      As for JK, yeah…some people are like that, they can’t handle it when their feelings are not reciprocate and some even get terribly violence. It’s kinda sad cuz I really want him to be better in this world..but it would not have suite with the idea that the base personality never really change no matter how changed their external situation may be.

      MJ convo with JSH…if people read closely there’s a lot of info in there…and yes she’s from the future so obviously she knows some things and is trying to change it….who’s to say this is her first try at trying to “save” them? lol as she hinted at…if he doesn’t save altSY does he really think he’ll live peacefully…and if he goes down would SY and JSH be ok without him? as for her referring to altSY as “mother”….I think for normal people they might think of SY and altSY as separate person because they both exist at the same time and in separate world and with separate lives…but people might not yet fully understand that they ARE the SAME SY. Like she’s being reincarnated but just….at the same time frame as her current self. I hope I will tie it in a way where most will clearly understand this and this is why MJ did what he did and altSY feel the way she feels….and SY will find an understanding all to that.

      Convo with SY and HK, haha, I’m glad you enjoy it, lol I laugh too when I see it my mind…HK looking clueless and to the point as always 🙂 and as for her convo with Ahnya, lol awww don’t be too mad, she had good intention. Also, it’s not revealed yet but she’s not really mad at HK, just resigned to the situation. Remember that her reason for coming to earth is not yet revealed 😉 it’s coming don’t worry. Yes, it’s true SY is almost last to know about everything…but that’s because she’s the one at stake involved in it (that’s usually how it goes, in movies and in life for half of the time or most of the time, lol) I mean what she need to know she already know by now. The decision of how to deal with it is now in her hand.

      hmm, I debated on the scene of MJ would talk to SY or just look at her window an self narrates. I finally opt out for just self narrate as it’s more dramatic that way 😉 and usually that’s what drama do, haha…and I just see it fit better in my head. I do to think if he had a chance to talk with her his resolve would break and he would then not go.
      AltSY talking to the doll 🙂 I think it’s sweet hahahhaha, I’m twisted like that 😀 hmm and if the acting is on point and the dialect revised to be more funny it could be a really funny scene hahaha I could see it in my head.
      I’m glad you notice JSH move there 😉 yes it was done on purpose. It’s true the effect the same, well almost, if she had come to an empty house….but JSH is playing a roll remember that. her roll with SY is not fully yet revealed and this is an important part of that roll. You’ll understand when the time comes 😉 promise it’ll be good. Had she not made her mother jealous (cause she knows how easily jealous she is) SY would have spoiled everything and MJ would not have left and JSH would have failed yet again. muahahhahah.

      HAHAHAHA…you’re really hung up about SY knowing everything huh? lol I think in this whole deal there’s no one person that knows everything….even MJ himself doesn’t know everything…I think the closest person to know everything is JSH, and she’s not revealing much to anyone but bits and peaces…yeah that’s because no one suppose to know about JSH except for MJ (she probably told him not to let anyone know about her). His communication with her even while she’s in SY’s stomach has always been a secret between father and daughter 😉 Well, I think MJ couldn’t really tell SY everything yet without involving JSH and again she’s angry with him right now so it’s not the best of idea to discuss leaving her to save the source of her anger. I think he’s intending it be a short period and when he’s back he would tell her everything so as not to worry her, he underestimate the fact that it might cost him his life. hHAHA…and that convo of Ahnya and SY will come up regarding his absence.

      LOL…oh well I’m glad you notice that altSY got more of the spot light, haha not because I favor her cuz she’s my creation blabla…but because the first season was mainly about SY…so I want this season to concentrate more on the altSY and her life, her strength and her weaknesses cause there’s good reason. You guys know all about ice, now learn more about water so that when they do come together…it’ll be much more powerful 😉 well, you guys will see what I mean….hopefully. kikiki yes, I’m trying to explain away everything that’s left unanswered one stone at a time, lol, and trying to make it make sense, can’t you see I really have to dig in my head’s imagination quite a bit! hahaaa.
      Good point you make there about altSY killing a man and how she would get away with it….but who’s to say which came first, the shot or the chandelier? the only one that knows which is altSY 😉

      You get another episode 37 before the special edition….hahaha but be prepared for the biggest cliffhangers (notice how I put in an “s” at the end of cliffhanger….as there will be quite a few) and you guys will have to wait for quite a while until it resume because of the special edition soooooo yeah. *MUAHAHAHHAHAA* ahhh I can’t wait to finish 37, I really think it will be pretty darn good, may even be my favorite….oh don’t worry it gets worse 😉 the peak is not yet reached.

      Sorry for the late reply but I hope this lengthy reply make up for it ya? 😀

      • Ok, I should really be studying for my exam on the 23th, but first I need to reply to your comment, so I can get MLFAS fan fic out of my head for a while and get back to studying. LOL trololololo… xD I can’t wait for episode 37!!!! but take your time dear. This is just my four in the afternoon rant 😀

        Regarding AltSY’s crime, it really doesn’t matter if she’s the only one who knows or not, a good forensic’s team can figure out exactly how he died and the autopsy will show that. But I guess that little detail isn’t as important if we consider what will happen when JSH is born.

        SY would never act like AltSY is acting. Maybe writer-nim thinks that she would act like that, but looking at SY in the drama, she really wouldn’t. She is a woman that even when she finds herself at her lowest, she can still hold her head up and think about chicken and beer. She lost her fame and her money, but had no problems selling her stuff to solve her immediate cashflow problems. She had no manager to drive her, she drove herself. When DMJ left, yes she thought she was going crazy, but still went on with her life while waiting, she didn’t act like that. To me it’s not romantic, to me is a mental problem starting to emerge.

        I did notice you giving AltSY more of a spolight, but I’m sure you also noticed your readers hating her the most (me included). Actually, I didn’t dislike her as much until she said to DMJ – “this is not cheating”- and then when she got all those loving kisses from DMJ, when that should have gone to SY at the red Carpet. So that scene was totally ruined for me. And then we have her behaving like this. Now I just see her as creppy and could not care less what happens to her, even though I know that her life is important for the story to work. What I’m saying is, writer-nim should write what she wants, but also keep in mind that everyone is reading this fan fic for MJ and SY(because they watched the drama), not some weird alternate version of SY. Try not to alienate SY from the story in favor of AltSY… I feel like she’s a thorn on SY’s side. She’s just in the way, and the fact that she’s so important, annoys me even more. lol

        Of course I do not want to throw all the blame on AltSY, because she just acted on her feelings. She can’t help how she feels. She wanted DMJ for herself. I just wish she had been more upfront about it, instead of living and acting like this. To me DMJ is the one with the most fault in all this. This is how I see DMJ’s internal conflict. – Imagine a compass inside him. This compass is always pointing North, and SY is his North. Then he gets pulled into the alternate world and his compass still points North, but it points to AltSY. Only she is not his SY, but because his internal compass says that this SY has the same.. let’s say.. fingerprint, same DNA, same soul…. but yet is different, he gets confused, because even though he has to leave, it is still pointing to AltSY. And then when he gets back to where he belongs, the compass points again to SY like it always did and he feels like he can finally be happy.

        In the drama we all know how MJ always does everything SY asks even though he argues and says how absurd it is and whatnot. In the end he always ends up doing what ever she wants. The problem is that he did the same with AltSY. But let’s imagine this situation. Only MJ can jump between worlds right? But what if everyone could. MJ is kissing AltSY in the other world and SY sees them. Can AltSY say to her face “this is not cheating”?, can DMJ?

        *DMJ and AltSY are kissing and SY walks in on them*

        SY: DMJ!!! What is the meaning of this?

        MJ: Oh! This not what you think.

        AltSY: Yeah, this is not cheating. I’m you, you’re me. We’re the same.

        SY: Are you being serious right now?

        MJ: Yeah honey. Just go back and wait for me at the red carpet, it will be your turn soon.

        SY *glares at them*

        Now let’s imagine that there are more SY’s out there

        *Another SY pops up*

        AltSY2: Hey, what is taking you so long. You promised me a few days of romance too.

        *And another one, and another one, an another one*

        AltSY3: Hey, wait in line ok!

        AltSY4: Is this going to take long?

        MJ: There is only one of me, ok?

        AltSY5: Can’t you stay with me? I’m as real as them.

        AltSY: Do you mind, we were having a private moment here.

        SY: MJ… don’t bother coming back.

        Yeah ok, I went over the top with that. But even if it’s just one AltSY, the same principle applies. This is DMJ fooling around with another woman. Even though I like to watch romantic stuff, I’m not that romantic, I call things as I see them, and this is how I see it. DMJ being a lying cheating bastard of an alien. Both of them got a little too caught up with the idea of you’re her, she’s me, and forgot to think about how would it make the other person feel. “How would SY feel, if I did this to her?”

        Even with all of the conflicting feelings I have about AltSY and MJ, I still acknowledge their importance. If MJ had let her die, looking at how lawyer Jang is feeling right now, then SY’s future wouldn’t be very long. I don’t know if LJ is going to die or not, when both worlds start to collide, but that would make sense since he does not exist in the other world. And the same would be true for SY, if AltSY died. SY would have most likely died in child birth, who knows. I wonder if JSH is going to tell how many times she tried to change events.

        What I like about this whole fan fic aside from the relationships, is also the big picture in all of this. There is a greater thing happening here that is bigger than all of them, but where everyone has a part to play. I get this feeling where in order to save the world and save everyone, some sacrifices had to be made. I don’t know if you ever read that story where a man is asked: -If you had the power to save the whole world but to do that you had to strangle a small child to death.- Would you do it? That one death would bring about perfect happiness. But how would you cope with that death on your hands, how would you live with that. Is that sacrifice just too great to make?

        Well that is the same thing I see happening here. Of course in a smaller scale, but the principle remains. DMJ sacrificed his relationship with SY for it. Yes there may be a time where SY will understand why these things had to happen and see how it saved everyone, but nothing can erase the fact that DMJ made those choices. The lying, the cheating and hiding things.

        Trust can’t be built back up with just understanding.

        “Yes, DMJ I understand now, but you also need to understand that all of this could be avoided if you had more faith in me, and for that I can’t forgive you or trust you any more”

        So yeah, it irks me that SY doesn’t know things, yes, but what makes me more angry is people demanding that she understand things.

        “Oh I lied, I wasn’t exactly in my home planet, but please understand.”

        “Oh I actually hid from you things about my life in my home planet, but please understand.”

        “Oh my life partner has to come live with us, I hid that detail, but please understand.”

        “Oh I cheated on you with another woman while I was in another world, but please understand.”

        “I can’t be here for our daughter’s birth because I have to save the other woman I cheated you on with, and hide that fact from you once again, but please understand.”

        The choices he made even though they may have a great importance in future events, those choices can’t be erased. And choices sometimes are just the lesser of two evils. The right or wrong choice most times comes with consequences we would never imagine possible.
        So yeah, to me at this point MJ does not deserve SY. I’m with Mila Grek on this one. For me, if MJ really wants SY back, he needs to win her love again, and more importantly he needs to win her trust again. You may even write a situation where SY understands and forgives. But will she ever forget? It will always be in the back of her mind. When he tells you something or doesn’t tell you something. Is he lying to me, did he tell me everything? When he goes somewhere alone. Did he really go where he said he went?

        And DMJ? Does he really understand how SY is feeling?
        I know SY can get a little jealous in the drama, but DMJ beats her by a 100 light years. I still find difficult to believe DMJ would cheat on SY knowing how jealous he gets because of her.
        DMJ is a guy who listens in on SY with HK, and even brags to HK about how she slept in her house completly sober. He is a guy who even believes in internet rumours and alucinates over those rumours. He is a guy that, before he leaves to his planet, says to SY (more like demands) “No kiss scenes, no back hug scenes, no passionate dramas, etc…”
        I still remember when she said to him “I’m going to get engaged. I’m going to get engaged with a random person on the day you leave just to show you” LOL

        Is it too evil that want SY to get back at him the same way? Is it too evil that I want SY to divorce him? Is it too evil that I want SY to send him back to his planet?
        And now SY is going to have her baby alone. With all she’s going through I hope she doesn’t suffer from postpartum depression. It would be understandable with all that’s going on, but I don’t want her to keep suffering for MJ’s mistakes. Oh well, I trust in writer-nim. Try not to disappoint me too much.
        /end rant
        l can go back to studying now trololololololol!

        • hahaa at this point in time I have long give up writing to make everyone happy 🙂 sawryy….I’m just writing how I see the story in my head I guess, my bias point of view? lol I guess. Some more understanding some less forgiving, everyone reacts different to different things…it’s all understandable. As for me, my soul purpose in this Season 2 is to elevate their love pass that “beginning” stage to something more…deeper? depth & demention? …and hopefully the end product is a love that’s not just “picture-perfect” but redeeming in it’s sometimes ugly imperfection as often is the case in most relationship 😀 hahaha or something like that.

          • Writer-nim can be bias. I’m bias too, can’t you tell XD If this fanfic wasn’t so interesting and different maybe I wouldn’t be commenting on it, right? If it didn’t mess with my inner feelings, maybe it wouldn’t bring out my critical thinking skills. This is why I like it so much. This is currently my outlet for stress….. My DVD seems to have turned up. Waiting for customs clearance. (They had it for 2 months – evil people)

            But anyway, no relationship is perfect, because we’re not perfect. If someone out there is looking for perfection they are not going to find it. But that is no reason to stay in a relationship. I see people that remain in bad and unhealthy relationships. Even me. But in the end it help me see what I don’t want, so I wasn’t all a waste xD As for uri couple they never had a “picture-perfect” relationship. Perhaps maybe on the surface.
            It is like you say “elevate their love pass that “beginning” stage to something more…deeper?” I’m waiting for that too, because I want them together. I just don’t want them to be together in a unrealistic way, much like they do in dramaland, where people tend to get amnesia and forgive the worst things. A person can understand a lot of things, it doesn’t mean all is forgiven. I sure know the reality of being understanding toward one’s partner, so much so, that for a while I felt like being understanding was a character flaw of mine. It meant I could be stepped on every time and I would always understand. And a person can only put up with that for so long, no matter how great the love is.
            That being said I really want to see how they’re going to get past all the obstacles along the way and be more grown up. Both individually and as a couple 🙂

  13. OMG! AltSY kills AltJK so that MJ lives to be with SY? What will happen next? Dah duh daaaaaaaaaaaah!

  14. Whew !!! This was one wild read. Wow. My emotions and side keep changing from one episode to the next. Now I am with MJ and Alt SY + Ahnya. I mean how can SY be so short tempered?

    Actually I think I need to save my spot and read this again. I will continue my comment later lool.

    But until then, thanks for the episode unnie, and good job once again!!

    • well, I guess she’s much more sensitive due to the condition she’s in…it’s a volatile time for her to go through all this. hahaha, I’ll await your next comment….hopefully it’ll come out before I release ep 37 😀

  15. oh my!!! full of twists and turn.. brilliant.episode! so real… your writings are so alive! cant find words to describe this episode 36… craving for the next.. please do it quick hahaha.. sorry if i am being impatient and demanding again.. salute!


    • lol, thank you fenny 🙂 I’m so happy you enjoy it…really makes writing it so worth while. I’ll get it out as soon as I can but also keep in mind that we are nearing the end and the sooner it goes by the sooner the end will come, so I hope you’re ready 😦


    i got an imagination what happen if SY decides to go in house when JSH hugs MJ.. well, MJ will got double kicks from SY hahaha…although i wonder SY can do that bcoz she’s a pregnant wkwkwk ( i miss SY’s hilarity). And now i’m interested with JSH, She has a rewind time power Wow!!its means she stronger than MJ. Positevely i no doubt JSH comes from the future for a goodness her parents ( Mj & Sy).

    No matters what happen i believe it will happy ending, but the storyline always anxious me grrr….grrrr

    Oh, Jinny is Jin Sun Hee, right?

    • hahahah, yeah if she wasn’t prego she might of kick his butt. yes, keep an eye on JSH, she’s got something big planned 😉 lol well I’m glad the story line is keeping you anxious, it’s meant that way so you it can keep your attention! YAH! yes, and you’ll get more of the naming on next episode.

  17. hello! it’s been awhile! anyway the story is good keep up the good work!i hope things will go well for the real song yi

  18. It’s my first time to post my comment here but I’ve always read and admire your work writernim. You always get me anxious after reading each chapter.(In a good and a llittle bit bad way…LoL!! )I’m having sleepless nights everytime thinking what will happen next (That’s how fantastic writer you are, getting your readers addicted and begging for the next one)
    And then I’ve read this recent chapter…(OMO!!) BOY DID IT EVER KICK THINGS UP A NOTCH.
    The last scene crushes my heart into pulp and furthermore your killing my sanity already. (LOL…Hehehe!!)
    So what I’m tring to say now is you must take responsibility writernim.You need to glue those shattered pieces of heart and bring my sanity back to life again. ( Through your next chapter of course).Gah!! Waiting is indeed a murderer.

    • Thank you for all your wonderful, kind words 🙂 I’m always excited when hearing about new commentors coming out to play keke. lol it seems to be a trend lately around here…I hear a lot about sleeplessness lately, omo, I do have to take responsibility and make sure that the story end well for you guys 🙂 poor readers…..well, get ready to have it amp up a few more notches in the next episode…. 😉

      • Gah!! Please return MJ to SY already in the next chapter writernim.It really tortures me whenever altSy and MJ are too close. Seriously, I want to throw my laptop when the former kissed the latter but I realized it’s more economical to throw the pillow instead.Hehe. LOL! She really took tadvantage of the situation. Haist!!
        But then aside from feeling annoyed I also felt a pang of sympathy of how pathetic she is from clinging to Mj’s. Same is true also with Jk for the reason that love ruined their lives and tormented their sanity.
        Poor JK… I hope he will find happiness in his next life.
        Btw writernim, can you send me the password for the special edition?
        I filled up the feedback form already. Thanks!!

        • HAHAHHA…you’re so funny. Yes, please don’t throw anything that you have to replace later. A pillow is a good choice 😉 well, I wouldn’t call it taking advantage per say…it’s a natural reaction when you love someone and you think they are dead or dying, lol so don’t get too worked up dear. Don’t worry too much about JK, he’ll get his.

  19. Hi… I would like to get the password for the special edition too. Where can I find the special edition n feedback form?
    Now I just can’t wait the next episode n keep on repeat reading the previous episodes. ….

  20. I’ve already received the password writernim and…


    You have no idea how grateful I am unni…YAY!!! I’m so excited to read all the SpecEd.


  21. safiresea, when eps 37 out? i feel boring &lonely now.. i miss dmj &csy.
    come on, give us preview or meaby a plot outline 😥

    • lol….I’ll see if I can do that in the next few hours 😉 I haven’t been bored but is occupied with some good news for shippers so been a little negligence sorry.

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