MY Detailed Account of DVD Director’s Cut Disc 12 THE MAKING



Ok first off I’d like to say….where’s all the CF’s and The Making of the shower scenes, bed scenes, kiss scenes, etc…the good stuff, lol….all I see is a bunch of normal walking around scenes with maybe a few good ones now and then…aish so frustrating.  I guess, we only get to see what they want us to see.

Well…most of these making are really about how they make the scenes work, the trick of camera, wires, angles, perception, and so forth.  You see bunches of people around and equipment’s and props.  Unless you’re seriously curious about how things are filmed it may come off a bit boring…I find the only really interesting part is when DMJ/KSH and CSY/JJH are interacting.  I think though if I speak Korean I might enjoy the others as well but alas not speaking that language is a hindrance and brought boredom in a lot of parts.  I congratulate myself for watching through it without understanding anything, haha…that aside I enjoy learning some cool technique they uses and it’s interesting what you can do with strings kikikiki


  1.        I like how KSH & JJH seems to discuss how they should proceed with their first meeting in the classroom when MJ gave her that speech when she ask for his help and back her up against the desk…otherwise I think they could have shown a little more of the good part, alas they didn’t L
  2.        Hahha, and the gif of MJ covering himself in the salon when supposedly the lightbulbs were being shot, it was only the director going “bang” doing the scenario, lol…but KSH cover himself and screamed like everyone else so they laughed at him for that. What’s really funny is JJH laughing at him and then she imitated him covering himself even doing the high pitch girl scream, making fun of him (then of course her hand touch his…and when the camera is about to leave them I see her other hand going towards his hand as if about to hold his hand…what is THIS ??? CAMERA…DON’T MOVE AWAY, aishhh! Of course they wouldn’t want us to see that part! Then when the lights actually popped and one of the extra girl seems to get hurt or something…KSH had already walked off screen but rush over to her when the director says “cut” and turn around when she seems fine, lol….it’s official, he’s a lady’s man hahahah
  3.        OMG hahhaha so cute…JJH is too much….at the scene where she met him to ask about her shoes and he denied everything…she walk and use her body to push him into the wall, he’s laughing and she continue mushing his body with hers into the wall while both of them are laughing (this scene was not in the show)
  4.        And another cute scene here where MJ went to see SY because of her disturbing singing at night (we see some cute CF of this already and I wrote about it too but this is ANOTHER different angle) here…we see KSH taking a look through the professional camera, he zoom zoom zoom in to JJH & director talking to each other at the door, aww its cute then when the real person came over he left the seat and took the seat at the eye piece looking directly at her and do the manual zoom…he either is really curious about how the equipment work or he’s just making excuses to look at his goddess, kikikiki.
  5.        When doing that scene where she’s drunk and went to his apt. again I wrote about this but this here is different too.  I like how she flips her hair and scoot like a duck into his chest (they didn’t use that scene) but it was so cute, they kept staring at each other as JJH kept speaking her role.  He seems to have a hard time with her nearness me think, at one point he had to look away from her, laugh and make this gesture with his hand on his chest moving up and down…and what is he saying in Korean huh? Was he so nervous his chest hurt? Lol …and then again…this time I see his chest heaving a lot more and he had to grit his teeth as you can see his jawline then break out really quickly in a grin then back to character…I think he’s trying really hard not to laugh? Well, we know in the NG they had to do quite some take as he was laughing and laughing so this ties in with it. (ahh…but laughing can be a sign of nervousness and not necessarily funniness…I thought that scene was more cute then wasn’t THAT funny KSH-ah)
  1.        They are practicing on the balconey when MJ tells her keep a meter away from him as she hugs him, then when she scoot away, KSH looked at her and they both laugh…what’s so funny guys?
  2.        I like how when they are filming the scene of DMJ running out of the car to go save SY from JK….it was an outdoor scene so there’s a load of people on the sideline, when the director said cut, everyone screams for him, lol…and of course he have to do a lot of takes jumping over the hood of the car, etc….lucky fans!!!  ….and that was one of my favorite scenes in the show.
  3.        Of course the scene where he stop SY’s car at the cliff was interesting to watch.  I didn’t know they film it backward where he’s touching the car then they pull him up instead of the other way around kikiki. KSH was on wires and he does this swim dance in the air at one point, haha you funny boy.
  4.        Then the scene of MJ facing off with JK outside on an empty field, it must be really cold because both of them at one point wear a jacket/blanket on the bottom half of their body.  KSH had on a blanket that look very scotish on top of which looks like a kilt….HAHAHHA….he looks like he belongs in Ireland.  Continuing that, KSH walked in a green screen sheet and started cracking up then punch it like a punching bag, lol.  Then this kid took HK’s gun and play with it like he’s 007….HAHAHAHHAHA except he’s wearing the kilted looking blanket and giant ear muff which makes him look ridiculously funny!
  5.    The scene of DMJ & SY going to the market, there’s a part where he walked off the filming area and then took out the food in his basket and started doing a little dance with it…again silly much KSH
  6.    Ahhhh, finally the lake scene.  Before the scene even started it’s already cute.  JJH said something to KSH and he started laughing then she dust him off or something and then held him and lead him out the ice….oh gosh, so much cute moments here where to begin…they sure know how to play together kikiki…at one point she almost fell down and so KSH went behind her fell down so she fell down on top of him and they lay like that laughing.  Then the part where she fell down and he picked her up and dust her then hold her from behind both looking in the distance then JJH turn over and look at camera (this is in the gif) and said something to KSH and she twirled away from him? At least from the gif that’s what it looks like BUT in here it looks like she actual twirled around and took his hand and drag him out for more playing
  7.    LOL….and the scene where he brought her to the museum and broke the glass, he came at her and pulled her in as if he was gonna passionately kiss her hahahhaha not trying to frighten her.   And she also did this *gasp* noise when he pulled her in ahahhaha…no wonder why they didn’t use that clip.  That shouldn’t scare anyone, it just turns people on!!! ROTFL  He stares at her intently and the director says cut…and he immediately says “HAAAIIII” turn away and walk off I think some of the piece of glasses might have hit him?….or who knows something else.
  8.    The jealous scene when DMJ was drinking water and saw HK cooking with SY…hahahha SY and HK actually is really cute with each other, lol, I couldn’t stop smiling at their antics
  9.    FINALLY, a serious scene between DMJ/KSH & CSY/JJH where she’s looking for him and he was behind her then they hug…they shoot this hug scene seems like many times…and the hugs always look so warm and tight, aww…but every time when the direct says cut they sprint apart from each other and didn’t look at each other direction L I like one cut they did when he snuggle his face into her hair and when the director says cut, he gave a sniffle (from the cold? Or from the verge of crying? In character of MJ? Or not?) then he turns quickly away.
  10.    The ET scene, lol…gotta love that.
  11.    And the scene where he took her to the hospital when she drank the wine, it didn’t show him carrying her, lol she walked herself to the bed and they proceed to have a mock play of the scene where KSH say (I presume) ridiculous stuff as JJH lay on the hospital bed making weird faces and laughing.
  12.    AWWWW….they playing the scene of him crying while watching her dance video, he actually cry a lot more then what was shown in the show…and a part where KSH was looking at his own performance in the could almost see the look of proudness in his eyes and briefly smiled….then stood up and have this choked up looking face?
  13.    FINALLY!! Lol hahahahha…finally I spotted KSH holding on to JJH….in the scene where he confess his love and his sitting on the sofa and JJH on the floor while he held both her hands and talk…when the director says cut she took one of her hand out immediately but the other one was left held by him and he doesn’t want to let it go, actually it looks like he was trying to grab hold of it with both his hands…..but he also give this RIDICULOUS LAUGH FACE (that totally contradict his hand language, lol…ahhh my poor shipper’s heart will find every little detail, lol)
  14.    I realize for the previous couple of serious scenes between him and JJH…when they say “cut” KSH immediately make funny noises, laugh, or make faces (is this his way of saying, “I’m not affected people…really I’m NOT!!!)
  15.    AHHHH….and lastly…..THE RED CARPET KISS…..AGAIN…..yes this one shot they choose to show in longer time frame…..yes,  I have concluded that KSH is ONE HELL OF A KISSER….I WOULD SOOOO WANT TO BE KISSED BY HIM….just for academic reasons you understand….*sigh* *faint* oh he definitely like to suck on lower lips, not sure if it’s just JJH’s or that ‘s just how he kisses his girls in general, lol.  But let’s get back to topic at hand…when he kiss her then pulled out, they both looked deeply at each other, he blinked and smiled a bit at her (kinda sadly really) but she kept looking at him like in a daze.  Then he stop smiling and a few seconds later left.

In conclusion…I would say to those who don’t have the money to get the DVD, don’t be so sad.  I personally think if you don’t see these behind the scenes and such, it keeps the magic about the show more…how should I say ALIVE?  Once you watch this it kinda De-Romanticize the whole show and even the love between DMJ & CSY….I don’t know that’s just me, I don’t like mixing my reality with my dreams.  As a matter of fact I might of ship our OTP a little less, huhuhu (though I must say the RED CARPET KISS makes up for it, so I’m still on board the ship, hahaha….makes me wonder about all the scenes that’s more serious bed scenes and other kiss scenes ect…maybe there is more there, we are just not being shown that on purpose…duh…or at least that’s what I like to think.  I personally would have liked to see the CF’s or cuts for their first kiss on the boat because in the show I can see her pulse was going wild so I want to know what they are like filming that part where he practically lay on top of her in a bed with such close face proximity.


27 responses to “MY Detailed Account of DVD Director’s Cut Disc 12 THE MAKING

  1. Thanks for this unnie !! You know I kinda agree with the “losing the magic” idea. I realized now that we may just have been taken by our own thoughts and we were just dreaming. I don’t know if I am one of the few to believe this but their relationship feels like nuna-dongsaeng/ friend zone-ish to me now.
    I mean I will still read your episodes and/ or the byeontae editions but it doesn’t feel as real as when the drama ended.

    Aish ! They should have just not shown us or just the romantic parts:/..hahaha! I hope you haven’t lost your spirit.
    2Hyun relationship may not explicitely exist but for sure DMJ loves CSY and vice versa, so… it’s kinda like calling it to-ma-to and tom-ah-to.

  2. I mean once hardcore shippers decided to watch the BTS stuffs they should be ready… emotionally… This is going to be sweet or it’s just going to ruin the game… Sweet and bitter like this make things more interesting and also like a wake up call for all hopeless shippers out there… This love is romantically magical on screen but behind it is the tricks and realistic ideas… So be prepared…

    • I haven’t seen the DVD yet so according what you described seem like are a lot of good stuffs have been missing out ( no serious bed scene, no talking future while eating noodle thing, no boat kissing scene, no cheek pinching scene, no camping scene??? Too much left out ) the more I read, I get from an extreme happier to a super downer) I shouldn’t have read your notes…. *go cry in the corner ….*

      • Everything you said is so true Thaoweo hahaha!

        We must brace ourselves before watching it. I haven’t either but I feel like you need to throw away all the romantic hopes you may have first then maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised right?

        Ehm.. Is this way of thinking delusional too? kekekeke

      • well….think of it this way…all the good stuff are left out because if it’s shown… would ruin lives, lol…..maybe they are just too sweet and the serious scenes are too serious (as in we can see their feelings) therefor best left “unseen”…stil there are a lot of material too that shipper can cling on to….don’t worry all is not lost 😉

  3. This is why i dont intend to buy the dvd, theyre in starting to think on whether i should take a korean course for dramas sake, oh dear..Btw, i thought kilt was originally from Scotland not Ireland x)

    • yeah…I’m thinking of that too since I have like 5 books from MLFAS that’s all in Korean! hahaha…so I should learn not only to listen and talk but to write and read as well!! gawd, what have you done to me drama???

      lol, well you are probably right, that the kilt may have been originated from Scotland (I say may because the origins is an ongoing debate) but I also know that Ireland also wear a kilt, in fact they adopt it at the turn of the 20th century so they are the more recent kilt wearing people (not sure if Scotland is much of a trend in wearing kilt since they do it more I dunno way back when…) Ireland just happen to be the first that pop in my head, hahaha and beside, for me Scotland and Ireland is like brothers and sisters, they are pretty similar to me. 😀

  4. Have you watch it unnie ? What is that mean?
    a reality show?
    Tonton “[ENG] SBS Roommate Teaser – My Love From Another Star” di YouTube

    • no I haven’t seen it, lol…looks like a spoof of the show…it may or may not continue on as a spoof of the show. I know the two bookstore guys does those sort of thing before they are invited to join in on MLFAS so I’m not surprised 😉 it’s funny, thanks for posting!

  5. Finally….. Yes, I finally have time finish watching the NG 1, 2 and the 12th disc…. So here goes my rant:

    Hm its so true that watching the making film would definitely ruin the magic note of the show. There are many points that I want to cover but probably I will just do a few here.

    1/ KSH and JJH are great actors! In the sense that they are able to switch back and forth to their character between takes. There are many times they stop in the middle for forgetting lines or if the director wants to move to a different angle but just with a snap of a finger, they immerse quickly to the role. I’m so in awe with their acting capability and it’s also one of the things that turns my shipper mode off…it’s all acting people…

    2/ I have always wanted to watch this NG and BTS, and making film stuff last.. or if I could restrain myself from my curiosity I’d rather not watching it. Because again, it will wake me up from my dream of this drama. It’s like Hello! This is the end you should better wake up!… Yes I know my favorite show has ended for 3 months already so I guess it’s really time for me to move on now. I’m indeed quite happy with the bonus disc as well… So I’m happy to move on since I have had more than enough love from this show…

    3/ I have come to agree with Faye Linh unnie for the reason that after watching those NG, BTS and stuff, half of me ships our OTP less and the other half ships them more…what is this situation? Hm… Probably I ship them less because I realize they are truly actors and the characters they portray are only in that specific show. They don’t live like their character forever and so can’t I. On top of that, I must come back to my realistic sense.

    On the other side of the coin, I’d love to ship them more because it’s my belief… I believe in my intuition that there is something going on between our OTP. It’s not so obvious to see their “truly close” intimacy and the butterfly effect much in the making disc. Something was indeed hidden behind those careful avoidances occurred from both parties I think…it’s where the push and pull game between KSH and JJH comes to play.

    But what hooked me the most is KSH reactions to every intimate scene he had with his noona. He makes faces just like I’m not serious or not affected people!! Lol … sometimes I found his whimsy acts feel kind of weird and unnecessary but he did it anyway… Hm I’m not a diehard fan of KSH and also didn’t have many chances to observe him outside the filming set to justify his true character but I feel something, hard to explain but surely, I feel like he avoids showing his feeling to others and it could be for safety reason of course. Even in some heavy tense scenes like in ep 20-21 where CSY proposed to DMJ and another one when he’s disappearing. It’s such a shame that the director didn’t show us much of those scenes, and they were quite too short too. Anyway, let me come back to my rant…. Ok…. And for KSH, by making funny faces he breaks the tense atmosphere at the filming set and lure people attention away. And I see that more clearly when the drama progresses to its end, KSH does it more often and he is even better at covering himself. He fools me for real lol. I wish there were more cuts for the NG of the last few episodes like those in ep 2 so I can justify his action more.

    Nonetheless, the desperate shipper heart of mine can’t seem to judge rationally and what I can see from his funny acts on the set make him look kind of childish and silly but deep down inside I can tell this guy is a seriously smart kid. He indeed has a charmingly mature aura emits from within. As a great actor at such a young age, KSH knows how to play with emotion and also have the ability to control it quite well. At this point I congratulate him for his successful acting career… But those tear, his sincere confessions, and those songs he sang in his FM gave out so much hints, and those covered words he have out seem to be very protective and considerative for that special someone… Who I’m hoping to be JJH unnie. I know I’m clinging to the second idea of shipping them more and because life is is too short and always full with unexpected things so I guess I’m just going to seat back and wait for a mere hope of light to spark on… And because belief and hope are the things that keep us keep on living in a optimistic way so I’d happily continue following my love for this couple. Although It’s very passionate for them at first but thanks to the DVD cut I no longer ship them blindly and hopelessly. Instead I’d ship them in a more calmly mature way. And like CSY, I’m good at waiting. I shall wait and feel extremely and blissfully happy if I heard news about our OTP come true… But surely, JJH is not going to elope with KSH in anytime soon… Let’s just sing and wait chingus 😉

    • wow, we pretty much have the same outlook on things huh? *SOUL-SISTER!*

      1) awww, lol, I’m sure it’s not ALL acting 😉
      2) you can move on, but don’t move anywhere to far….if everyone move on, who’s gonna come to this site? ahhahha it’ll be me and the crikets *chirp, chirp* *chirp, chirp*
      3) yeah see, so I guess I’m not the only one seeing how overly weird he acted right after a serious scenes, I think its for breaking the tension for sure. Yeah, I think they left off really good stuff for sure 😉 I can’t imagine what’s being the lighting/camera/makeup/extras people are like and how they get to see them together…I wish I was there to see it all and deduct for myself. If I’m not wrong, their chemistry can be easily interpreted by the people around them even though no need of misbehaving action or words need to occur. It’s especially easier for them to spot out because they get to see all kinds of actors/actress/acting occur and can say “yup, those two are different then the norms”…..but since we can’t observe that ourselves and can only deduct about it, it’s just up to our imagination and delusional minds 😉

      Well, my dear looks like some of your waiting paid off for the Baeksang Award yes? lol we are all surely a step closer to heaven right?

  6. Hi, there! Thank you for sharing us with different MLFAS stuffs 🙂 You maybe right that watching these BTS seems to lessen the “magic”, but I’m more happy to see how they make it! I’m kind of interested with these kind of stuff, because one of my dream is to become a director, well hopefully 😉 And, I also got to know even just a little bit about the personality of our favorite actors, especially Jun Ji Hyun-ssi. She’s my most favorite Korean Actress even long before MLFAS, and I’m very grateful for this show! I think for the first, I’ve got to know Jun Ji Hyun’s personality and attitude towards people and acting! BTW, I hope you can share with me the link (if there’s any) of director’s cut 12th disc, I’ve already downloaded NG 1 and 2 (great thanks to you! <3), it will be appreciated! Thank you :* ❤

    • That’s wonderful! Yeah I know for those who are interesting in the acting industry, these are indeed very cool to look at! I was very into it as well, you learn quite a number of tricks that’s like “wow, that’s how they do that!” OH WOW, when you become a famouse director don’t forget to come back and hire me as your writer ok? lol. As of right now I don’t have the link to the 12th disc 😦 and I have DVD but I don’t know or have the time to figure out how to share it so, sorry…but when I do I’ll definitely post it up 🙂

      • No problem, I’m very thankful for you already ^_^. I’ll wait for it! Yup, I love it when I see how they make the tricks, and now watching and reading your posts about BTS and such is great experience for me *O* ! Now I know why Korean dramas/movies’ cinematography is very different and advanced! I love it so much! MLFAS itself is a blessing for me ❤ I love the show so much!
        And yes, thanks! Well hopefully I will become a director in the future, I'll really work hard to achieve this dream and I'll definitely sought your help 😀 BTW, I would really love to buy the director's cut DVD set but it's too expensive , well too beautiful too *A*. I especially had my eyes on the director's book/manual/diary(?). I actually had my savings but I just can't bring myself to spend it suddenly and I'm very inexperienced in online transactions, hopefully it will still available next 2 years 😥 Well, thank you again I talked way too much hihi ^____^

        • Ok, well good luck on your dreams! watch more shows and movies to learn more experience! 😀 Yeah the DVD is very expensive and works only on 4 regions (not for US & UK though) so even you buy it you have to make sure there’s a DVD that can play it 😦 Do you speak Korean? because the book/maual/diary are in Korean sooo….yeah. I’m sure it will still be around for purchase it is a really, really popular show so I’m sure they’ll always have it available….just not with all the extra perks though.

          • Well I do not speak Korean nor I can read. Haha, it was really tough for us non-Koreans because everything is almost in Hanggul 😦 Nevertheless, I’m still interested in the drawings . I actually saw it on youtube where the girl is unboxing the whole package. I just hope that somehow, someday those who releases KDrama special merchandises will learn to produce things in english 😥 because language is really a huge barrier. Anyways, thank you for everthing 🙂 It is so nice meeting like you. I’ll be watching your very interesting blog now. Love lots :* ❤

            • I’m so with you on that 🙂 I just bought an almost $200 dollar worth of product that I don’t understand and could not watch without modification and or further purchase (DVD player) hahahahahaha….that’s how crazy over the moon I am for this show. LOL, maybe it’s a good excuse to find a Korean boyfriend so I can sit him down to do slave labor for me and translate all these books, kikikiki
              Likewise, it’s nice talking with you, i hope to see you more around here 😉

              • yeah I know how you feel, getting obsessed over a drama is kind of frustrating too! You can’t stop searching it over the internet, thinking about it, getting all the feels (I even cry miserably watching the last episodes). Haha, that’s why I want to kind of teaching myself a discipline, learn to take things in moderation, avoid too much obsession (learn to accept like I cannot have Kim Soo Hyun for myself haha ^^). And Yep, I’m going to be around here 🙂

                • hahhahha…when you find the cure to the obsession of this show and it’s OTP…please share with me ASAP, I need it to cure me before I self-destruct!

                  • Well, I don’t know if its that late and I hope you won’t self-destruct! Maybe my mind is already set since I knew from the very beginning that Jun Ji Hyun is married woman. But of course, falling in love with the couple is very inevitable. Sometimes I feel so sad thinking that these two cannot be together despite seeing how comfortable, friendly and sweet they are together. Seeing how smitten Kim Soo Hyun is with Jun Ji Hyun, and how the latter is sweet to the former. Sometimes I do wonder if they do have some kind of feelings seeing how often they talk about each other in their individual interviews. I cannot even imagine JJH will have a child soon. Even wishing (though it is bad) that Ji Hyun will end up with Soo Hyun in the near future.However, I always keep in mind that Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi is different to Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun.I keep on mind that KSH and JJH have private lives too and human like us. We cannot have them subject to our own personal desires as they do have their hearts and will too. What I really hope for now is that they will remain friends and deepen their friendship, and again co-star in a movie with a great great plot! Lastly, our DMJ and CSY, though fictional is very special in our hearts and their love is forever <3. I was thankful to these great actors who make them come to life, make us laugh, cry and fall in love ❤ I hope these help you. I am very prone to getting depressed over an OTP (seriously ahaha) that's why after a heartbreak I try to move on fast having these principles in mind 🙂

  7. “LOL….and the scene where he brought her to the museum and broke the glass, he came at her and pulled her in as if he was gonna passionately kiss her hahahhaha not trying to frighten her. ……..”

    there are many good scenes. I’m curious to see this scene too 😦 Why this DVD so expensive?

    • yeah, there’s quite a few good scenes that people haven’t made gifs out of or video clips so…yeah I want to do my take of favorites part as well but I just haven’t had the time. Yeah, DVD, very very expensivo 😦

  8. Really enjoy ur creation here 🙂 u’re so creative. How can u imagine that far? wow, amazing work. he…he…I’m just wondering if ur fan fic becomes reality. Then what should we give 2 u as a present??? mmm….

    • aww, thank you 4nn1987, I often wonder myself how this story just slam at me full speed at the very beginning…and then as I write each chapter it just flows out…the scenarios that is, even I’m a little flabbergasted sometimes, lol. *GASP* if my fan-fiction becomes reality and I get to work with writer Park-Nim on the next MLFAS2…I would…omg what would I do? die of happiness? no I have to stay alive to watch it become reality…I would…do a world tour to meet up with my friends/fans to spazz? HAHAHHHAAA…then you guys can give me hugs, lots and lots of spazzing hugs!

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